100 Best Murder Podcasts Right Now

Discover binge-worthy true crime stories!

1. Bear Brook

In 1985, a barrel containing two bodies was discovered deep in the woods of New Hampshire. Then, in 2000, it happened all over again. In the decades since both horrifying discoveries were made, little is known about the victims and how they met their end. The Bear Brooks podcast, named after the remote state park where the bodies were discovered, examines the mystery in all its complexity.

2. CrimeFeed

While there are lots of high-quality podcasts on the web that provide deep-dive investigations into crime stores, CrimeFeed has the unique position of offering current-event style reporting on the latest crimes.

3. Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo

Hosted by award-winning Cree journalist Connie Walker, Missing and Murdered delves into unsolved murders of indigenous women in Canada, a population whose deaths tragically do not receive mainstream media attention or proper investigation from authorities. The titular “Cleo,” who has thought to have been murdered while hitchhiking near her home, is one of the many victims highlighted by this podcast that seeks to bring attention and advocacy to these deaths.

4. Dr.Death

Meet Doctor Christopher Duntsch, A.K.A. “Dr. Death.” How exactly did this once-prestigious Texas neurosurgeon earn his macabre monicker? And how, exactly, was he able to turn 33 patients into victims before the medical establishment took notice? These questions are precisely what host Laura Bell seeks to answer in this serialized podcast available on iTunes.

5. A New Winter

In the winter of 2000, a tiny village in the United Kingdom was witness to over 25 murders and disappearances, including an entire family where the only evidence left behind was a single set of footprints in the snow. This 62 episode series led by writer Sam LeGassick will walk you through what happened during this strange and deadly season.

6. True Crime Brewery

An excellent podcast to listen to while relaxing with a beer, Jill and Dick’s True Crime Brewery podcast is an absolute must. Jill introduces a new crime each week while Dick, a physician by trade, offers up his medical expertise as well as suggestions for beers from areas where the crime took place.

7. Crime Writers On

True crime meets pop culture in this roundtable-style podcast hosted by Rebecca Lovoie and Kevin Flynn, a crime-writing couple, investigative journalist Lara Bricker, and noir author Toby Ball. Each week they chat about a “Crime of the Week” in addition to discussing other podcasts, TV shows, films, and stories in the true crime genre.

8. Criminology

Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford dive head-first into history’s darkest and most infamous crimes. Their latest episode documents the “Delphi Murders,” the tragic and yet-to-be-solved case of two friends who went hiking in the woods near their Indiana home and never came back. Tune in every Saturday at 10 PM for new episodes.

9. Pretty Scary

If you find yourself needing a dash of comedy to make listening to tales of grisly crimes bearable, then Pretty Scary offers a pretty solid balance of the two. Hosts Caitlin Cutt, Kari Martin, and Adam Tod Brown blend terror with light-hearted wit in their coverage of eyebrow-raising topics like murderers, stalkers, demon houses, flesh-eating bacteria, and bizarre amusement park disasters. Each episode is one hour long and covers a brand new topic.

10. My Favorite Murder

Hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, My Favorite Murder covers small-town murders sent in by listeners of the podcast with a sense of suspense broken up by light-hearted comic relief to keep the atmosphere from getting too dark. You can check out mini-episodes posted on their blog or dive right into the (luckily non-serialized) podcast list.

11. Serial Killers

Serial Killers, led by hosts Vanessa Richardson and Greg Polcyn, add a new twist to the murder stories podcast genre by presenting each episode as a chilling, suspenseful story told from start to finish without the heavy investigative and analysis-driven discussions of many other podcasts in the genre. If you’re a fan of curling up and listening to a gripping audiobook, this is the podcast for you.

12. Crime Junkie

Hosts and real-life childhood friends Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers investigate murders that have gone unsolved and underreported. In some episodes, they tackle scandals and cover-ups like the 1970’s IUD scandal that resulted in over 20 women dead and 90,000 hurt. Together, the women balance engaging storytelling with well-researched, factual analyses of each crime. New episodes come out every Monday.

13. The Last Podcast on the Left

This eclectic podcast led by hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski blends true crime with a twist of comedy and the paranormal as they retell tales of murder, mayhem, cults, and hauntings. You can find 300 free episodes on iTunes, and since each episode tackles a different story, you can jump in wherever you’d like.

14. Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale offers some of the most comprehensive, well-researched true crime content out there. Each episode dives into a new crime and often includes interesting interview subjects to enhance the storytelling experience and add validity to their research and investigation. With over 130 episodes to choose from, you can jump right in with tales of killers, kidnappings, and cults.

15. Finding Tammy Jo

What happened to Tammy Jo? Why did she remain unidentified for over 30 years? These are just a few of the questions that the podcast Finding Tammy Jo seeks to answer about a girl who was tragically murdered in upstate New York. We recommend starting with episode one and listening to the list in order for this one. With shorter episodes between 10 and 20 minutes long, this would be great to listen to during your commute or over your break.

16. Female Criminals

Female Criminals shows that women can be notorious criminals too. Each week, hosts Vanessa and Claire delve into the psychology and motivations behind some of history’s most notorious women, from the notorious hatchet killer Lizzie Borden to Jazz-era mob women and “Bandit Queens” of the Wild-West. Tune in every Wednesday for new episodes of this bingeworthy new podcast.

17. White Wine True Crime

What pairs better with true crime than a cool glass of white wine? Join comedians Caitlin Cutt and Kari Martin for a journey of mystery, murder, and a healthy dose of dark humour. Each of the 90+ episodes runs an hour in length and exams crimes both new and old, solved and unsolved.

18. Happy Face

In the early 1990s, eight women were murdered by a man who left behind cryptic smiley face notes for the police who discovered their bodies. The killer turned out to be a Canadian truck driver, Keith Hunter, who earned the moniker “Happy Face Killer” because of the notes he left behind. Writer and host Melissa Moore is the Happy Face Killer’s daughter explores the long-lasting traumatic impact that her father’s double-life as a notorious killer has had on her and her family in this bingeworthy podcast.

19. West Cork

Investigative journalist Sam Bungey teams up with documentary maker Jennifer Forde to investigate the unsolved murder of French film producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier. In a strange and surprising twist, one of the primary sources turns out to be a suspect.

20. Disgraceland

Disgraceland sits at the intersection rock ‘n roll and true crime. Host Jake Brennan explores the dark side of rock, where the wild, hard-partying lifestyles of famous musicians have led down dark (and oftentimes outrageous) avenues of murder and crime. The mysterious death of former Rolling Stones member Brian Jones and the assassination of John Lennon are two stories tackled by Brennan’s Disgraceland. Instead of a dry rendition of the facts, Brennan treats each story with a theatrical flair.

21. Real Crime Profile

Ever wonder what makes a criminal tick? Veering away from crime podcasts that focus on unravelling the series of events that led up to a crime and the quest for justice, this podcast focuses on creating behavioral profiles from real-life criminal cases. The show is hosted by experts in the field including Laura Richards (criminal behavioral analyst) and Jim Clemente (FBI profiler).

22. Thinking Sideways

The universe is not a straightforward place--that’s the primary inspiration behind Thinking Sideways. And while this podcast has a healthy dose of murder mysteries, it also devotes quite a bit of attention to mysteries that simply fall outside our realm of understanding: lost cities in the Amazon jungle, hippies disappearing from Stonehenge following a freak lightning strike, and strange disappearances are just a few topics covered by hosts Devin, Joe, and Steve.

23. Hollywood & Crime

Hollywood & Crime pulls back the veil that has shrouded the dark side of Hollywood for decades. Underneath the veneer of glamour and iconic beauty lies a seedy underbelly of crime and murder. The 26-part series focuses on the Black Dahlia murder, the now infamous slaying of a young woman who was left bisected in a ditch, and explores the lesser known fact that over a dozen other women were killed in the same fashion in the following years.

24. Wrong Skin

Forbidden love, death, and disappearance in the Australian outback. Wrong Skin follows the strange, tragic story of a young woman who bucks indigenous tradition by escaping an arranged marriage and eloping with a mysterious “Richard.” Unfortunately, the young woman (Julie) is found dead and Richard is never seen again. Wrong Skin documents a year-long investigation into what exactly happened to Julie and Richard.

