100 Best Movie Podcasts Right Now

Get the popcorn ready and binge-listen to these awesome podcasts!

1. BFM | At the Movies

This podcast averages about four posts per week and is hosted by Umapagan Ampikaipakan. You can enjoy everything cinema from this podcast. They provide rants over bad cinema, reviews over new cinema, and even interviews with special guests like Bahir Yeusuff and Iain McNally.

2. The Cine-Files

The Cine-Files is a podcast aired out of Los Angeles, California, and they generally release two posts per week for their fans. During their podcasts, they dive into the world behind some of the world's greatest films, like the history and influences behind them.

3. 5by5 at the Movies

5by5 at the Movies is a new podcast that started airing back in October 2018. It is hosted by Keith Ruckus, and he provides four posts a month, where he reviews some of his guests' favorite movies.

4. How is this movie?

Dana Buckler hosts the podcast How is this movie? three time a month, since August 2015, and during his podcasts, he ventures into the world of both television and film. He provides a guide on the future of entertainment by shedding a light on its history.

5. Pick Six Movies Podcast

This podcast posts new episodes three times a month, and every season, they pick six different movies with the same theme to talk about and compare. They examine both those on and off camera, and they try to establish a reason for why the movies were made.

6. Reel Film Nerds Podcast

Reel Film Nerds is a podcast out of Prescott, Arizona, and they have been airing an average of two posts a week, since February 2018. During their podcasts, they discuss everything movies, including different outlets to watch them on.

7. Slash Film Daily Podcast

In Slash Film Daily Podcast, the host, Peter, goes through and discusses the latest news about movies and television release, from trailers, reviews, and other details. It airs on average five times a week and has been steady since July 2017.

8. Bald Move | Bald Movies

This is a fun podcast that analyzes and pokes fun at different aspects of the movies they are discussing and watching. They post new podcasts three times a month on a regular basis, since September 2018.

9. Films and Faith Podcast

This is a podcast that brings together spirituality and viewing films. It has been airing since January 2017, and they post a new podcast about once a month, which provides insight and reviews on spiritual movies.

10. The Bloodbath and Boomsticks | Horror Movies Podcast

This podcast has been airing since October 2014, and they post podcasts around three times a month. During these podcasts, they discuss the latest horror movies out and gives them a thorough review as to watch or not to watch.

11. Horror Movie Podcast

Horror Movie Podcast has been airing twice a week since December 2012, and it is hosted by four people every week that are dead serious about their Horror movies. They discuss and review new and old horror movies.

12. Scriptnotes Podcast

Scriptnotes Podcast is hosted by Screenwriters Craig Mazin and John August, and they discuss related topics to screenwriting in both the television and film industry. They have been hosting this podcast once a week since August 2011.

13. At The Movies with Arch and Ann

This is a popular podcast, hosted by DC movie critic Arch Campbell, Marc Sterne, and Ann Hornaday. This podcast has been airing since June 2017, with an average of three posts a month. They all talk about different movies, TV, and different aspects of life.

14. The Business

Hollywood Reporter, Kim Masters is the host of The Business podcast. On a weekly basis, she interviews different people in the film and television industry from writers, actors, directors, and producers. A few of her past guests include Ava DuVernay, Ice Cube, and Matt Damon.

15. Unspooled

Unspooled is a popular podcast hosted by movie critic Amy Nicholson and Paul Scheer. It follows them going through AFI's top 100 movies of all times, and they discuss what makes these movies the best in the industry.

16. Hollywood Babble-On

Hollywood Babble-On is hosted by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman. During their podcasts, they babble on about different movies and aspects of the entertainment industry. It is hosted out of Los Angeles, California.

17. Never Tell Me the Pods

This podcast is hosted by Kat Kuhl, Pranks Paul, Johnny O'Mara, and James D'Amato, and they dive into the world of Star Wars. They approach it in a way that s both appealing to new fans and those that have been fans for years.

18. Movie Crush

Movie Crush airs two to three times a week, and it is hosted by Chuck Bryant. It revolves around bringing on different guests and discussing their favorite movies and what made those movies their favorite.

