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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Airbrush Kits

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How to Choose an Airbrush Kit

Today, we’re going to look at the best airbrush kits that you can add to your hobby kit, art studio, or even your daily beauty regimen! Whether you want to add flames to the side of your motorbike or paint a pretty rainbow on your child’s birthday cake, we found several airbrush kits for all of your crafty desires! Before buying a new airbrush kit, here are a few important features you should be familiar with first. Let’s get started!

Best Airbrush Kits

Type: Depending on what hobby you plan to use your airbrush kit for, you’ll want to make sure to buy one that works for your chose medium. Some airbrushes are great for makeup, body paint, cake decorating, automotive paint, and more!

Best Airbrush Kits

Pieces: We noted how many pieces come in each kit, so you can plan on buying an all-inclusive kit with the parts you need to get started, or just buy a motor or gun to go with what you already own!

How to Choose an Airbrush Kit

Max Pressure: The maximum pounds per square inch (psi) is the amount of air pressure applied to a square inch of a surface. Higher psi machines are great for thicker paint, and lower psi machines are good for thinner paint like makeup.

Best Airbrush Kits

Tip Size: We also let you know the tip sizes that come with your airbrush kit, so you can create the level of detail you want! Some have larger tips for creating washes of color, and smaller tips for more intricate work.

Best Airbrush Kits

Hose Length: The hose length is the length from the motor to the airbrush gun. Longer hoses are great for doing large projects like body paint or big canvases, and smaller hoses are good for working in small spaces and easy storage.

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Warranty: While it’s not common for airbrush kits to have warranties, we noted which companies offer them. If you’re investing a lot into your airbrush kit, a warranty is a good assurance that you can get it repaired if it breaks!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know more about airbrush kits, let’s find the best one for your next big project! If you want the best airbrush kit for cakes, or you’d prefer the best airbrush kit for models, we found 10 different options that will work perfectly for both! If you are pressed for time, no worries! We started off with our Top Pick and Budget Pick, so start there and come back when you have time to read about the rest!

OPHIR Airbrush Kit

Top Pick
Our pick for the best airbrush kit goes to this kit from OPHIR because it has everything you need to get started! The compressor puts out up to 57 psi, which is great because you can use this with a variety of paints and pigments. It also has an auto stop and start setting to keep the compressor from pushing in too much air at once. We also like that this kit comes with 3 different sizes of airbrush guns, so you can play around and find which one works best for each project! You can also use this with nozzles you already have that are between 0.2mm and 1.0mm, which gives you a lot of options! The kit also comes with a holder for your airbrush guns, instruction manuals, and a cleaning kit to keep your airbrush guns in clean, working order. We think this is one of the best hobby airbrush kits for both beginners and experts alike!
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BBBuy Airbrush Kit

Budget Pick
If you’re on the hunt for the best cheap airbrush kit, consider picking up this one from BBBuy. This is a great airbrush kit if you’re using it to apply makeup, body paint, decorating a cake, or any other light airbrushing hobbies. The compact size compressor puts out 25 psi, which is plenty for small hobbies or thinner paints. We also like that the small size makes it easy to cart around your compressor with you while doing body paint, and the 6-foot hose gives you plenty of room to move around. It also has a heat sensor that shuts the machine off to prevent overheating if it runs for a long time. The kit comes with a 0.4mm airbrush gun that has a 7cc fluid cup, which is easy to fill and keep clean. If you’re looking for an inexpensive airbrush kit for your hobby, this is a great little machine that does the job without breaking your budget!
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Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Kit

Next up in our airbrush kit buying guide is this versatile airbrush compressor and kit from Master Airbrush! This multi-use airbrush kit works well on makeup and body paint, decorating baked goods like cakes and cookies, and makes painting models easy and fun! The compressor can handle up to 35 psi, and it comes with a pressure gauge to give you exact control over how powerful you want your paint to spray. It also has an automatic shut-off valve to make sure the pressure doesn’t go over the point where you set it. This means the motor will only run when adding pressure, which keeps your machine from overworking or overheating. The airbrush gun that comes with it has a 0.3mm tip, but you can easily swap it out for whatever airbrush gun tip size you prefer. We think this would make a great gift for a beginner who wants to learn about airbrushing before investing in more specialized equipment!
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PointZero Airbrush Kit

When looking for automotive airbrush paint kits, we came across this multi-use airbrush kit from PointZero that can handle just about any airbrushing projects you have lying around! The compressor that comes with this kit can handle up to 58 psi, which is powerful enough for major projects like automotive and motorcycle airbrushing, or use a smaller airbrush gun for detailed work like decorating cakes or applying makeup. This kit comes with 3 sizes of airbrush guns, and each one is a different style to suit any type of paint or pigment you want to use. The eyedropper is great for adding paint into your airbrush without spills. We also like that this kit comes with a “Master the Basics” DVD and access to online tutorials, so you can learn how to use your airbrush for a variety of projects, as well as learn how to maintain and clean your airbrush to keep it working perfectly for years to come!
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Gocheer Gravity Feed Airbrush Kit