25. Broken Harts

Two married women, Sarah and Jennifer Hart, and their six adopted African-American children live a seemingly idyllic life while moving around the country before ultimately settling in Washington State. So why did Jennifer Hart drive the entire family a cliff in March 2018? This podcast is a joint investigation between House Stuff Works and Glamour Magazine and it tries to piece together the story of what led up to the family’s mass murder at the hands of one of their own and the behind-closed-doors abuse that was taking place under the family’s seemingly “perfect” veneer.

26. Accused

Just after her college graduation in December 1978, Elizabeth Andes was found dead in her apartment in Ohio. After several trials, there’s still no clear answer about who killed Elizabeth. Join investigative reporter Amber Hunt as she re-opens the case with new research and first-person interviews with people knowledgeable about the crime. This story is told in a serial format, so be sure to start off with episode one.

27. The Trail Went Cold

The Trail Went Cold is writer Robin Warden’s deep dive into unsolved cases shrouded in mystery and unanswered questions. Robin weaves engaging, well-researched reporting in with compelling storytelling to bring these ongoing mysteries to life. The most recent episode documents the bizarre disappearance of the “Springfield Three,” a group of women who vanished without a trace from their Springfield home, leaving behind only a cryptic message on the answering machine and a shattered porch light.

28. True Crime Garage

Join hosts Nic and The Captain each week as they drink beer in their garage and chat about true crime. Each week covers a new story, sharing both factual research and personal theories about crimes that have taken place throughout the ages. With 280 episodes to choose from, you’ll find plenty of content to engage with (while sipping on craft beer in your own garage, if you choose).

29. Trace

“Trace” examines the unsolved murder of Maria James, a mother-of-two found murdered in the backroom of her bookshop in suburban Melbourne. Shortly before being found dead, Maria said to her young son, “If anything happens to me, look after your brother." Did Maria know she was in danger? Who killed her? These are just a few of the questions “Trace” seeks to answer.

30. Sleuth

Sleuth is a departure from podcasts that dig up cold cases and history’s mysteries in favor of examining crime as it happens in “real time.” Investigative journalist Linda Sawyer tackles contemporary crimes like the case of Daniel Wozniak, a Southern California actor currently on death row for luring, kidnapping, and dismembering victims inside a theatre. Sawyer follows the case of Wozniak’s ex-girlfriend who is currently on trial for accessory to the murders. Sleuth is a serialized podcast broken into one-hour blocks.

31. One Eye Open

Host Stephy is the daughter of a British homicide detective and shares her extensive expertise on the subject of true crime with a blend of personal anecdotes about growing up as a detective’s daughter. Her stories are well-researched, occasionally humorous, and always empathetic towards the victims and their families.

32. S-Town

S-town is a murder podcast spun-off from the genre-defining Serial. Host Brian Reed heads to “Shittown,” Alabama (shortened to “S-town”) to unravel a tale of murder, hidden treasure, mystery, and vendettas. This bingeworthy podcast is serialized, so be sure to start from chapter one!

33. Heaven’s Gate

Hosted by Snap Judgement’s Glynn Washington, the Heaven’s Gate podcast takes a closer look at the mystery surrounding the 1997 mass suicide of the Heaven’s Gate cult. Through investigation and conversations with victims’ family members, the podcast seeks to answer the question: why?

34. Serial

Probably the most popular and one of the best podcasts in the crime genre, Serial’s format changes to tackle different subjects within the world of crime. It’s first two seasons provide an in-depth investigation into the murder of Hae Min Lee, a Baltimore teenager, while the third season follows a courthouse in Cleveland by examining a new case each episode. The most recent season provides a stark glimpse of the triumphs and failures of the justice system.

35. Generation Why

In Generation Why, real-life friends Justin and Aaron discuss tales of mysterious true crimes that have taken place throughout history. Each episode is well-researched and educational without sacrificing either entertainment or compelling storytelling. Some of the topics covered by the over 200 one-hour-long episodes include the Belcher Island Massacre and a Florida couple killed by a man claiming to be a 500-year-old vampire.

