100 Best Motivational Podcasts Right Now

Get motivated with these must-listen podcasts!

1. The School Of Greatness With Lewis Howes:

The School of Greatness With Lewis Howes is a hugely popular podcast with people from a wide range of age groups. This is probably due to the fact that it screams inspiration. Lewis picks the brains of the most successful and inspiring business people, celebrities, athletes, and motivational speakers in order to gain a human to human understanding of their life story, their daily habits, and mental attitudes, and how they got to where they are today.

2. Mental Illness Happy Hour:

Hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin, the Mental Illness Happy Hour is a great podcast to listen to for anyone who is suffering from some type of mental illness, whether it be depression, addiction, you name it. Gilmartin interviews mainly artists, friends, and psychiatric doctors once a week, with the podcast lasting for one hour.

3. The Toby Robbins Podcast:

Noted as being the number one life and business strategist, it's no wonder Tony Robbins' podcast is one of the best motivational podcasts out there. Tony interviews some of the most successful individuals in the world and gives lessons on what it takes to harness the mental power of positivity and take control of your own life for all around betterment.

4. The mindbodygreen Podcast:

The mindbodygreen Podcast is a recent addition to the original mindbodygreen website and movement. CEO and founder Jason Wachob focuses on spiritual, mental, physical, and environmental health and well being. He interviews movers and shakers of the wellness world, in an attempt to understand how optimal health is gained.

5. The Anxiety Coaches Podcast:

As you could probably guess, The Anxiety Coaches podcast is a very helpful resource for people who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and/or PTSD. Host Gina Ryan talks to listeners twice a week about calming the central nervous system and being calm in the present moment.

6. The One You Feed:

The One You Feed is a podcast that touches on all of the valuable aspects of human nature, encouraging people to be conscientious about feeding only the good parts of themselves with actionable wisdom. The main topics talked about by host Eric Zimmer and guests include spirituality, philosophy, anxiety, cognition, and much more.

7. The Overwhelmed Brain:

Described as the personal growth podcast for critical thinkers, The Overwhelmed Brain covers everything that goes on inside of the minds of both over-thinkers and those who are just dealing with all of the stress that comes with modern life.

8. The Minimalists Podcast:

In this podcast, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus talk about what it takes to live a life that's happy and meaningful, yet minimal. Some subjects of discussion include “self-care”, “baggage”, “Black Friday”, “addictions”, and “millionaires”. These guys also have a website, books, and documentaries,

9. Meditation Oasis:

Listeners go to this podcast for guided meditation practices, breathing techniques, help with anxiety and present-minded thinking, advice for better sleep. Each episode encourages nourishing oneness with the mind and all around peacefulness.

10. Having It ALL: Conversations About Abundant Living:

In this refreshingly blunt podcast, host Mathew Bivens speaks to what it actually takes to make the life you envision for yourself happen. This podcast steers away from the spiritual side of things and sways more toward a tough love point of view, guiding listeners through the mental steps they need to take in order to create the life they dream about.

11. The Brendon Show:

Brendon Burchard, one of the top 100 most followed public figures in the world and a leading high-performance coach, is the host of this self-improvement podcast. He teaches people how to become their best selves by way of goal setting, speaking about the importance of individualism, love, and self-sabotage.

12. The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health:

In this podcast, Dr. Ellen Hendriksen puts a fun and entertaining, yet insightful twist on actionable psychology. Her main focus is emotional psychology and its importance in everyday life. Crafted for the layman, this is a podcast version of “psychology for dummies”.

13. That's So Retrograde:

Comedians and best friend hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari merge their love for comedy with simplistic life advice, which includes wellness and pop culture topics. Their goal is to help people find their authentic selves in an authentic manner.

14. ADHD Experts Podcast:

Leading experts in the field of ADHD take calls from adults who have ADD and parents who are raising kids with ADD in this podcast. They do their best to answer their tough questions to help them or their kids lead a healthy and productive life, without letting their ADD get in the way. Each episode is a recording of the calls taken that have not been recorded in a studio.

15. Don't Blame Me!:

Meghan Rienks is the host of this somewhat controversial podcasts. She herself, on the podcast website describes it best as “Questionable advice from a fellow work in progress”. Real people call in to ask her for sometimes awkward but necessary advice. New episodes are posted every Monday.

