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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Ab Workout Machines

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How to Choose a Great Ab Workout Machine

All right, you’re here for one thing: To find the best ab workout machine for your body! No problem, we’ve done all the research for you! Before you jump to the reviews, check out what to look for when shopping. There are six items that you should know when comparing products. Each one is shown again below for the top 10 ab workout machines.

Best Ab Workout Machines

Type: Rollers, rockers, twisters, and benches all serve different purposes. Rollers are small and easy to store. Rockers allow you to work different muscle groups for an overall stronger core. Benches make each exercise more challenging. Twisters are lower impact.

Best Ab Workout Machines

Portable: Can you take your ab workout with you? It’s easier to pack something small than to carry an enormous machine. Don't skip your workouts just because you're away for business or on vacation. A portable ab exercise machine goes where you go.

How to Choose a Great Ab Workout Machine

Fully Assembled: If you're good with your hands, we salute you (but you may still prefer convenience). A preassembled home ab machine means it is ready to go the moment it hits your doorstep. Don’t wonder whether you have the right size screwdriver.

Best Ab Workout Machines

Size: The function of the machine determines its size. A small roller will be easy to find space for in any home. A bench can require its own corner of a room. On the other hand, larger machines give you more options for a larger variety of exercises.

Best Ab Workout Machines

Weight: We like a home ab workout machine that doesn’t require a workout to pull it out of the closet. Lighter is less intimidating. But here's the kicker: a heavier home ab machine will give you way more stability. The choice is yours – both get the job done!

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Warranty:Here's the deal: you want this machine to last. So making sure that it's strong enough to withstand years of use is a big deal. Always make sure you get a solid warranty with your purchase, in case of any issues.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for to find the best machine for your fitness level and lifestyle, saving money on a gym membership is a breeze. Are you in a hurry for a home ab workout machine to improve core strength? Check out our top pick and budget pick. Want to know the best part? There is ab exercise equipment for home use that fits every budget and fitness level. Let’s go!

Wonder Core Smart Fitness

Top Pick
We adore this home ab machine. It has adjustable tension to change the support it gives you. So no matter whether you've been doing ab workouts for years or you're just starting, it will help you do proper sit-ups. It gets better! It's also designed to help you strengthen your legs and arms. This machine does it all. It's light, compact, and shockingly sturdy. Want to know the best part? It's designed to be comfortable! The non-stick padding is gentle on your back and thighs. It’s an ab machine that helps you get gym results without taking up the entire garage. Wonder Core also throws in easy instructions and a DVD to help you get started. It gets crazier, where most companies offer the standard one-year warranty, they offer three years. We love it! It’s like they want you to use the product. In fact, the instructions walk you through sit-ups, pushups, bridges, scissor kicks, forearm exercises, ab tucks, bicycling, and triceps, and bicep exercises. Try it!
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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Budget Pick
This little roller is an amazing home ab workout machine that gets the job done and saves you money. The roller itself super wide which means you get extra support when rolling straight forward or carving side to side. Here's the best part, instead of rolling pin style handles, they use ergonomically angled handles. You can roll until your abs give up with minimal wrist strain. The hard rubber exterior protects your floors at the same time it prevents the wheel from slipping. If you're looking for a budget option to get started, this is the ultimate pick. You can start working out with just a few minutes a day during TV commercial breaks. Just keep the included knee mat handy to reduce the impact on your joints. One last thing, the spring on the inside adds resistance to your ab workouts. It’s more difficult to push out and assists you rolling back in. Did we mention they throw in a fantastic, 3-week workout plan?
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Feierdun Sit up Ab Bench

If you have some extra space and are going for that home gym, this is some of the best exercise equipment for abs available. The decline extends the range of motion for sit-ups, meaning you work harder. The harder you work, the more efficient your workout. Here's the crazy part, it folds down for storage. Put it away under the bed or in the closet on your rest days. It gets even better: this bench can support up to 550 pounds! That's crazy for something you can fold down. Did we mention that after months of sweating on the leather cover, you can take it off to clean it? We love that the handles allow for different core workouts on one machine. The curve of the bench is also a big plus in our books. You can stretch your back along it which feels fantastic after sitting in an office chair all day.
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Fitnessery Ab Wheel Roller

We love how wallet-friendly this ab wheel is. It's light. It's durable. Plus it comes apart to easily take with you. The foam grips take the pressure off your hands. We’ve had reports that 20+ reps in, there still isn’t hand or wrist pain. We can't say the same about ab soreness. Calories were burned. The tricky part, we discovered, is the narrow wheel. But here’s the thing, it's a perk in disguise. Now you might be wondering, why is something that makes it harder for a newbie better? It forces you to use the small stabilizer muscles. You don't just tone your abs. All the tiny muscle groups that support your abs get their share of the workout too. No slacking off for all the little muscle groups with this ab exercise machine! And check this out, you even get two eBooks (one with ab exercises & one nutrition) plus a knee pad thrown in for free!
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Goplus Power Abdominal Trainer