36. All Killa No Filla

Comedy duo Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean blend laughter with the macabre as they discuss a different serial killer in each episode. From stranglers to black widows and murderous religious zealots, you’ll find every kind of killer represented in All Killa No Filla.


Like the name implies, Unresolved host Michael Whelan focuses on crimes that remain unsolved. What differs about this podcast from others in the genre is that it shines a spotlight on the people who have been tangled up in each crime, humanizing each story. And instead of trying to crack the cases, Whelan examines the different aspects of what makes the crime unsolvable.

38. Crimeroom

Crimeroom focuses on obscure, lesser known crimes with a heightened sense of mystery. Despite being one of the new podcasts on the scene, it holds its weight in terms of compelling storytelling, an intriguing soundtrack, and its ability to create an unsettling, dark atmosphere. An extra layer of mystery is added by the hosts, who have never once shared their names or any other details about themselves or the podcast’s production background.

39. Wine and Crime

There seems to be a sub-genre emerging among crime podcasts that pair wine with sordid tales of murder and mystery. Wine and Crime, as the name implies, is no exception. Hosts Amanda, Lucy, and Kenyon pair each story with a different wine and bring humor as well as crucial social commentary into each discussion.

40. The Last Days of August

Shortly becoming embroiled in an intense social media discussion about homophobia in the porn industry, 23-year-old pornstar August Ames was found hanged in her California home. Host Jon Ronson examines the story with precision and respect and avoids straying into the rampant speculation and gossip that initially surrounded her death. Instead, he presents a thoughtful and fact-driven piece about a mysterious death, homophobia, and cyberbullying embedded into a commentary about how society treats porn actors.

41. Case Notes

Case Notes is a popular podcast that examines the intersection of crime and the music world. Stories of murder, scandal, and theft are paired (naturally) with a stellar soundtrack to capture and embody the mood of each story.

42. Most Notorious

Most Notorious takes a closer look at crimes that shook the world and made an irreversible impact on history. Host Erik Rivenes enthusiastically tackles topics like serial killers, mobsters, stranglers, and Victorian killers. The episode “1897 Chicago’s Sausage Vat Murder” is an excellent sample of his work.

43. Stranglers Podcast

The name says it all: this is a podcast about a man who strangled 13 women in a heinous series of crimes that involved sexual assaults and staging the women’s bodies in bizarre tableaus. After a massive investigation and man-hunt by the Boston Police Department, a handyman named Albert Salvo came forward and confessed and was imprisoned. But because there was never a formal trial, doubts remain to this day of Salvo was the true killer or one of several killers.

44. The Fall Line

This crime podcast focuses on victims of marginalized populations who were largely forgotten about the authorities and never received closure or justice for the crimes committed against them. Season one focuses on a pair of missing twins who were brushed aside by law enforcement and ultimately removed from the missing children’s database without any serious investigation. Each episode contains interviews and information from family member’s and acquaintances and ends in an open-ended fashion that encourages anyone who may know more to step forward and share.

45. A Very Fatal Murder

To put it simply, A Very Fatal Murder is a true crime parody produced by the Onion. The story follows a bumbling investigative journalist as he tries to crack the hometown murder of a popular teenager named Hayley. The show is often clever, sometimes disturbing, and contains wry observations about society and the cultural phenomenon of crime podcasting.

46. Felon True Crime

Felon True Crime explores the most heinous and memorable crimes committed in Australia.

47. It’s About Damn Crime

Another popular example of the more laid-back “friends discuss crime” genre, It’s About Damn Crime is produced and hosted by two women of color who highlight crimes that have befallen people of color and members of other marginalized communities that don’t typically receive the same level of mainstream attention.

48. Unsolved Mysteries: True Crime Stories

Unsolved Murders follows two hosts as they seek to unravel history’s cold cases. The podcast uses research, strong narratives, re-enactments, and interviews to build compelling, immersive stories during each episode.

49. 74 Seconds

Minnesota Public Radio presents this Peabody Award-winning story about the 74 seconds leading up to Philando Castile’s death the fallout that took place afterward. The podcast goes behind just the crime itself to examine the context of racism and injustice that surrounding Castile’s death.