16. Yogaland Podcast:

In this everything yoga podcast, host Andrea Ferretti talks to yoga teachers and wellness experts. If you're looking for more ways to be mindful during yoga, such as how your anatomy plays into your practice, the many mental, physical, and emotional benefits of practicing yoga regularly, and more.

17. The 5 AM Miracle Podcast With Jeff Sanders:

In this energizing podcast, Jeff Sanders explores the power of taking control of your day for the better before you even start it. He wants listeners to understand that the key to a positive and productive life begins with a positive outlook first thing in the morning, every single day.

18, The Obesity Code Podcast:

This intensive dietary management podcast is hosted by Carl Franklin from the 2 Keto Dudes podcast and also features Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos. In each episode, a personal success story of different patients who lost weight just by changing their diets is told. In addition, lessons on what not to do when trying to lose significant amounts of weight are talked about in detail.

19. Organize 365 Podcast:

Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert productivity specialist, and author of the books, The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time, and How ADHD Affects Home Organization. She emphasizes “done is better than perfect” and “progress over perfection”, noting that no one is born with organizational skills; it is something we must develop and improve upon.

20. The Lavendaire Lifestyle:

Host Aileen Xu wants her listeners to understand that your dream life is only a powerful thought away. She talks about the power of intention and focusing your mental state on what you picture your future life becoming. She does this through the teachings of designing the world around you and emotional stability.

21. The Thrive Global Podcast WIth Arianna Huffington

Host Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post talks to leaders, celebrities, influencers, and athletes in her Thrive Global podcast. They discuss how the pathway to their success and everyone else's lies with one simple idea; putting your well being before your work life.

22. Primal Potential:

The Primal Potential podcast seeks to bridge the gap between all the steps we know we need to take in order to change our lives and be happy and actually taking those steps. This is the podcast to listen to if you can't seem to take action in your life, finding yourself stuck in the stagnation state of thinking without doing or doing,, but not seeing any real results.

23. Honey:

Actress and writer Julia Meltzer gets real about relationship issues in this podcast about love. She interviews real-life couples, asking them about their fights, how they started, who was mad about what, why it mattered, and how they feel about each other currently. Honey takes listeners on a journey through what love really means and how it shows itself, what it means to be in a partnership with another person, and how those two people sort through their problems together, be it good or bad.

24. Knowledge For Men:

Intended for the man who wants to be his best self, the Knowledge For Men podcast aims to look at what it means to be a man in this society. It helps men master every aspect of their individual selves to become as successful as they wish to be in all areas of life, from home life to work life and everything in between.

25. Over It And On With It:

On each episode of Christine Hassler's Over It And On With It, she takes a live call from a listener who needs advice on anything from spirituality to finance to relationships. She gives people advice on how to get past many different kinds of obstacles that may be keeping you from achieving what you long for.

26. Natural Living Family Podcast:

Dr. Eric and Sabrina Ann Zielinski, authors of The Healing Power of Essential Oils & The Essential Oils Diet talk about the mistakes to avoid when transitioning to a green living lifestyle and how to make it easier on yourself and your family. They bring their knowledge about all the health benefits of essential oils, natural alternatives to vaccines, and everything you need to know about living naturally. Natural Living with Dr. Z and Mama Z is a faith-based podcast as well.

27. Hidden Brain:

Hidden Brain is just one of NPR's (National Public Radio) podcasts. Shankar Vedantam uses scientific reasoning and the art of storytelling to layout and helps people better understand their unconscious human behavior, which paves the way for our relationships and the choices we make.

28. Get-It-Done Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More:

This handy podcast is the perfect show to listen to for anyone who has too much to do and too much life to live, Host Stever Robbins understands that modern life doesn't allow much room for people to enjoy their hobbies, complete their everyday chores and work, while also finding time to relax. This is why he dedicates every episode to providing quick and dirty tips on how to get things done faster and more efficiently, with much more time to spare.

29. Distraction with Dr. Ned Hallowell:

Dr. Ned's Distraction podcast may be one of the most valuable podcasts of this day and age. In it, he addresses the many downsides of technology being constantly at our fingertips, and the algorithms that come with it, which keep us ever so distracted and engaged with passive entertainment. His episodes remind us to think about what truly matters and what nurtures our true happiness.

