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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Air Compressors for Painting

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quadcopter reviewsBest Air Compressors for Painting

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How to Choose the Best Air Compressor for Painting

You have a big job ahead of you and manual painting is going to take too much time, so you’re looking for the best air compressor for painting. You’ve come to the right place because our experts researched and reviewed more than twenty models to create a top ten list of air compressors. We did all the investigating and rounded up all the details, so you don’t have to. Before you start shopping, check out the specifications below. Each one is an important aspect that will help you complete your project.

Best Air Compressors for Painting

Power: Small, but mighty, the force behind air compressors is measured in horsepower. Check this spec to determine how much horsepower each model utilizes, while running.

Best Air Compressors for Painting

Pieces: Some compressors come as one solid unit, while others are equipped with separate pieces. This spec outlines how many nozzle options come with each model.

How to Choose the Best Air Compressor for Painting

Hose Length: The right hose length for you depends on the scope of your project. We’ve recorded how long each hose is. If the compressor doesn’t come with a hose, this spec will say N/A.

Best Air Compressors for Painting

Tank Capacity: You’ll need to know the tank capacity for each model. We’ve broken the answer down to gallons. Just check this spec.

Best Air Compressors for Painting

Max PSI: PSI stands for pounds per square inch. A high output air compressor will be able to cover a lot of space in a little time. Check this spec for the PSI details for each option.

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Weight: The weight of each model is important to keep in mind, especially if you plan on transporting the air compressor or holding it during use. We’ve recorded the weight here.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, while shopping, you’re ready to check out our air compressor buying guide! Every product on the list has been carefully selected as a quality option, so feel free to shop around and pick the one that most suits your needs. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first. Let’s get started!

BOSTITCH 1512 Compressor

Top Pick
Paint your car, fill the tires, blow up inflatables, and more, with the BOSTITCH, a high output compressor that delivers 2.8 CFM at 90 pounds per square inch, with 150 maximum pounds per square inch. Your projects will go by quickly and smoothly, thanks to the power behind this model. The 1.5 horsepower motor starts up with 12 amps and won’t trip your circuit breaker or skyrocket your electric bill. A convenient power cord plugs right in for easy, safe start-up. The control panel features a simple LED on and off switch that lets you know when the compressor is running, to help avoid low-pressure misfires. Dials on the front panel gauge pressure for easy reading. Even better, the front panel features a roll cage that protects the gauges from damage. Whatever the job may be, our top pick has all the features to get it done quickly and efficiently, making it our pick for the best air compressor for painting cars. At 23.5 pounds, it’s portable and easy to carry, too, so you can bring it with you wherever you need it!
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Master Airbrush Compressor

Budget Pick
Our budget pick really gives you your money’s worth and then some! The Master Airbrush kit comes with a TC-20 air compressor with an air filter and pressure regulator, a six-foot nylon braided hose, a G22 multi-airbrush with a 0.3mm tip, and a gravity feed airbrush. The How-To guide offers a user-friendly lesson and troubleshooting tips, making it an excellent starter kit for beginners! Lightweight at only eight pounds, this air compressor is ultra portable! And the single piston motor is quiet and discreet. It’s perfect for anyone living in an apartment or with a small job to complete. Boasting excellent air compressor reviews, it’s clear you can use this to paint model cars and planes, touch up small areas, or even apply airbrush makeup! Equipped with an automatic shut off function, it comes with thermal protection, so you don’t need to worry about overheating or wasted power. If you’re looking for a great option that won’t break the bank, you found it!
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Campbell Hausfeld Compressor

Our next pick, the Campbell, is the perfect workhorse for all of your air compression needs! Ideal for painting, stapling, nail guns, and inflation, this air compressor delivers 110 PSI from a three gallon tank, making it a great companion to help you finish your projects like a professional! If you’re looking for an air compressor for spray painting cars, this model fits the bill. The consistent flow and easy-to-read gauges help you accurately judge how much pressure is needed, so each job is done with precision. A 25-foot hose provides an optimal amount of lead, so you have the capability to move around freely and target a larger area without having to move the unit. At just 21 pounds, it isn’t difficult to bring the Campbell with you on your adventures or move it around your project space, but the hose is an added convenience that makes life even easier. The ten-piece kit also features a blow gun, air chuck, inflation needles and fittings, and more.
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Makita Compact Compressor

Designed for professionals, but also perfect for use around the house, the Makita is a powerful air compressor that uses a 1/6 maximum horsepower induction motor to generate up to 125 pounds per square inch! Easily complete finish work, fill inflatables, or finish tricky jobs. A great air compressor for painting cars, the lightweight design at only 23 pounds allows for increased portability. You’ll be able to maneuver quickly, by easily transporting the compressor from spot to spot. Sturdy and durable, making it a great choice for outdoor jobs, the Makita is also ideal for indoor use, thanks to its quiet operation. The roll cage design protects the pump and motor, so the risk of damage to the unit is low. And this unit won’t trip your breaker at start-up, thanks to the low AMP. When you’re ready to paint like a pro, the Makita has all the features you need to get the job done well!
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PowRyte Basic Compressor