50. Breakdown

Wealthy Atlanta lawyer Claud “Tex” McIver fatally shot his wife in what he claims was an accident. His story seems plausible until the police uncover a strange series of actions McIver took following the shooting. In this murder podcast, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explores what happened.

51. Someone Knows Something

Take a journey up north to learn about Canadian cold cases in the popular podcast Someone Knows Something. Each of the series’ four seasons covers a different case, the most recent one about a man named Wayne Greavette who was murdered by a mail bomb. With extensive input provided by the victim’s families and loved ones, the narratives presented by Someone Knows Something are as engaging as they are heartbreaking.

52. Curtain

Curtain tackles the dark yet important topic of racism perpetuated by the Australian justice system against Indigenous Australians. The podcast examines the story of Kevin “Curtain” Henry who was (wrongly) imprisoned for murder in 1992. Curtain’s story is just one thread in a vast web of indigenous people who have been wrongly convicted.

53. Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Need your true crime fix on a daily basis? Nancy Grace’s new podcast comes out daily and tackles some of today’s most shocking crimes. As a former prosecutor, she’s intimately aware of the criminal justice system which shines through during her podcast.

54. Cold Case Files

Did you know that up to one-third of murders in America are unsolved? Cold Case Files, hosted by Brook Gittings and Bill Kurtis, examines history’s most confounding unsolved murders.

55. Un-Found

Unfound puts a spotlight on missing persons cases. With its emphasis on first-person discussions with family members and friends of the missing persons, the show reveals the emotional turmoil and struggle of having a loved one suddenly disappear.

56. What Did You Do?!

What Did You Do?! Is a crime podcast hosted by two friends, Dee and Charneil, who also happen to be social workers and women of color. Due to their unique perspectives, they add something to their series that many podcasts in the true crime genre lack--a nuanced understanding of and compassion for mental health issues.

57. Casefile True Crime

This is one of the best podcasts to listen to for hardcore fans of true crimes. This Australian series has more than 90 episodes, each covering a different case with a combination of stellar reporting, factual research, and a high production value.

58. Alibi

In 1994, Anthony deVries was arrested and imprisoned for homicide under apartheid in South Africa. But hosts Paul McNally and Freddy Mabitsela think he wasn’t actually responsible, and that a justice system poisoned by racism and politics influenced the court’s decision. After all, deVries had a rock-solid alibi.

59. Death In Ice Valley

In the 1970s, a mysterious woman was found frozen deep in the frigid wilds of Norway. Today, she is known only as the Isdal Woman and her story remains a mystery. The BBC World Service partnered up with Norwegian NRK to shed light on what we know about the woman and what happened to her.

60. I Am In Eskew

This podcast is an H.G. Wells-esque first-person narration from a horrifying town named Eskew where murder is a daily occurrence and bizarre situations are around every corner. While the murder in this series is all fictional (fortunately), it’s still an intriguing and exciting narrative to immerse yourself into.

61. Criminal Broads

Some of history's most notorious criminals, thieves, and murderers are women. Criminal Broads covers a new femme fatale in each exciting episode.

62. True Crime Historian

True crime meets history in this well-researched, intellectual podcast about some of history's most heinous crimes. True Crime Historian has an impressive library of content with over 200 episodes at one-hour each in length.

63. True Crime Island

One of the best murder podcasts to listen to for tales of true crime from around the globe, both past and present.

64. The Lost

This sensitive, emotional podcast is a five-part series interviewing the families of five people who disappeared without a trace.

65. True Crime Asia

Many true crime tales take place in the Western World, so True Crime Asia takes a leap across the Pacific Ocean to shed light on true crime tales that are lesser known to Western audiences.

66. Criminal

This award-winning podcast based out Durham, North Carolina is led by Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer as they recount stories of people who have “done wrong, been wronged, and/or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.” No case is too bizarre for them, like their exploration of the story of a man accused of killing his wife in 2001 but, in the following decades, a theory emerged that she was actually killed in a freak owl attack.

67. Fatal Voyage

In 1981, actress Natalie Wood went out on a yacht with her husband, fellow-actor Robert Wagner, and her then-co-star Christopher Walken. Following a series of events that have never been clearly defined, Wood ended up dead; she was found drowned with bruises on her body, but neither of her companions could explain exactly what happened. Fatal Voyage is a compelling story that uses the unexplained death of an actress as a lens to explore the deeper corruption at work in Hollywood’s seedy underbelly.