30. The Gary Vee Audio Experience:

Gary Vaynerchuk is an avid angel investor and “serial entrepreneur”. He started a booming lemonade business at age 7, made tens of thousands of dollars selling baseball cards and toys to his peers in high school, took his dad's tiny liquor store and turned it into one of the first multi-million dollar e-commerce alcohol stores, and is the CEO of numerous companies. On this mixed bag of a podcast, he features “jam-sessions”, moments from his docu-series, interviews with notable celebrities, advice on business and marketing, “fireside chats”, and he also takes questions from listeners in a segment called “Ask Gary Vee”.

31. On Purpose with Jay Shetty:

In this podcast, Jay Shetty delves into the human experience of social interaction, emotion, fame, controversy, and connecting with others. He interviews celebrities, and personal friends and family.

32. RISE Together Podcast:

The RISE Together Podcast is hosted by husband and wife Dave Hollis and Rachel Hollis. Dave worked at Disney for 17 years as president of theatrical distribution and is now the CEO of the Hollis company. Rachel is known as “The Tony Robbins for women”, due to her ability to motivate and empower her women fans. She is also a #1 New York Times & #1 USA Today Bestselling Author, a top business podcaster and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the US. Their podcast is chalked full of awesome relationship advice, take from their own experiences together, to help push couples in a positive direction.

33. Earn Your Happy:

Lori Harder hosts Earn Your Happy, which falls into the realm of uplifting podcasts. It gives people the food for thought they need in order to gain their own happiness. Her interviews with lifestyle coaches and other successful motivators involve thought-provoking commentary and advice on how to achieve love of self and commitment to being genuinely happy.

34. Aubrey Marcus Podcast:

Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit and Modern Philosopher. Her podcast is all about asking the most important questions; “How do we find our purpose, wake up to who we truly are, have a few more laughs, and human being a little better?”

35. Meditation Station Podcast:

Meditation Station with Stin Hansen is the mediation segments included in a series of podcasts hosted by Stin Hansen. She gives guides meditations that are easy to follow through to the end and also provides interval workouts to get you energized in between meditating.

36. Food Matters Podcast:

Food Matters is a podcast dedicated to the effects that good and bad food has on the body. People tend to neglect eating healthy in today's world, forgetting how vital it is to eat a balanced diet and how much of an impact it has on our health. The podcast features interviews from a wide array of health professionals, dieticians, natural medicine based medical doctors, and many others who help explain complicated health topics directly related to food.

37. Beyond the To Do List:

Beyond the To Do List is an award-winning productivity podcast hosted by Erik Fisher. Every new episode brings you a new expert on productive living with three subjects of discussion that are realistic and reasonable for the average person to implement..

38. Guys Next Door:

The Guys Next Door is one of the new podcasts on the scene. Hosts Mack Wilds, Mouse Jones, and Ryan Fletcher dare to speak the hushed private thoughts of the everyday person on relationships, love, sex, and “everything in between”.

39. Law of Attraction Tips:

This self improvement podcast teaches lessons on how to manifest positive energy and radiate outwards through the power of mental fortitude. Some of the episodes include titles like “Get Rid of your Head Trash”, “Awareness, Attraction, and Chaos”, and the “Intuitive Interview Series”.

40. The Quote of the Day Show:

The Quote of the Day Show with host Sean Croxton is the ultimate simple, yet highly motivational podcast. Each episode showcases an inspirational quote from prosperity teachers and top speakers, along with a 5 to 10-minute audio clip of their best advice pertaining to their quote.

41. Style Your Mind Podcast:

Jenny Taylor, a multi-million dollar boudoir photographer, who started out as a struggling photographer trying to make her business work, hosts this empowering podcast. Taylor believes in the power of harnessing your brain power and confidence to generate success and achieve your dreams.

42. Behind the Scenes:

Jeremy & Audrey Roloff talk about business, family, faith, and life in their loving podcast. Behind the Scenes is a fairly new podcast, and many listeners enjoy hearing the husband and wife duo develop together on their journey.

43. Elite Man Podcast:

The Elite Man Podcast interviews bestselling authors, world-renowned doctors, world-class athletes, celebrities, life coaches, and just supremely talented individuals to deliver to you what they describe as “the best men's podcast in the world”. Designed for men who long to the best man they can be, in health, success, and mentality.

44. Dear Prudence:

Dear Prudence is a podcast that is only available to listen to for Slate magazine members. However, if you are seeking advice on relationship issues, uncomfortable personal problems with loved ones, or if you are just simply unsure of how to deal with a tough life situation involving other humans, comedian Francesca Fiorentini and Prudence got your back.