Fill tires, paint, and more with the PowRyte. This simple air compressor helps you finish projects quickly and easily, thanks to its three gallon tank backed by up to 100 pounds per square inch of power. Oil-free, this compressor runs on electricity and is equipped with thermal overload protection, so you can feel safe, knowing the unit will not overheat. Portable, light, and shaped like a “hot dog,” it’s perfect for home renovations. At just over 18 pounds, it’s easy to move around your project space via the convenient carrying handle. The quick-connect coupler lets you attach your hose of choice and the easy-to-read gauges help you keep track of your output. Even better, a fully adjustable locking regulator lets you retain pressure output. The motor is fully enclosed, cutting down on the chances of damage during use or when in storage. If you’re looking for a light, simple, and effective air compressor for projects around the home, this affordable model is the perfect pick!
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Freeman Mini Air Compressor

The Freeman is an affordable mini air compressor that is perfect for travel or jobs around the home. Spray, inflate, paint, or airbrush with this classic model, featuring piston framework for continuous air flow. An air regulator provides better air control and an easy-to-read pressure gauge help you stay on top of the output, while a moisture filter works to keep everything dry. Equipped with a convenient carrying handle and rubber feet that reduce compression vibrations, this unit is quiet, making it ideal for those who live in apartment buildings or want to be able to have a conversation during use. At just over eight pounds, you can easily bring it with you to help a friend, too. The electric cord reaches more than five feet, so if you have an outlet, you have compressed air wherever you are! If you’re in the market for a small air compressor for painting, and you appreciate quiet design, the Freeman delivers what you’re looking for at an affordable price.
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PointZero Airbrush Kit

Decorate cakes or paint your car, but don’t do both with the same nozzle! The PointZero comes equipped with three separate airbrush guns and a tutorial DVD, so you’ll learn the basics of any airbrush project and be able to complete a variety of tasks, thanks to the range of spray guns included. Complete with a six-foot hose, this air compressor delivers consistent air pressure for precise results. Better yet, it features quiet operation, so you won’t wake the neighbors during late night projects! It comes with a premium internal-mix gravity-feed with a 7cc color cup and a pre-installed 0.3mm nozzle. Also included: a fine-detail 0.2mm nozzle and a broad-coverage external-mix airbrush with a 22cc siphon feed jar and a 0.8mm head. You’ll be equipped with the right specifications for nearly any airbrush job, thanks to the versatility of this model! When it comes to the best air compressor for spray painting, the PointZero takes the cake, wall, trim, and car!
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Badger Air Brush Compressor

Sturdy, quiet, and lightweight at just twenty pounds, the Badger air compressor delivers professional results, bringing home renovations to a new level. Backed by ? horsepower and up to 57 PSI, you’ll be painting, filling inflatables, and performing other projects quickly and efficiently.The automatic shut-off feature, adjustable air regulator, and pressure gauge make it simple to control and maneuver this model. Its maintenance-free design means you’re able to focus on the scope of the project or renovation, rather than cleaning or refueling. It runs on electricity and is equipped with thermal protection overload. Backed by a one year warranty and rave reviews, we think the Badger is a top contender for the best air compressor for painting and professional-grade home projects. A sturdy metal outer case protects it from damage and its light design and carrying handle let you move it around with ease. If you’re looking for something that will last and can handle heavy output, you found it!
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Master Airbrush Model TC-848

A four-cylinder piston motor air compressor with ¼ horsepower behind it, the Master Airbrush is an excellent choice for hobbyists and renovators alike. At just over 21 pounds, the design is portable and includes a convenient carrying handle, so you can bring it with you or easily transport it from place to place to get at different angles. A true diaphragm regulator with a gauge and water trap filter provide precise, dry, and smooth airflow with zero pulse. The tank is equipped with an automatic turn-off at 60 PSI, resulting in less heat-related moisture and longer compressor life. So, if you’re looking for a long-term investment with all the perks of a professional air compressor, then the Master Airbrush may be the right pick for you. The four-cylinder piston motor allows enough airflow for multiple airbrushes. That amount of power is perfect for anyone seeking an air compressor for auto painting. Get your projects done quickly and effectively with the Master, a model lives up to its name!
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ZENY Airbrush Compressor Kit

The ZENY is a multi-purpose gravity feed dual-action air compressor. It comes with a 0.3mm multi-purpose airbrush with a ?-ounce fluid cup. An air filter and pressure regulator keep this model running smoothly. The easy-to-read gauge lets you stay in complete control of the output, making this model user-friendly and perfect for beginners. Did we mention how cheap it is? Affordable and versatile, you can use the ZENY to apply designs to nails, give temporary tattoos, decorate cakes, retouch photos, and paint models. It’s also ideal for small home projects, such as touching up trim. Weighing less than ten pounds and equipped with an easy-carry handle, you’ll find this model portable and simple to work with. Complete with a nozzle wrench and six-foot hose, you’ll get everything you need for successful airbrushing (except your paint or material of choice) in this kit, making it an excellent portable air compressor for painting!
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