If you already own a compressor, but you want to replace or upgrade your other equipment, this kit from Gocheer is great because it comes with everything you need! This kit has an airbrush gun that’s easy to use and easy to clean! We like that it comes with different sized tips you can swap out whenever you want to do more detailed work. Instead of owning separate airbrush guns for each size, just swap out the tips! The rear adjustable locknut allows you to control the airflow into the gun, so you have precise control over your paint. It also comes with 5 cleaning needles and 5 brushes to help you keep your machine nice and clean between uses. Oh, and everything comes in a convenient storage case to keep everything organized and easy to find! This kit is also inexpensive, so you can buy one for food grade items, and keep another for makeup or other non-food paints!
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HUBEST Airbrush Kit

For soft, delicate makeup application, this mini airbrush from HUBEST is a great way to try out a new way to apply foundation! The air compressor comes in an adorable bright pink, perfect for adding to your colorful makeup kit or leaving on a makeup vanity. It’s a tiny compressor, so it will store easily in a makeup drawer, inside your professional makeup kit, or toss in your luggage for travel. It works well with any water-based airbrush foundation, acrylic paint for nail art, and other beauty products to add some color to your beauty routine. You can even use this with tanning spray to give yourself an overall glow, or create detailed contouring by applying thicker layers exactly where you need it! The 5-foot hose gives you plenty of space to move around when applying tanner or body paint. We also like that this airbrush is super quiet and easy to clean, so you’ll love using it every day!
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StarsTech Airbrush Kit

If you use your airbrushes for several projects, and you use a variety of mediums, it’s a good idea to keep different sets of airbrush equipment for different purposes. For example, keep one set just for food decorations, one set for skincare/makeup, and another for paint. This airbrush kit from StarsTech is a great set to pick up if you already own an airbrush compressor, but want a separate set of equipment to prevent contamination. This airbrush set comes with a versatile airbrush gun that can handle any projects you want to tackle. It has 3 different sized tips for broad and detailed work, and 3 sizes of paint cups to swap out as needed. It also comes with a long hose to give you plenty of space to move around while working on large projects or body painting. The cleaning kit is also a nice bonus, so you can keep your airbrush equipment in pristine condition in between uses!
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Yenny Shop Airbrush Kit

Let’s end our airbrush kit reviews with this simple, versatile airbrush kit from Yenny Shop. This kit has all the basics you’ll need to get started on your airbrushing journey. The compressor is compact, lightweight, quiet, easy to keep clean, and easy to use thanks to 3 pressure settings. It also has an automatic shut-off function to prevent overheating, which is great if you use it for long stretches. You can use this compressor with any airbrush gun you like, or use the one included! The airbrush gun has a 0.4mm tip, which is great for applying makeup, nail lacquer, tanning pigment, and other beauty products. The gun and hose are easy to assemble and attach to the compressor for quick and easy makeup application. We also like that this kit also works well for cake decoration, body paint, and other light airbrushing projects around the house! This would be a great gift idea for the beauty-obsessed in your family!
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1life Airbrush Compressor Kit

If you’re an amateur or professional makeup artist looking for top airbrush kits to get that soft, even finish, consider investing in this airbrush kit from 1life. This airbrush kit comes with a compact air compressor that only emits up to 25 psi, and the motor is both quiet and prevents overheating. It has 3 pressure settings, so you can get a diffused look or sharp detail from the same machine. The small size makes it perfect for tossing into your makeup kit without weighing it down, or toss it in your luggage when you travel for your next photo shoot! The airbrush gun is made of copper, which is durable, easy to clean, and sprays a soft, consistent stream of paint wherever you need it. This airbrush kit isn’t just for makeup, either! You can easily use this versatile airbrush kit to do fun acrylic nail art, or use it to add fun decorations to cakes, cupcakes, or cookies!
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IEE Airbrush Kit

Another great option if you want a compact airbrush machine is this one from IEE. The compact compressor maxes out at 25 psi, which is great for makeup, body paint, nail art, and other small hobbies. The motor is incredibly efficient, only running to build up pressure, and then shutting off when it’s full to keep the motor from overworking itself. It also has an auto-shutoff function if the compressor overheats, and it stays off until the machine cools down. We like that this compressor is lightweight, quiet, and small enough to store in your hobby kit or makeup bag. The airbrush gun that comes with it has a 0.3mm tip, which is great for doing detail work like makeup and nail art. It also comes with an eyedropper to add paint without spilling, and the stainless steel airbrush gun is super easy to clean between uses. You can also swap out this gun for another one if you want!
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