45. UnF*ck Your Brain to Create Feminist Confidence:

Hosted Master Certified Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., this one is described as the podcast for “high-achieving feminist women”. Loewentheil's target audience is females who “struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome”. She strives for her listeners to finish listening to the podcast feeling Unf*cked so to speak, I.e, more confident, less caring about what others think, and happy in their own bodies.

46. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes:

Greg Clunis got the idea for this podcast when sitting on the subway reading a book whose main premise was “Follow your passion”. He felt that this cliché life advice was over-simplified and misleading in reality. This led him to come up with the philosophy of “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, wherein the smallest steps lead to the biggest, most radical changes, not just in yourself, but across the globe.

47. Theatre of the Mind:

Host Henry Grayson, Ph.D., is the founder the Synergistic Therapy Institute, as well as the co-chairman of the PTSD division of the Stand for the Troops Foundation and he, is the author of “Your Power to Heal”. Dr. Grayson has a few main key points he likes to stick to. These include believing in your inner power to improve your health and well being, listening to your intuition, “self-testing happiness”, and faith.

48. Quiet: The Power of Introverts with Susan Cain:

In her podcast all about the introverted personality, Susan Cain divides her segments into different seasons. The first season is all about providing educators and parents with the knowledge to empower quiet kids. Other important topics covered include things like how social media affects introverted youth, the neuroscience of introverted people, and a lot more!

49. The Recovery Warrior Show:

The Recovery Warrior Show assists those who are literally and figuratively sick and tired of all the mental and physical ailments that come with modern life. People go to this podcast to learn how to start down the recovery path of healthy eating, healthy thinking, and finding peace.

50. Exactly Enough Time:

There couldn't be a better podcast to describe as an extremely positive podcast. Host Stacy Julian calls herself a “life enthusiast”. She talks about being present in the moment, harnessing your creativity, curiosity, connection to other and the world, decorating with colors, solutions to all things, and dark chocolate. In short, time is what you make it,

51. The Mini to Mighty Show:

World-renowned fitness expert Kathryn Nash teaches men and women how to go from mini to mighty by getting fit the right way watching their finances for future success. She conversates with entrepreneurs and influencers to get their juiciest secrets.

52. Take a Break From Drinking:

Certified life coach Rachel Hart empathizes with her listeners and taps into the psychology of why people want to drink. She explains why it is so important to your health to at least take a break from drinking, and how you can do this without feeling like your missing out on the fun. She also emphasized the fact that no two people are the same when it comes to how they will be able to quit drinking, or even just taking short breaks from it.

53. Enneagram & Coffee:

Enneagram & Coffee discusses center around the Enneagram of personality, which is defined as “Enneagram of Personality, or simply the Enneagram is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types”. They talk about the difficult aspects of working with the Enneagram, but also the beautiful, as well as how it can be used for self-compassion.

54. The Angry Therapist Podcast: 10 minutes of Self-Help Therapy:

The angry therapist himself, host John Kim has a quote: “Love Hard, resist nothing”. He gets realistic about how to improve your life circumstances and move beyond your damage to get where you want to be, and he doesn't tend to sugarcoat things.

55.Do it Scared with Ruth Soukup:

Do it Scared's Ruth Soukup gently nudges people to face their fears and what makes them uncomfortable in order to escape adversity and go further faster. She gives easy to follow advice and bi-weekly interviews with authors, influencers, and other notable people who weren't afraid to jump into life head first..

56. Live Awake:

The Live Awake podcast, hosted by Sarah Blondin reminds me of a modern take on Henry David Thoreau's excerpts. In her episodes, Sarah invites everyone to wake up the joy that is simply living and breathing. It is all about seeing the vibrancy and beauty of the natural world around us and connecting with each of your senses to invoke a stronger sensory experience, thereby having a deeper appreciation for the world.

57. Coffee and Kettlebells:

Coffee and Kettlebells is hosted by full-time mom, personal trainer, Co-Founder and CEO of Burn Boot Camp, Morgan Kline. Morgan talks about everything from self, help fitness, nutrition, style, motherhood, and more, with real-life stories, and in an unedited and authentic fashion.

