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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Airbrush Compressors

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How to Choose the Best Airbrush Compressor

Airbrushing is a surprisingly versatile art form. You can use it to do everything from painting elaborate designs on your car to making delicate designs on decorated cakes. But to get the best results, you should use the best airbrush compressors. We researched some of the best-selling products to put together these airbrush compressor reviews to help you find the right one for you. Before we get started, let’s look at some of the important features you should know before shopping.

Best Airbrush Compressors

Power: Believe it or not, the power of these compressors are measured in horsepower. They range slightly from ? to ?. Make sure you choose one that has enough power to do the jobs you have planned.

Best Airbrush Compressors

Pieces: We found a few options in our research. If you want something simple, some of our picks are just the compressor. Looking for more? Some include a hose and some even come with a whole kit to get you started.

How to Choose the Best Airbrush Compressor

Hose Length: The hoses that are included with some of these compressors all the same length: 6 feet. That’s the perfect length. Long enough that you have room to work but not so long that it will get in the way.

Best Airbrush Compressors

Tank Capacity: Some of these compressors draw from air tanks and they all hold 0.9 to 1 gallon of air. That’s enough to do quite a bit of work without making the compressor too bulky or heavy.

Best Airbrush Compressors

Maximum PSI: If you stop using the airbrush gun, pressure builds inside the compressor. Most of these have an automatic shut off feature when the maximum PSI is reached. This amount varies from 35 to 100 PSI.

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Weight: These air compressors are designed to be portable since you can use them to do so many different things. The lighter your compressor is, the easier it will be to move. Look for a compressor that has a handle, too.

Top 10 Products

Now that you’ve read through our compressor buying guide, you should have a better idea of what to look for when you’re shopping. Now, it’s time to get into our airbrush compressor review. Here’s how it works. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first. They’re easy to find because they’re the first 2 items on our list! Stick around if you can, all of the items we researched are pretty great. So, let’s get started right!

Airbrush Depot Compressor

Top Pick
Our top pick for best airbrush compressor has a lot of great features that put it in our number one spot. This portable compressor is precise, particularly because it provides constant pressure with no pulsations. Your work will be steadier because the air comes out in a nice, smooth stream. That’s not all, there’s also a pressure regulator so you can adjust the airflow precisely. Plus, the water trap helps make sure that the air that is coming out is dry and clean. There are automatic turn on and off presets determined by the internal air pressure. This means that the compressor will spend less time unnecessarily running, saving wear and tear on the engine so it will last even longer. Here’s the best part. It’s maintenance free and oil-less.
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Master Airbrush Compressor

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for the best airbrush compressors with tank that are a good deal, take a look at our budget pick from Master Airbrush. This is actually a nice starter kit that includes a few extras. What kind of extras? Well, it also include an airbrush with ? oz gravity fluid cup and a manual and guidebook to help get you started. The compressor is the brand’s most popular. It provides a reliable, steady stream of air. Plus, there’s an automatic shut off when it’s not in use to save any unnecessary wear and tear. The built-in handle makes it really easy to carry around. We also really like the automatic turn-off if it gets overheated. And get this: it’s oil-less, maintenance free, and has a 2-year warranty.
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Paasche D3000R Compressor

The Paasche D3000R is a quiet airbrush compressor that operates at only 47 decibels. That’s about as loud as a quiet conversation at home or a quiet suburb. So, really, not loud at all. When you don’t trigger the airbrush, the compressor senses the built up air pressure and automatically shuts off. It only works when you do and saves a lot of unnecessary use. It’s pretty lightweight and the carrying handle makes it easy to take wherever you need it. It’s capable of delivering up to 40 PSI and the ?” adapter is the perfect size for most airbrush hoses. You can adjust the flow easily with the regulator and the moisture trap keeps the air flow dry and clean. One more thing, it comes with a 1 year warranty.
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AW Pro Airbrush Compressor