19. We Hate Movies

Every week, the WHM gang go back and watch movies that they actually hate. It is a comedic type podcast, where they make fun of past movies that are horrible and go off on hilarious tangents.

20. School of Movies Podcast

The School of Movies Podcast is hosted by Sharon and Alex Shaw, and they have been discussing and analyzing movies, media, and games since July 2010. They host around three posts a month for people to follow and enjoy.

21. Tim Talks Movies with Seth | Podcast on Films

This podcast is all about two friends who have a passion for movies. They have been posting two podcasts a month since September 2014, and sometimes, they have some of their other friends join them to add different viewpoints on movies.

22. SCPR | The Frame

John Horn hosts this podcast, and it airs three times a month. He interviews and discusses different issues and things going on in media, movies, music, and the art world with some of the world's top cultural journalists.

23. Star Wars at the Movies | Everything about Star Wars

This is the everything Star Wars podcast! It talks about all of the different collectors and fans of the show, and they cover back to the original trilogy and why it affected so many who watched it.

24. The Empire Film Podcast

This podcast is the official podcast for the magazine The Empire, and they discuss anything relevant to the movie industry. They interview some of the best actors and producers in the industry and just generalized film chat.

25. The Cannon

This podcast is hosted through Earwolf by film critics Amy Nicholson and Devin Faraci on a weekly basis. They discuss new movies and if they are worthy to enter the Canon. They have a fan vote at the end of every podcast on whether it should enter or not.

26. The Cinematologists Podcast

Dr. Dario and Dr. Neil Fox provide live screenings of different movies and then have a Q&A session with the audience afterward. They enjoy inviting actors, producers, filmmakers, and scholars to join them and debate different aspects of film culture.

27. Someone Else's Movie

Someone Else's Movie is hosted by Norm Wilner, and every week, he has a different guest appear. They then discuss movies that the guest admires but had nothing to do with making to give credit to other professionals.

28. Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period

This podcast is hosted by comedians Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell. They both believe that Denzel Washington is the best actor of all time, and every week they speak with different guests about all things Denzel to prove their thoughts about Denzel true.

29. The Important Cinema Club

The Important Cinema Club is hosted by Will Sloan and Justin Decloux. Every week they host a new episode to discuss different film trash and high film art topics. Plus, they enjoy discussing all the other things in the industry.

30. Slate's Spoiler Specials

Slate discusses spoilers from different movies and TV shows that are airing. They enjoy speaking about different plot holes and twist endings that even the reviews don't like to reveal.

31. Modern Myth Media

Modern Myth Media is a podcast that is hosted by Sean Gerber, and during his podcasts, he enjoys discussing different aspects about different media pursuits, like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and various other pop culture media.

32. Screen Rant Underground

This podcast is hosted by Ben Kendrick, Kofi Outlaw, Rob Keyes, and Anthony Ocasio, and every week they discuss some of the hottest movies and television shows on the air. They often have various special guests from the industry to come and add their own commentary.

33. The /Filmcast (AKA The Slashfilmcast)

During this podcast, hardcore bloggers and journalists, Jeff Cannata, Devindra Hardawar, and David Chen delve into the wonderful world of movie and television. They discuss different movies and shows that are airing and various film news.

34. How Did This Get Made | Comedy Movies Podcast

June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas, and Paul Scheer host this podcast once a week. Every week they discuss some of the worst movies that have ever been released, but the overall theme of these movies is that they are so bad they are amazing.

35. Shout Engine | Man vs. Movies

Man vs. Movies is an Australian podcast that is hosted by James Josipovic. The podcast airs three times a month, and James discusses and reviews of some of the latest movies that have been released, and he also discusses some cult and classic favorites.

36. Land of The Creeps | Scary Movie Reviews

Once a month, Land of the Creeps releases a podcast focused solely on scary cinema and keeping it alive. They provide movie reviews and speak about various classic scary movies.

37. Collider | Film Podcast

The Collider team discusses reviews on newly released movies once a week, and they often discuss different kinds of movie industry news that might impact the aspect of the cinema industry.

