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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best 6x8” Speakers

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quadcopter reviewsBest 6x8” Speakers

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How to Choose the Best 6x8" Speaker

Although cars have gotten more comfortable and safer over time, the factory audio systems still aren’t much to write home about. You’ll be singing along with a lot more energy when you replace your old speakers for a pair of awesome replacements! We’ve researched some of the best 6x8’’ car speakers out there for our 6x8" speaker reviews to help you find the best replacement for your factory OEM speakers! First, take a look at these specs to consider when you’re shopping for an auto audio upgrade.

Best 6x8” Speakers

RMS Watts: Peak power is impressive, but RMS power handling tells you the speaker’s average power needs.

Best 6x8” Speakers

Pieces: How many pieces are included? Most coaxial systems include two speakers for installing on both sides of a car.

How to Choose the Best 6x8" Speaker

Frequency: We included the lowest end of the speaker’s frequency range to help bass lovers find the perfect option!

Best 6x8” Speakers

Design: Two-way designs use a woofer and tweeter, while three and up may add a super tweeter, midrange, and more.

Best 6x8” Speakers

Mounting Depth: One of the main issues with car speaker installations is if the speaker mounting depth works with your car door.

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Type: Coaxial speaker systems are easy to install and are usually cheaper than component speaker systems.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s dig into the reviews! The top pick and budget pick are must-reads if you’re in a hurry, but take a look at our full list of reviews to get the full effect. No matter your budget or your audio knowledge, there’s something for everyone. From a quick speaker replacement to a total audio overhaul, we’ve got you covered!

Alpine SPR-68 Speakers

Top Pick
Our overall top pick for the best 6 by 8" car speakers also comes with an amazing bass response and smooth highs. Whether you want to crank up the volume with an outboard amp or use them with your car stereo, the SPR-68 speakers from Alpine’s Type-R series stand out among the competition. The multi-layer hybrid fiber woofer helps provide a strong bass response, while the ridged Santoprene rubber surround pushes a lot of air through consistent, extended cone movement. The 1’’ silk dome tweeter uses a ring-dome design for smooth highs without shrillness and can be swiveled to help get the perfect sound based on your seating position. These top rated 6x8" car speakers pack a ton of durability and power into a 6x8’’ package. You can crank it up without losing out on detail and performance. But if you’re not convinced these Alpine speakers are for you, keep reading! There’s more to come!
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Rockford Fosgate P1683

Budget Pick
Our favorite option in our 6x8" speaker review for people on a budget is the Rockford Fosgate P1683 6x8’’ speaker. The three-way design incorporates a ½’’ super tweeter with a ¾’’ PEI dome tweeter and mineral-filled polypropylene woofer. The durable design results in a highly responsive and clear, powerful sound even at high volumes! The Rockford Fosgate VAST technique provides greater cone area in the same overall 6x8’’ size for the fuller sound and stronger performance of a larger speaker. Kick your factory speakers to the curb--these speakers from the Punch series can work with a factory radio or aftermarket stereo, no other replacement pieces required! They have 130W peak power handling to give you the performance you deserve. A three-way speaker design gives you improved frequency coverage without the complex installation and higher price of component systems. It’s the best of both worlds, from the powerful bass to the clear highs!
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Pyle PL683BL Speakers

One of the few 6x8’’ car speakers to come with grilles, these speakers from Pyle Audio are extra eye-catching thanks to the blue poly injection woofer cone. The PL683BL three-way speakers combine a woofer, midrange, and tweeter for a rich, detailed sound experience. The non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround contains the woofer with a 1’’ high-temperature ASV voice coil, a 1’’ neodymium film dome midrange, and ¾’’ Piezo tweeter. If you’re looking for a great value without sacrificing performance, these durable speakers are a great choice! The shallow mounting depth helps make them compatible with a wider range of vehicles. Combine with a small amp and subwoofer setup to boost the bass power! Or keep it simple if a totally new system isn’t in your interests or your budget. Overall, they’re some of the best 6x8" car speakers with a low price that will make you wish you’d replaced your factory speakers sooner!
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Pioneer TS-G6845R Speakers

The Pioneer TS-G6845R speakers can go the distance! The durable design includes an expansive voice coil for improved heat dissipation to help your speaker keep up with high demands easily. The poly woofer cone design helps the mid-bass range really shine, while the hypersensitive diaphragm and flanged frame of the domed tweeter help you catch every detail of the higher frequencies. These Pioneer car door speakers are definitely among the best 6x8" speaker options for long-lasting performance at a great price. Plus, the shallow mounting depth makes them easy to install in a range of vehicles. If you want to a simple way to improve your car’s audio performance, replacing the factory speakers with this Pioneer set is easy to do and easy on the budget! Leave distortion behind and find out what you’ve been missing. The high power handling and deeper bass provided by the conex damper is perfect for bass-heavy music!
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Enrock Kicker Car Speaker