58. Change Podcast:

The Change Agent podcast features interviews with people who are in the business of helping victims of domestic abuse. These voices of change in the domestic abuse professions can range from people like Gael Strack , Esq., who is the CEO and co-founder of Alliance For Hope International, the co-founder of the first Family Justice Center in San Diego, to people like Jane Stevens, who is a journalist of 40 years and has covered everything science, technology, and health.

59. Your Own Magic:

Raquelle and Allie, as they go by on the Your Own Magic podcast. The two met at a hot yoga class in Santa Monica, CA. Before the class, Allie was only known to Raquelle as “mermaid girl”. Both of the yogi's felt an instant connection and bond to one another. The two of them decides to teach a two-hour meditation training session to a class. For their training beforehand, Allie and Raquelle drove to the Himalayan mountains, and stayed there for half a month, meditating for 6 to 9 hours a day. The girls' soul connection paved the way for their idea for the “Your Own Magic podcast.”

60. How to Human:

Two self-titled “millennials with opinions”, Sarah and Margaret discuss “current events, pretentious medium articles., and the everyday struggles we all face”. Two of the most recent episodes include “How NOT to Apartment”, and “How To Success”.

61. Shrink for the Shy Guy:

In this podcast, Dr. Aziz talks about how he spent a decade of his life being shy and awkward, not comfortable in his own skin. Since then, he has gotten a doctorate in clinical psychology, achieved a postdoctoral residency at the Student Health and Counseling Center of Portland State University, and a Bachelor of Art in Psychology from the University of California. He teaches. Now he teaches men and women of a variety of age groups, from high school kids to grown men and women how to find their confidence and lead a normal life.

62.New Mindset, Who DIs?:

Case Kenny urges listeners to see the value of a good perspective. He makes short, 20-minute self-improvement podcasts that walk people through the mindset that crucially paramount for leading a good life and reaping the benefits.

63, Zen Habits Radio:

The Zen Habits Radio podcast with Leo Babauta shines a light on the importance of mental clarity and exercise. He covers emotions that we all are familiar with having as humans, and what can be done to overcome these natural feelings, which tend to hold us back from positivity and calm. On the flip side, Leo talks about how physical exercise is just as important in preserving these moments of zen because health means higher cognitive function.

64. Satellite Sisters:

Hosted by five sisters, Julie, Liz, Sheila, Monica and Lian, Satellite Sisters is one of the most popular podcasts for modern women in particular. They began Satellite Sisters in 2000, with a hope of building a platform for connecting to other women, and men by way of empathy, intelligence, and humor. A Satellite Sister means refers to someone who you can talk to about the bad and the good, someone who is there for you no matter what. This podcast has won 13 Gracie Allen Awards for excellence in women's media, as well as Talk Show of the Year.

65. On Air with Ella:

Ella is the host of one of the best motivational podcasts geared towards those who don't know where to start pushing their lives forward. She thinks it all comes down to de-cluttering the mind, working with what you have and going with it.

66. Affirmation Pod:

Affirmation Pod is about the in-between pieces of life, the things that create frustrating stagnation in the midst of us creating our world around us. Every episode includes food for thought affirmations to chew on for each specific topic to tell yourself when going through life's struggles.

67. Body Kindness:

Body kindness has the crazy idea that instead of body shaming yourself to meet your physical goals, loving yourself endlessly is actually more motivating. Body Kindness steers away from diets and strict food habits, and as an alternative helps people find what they love about their bodies first and foremost in order to propel their fitness goals forward.

68. Heart to Heart:

Heart to Heart with Anna is the one and the only podcast made just for those with congenital heart defects (CHD). Anna takes stories from survivors, family, medical professionals, and all others within the CHD community who have stories and advise to share. The goal of Heart to Heart is to empower those with CHD and their loved one to make living with CHD much easier.

69. The Biddy Tarot Podcast - Tarot Intuition Empowerment:

Intuitive host Brigit Esselmont shares the power of tarot cards for spiritual readings for yourself and loved ones. She wants people to know how powerful they can be in guiding you to your desired destination. Tarot cards are a pack of playing cards often used by psychics and those engaged in divination practices. They have been in use since the mid 15th century for such purposes as tarotology and cartomancy.

70. The Bubble Hour:

Jean M breaks down the myths, stigma, and denial involved with the disease of alcoholism. Since Jean has been sober, she has been dedicated to setting the record straight on alcoholism and what it actually involves, not just what the cliche perspective on it has been. She gives you advice on how to best address alcoholism in your loved ones and in yourself.