38. USA Today | The Mothership

USA Today provides this podcast every Friday, and it is hosted by Brian Triuitt, Brett Molina, and Kelly Lawler. They take the time to discuss different movies, shows, and some of the geekiest games out, on the market.

39. Movie Podcast Weekly

Every week, this podcast airs on Tuesday, and it is always hosted by an actor, a film critic, and a guy named Andy. They discuss and review some of the latest movies out, and it has been active since October 2012.

40. Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast?

This podcast is hosted by Molly McAleer, and every week, she provides reviews and breaks down Lifetime Original Movies. She covers a single movie every week and provides a different insight into the movies.

41. Film Junk Podcast

The Film Junk Podcast provides weekly movie reviews, and they also cover other entertainment news and Hijinks.

42. Now Playing - The Movie Review Podcast

The Now Playing podcast takes its reviews to the next level. They like to focus on series, and they give thorough reviews about each installment of a series, including the most recently released.

43. The Script

The Script is a podcast designed specifically for screenwriters. It is hosted and produced by actual screenwriters, and they provide new screenwriters with techniques and advice on screenwriting in the industry.

44. The Bing Movie Podcast

The Binge Movie Podcast provides unseen interviews from filmmakers and actors, and they provide chatty reviews about different movies. It's hosted by producer Rebecca Olarte and Jason LeRoy.

45. Radio 1's Screen Time

Radio 1's Screen Time is hosted by all-time movie buff Ali Plumb. He provides news about movies, their reviews, and access to different behind-the-scenes extras that other people can't get access to.

46. The Director's Cut - A DGA Podcast

This podcast is hosted by the Directors Guild of America, and they show exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage and news from some of today's most popular films, and every episode interviews a different director.

47. The Curzon Film Podcast

This podcast is released by Curzon Cinemas from the UK, and they provide different discussions and interviews about some of the independent films that they have recently released.

48. InSession Film Podcast

The InSession Film Podcast reviews different movies, and they discuss some of the top 3 lists that relate to newly released films and their news. They shoot to be engaging and insightful.

49. The Film Programme

This podcast is designed to provide insights into the film world that no one else has by interviewing and getting the opinions from the leading directors and hottest stars, in the industry.

50. The Projection Booth Podcast

The Projection Booth is a fun podcast released by several organizations that follow the film and television industry. They interview different actors and directors and discuss some of the latest released movies and news related to the cinema industry.

51. F This Movie!

This is a fun podcast where the hosts discuss different movies that they both hate and love, and they also take it to the next level where they discuss the movies that love because of their hate.

52. The Golden Briefcase

Jeremy Kirk and Time Buel host this podcast, and they enjoy chatting about everything to do with films. They have actor and filmmakers as guests to get their view on the industry and different movies that have been released.

53. Retro Movie Geek | Old Movie Podcast

The Retro Movie Geek Podcast covers movies that are at least 20 years old or older, and the hosts tend to go off on tangents about the movies of the past. They have released a new episode since January 2016.

54. Popcorn Talk | iTalk Movies

This podcast is brought to the world by Popcorn Talk Network. Each episode features discussions about movie interviews, news, and releases. Each episode they talk about movies with different filmmakers, actors, and directors.

55. The Qwipster Film Review Podcast

The Qwipster Film Review Podcast is hosted by film critic, Vince Leo, and with every episode, he provides an a la carte movie review. He reviews independent films, foreign titles, and blockbuster hits.

56. Mad About Movies

Mad About Movies is a go-to for anything you want to know about cinema. They release a new episode every week, and they have interesting discussions with various professionals from the cinema industry to shed light on different aspects of the world.

57. Women at Warp: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Women at Warp releases new podcasts twice a month. These podcasts are hosted by four different women who enjoy speaking about Star Trek and how the show contributes to women behind the scenes.

58. The Orb: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The hosts, C Bryan Jones, and Matthew Rushing discuss different elements about his particular Star Trek series, and they delve deep into the world.

59. Synthaholics: A Star Trek Podcast

Synthaholics is hosted by Aaron O'Brian and David Duncan, and they like to go where no one else has gone before. They discuss everything Star Trek, from the beginning to the end, movies and series, everything.