68. Made in Sweden

Based on Swedish novel The Father (which is based on a true story), Made in Sweden is a six-part podcast that examines the lives of three brothers who, as adults, became three of Sweden’s most-wanted criminals. Co-host Stefan Thunberg is their fourth brother.

69. The Vanished

Host Marissa Jones explores the stories of people who have vanished without a trace. Each case is made startlingly authentic by including interviews with the loved ones who were left behind with a lifetime of questions that still remain unanswered.

70. Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished is another crime podcast by Payne Lindsey, who also brought us Atlanta Monster (#75 on this list). Each season tackles the story of an unsolved disappearance. Season 1 documents Payne’s investigation into the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a high school teacher and former beauty queen from Georgia. In season two, we travel across the country to Colorado where a young woman vanished from a tiny town known as a hub of new age religion.

71. S’Laughter: True Crime Podcast

S’Laugther is a murder stories podcast from the UK spiced up with a twist of dark comedy. Hosts Emma and Lucy take turns telling each other stories laced with enough gallows humor to keep the atmosphere from becoming too dark or chilling. S’Laughter was nominated for the British Podcast Awards in 2018.

72. UK True Crime Podcast

The self-described hub of UK true crime, this podcast covers a variety of topics under the true crime umbrella, including in-depth analysis of real cases, interviews with experts, discussions with true crime authors, and even reviews of other shows and podcasts.

73. Crawlspace: True Crime and Mysteries

Crawlspace is a podcast hosted by Tim Pillen and Lance Reenstierna, the same team who made Missing Maura Murray. Their new podcast investigates all sorts of true crimes, including murders, kidnappings, disappearances, and other events both mysterious and bizarre. A few topics they’ve recently covered are Suitcase Jane Doe found in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 that killed 21 people, and the disappearance (and reappearance) of Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs.

74. 48 Hours

The award-winning CBS News team presents “48 Hours,” a podcast that provides highly detailed investigations into some of the most intriguing recent crimes. The cases they presented are selected to “touch on all areas of the human experience” including crimes of passion, greed, and insanity.

75. Atlanta Monster

In the late 1970s, 28 people were killed by a serial killer in Atlanta. 25 of the victims of children and all of them were African-American. Host Payne Lindsey peels away the layers of this mystery steeped in the racial tensions of this southern city. Season 2 tackles the Zodiac Killer.

77. Court Junkie

Court Junkie sheds light on the injustices rife within our criminal justice system, looking at cases like wrongful convictions and false confessions. The goal of the podcast is to restore justice and bring peace of mind to the families of victims.

76. Unravel

Some of Australia’s top journalists come together in Unravel True Crime, a podcast that explores a new, unsolved crime each season. The current season (#3) looks into the unexplained disappearance of Belinda Peisley, a young mother who was last seen in Australia’s Blue Mountains in September 1998.

77. Court Junkie

Court Junkie sheds light on the injustices rife within our criminal justice system, looking at cases like wrongful convictions and false confessions. The goal of the podcast is to restore justice and bring peace of mind to the families of victims.

78. Small Town Murder

Every Thursday this team of two comedians releases a new chapter in their examination of a small town murder.

79. Mind of a Murderer

Dr. Michelle Ward is a well-known trial consultant and criminal psychologist. In her podcast, she interviews six murderers and examines their motivations for killing.

80. Once Upon A Crime

Addicted to true crime? This podcast is for you. This is one of the top podcasts in the murder mystery genre.

81. The Minds of Madness

This award-winning podcast based out of Toronto, Canada blends true crime with psychology to provide a glimpse into the minds of people who do unspeakable things. Each episode covers a different notorious criminal and provides an interesting discussion of their crimes as well as examining the state of mind or series of events that led up to the crime.

82. True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers

This weekly podcast led by Dan Zupansky interviews true crime authors about the work they’ve conducted on some of the world’s most shocking and memorable crimes.

