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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best 18650 Battery Chargers

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quadcopter reviewsBest 18650 Battery Chargers

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How to Choose the Best 18650 Battery Charger

So you have some 18650 rechargeable batteries and need some device to recharge them. We’ve got you covered. We looked at a large selection of devices to bring you our 18950 battery charger buying guide! There are a lot of charging choices on the market, but we’ve narrowed it down to the ones we think are the best. Before we start, let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before you start shopping.

Best 18650 Battery Chargers

Bays: This refers to the number of batteries the device can charge at the same time. If you have a lot of rechargeable batteries, you are going to want a charger with more bays so they can all charge at once.

Best 18650 Battery Chargers

Display: Battery chargers usually have a display that will tell you when the batteries are ready to go again. Most of the time this is an LED or LCD panel that shows the charging progress of each battery plugged in.

How to Choose the Best 18650 Battery Charger

Automatic Shut-off: For power efficiency, some battery chargers will shut themselves off when the batteries they are charging have hit capacity. This saves the life of your batteries as well as easing your mind and saving you on your electric bill.

Best 18650 Battery Chargers

Weight: This is important for battery chargers because they are going to be attached to your light sockets. A charger that’s too heavy will damage the plate on your socket over time, so look for a lighter one.

Best 18650 Battery Chargers

Size: Size is also a factor in determining which battery charger you should buy. Larger units may charge more batteries, but they weight more as well. Plan around how often you are going to use it and where.

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Warranty: You expect your device to work right. If it fails to function correctly, a warranty protects you. You might be able to have your defective unit replaced or your money refunded if it’s the fault of the manufacturer.

Top 10 Products

Now that you have some idea of what to look for, let’s get to the products! Our 18650 battery charger reviews are hand-picked to get you information on the best products available. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top pick and budget pick. When you have recharged, look through the rest of our list as well! We’re confident that you will find the charger that is just right for your needs, and does the job right!

Zanflare Battery Charger

Top Pick
Zanflare makes our pick for the best 18650 rechargeable battery charger on our list. This amazing device can charge four different types of batteries at the same time, with no loss in quality between the batteries. This means that each of the four bays works independently of the other. The display is LCD and tells you the charging status of each battery and lets you choose which current to use. You can use batteries of all different sizes in this device! Do you want to hear the best part? This charger comes with a car adapter, so you can charge all of your batteries on the go! This device even has an option to test how much life is left in a battery so you know if you have to recharge it. The display shows a handful of different parameters that will help you get all of your batteries up to full speed in no time!
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EBL 18650 Battery Charger

Budget Pick
EBL makes the simplest battery charger on our list! This 2-bay charger is just large enough for the batteries to fit into it. It’s good at venting heat, so it won’t overheat or burn out your batteries if it happens to get too hot. It also comes with constant current and voltage safety, so there are no dangerous electrical spikes. This cool little charger is good for up to 1000 cycles, and displays a different color light depending on which part of the cycle it’s in – red for charging and green for fully charged. But that’s not the best part! It comes with two rechargeable 18650 batteries in the package! This is a great way to try out rechargeable batteries if you’re new to them. This is the best cheap battery charger we looked at! The price makes it easy and painless to try. This device will charge other 18650 batteries as well – not just the included ones.
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EASTSHINE Battery Charger

This two-bay charger is just what you need to get the juice back into your rechargeable batteries! This device fits worldwide voltages so you can charge your batteries even while on vacation outside of the US. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to reach a full charge from a completely dead battery. This is a smart charger, meaning that it automatically detects all the specs on the current battery with the touch of a button. The LCD display shows you everything you need to know for each bay. It also comes with a car adapter as well as a wall plug, so you can literally charge your batteries anywhere! You can select a different mode based on which battery you’re using it with and what type of voltage it requires. It also shuts off when the batteries inside are completely charged! This is an excellent external 18650 battery charger! And Eastshine stands behinds its product with a nice lifetime warranty!
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Nightcore Smart Battery Charger

Nitecore boasts that their charger is faster than others on the market, and it really delivers! There are so many features packed into this charger, and it works with so many batteries, including 18650s. You don’t even have to press a button to get the status of your batteries to display – it automatically shows the charging capacity of your cells. When your battery is finished charging? This device shuts off entirely, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to unplug it. We love that! The materials it’s made from are flame retardant and fire resistant, so there’s less of a chance of fires when using this product. It’s also compatible with batteries from 1.2 volts up to 4.35 volts! We think that’s pretty amazing. That’s why we’ve included this on our list as one of the best battery chargers for sale. It also works with larger batteries – two rechargeable ‘C’ batteries will fit on this charger no problem!
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DFmicro 18650 Battery Charger