60. Two To Beam Up

Two To Beam Up is hosted by a married couple, Kirsty and Marc Stamper. Marc is a Star Trek fanatic, but Kirsty has never seen the original Star Trek. So, every episode they watch an episode from the original series. What will Kirsty think?

61. Story and Star Wars

Story and Star Wars is one of the best podcasts for anyone who loves all things Star Wars. It's hosted by longtime fan and story expert Alastair Stephens, and he is going through all of the different aspects of the Star Wars films and heritage.

62. Plumbing the Death Star

Plumbing the Death Star is hosted by three guys who are not afraid to ask dumb questions about some of the world's greatest movies. They're questions that most people wouldn't ever care to know the answer to, but coming from them, its a hook to draw people in.

63. Movie Trivia Schmoedown

This podcast is dedicated to those who love UFC and WWE. It provides fun trivia movie facts and questions about those in movies and their actual careers.

64. I'm Obsessed With This

I'm Obsessed With This is definitely a podcast to listen to and watch if you are a Netflix fan. It is hosted by Bobby Finger, and he talks about the different things that people are posting on social media sites regarding Netflix and their lineup.

65. The Walker Stalkers: A Podcast for Fans of The Walking Dead

If you love all things The Walking Dead, this is a bingeworthy podcast. It is centered around the show and what is going on from episode to episode, and the thoughts of fans.

66. Villains

Villains is a podcast hosted by Shea Serrano. During her episodes, she focuses on the villains of some of television's most popular television shows and asks the questions that no one else will.

67. Watch With Us! - US Weekly TV News and Interviews

Watch With Us! is a movies and TV podcast designed by US Weekly to provide insights on some of the most popular television shows on TV today. They discuss actors, plots, twists, interviews, and recaps of the latest episodes.

68. The Sub-Beacon Podcast

The Sub-Beacon Podcast is one of the top podcasts for anyone who enjoys pop culture and movies. It's hosted by Sonny Bunch, Victorino Matus, and Jonathan V. Last. They discuss different things about movies each week.

69. Battlestar Galacticast

Marc Bernardin and Tricia Helfer host this podcast as they re-watch the sci-fi classic Battlestar Galactica. Each episode covers a new episode, and they reveal some behind the scene details about the cast and crew.

70. Maltin on Movies

Leonard Maltin is a legendary film critic and movie fan, and he hosts this podcast with his daughter Jessie. They enjoy discussing movies together and with other living legends like Quincy Jones, Mel Brooks, and Carl Reiner.

71. Just-Us Watchtower: DC Universe Insider

This is the perfect podcast for anyone who loves DC comics. They discuss different information about the comics, shows, and movies that are out, and they cover all DC universe characters.

72. Lieography | A Podcast About Movies Based on True Stories

This podcast is hosted by John, Joanna, and Ace, and they like to discuss the real stories behind movies that are based on real life.

73. Movie Crush | Cinema Podcast

Movie Crush is one of the unique movie podcasts that is still airing. The host is Chuck Bryant, and he sits down with guests and discusses their favorite movies and the reasons behind why it is their favorite movie.

74. The Film Experience

The Film Experience is hosted by Nathaniel R, and he has been releasing two podcasts a month, since March 2011.

75. Read it and Weep | Podcast about Movies

Every week four comedians come together and chew up a bad TV show, book, or movie, and they constantly make jokes and games to keep the podcast entertaining.

76. Truth and Movies | Little White Lies Podcast

This podcast is hosted by different employees of Little White Lies. They discuss newly released movies with friends and colleagues to get a rounded view of the movie of the post.

77. You Must Remember This | Classic Movies Podcast

This podcast is posted once a month, and it talks about the first century of Hollywood history. They reveal secrets that have been forgotten to a new generation.

78. Reel Spoilers

This podcast is designed to talk about movies in-depth. It is meant for people who have already seen the movie or those that don't care if they see it or not.

