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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best 4 Channel Amp

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How to Choose the Best 4 Channel Amp

If you’re looking for a way to crank up the sound system that came with your car or if you’re in the process of building a whole new one, chances are you’re in the market for the best 4 channel amp around. We researched some of the best-selling and most talked about products to find you the ones that stand out well above the rest. Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at some of the key features you need to be familiar with when shopping for a 4 channel amp.

Best 4 Channel Amp

Watts: Basically, wattage is power. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re using an amp that has over 1000 watts, you should consider a second or more powerful battery. Also, we used the maximum wattage in our reviews.

Best 4 Channel Amp

Adjustable Equalizer: Equalizers filter different frequencies and, while most 4 channel amps have them, they’re usually automatic. We did find a few that are adjustable. These will give you extra control that can tweak the system to boost the acoustics of your car.

How to Choose the Best 4 Channel Amp

Ohms: Bear with us as we get technical for a second. Ohms measure electrical resistance. Most of the amps we picked are rated at 4 ohms when all available channels are used. That’s the number we used in our round up.

Best 4 Channel Amp

Backlit: Some amps are lit behind the logo and produce a really cool visual effect depending on where you mount them. This doesn’t really do anything to improve the sound quality, but it does look really freaking awesome.

Best 4 Channel Amp

Remote Control: This isn’t necessarily the remote control you’re thinking of. Some amps come with a remote turn-on lead connection, some don’t. There are ways around this in the long run but it makes it easier if one is included.

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Dimensions: There is nowhere that an amp’s dimensions are more important than if you’re trying to install it into a small space. This is important when it comes time to figure out how to install 4 channel amplifier.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know the things that make a 4 channel amp great, let’s get right into our reviews. Here’s the deal: we listed our top pick and our you’ll see the rest of our picks. If you’re looking for the best car amplifier 4 channel options, you’ll find them here! All right, let’s get right to it.

Rockford R300X4 Prime 4-Channel

Top Pick
Our best pick also happens to be in the running for smallest 4 channel car amp, too. But don’t worry, it’s more than capable of helping you rock out even harder. Speaker-level inputs make it easy to install and versatile enough to fit most models, even stereos that come straight from the factory. Another plus? It’s designed to last. Why do we say that? The chassis is made of cast aluminum to draw the heat away from the components on the inside. Plus, there are sensors to monitor temperature and output of the power supply. This lessens the chance of damaging the speakers and anything short-circuiting. This amp is so versatile, it can run your entire stereo system thanks to separate front and rear controls.
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Pyle PLMRA400 400-Watt

Budget Pick
Looking for the Best 4 channel amp for sound quality that you can use on your car or your boat? Well, here it is! This amp from Pyle is made from marine grade material and is waterproof, reliable, and efficient. That’s not all. It has impressive built-in protections for the internal electronic components, like overload, thermal, fuse, and short-circuit protections. Plus, the aluminum alloy heatsink absorbs heat in high temperatures to handle anything before it becomes a real problem. This amp can also take both high and low-level inputs making it compatible with a lot of different systems. One of the great things included with this one is a remote turn on/off feature. Simply wire it into your receiver and you’re good to go.
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Planet Audio AC1200.4

The Planet Audio AC1200.4 is one of the best 4 channel car amplifiers. It has a lot of power. In fact, you can power your speakers, subwoofers, or both! Between the high and low-level inputs, this amp can be used with additional amps and processors, whether they’re aftermarket or factory standard. Plus, you get a lot of customization over the sound. A variable low pass crossover lets you control the subwoofer while the fixed high pass crossover allows you to filter frequencies in the full range speakers. Check this out. If you want more bass, just adjust the bass boost until it’s just how you like it. Bridge the channels for even more fine tuning. Why does it sound do good? Because of the internal circuitry. It provides efficient power output while reducing distortion.
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Alpine MRV-F300

Alpine has a new line of products that include this MRV-F300 amp which operate with amazing efficiency. What exactly does that mean for you? You’ll get 80% more efficiency without draining your battery, providing you a clean sound without sucking a lot of power. This one is also in the mix for the smallest 4 channel amplifier with a 40% smaller footprint than some competitors. In other words, if you’re limited by space, this is a great choice for you. It’s also easy to install because it can connect to any head unit and the flush mount controls make it easy to put anywhere. And you don’t need any tools to snap on the terminal covers! One more thing, the temperature is well controlled because the high efficiency design produces heat that is gradually absorbed.
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Crunch PX1000.4