71. The Empty Bowl:

The Empty Bowl is best described as a podcast about cereal. Justin McElroy loves cereal and he brings you a podcast about meditating over a bowl of cereal. Cerealously? Yes. Each podcast is around a half hour long, and all about meditative cereal. The Empty Bowl is one of the best podcasts in mindfulness. If you're searching for something motivational and mindful to listen to, or if you just love cereal, this one is for you.

72. The Adult Chair:

Therapist and holistic life coach Michelle Chalfant discusses living an authentic life, filled strong intuition and heart. She decided to make this podcast after getting her masters in counseling. Her training includes energy medicine, meridian therapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), PSYCH-K, chakra balancing, meditation, intuition, and yoga.

73. Consciously Speaking:

Consciously Speaking brings in voices from many different thought leaders and conscious developers. They speak about integrity, passion, and more. Generalized topics include everything from dieting to divorce and relationships.

74. The Hay House Summit Podcast:

The Hay House World Summit is an annual motivational and inspirational online even Over 1 million people from 217 countries and territories participate in the summit every year. Talks are given by authors, doctors of alternative medicine and psychology professors, motivational speakers and much more!

75. Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather Astrology:

Anne informs listeners about astrology that effects our mental states en masse. She keeps the focus on the Chron-in-Aries cycle, and its impending return to come in the US in 2024. Chiron happens every 50 years, and Anne will guide you on how to make the best of it.

76. The Tony Gaskins Show:

Tony Gaskins talks about his experience and wisdom gained from being a father of nine years to two boys, an author and celebrity life coach, and intercontinental speaker.

77. Fallon Taylor:

Fallon Taylor provides you with helpful advice on a range of human conditions. Her episodes bring to light such topics as “Overcoming the vocal minority”, “Just a little dream chasing help”, and “This is your answer to everything...literally”. Fallon Taylor tried to bring solutions to the world of motivational podcasts.

78. How She Really Does it:

Koren Motekaitis links real-life inspirational people and their stories with reality. The average person looking to hear motivation from thought leaders, researchers, or authors can come to the How She Really Does it podcast for true to life ways you can put these ideas into action,. Health, mindset, weight loss, entrepreneurship, family, parenting, compassion, career, and money are all talked about.

79. Healing Broken Trust in Your Marriage After Infidelity:

Here, Brad and Morgan Robinson give married couples the power to heal and trust again after infidelity. They discuss understanding each partner's role in the mistake first and foremost, why people cheat, and finally, how to cope, heal, and ultimately forgive.

80. Happy Black Woman Podcast with Rosetta Thurman:

Rosetta Thurman is a mindset coach and business mentor. She shows black women how to find their deserved pride and positive outlook. Her method involves “tough love”, inspiration, and motivation for the oppressed black women of the word to find their beauty and confidence.

81. Habit Based Lifestyle:

After a 20 year career as a personal trainer and 12-year gym owner, Jesse Ewell decided to switch up his life and turned to producing the Habit Based Lifestyle podcast. He hopes to inspire people to live life on their own terms. The mediums of healthy habits he discussed include fitness, nutrition, spirituality, marriage, kids, relationships, and business.

82. The Faster than Normal Podcast: ADD and ADHD Health:

Voted the number one podcast on ADD and ADHD, Faster than Normal is for successful adults with ADD and ADH D that have harnessed the hidden power of this so-called “disorder” to work in their favor. The show debunks the myths and negativity associated with ADD and ADHD

83. Chicken Soup for the Soul with Amy Newmark:

Author and editor-in-chief of the famous book by the same name, Amy Newmark serves up some daily insight and inspiration. Ideas that keep the world turning and people filled with love are shared. Anecdotal stories which inspire and provoke imagination are also explored.

84. The Vibe Within:

The Vibe Within is a wellness+self podcast that talks about Heath, Body Image, Yoga, Spiritual Growth, Astrology, Bio Hacking and even more. Host Gab Cohen enables folks to reach inside of their spiritual selves and their DNA to make the most out of life and their brain.

85. Wife of the Party:

Leeanne Kreischer, the wife of comedian Burt Kreischer, talks to the typical wife and comedy fan about a day in the life of a comedians wife and wives in general. She talks about friends, family, faith, career, mental and physical health, and having fun.