Get everything you need in one awesome package with the Enrock kicker speaker kit! It comes with a speaker adapter for types of Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, or Mercury vehicles and speaker wire harnesses to connect directly to your car’s factory connectors. The bundle also comes with 50 feet of 16-gauge Enrock speaker wire. You’ll get four speakers in total or two pairs of the Kicker CS684 speaker systems. These high-quality speakers can be used with factory radios or aftermarket stereos, but they’ll really shine with an amp! They can hold up to high heat thanks to the Extended Voice Coil technology and durable design. Each speaker has a ½’’ PEI balanced dome tweeter and poly cone in a ribbed UV-treated foam surround. Turn up the bass, kick back, and relax. If you’re looking for a kit that makes car speaker installation easy to DIY, this two-set combo is a great choice for a wide range of vehicles!
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JBL GTO8629 Speakers

Able to fit 5x7’’ and 6x8’’ designs, the JBL GTO8629 speakers are a top rated pick for 6x8" speakers with good bass. First of all, check out that low-end frequency range of 49 Hz! Combine that with the Plus One carbon-injected woofer cone to provide more area and amazing low-frequency response and a long-lasting carbon-composite non-magnetic frame, and you’ll always want to have your volume cranked up! The speakers RMS wattage makes them compatible with most head units or factory amplifiers, but it can also work with more extensive systems. The JBL I-Mount system lets you adjust the tweeters during installation for the perfect result. If you’re looking for top-rated coaxial car speakers, anything from JBL is hard to beat! The flexible installation design and ability to handle low frequencies and high excursion make these speakers a durable and versatile option for your car.
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Cerwin Vega V468 Speakers

The Cerwin-Vega V468 are some of the best 6x8" speakers for bass thanks to the low-resonant deep drawn composite basket and curvilinear cone design. The cone design amps up the mid-bass and improves off-axis performance for a distortion-free result that feels like a live concert! Plus, your friends will know you’ve upgraded your speakers before they hear the difference thanks to Cerwin Vega’s signature red surround. Durability is another big bonus with these speakers. The woofer cone is made from mica filled poly and is combined with a 1’’ aluminum dome tweeter. Despite the low RMS watts, the speakers have peak power handling of 400W! The low frequency response combined with the distortion-minimizing design make these speakers a great choice for bass-heavy music. They have a slightly deeper-than-average mounting depth of 2.85’’, so double-check that your car door speaker opening has the room for it!
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Infinity REF8622CFX Speakers

Are you looking for 6x8" car speakers with good bass that don’t require a total overload of your car’s factory audio system? This option from the Infinity Reference Series can work with a factory radio or aftermarket stereo with or without an external amplifier. If you just want new speakers or want to upgrade your car audio in stages rather than all at once, the REF-8622CFX speakers are a great option! They also have a low 49 Hz frequency response with a polypropylene woofer cone and hi-roll rubber surround to handle deep, loud bass beats. The Plus One+ style woofer increases effective radiating cone area without changing the overall shape of the speaker. The system also uses True Four Ohm Impedance technology: the speaker has a three-ohm impedance that combines with the speaker wire’s impedance to produce a four-ohm load. The relatively shallow mounting depth makes them almost universally compatible. Improve overall sound quality from your factory radio and stereo or combine with a subwoofer for extra bass volume!
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Kenwood KFC-C6895PS Speakers

When you want a speaker system that really brings out the mids and highs for your favorite guitar riff or drumline, a three-way car speaker system is a must. These speakers from Kenwood’s Performance Series are some of the best 6x8" speakers for rocking out. Their coaxial design makes them easy to install, with a woofer, tweeter, and super tweeter all built in together in each speaker. Their power handling peaks at 360W, so it can handle just about anything you throw at it! The frequency response ranges from 63 to 20,000 Hz with an Acoustic Sound Harmonizer to improve the response in the 3000 to 4000 Hz range for a smooth transition between tweeter and super tweeter. The focus on mids and higher frequencies makes these speakers a good option for rock ‘n roll and acoustic sound. Plus, they’re durable and responsive with a rubber surround and water-resistant paper woofer cone.
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JVC CS-DR6820 Speakers

The JVC CS-DR7820 speakers from the DR series are a solid pair of two-way coaxial speakers with a lightweight design. Do you want to upgrade your car’s speakers without also installing a new head unit or amp? You can power these speakers with your factory radio setup and still get a noticeable improvement in sound quality. The speakers offer up to 600W peak power handling with 60W RMS. The hybrid rubberized cloth surround provides durability while remaining lightweight, while the carbon mica woofer and 1’’ PEI balanced dome tweeter provide amazing clarity and range from 65 up to 25,400 Hz. The only downside? No grilles included. But overall this system is a great choice for the best 6x8" door speakers that are easy to install with a factory radio. That makes them budget-friendly and perfect for a basic upgrade!
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