This ab trainer is for you if you worry about safety or tweaking a muscle. (You know that feeling when you lift an object, and something pops?) This glider system helps keep all your muscles aligned while working out. It's a fast workout too. The glider works by supporting yourself on the upper arm pads and holding onto the handles. Then you bring your legs up to your chest. Think reverse crunches. Your core will thank you after a few weeks on this thing. This might be the best at home ab workout if you don’t have much time to spend on exercise. The rep counter keeps track of how you're doing so you can't cheat and skip a rep or two. They have adjustable difficulty settings. So every person in your household can challenge themselves on this home ab workout machine. It gets better. You can fold it flat to slip under a bed or next to the refrigerator.
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Forged Premium Ab Wheel

Stable. Great on carpet. Easy turning. These are just some of the ravings our research team expressed about this ab wheel. The two wheels are fantastic for beginners to ab wheels. You don't have to worry about having the muscles to balance yet. The two wheels keep you from tipping over. At the same time, they're narrow enough to challenge most anyone. It gets better, the steel axle feels sturdy. It’s surprising considering how light the wheel is. We are also fans of the bright green. A transition away from blacks and reds of most workout gear. One of the best (and most reassuring) things is that it comes pre-assembled, unlike many other ab wheels. You have no excuses not to get those super-cut obliques! Bodystrong offers a 60-day money back guarantee which our team found reassuring. Is it too difficult or do you struggle with the roller style of ab workout? Send it back and see if a rocker works better.
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Goplus Abdominal Twister Trainer

If a chair workout is more your style, this is the ab rocker for you. The foam rollers and padding make your workout comfortable so your abs can take all the strain. If one level gets too easy, switch to one of the other 2 settings (3 total) to increase the difficulty. In fact, if you get bored with the back resistance, you can twist on the seat. So, what are we talking about with twisting? Your hips go one way and your shoulders another. It doesn’t sound hard, but try it for an entire episode of whatever you’re currently bingeing. It’s exhausting. It gets better though, twisting and stretching your muscles and is super low-impact. Not sure you’re up for an ab wheel or a bench? This is your launch point. Think about it: if you’ve been skipping workouts for a while, jumping straight into a marathon is dangerous. We were surprised by how starting off gently can build motivation.
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Sweet Sweat Portable Ab Roller

Want the best of both ab roller worlds, stability and carving? This home ab machine is for you. With the wheel at just over two inches, it provides extra stability for newcomers. With a slight curve on the wheel, you can easily carve side-to-side and hit those obliques. (Think of the outside edge of a mountain bike tire.) You can take your workout with you by just sliding the handle out. Ta-da! Easily transportable exercise equipment for abs home use! It gets better: the included knee pad is amazingly comfortable. One last thing, the instruction book for using the roller is fantastic. The pictures show you exactly how to do the ab workouts. The text under the pictures gives foolproof instructions. Seriously, start off slow with this one. It’ll tire you out even with the wide wheel to help you keep your balance.
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Twist & Shape Abs Trainer

We were a little skeptical of an ab machine that uses a twisting motion, at first. The crazy thing is that you get tired. Really tired. Who knew? This machine is amazingly low-impact. Now we aren't doctors. Always ask your doctor before using new exercise equipment. But we can see how people who could benefit from low impact machines could benefit from the Twist & Shape. The low intensity and low impact made it fun. Because it’s fun, we think this might be the best exercise equipment for abs that doesn’t involve intimidating gym equipment. You can get your twist on in front of the TV or while watching the grass grow. The weird thing is, even if you choose to watch the grass grow while using this, you will probably still be having a good time twisting six months down the road. We also highly recommend playing that oldies song about twisting and shouting while you work out. It’ll be hilarious.
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LIKEE Ab Roller Wheel

This ultra-wide ab wheel has fantastic balance. The rubber wheel and steel frame allow this ab roller to hold up to 600 lbs. That makes this ab wheel one of the sturdiest we’ve seen. So almost anyone can use it. Even better, the rubber helps prevent damage to flooring. One of the only things we like better than durable is a lifetime warranty. Who even offers that anymore? LIKEE does. They send you kneepads too! What’s the secret to this wheel? It’s wide, and it’s sloped. You can easily work your obliques by gently leaning left or right to go that direction. The extra wide wheel means you will be much more stable carving different directions. Think about it. Those narrow wheels mean if you lose balance and lean too hard, you’ll tip (hopefully onto something soft.) Hardcore gym rats might want something that is more difficult to control. But we believe contenders for the best ab workout machine should accommodate every fitness level.
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