This charger is unique on our list because it supports USB charging! It comes with a cord that is much like a regular cell phone charger so that you can plug your rechargeable unit right into your computer or another USB device. That’s pretty amazing! Due to this portability, it’s probably the best 18650 battery charger for flashlight batteries. You won’t ever run out of battery life as long as you have a car charger or other USB device. The awesome part about it is that it shuts off automatically when the batteries are done charging, preventing it from draining your car battery or computer power. The screen is LCD and gives you a ton of information, including charging percentage, the time it’s taken, how much longer it will take, and what voltage the batteries are charging it. We love being able to keep an eye on all the stats! It’s great for home use and for travelers!
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DKMHA Battery Charger

This DKMHA charger is amazingly intelligent! It can detect and adjust the current to one that is more suitable, allowing the perfect charge for your battery every time! Each bay can charge a different type of battery – separately and at the same time as the other port. This is useful because it supports a wide range of batteries, including the 18650 type. The LCD indicator is independent to the slot below it, so you always know what the status of your battery is at a glance. It needs 5 volts of DC electricity to work, convenient for all of your different plugs. And did we mention it has a USB port as well? Now you can charge all your favorite USB devices in the same port, so you aren’t sacrificing a wall plug just to recharge batteries. This thing is a powerhouse! And it charges so quickly, it’s no inconvenience at all! We think you’ll love this charger!
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iEGrow Battery Charger

The iEGrow Charger is the best deep cycle battery charger on our list! It comes in a four-bay version as well, though the 2-bay version is just as amazing. This thing can detect when the batteries inserted into it aren’t rechargeable, and it will stop working immediately. That’s really useful as it prevents damage to the batteries or the unit. The high output shortens charging times astronomically, which makes your busy life that much easier. No need to wait for the batteries to get done any longer. Some other chargers require you to have all the bays filled for the charger to work, but this isn’t the case here – this charger can and will recharge a single battery with no problem. It’s got a built-in surge protector, to keep the batteries and the unit safe in the event of a power outage. Along with the shut-off timer and automatic shut-off functions, these functions make this charger pretty awesome!
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Golisi S4 2.0A Smart Charger

This 4 bay 18650 battery charger by Golisi performs so well, you’ll want more than one! The LCD display is huge and uses a lot of parameters (type, voltage, time, percentage, and capacity among them) to show you how your batteries are doing. It works for a huge range of cells, as long as they are lithium ion or NI-md/Ni-cd batteries. It’s super functional and will work for all of your rechargeables. It automatically adjusts the current and voltage depending on the type of battery in the bay. Each of these bays is operated independently so you can charge four different types of batteries at the same time with no fuss. In fact, this charger comes with a wall adapter so you won’t have to buy an additional one. We love that! It also cuts voltage off at the end of the charge, and timeouts after a certain period to protect all of your different batteries from overcharging!
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Sando Smart Charger

Sando’s Smart Charger is a classy, useful device that you’ll want to have in your home or office! It charges via USB, so you can plug it into any USB port to charge it – including a car adapter, computer, or power bank. The high definition display is one of the best things about this adaptor – it’s huge, and simply displays the charging capacity of the batteries in each bay. You won’t have to squint to see this display – you can see it from across the room! It has an overheating protection feature that won’t let it get too hot after continuous use. All of the metal cathodes and other machinery parts are made of stainless steel, so they are durable and won’t bend or break. It accepts worldwide voltage, so take it overseas! The outside of the device is a matte black that is stylish and attractive. This is simply one of the best 18650 battery chargers available!
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Sunflower Rich Battery Charger

The Sunflower Rich charger comes with both a wall plug and a car adapter. It’s got four large bays and can charge a wide range of different battery types in addition to the normal ones. It’s compact enough to use indoors or outdoors, with both available plugs. We love the versatility of this device and all the different applications! Like most chargers, you can use four different batteries at the same time, and they will all charge. It automatically detects the type of batter, what type of voltage and current to use, and displays all of this information on the LCD screen. It’s a highly detailed explanation of how your batteries are charging. After all, bays are fully charged, this device simply shuts off to save your power bill. It charges really fast, as well! This device has made its way onto our list as a 18650 best battery charger for those types of batteries – and many, many others.
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