Another great choice for an airbrush compressor with tank is the AW Pro. This is the most powerful one in our reviews with a ? horsepower and it can produce up to 100 PSI. You can use this compressor when doing body artwork on cars, motorcycles, and other automobiles which is why it has the option for so much power. Think about it, you wouldn’t want this much power if you were using your airbrush to decorate a cake. This one also has an automatic start and stop feature that will reduce wear and save power but, get this, it can still put out enough air to operate most common airbrushes. Here’s the best part: it’s only about as loud as an air conditioner! That’s a lot of power for a little bit of noise.
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Iwata Revolution Airbrush System

This system from Iwata not only includes an air compressor for airbrush, it comes with the airbrush, too. There’s a lot to love about this compressor. First of all, it’s no maintenance and oil-less. There’s a moisture filter to keep the air dry and help prevent the stream from pulsating and giving you irregular results. If you need to, you can use the bleed valve airflow adjustment to lower the air pressure, too. This one comes with a hose that fits the all Iwata airbrushes. And speaking of airbrushes, the included one is pretty awesome. The ergonomic design helps you get better control while you’re working. It also has a larger nozzle and needed that make it ideal for spraying thick paint. This system is made for artists of any level and is completely maintenance free.
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Freeman Mini Air Compressor

When it comes to compressors for airbrushing, this Freeman Mini is a great pick if you’re looking for something lightweight. You can take it just about anywhere thanks to the convenient carry handle. It features Air-On-Demand, a system that automatically turns off the when the pressure reaches 60 PSI and easily back on when you need it. We really like the little rubber feet that help control the vibration. This is a tankless compressor that works with standard airbrushes and hoses and is perfect for just about any application. Use it for auto graphics, cake decorating, and even temporary tattoos and make-up. That’s not all. It has an adjustable air regulator that makes it really easy to adjust. Oh, and a moisture filter and air pressure gauge that’s really easy to read.
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PointZero Airbrush Kit

If you’re looking for airbrush compressors that come with a kit full of awesome extras, this PointZero Dual Action kit is the one for you. Not only do you get an awesome compressor, it also includes 3 different airbrushes with different sized nozzles. The compressor provides constant, reliable pressure. You’ll get really even results no matter what airbrush you use which is so important for a kit like this. Why do we say that? Because there’s just so much you can do. It really sets you up to do just about anything. Bonus items are also included are cake airbrushing tips and a guide, information about how to do various strokes and techniques, and a lettering guide. You also get a DVD about the basics of airbrushing to help get you started.
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Badger Air-Brush Compressor

The Badger Air-Brush Co. has an awesome piece of equipment with this one. First of all, it’s quiet, lubrication free, and maintenance free. There’s also an automatic shut-off that is activated by the pressure build-up when a brush is hooked up but not being used. There’s also built-in protection in case it overheats. The built-in moisture filter makes sure that the air coming out is clean and dry. There’s also an easy to use air regulator so you can adjust it to your specifications and an easy to read pressure gauge so you know what you’re working with at all time. That’s not all, there are also 2 airbrush holders attached to the unit so you’ll always have your tools close at hand. One more thing, it comes complete with a 1-year warranty.
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Master Airbrush Model TC-848

This powerful compressor from Master Airbrush delivers a high volume of air while still being precise and easy to use. We really liked that it’s capable of being both powerful and stable. It delivers a smooth air stream without any pulsing which keeps your work even and gives you more control. How does it work? Air is drawn from the tank so there are no pistons or moving parts. The gauge and regulator help you determine the pressure and make adjustments as needed. There are presets for automatic turn off if the pressure gets too high when you’re not using the airbrush gun. Because it’s only working when you are, this saves wear and tear and can extend the life of your machine. Oh, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.
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ZENY Airbrush Compressor Kit

This is another great kit that includes an awesome compressor with some great extras. It’s great for beginners. For starters, the airbrush is user-friendly and the 0.3 mm tip makes it really versatile. You can use it for nail art, temporary tattoos, cake decorating, and more. The compressor itself it full of great features. The automatic shut off can extend the life of the compressor because it never runs unnecessarily. The water trap filter is also a great feature because it makes sure the air coming out is clean and dry. That’s not all. You also get a nozzle wrench, eyedropper, storage case, and an instruction guide. It’s also maintenance free and oil-less so there’s not much you really have to do. Turn it on and go to it!
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