86. IGNTD:

IGNTD is a bingeworthy podcast which communicates how to be happy in your relationships as well as overall happiness. Talks are given from experts in a variety of different specialties to help individuals navigate everything human.

87. The Tapping Solution:

Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), is a holistic healing method that has been proven to help heal ailments like anxiety, stress, phobias, emotional disorders, chronic pain, addiction, obesity, and insecurity. It is based on the principles of both Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. The method is simple, involving tapping your finger on specific meridian endpoints on the body while thinking about dissolving negative emotions or physical sensations. This informal and motivational podcast teaches people about all of the benefits of EFT, including calming the nervous system and rewiring the brain to respond in healthier ways.

88. The Tim Ferriss Show:

The New York Times has called Tim Ferriss “A cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk. The Observer has declared him, “The Oprah of Audio”. As a serial investor and businessman, Tim centralizes his show on investing, business, the habits of successful people, entrepreneurship, technology, and much more.

89. The Art of Charm:

The Art of Charm podcast is all about focused charisma and confidence, It will give you the tools you need to attract who and want you to want in life, take back your intimate relationships and love life, and learn to be a “super-connector” in your career.

90. The Dave Ramsey Show:

Another podcast which takes the tough love approach, Dave Ramsey speaks to the subjects that people like to avoid, and in doing so, keeps them pinned down by their avoidance of important questions. Married someone with a lot of debt? Doing intellectual gymnastics? The Dave Ramsey Show is for you.

91. Ted Talks Daily:

Almost everyone has heard the interesting and inspirational TED talks on youtube by now, but did you know they have a podcast? TED Talks Daily produces the same kind of motivational, thought-provoking talks you know every weekday in an audio format.

92. 20 Minutes with Bronwyn:

Bronwyn has been a midwife of over 120 TEDx, TED Global, and TED talks. She prepares big names for their moments on camera. Bronwyn specializes in showing people how to communicate in a more effective and personal manner.

93. Bucci Radio:

Amanda Bucci is a life strategist, business brand, and social strategist. She advises people on fitness, smart business moves, and self-confidence to make their dreams reality. Bucci Radio is one of the top podcasts in the world of business and life strategy.

94. Joseph Clough Show - Free Hypnosis - Hynotherapy:

Joseph Clough is a hypnotherapist who firmly believes in the power of thought being the end all be all for success. On each episode, Clough induces a positive form of hypnotization on a particular subject or idea. He says engaging in being hypnotized with a positive thought in mind, can lead to success, as you will have that thought deeply ingrained in your psyche.

95. Actualized.org-Personal Development-Self-Help Psychology:

The Actualized podcast may contain one of, if not the, most unique library of philosophy, consciousness, psychology, self-help, and personal development talks on the web. The podcast, which is also in video form on youtube, is designed to grab your attention and hone in your focus, keeping your senses awake and ready to take in the information.

96. Mom is in Control Podcast:

Heather Chauvin is here to help moms in their daily struggle of raising up the individuals and lives, a.k.a, their children. All the exhaustion, stress, over thinking, and conundrums that come with being a mom is what Heather wants to help us simplify.

97. Spark Joy:

Kristyn Ivey and Karin Socci have a passion for enlightening people to the power of the KonMari method. Konmari describes the spiritual method of surrounding yourself with joy and letting go of everything else.

98. A Love Language Minute:

Renowned marriage counselor and marriage seminar speaker Gary Chapman is the host of A Love Language Minute podcast. Chapman has written over 25 books on the subject of making marriages happy and lasting through all of life's problems. His wife Karolyn and he have been married for over 45 years. In the podcast, he reads excerpts from his live seminars and books, He also answers listener's questions with practical and long term advice.

99. Medicated - The Joe Matarese Podcast:

The host of this comical podcast is Joe Matarese, a 30 year stand up comedy veteran. Medicated is a very laidback show, with Joe talking to his audience of listeners about everything he did during the week and his thoughts about his activities and observations. Matarese also has another podcast entitled, “Stand up, Lie Down”, with Dr. Keith Albow.

100. The Slow Home Podcast with Brooke Mcalary:

In our ever fast and competitive based world, thank goodness there is Brooke Mcalary's podcast, The Slow Home. She reminds us to connect back to our roots, and humanity, which allows us to take a step back from the chaos and demanding pace that come with modern living. We then realize how disconnected and how far astray we have gone from how we are truly meant to live.

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