83. They Walk Among Us

They Walk Among Us is one of the best crime podcasts based out of the UK that investigates a range of sinister, surreal, and spine-tingling topics.

85. Trace Evidence

Host Steven Pacheco examines a new mystery each week, from strange disappearances to bone-chilling murders. Each episode provides a careful exploration of the evidence and theories about what happened.

86. Bowraville

Between September 1990 and February 1991, the small town of Bowraville, Australia was gripped by a series of grisly murders. To this day, nobody knows who do it. The Bowraville podcasts takes a closer look at the crimes and theories about who could have committed them.

87. Dirty John

This murder mystery podcast originally evolved from an in-depth investigation by the Los Angeles Times about a woman, Debra Newell, and her marriage to a doctor, John Meehan, who turned out to be not the person she thought he was. The narration includes frequent commentary from Debra herself, so the story feels highly personal and emotionally resonant with listeners.

88. Detective

In each season of Detective, a real-life retired detective tells true stories spanning their careers in as homicide investigators.

89. Undisclosed

Undisclosed is an unofficial spin-off of Serial and follows up on the murder case of Boston teenager Hae Min Lee and the man accused of killing her, Adnan Syed. Recent seasons have covered the tragic cases of Freddie Gray and Joey Watkins.

90. The Assassination

This award-winning investigation by the BBC looks into the murder and cover-up of Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, who was a figure of both popularity and controversy during her political career.

91. In the Dark

This award-winning series by American Public Media examines cases that have been mishandled by the authorities. Highlights include the 1989 abduction and murder of Jacob Wetterling as well as the confusing case of Curtis Flowers who has been on trial six separate times for the same crime.

92. Unsolved Murders

This long-running, successful podcast handles a different unsolved murder in each episode. Its storytelling style goes above and beyond other podcasts in the genre because they use professional actors to re-construct critical scenes, injecting emotion and drama into each episode.

93. Actual Innocence

The addictive new series Actual Innocence looks at the stories of people who have been falsely convicted of murder and later exonerated of their wrongful conviction. The series takes a closer look at the trauma and heartbreak of wrongful convictions.

94. Suspect Convictions

A three-year-old girl is found dead in her bed one morning. A panicked father, Barton McNeill, calls the police and accuses his former girlfriend after a nasty argument the night prior. When the police arrive, they instead arrest Barton. NPR re-examines the case and how it led to Barton’s alleged guilt.

95. Phoebe’s Fall

A popular 24-year old woman is found dead in the trash room of her luxury apartment building in Melbourne, Australia. She had apparently plunged down the garbage chute and was missing a foot. How did she get there? Was it an accident, or was something more sinister at play? Melbourne’s The Age newsroom takes a closer look at the mystery.

96. The Teacher's Pet

At first glance, Chris and Lyn Dawson had a perfect life: a peaceful marriage, successful careers, and a lovely home filled with children. But when Lyn goes missing, the family’s sordid secrets rise to the surface like bones in a graveyard. Murder, teenage lovers, and an unusual relationship between two twin brothers frames the backstory behind one of Australia’s strangest cold cases.

97. Southern Fried True Crime

Hosted by Erica Kelley, a charming Tennessee native, Southern Fried True Crime turns over cases that have taken place in the Deep South while paying special attention to the complexities and shortcomings of the Southern justice system.

98. Missing

Recognized as one of iTune’s top podcasts in 2015, Missing is led by crime writer Tim Weaver who examines how and why people seemingly vanish into thin air.

99. Truth and Justice with Bob Ruff

The Truth & Justice Podcast takes a unique “crowdsourcing” approach to delving into cold cases and potential wrongful convictions. If you enjoy interactive podcasts that invite listeners into the show, you’ll enjoy hashing out theories with host Bob Ruff as he tackles a new case each season. He’s currently investigating the 2012 murder of Jaime Melgar who’s wife, Sandy, was ultimately convicted and incarcerated from the crime. Bob doesn’t think Sandy was actually responsible and welcomes discussions about the “true” killer.

100. Hell and Gone

In 2004, college student Rebekah Gould was found dumped after being brutally murdered in rural Arkansas. Private Investigator Catherine Townsend travels to the Ozarks to unravel what happened to Rebekah and who killed her.

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