79. The Big Picture

This podcast is hosted by The Ringer's Editor-In-Chief Sean Fennessey. He sits down with some of the industries biggest filmmakers and discusses different trends and other information that they take into account before making movies.

80. The Legend of the Traveling Tardis with Christian Basel

This podcast is hosted by Christian Basel, and every podcast, she discusses different aspects and things in the Dr. Who series.

81. Halloween Unmasked

Halloween Unmasked is a podcast designed to unveil everything about the movie series Halloween. It talks about how it was an accident becoming such a hit to the fact it starred Jamie Lee Curtis' legacy.

82. Potter Heads: A Harry Potter Podcast

For anyone that loves the world of Harry Potter, you can join the hosts, Kirstin and Amy, of the Harry Potter podcast. They offer alternate theories and their own opinions about books and movies.

83. Blank Check with Griffin & David

This isn't just another bad movie podcast. In this podcast, the hosts discuss filmographies of directors' and how they got to where they are today. They focus on directors that have a blank check from Hollywood to actually direct and produce their personal passion projects.

84. The Next Picture Show

This is hosted by former editorial members of The Dissolve. They discuss how classic movies go and inspire the creation of some of the new movies that are being released.

85. Shadow Nation

Shadow Nation is hosted by the undisputed champs of Hollywood horror, Shaun Burris and Nathan Schoonover. They post new episodes every week where they discuss TV series and movies that have been released and their thoughts on them.

86. Anime Podcast of Some Sort

This entire podcast is dedicated to discussing all things games, anime, and manga related. They provide interesting stories and information about popular anime series that people can still watch.

87. Don't @ Me with Justin Simien

This podcast is hosted by Justin Simien, and every week he has unfiltered conversations with creators, stars, and artists about entertainment in our culture today.

88. The Indie Film Place Podcast

Indie Filmmaker, Russ Cootey hosts this podcasts and discusses different discussions, interviews and other information about independent filmmaking and some of the movies that have been released.

89. Inside Jaws

Inside Jaws is an epic podcast that is dedicated to discussing the Jaws series. They provide insight, interviews, and inspirations behind the making of this series.

90. Classic Movie Musts

This is a weekly podcast that discusses different classic movies. They talk about the making of the films and just the general plots and information about the movies.

91. The Film Riot Podcast

This is a conversational style podcast, where different DPs, directors, editors, VFX artists, and other industry professionals provide personal insight into different aspects of the cinema industry.

92. The Good Place: The Podcast

This is a podcast that follows the NBC series The Good Place. They provide behind the scene stories and different performance insights that have been expressed about the show and its actors.

93. Lights Camera Barstool

This podcast is hosted by KenJac, Trillballins, and JeffDLowe. They discuss different movies with each other in a manner that you would, as friends who agree and disagree on different movies and pop culture.

94. The Really Awful Movies Podcast

This podcast discusses different movies in the sci-fi, horror, and action genres. The hosts Jeff and Chris provide reviews for different movies, but they focus also on lower budget cinema.

95. The Ringer | The Rewatchables

This is hosted by Bill Simmons and other people from The Ringers, and they discuss different types of movies. They focus on movies that they have seen and want to constantly watch them over and over again.

96. Guys on Movies Podcast

This podcast provides new episodes at least three times a month. The hosts consist of three Southern California guys that like to watch movies from all genres and discuss them with each other.

97. I Read Movies Podcast

This podcast has been providing one episode a month since August 2017. The host focuses on movie novelizations. They discuss the differences and how the movie and the novelized piece compare.

98. Bacon and Eggs: A Movie Lover's Podcast

This podcast airs during the mornings, and the host discusses different movies and television shows. It is excellent for commuting if you love movies and television.

99. Mainly Movies

This podcast is hosted by DJ and Aaron, and they post new episodes when they find a newly released movie that they feel is worth watching. They talk about the movie and discuss different aspects that they liked or didn't like about the movie.

100. Fear the Walking Dead Reviews and After Show

This entertainment podcast is produced by the AfterBuzz TV Network, and it goes through the spin-off of the Walking Dead series Fear the Walking Dead. They go episode by episode talking about different things that happened in the latest episodes.

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