This Crunch PX1000.4 is one of our picks for best sound quality. Why? It uses a low voltage signal that minimizes any distortion. They also use high-quality RCA parts that reduce any sound interference. But that doesn’t mean this amp is incompatible with non-RCA systems! In fact, you can get high-quality sound even with aftermarket systems. There’s also an electronic equalizer to fine tune the frequencies to the speakers and subwoofers. This amp also manages to produce the quality sound that it does while also using power very efficiently. Temperature is controlled by the aluminum heat sink to pull out the heat and keep the system running cool. Oh, and the terminals are made of nickel plated brass for connections that are secure and won’t rust.
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Pioneer GM-D8604

Pioneer has a great 4 channel amp for mids and highs with their compact and ultra-efficient GM series; specifically, the DM8604 that we’re recommending is amazing. They’re ideal for installation in tight spaces and, of course, they don’t fall short on performance. This amp also gives you the ability to connect multiple subwoofers to the system thanks to Pioneer’s “Protection Control Systems.” So, what do the “Protection Control Systems” do? The simple explanation is that the temperature is carefully and automatically moderated to keep the insides stable which lowers any risks from higher input power. It’s also adjustable from 40 - 500 Hz. One more thing. If you don’t have a Pioneer head unit, no worries. This amp was designed with speaker level inputs so you can connect most units to it without having to worry about adaptors.
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Hifonics ZRX1016.4

Another option for a good 4 channel amp is the Hifonics ZRX1016.4. It’s great for mids and reasonably priced. We also have to mention that it looks pretty cool with the illuminated logo but that’s not the reason it made the list. Well, it’s not the only reason. It also has a lot of excellent features. The heatsink is designed for fast and effective heat distribution. Because it has speaker-level inputs, you can use this one with just about any system including factory installed or aftermarket installs. It comes with automatic DC, short circuit, thermal, and overload protection so you can worry about technical problems less. Of course, that just gives you more time to listen to your favorite tunes. With this amp, they’ll sound better than ever before.
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Kenwood 22154656

The Kenwood 22154656 is our pick for best 4 channel amp for door speakers. Why? Because not only does it have amazing sound, but also a compact design that lets you easily install it into smaller, tighter spaces. Some car models these days are pretty sporty and compact. You can have a hard time finding an amp that fits. Being able to fit this amp into tight spaces makes it much more versatile. This amp also has a coated circuit board. This gives it extra protection from any water or damp air. Why is that a cool feature? It’s not just the best amp for door speakers. You can also use this one on vehicles where it’s going to be a little more exposed to the elements - like boats, ATVS, or motorcycles.
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Rockford Fosgate R400-4D

For a lot of power in a small space, Rockford Fosgate’s R400-4D plays your music loud and clear while remaining reliable and compact. For an amp of its small size, you get a lot of output. There’s a bit of versatility with this one, too. Use it for your front speakers and rear subwoofers or bridge to 2 channel mode to use with your subs. Rockford Fosgate has a special POWER system - that’s Power Output Without Excessive Regulation - that means it lets you tune your system fast because the equipment responds quickly. It’s well laid out with ideal placement of hookups, dials, and switches. There’s also a special bass boost so you can get your jams sounding just right. Temperature regulation is effective so you don’t have to worry about the system overheating.
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Rockville dB45 3200 Watt

This amp from Rockville is loaded with so many awesome features that we had to include it on our list. First of all, it packs a whopping 3200 peak watts, which happens at the most intense parts of your favorite songs. It has a remote control for volume plus a fully adjustable bass equalizer for amazing control. Plus, your music plays distortion free because of the protected circuitry. There’s also high and low pass filters so you can use it for speakers or subs. That’s not all. In addition to sounding awesome, they’re also really efficient. They were designed using technology that Rockville’s engineer chose and, according to them, are the best sounding amps Rockville ever created. We don’t know for sure if we’d go that far, but they’re certainly in the running.
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