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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Airbrushes

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How to Choose Your Airbrushes

Looking for a sweet airbrush? Airbrushes can be used for painting, cake decorating, applying makeup, and a host of other sweet applications. We researched and reviewed some of the highest-rated guns to help find the best airbrush kits around. And have we got a great selection for you! We’ve compiled our favorites and put them into this convenient top ten list for all of your airbrushing needs. We will break each one down with a short description of why we liked it so much and a list of important stats, or icons, you’ll want to know about each kit. Here’s what each of those icons means.

Best Airbrushes

Guns - How many guns are included in your new kit? We’ll give you a breakdown of how many you get and how they differ from one another in the description too.

Best Airbrushes

Needle/Nozzle - How big is the needle or nozzle? Most standard nozzles are 0.3 mm. Different sizes mean either more or less paint sprays through the nozzle.

How to Choose Your Airbrushes

Dual-Action - Dual-action means that the trigger controls both the air flow and the material flow. You press down for air control and back for material flow.

Best Airbrushes

Gravity Fluid Cup - How much can the cup hold? A gravity cup is where you add the paints or whatever other materials you are airbrushing onto surfaces.

Best Airbrushes

Weight - How much does the whole airbrushing kit weigh? If you travel with it or carry it around with you a lot, this is a very important stat for you.

Product Intro Icon

Dimensions - How big is it? The kits usually come in cases, so we’ll give you a good idea of how big the whole things is. That way you can plan for proper storage space.

Top 10 Products

Now we’re ready to take a look at the top ten best airbrush kits! This list is made up of our top ten favorites. Most of them aren’t in any particular order; we just really loved all of them for different reasons. However, there are two that we really adored, so we put them first! The first is our Top Pick, an overall, top-of-the-pile airbrush that really stood up and stood out. The second is our Budget Pick, a great airbrush for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend. Now, let’s get to those airbrush reviews!

Master Airbrush System

Top Pick
We’ve chosen the Master Airbrush System for the best airbrush gun on our list! This Top Pick is a professional, dual-action airbrush that is incredibly user-friendly. Along with this kit, you’ll get the high-powered air compression system, 3 airbrushing guns of different sizes, a how-to instruction guide to help you get started, and a small collection of quality paints designed just for your airbrush. This versatile system is ready for just about anything from cake decorating to tanning! It’s a quality system that allows you to buy everything all at once. This kit is available with or without the compressor as well. And, the best part is that the compressor isn’t super loud, making it ideal for home use, even at night.
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HUBEST Dual-Action Airbrush

Budget Pick
Don’t need a compressor? If you’re just looking for a quality gun and accessories, you’ve come to the right place! The HUBEST Dual-Action Airbrush is perfect for hobbying, art, crafts, and lots of other uses. It is easy to clean and easy to put together. The HUBEST Dual-Action Airbrush is lightweight with adjustable spraying lines. The kit includes a quality, gravity-fed, gun with a 7cc, lidded cup. You also get a color kit and an eye dropper with this gun as well. And the shape and angle of the gun makes switching colors and cleaning up a breeze. So if you are looking for a professional feel and great results without a massive price tag, check out the HUBEST Dual-Action Airbrush; we’re pretty sure you’re going to like it as much as we do!
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PointZero Dual Action Airbrush

The PointZero Dual Action Airbrush is a multifunctional airbrushing kit that’s ready for anything you are. It can handle models, painting, photo retouching, cakes, and everything in between. This kit has one compressor and three airbrushing guns that are great for anything you need. There is one 0.3mm gun for mid range spraying, a 0.2mm gun for precision work, and a 0.8mm gun for spraying large areas all at one. All of these are internal-mix, gravity-fed guns with quality parts and dual-action triggers. The compressor is also great; it’s really professional level and offers even air quality and pressure. Along with your kit, you also get some amazing training guides to help you to learn the basics. In other words, this thing is just about everything you need, all in one package!
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Paasche Airbrush Set

Want everything you need except the air compressor? The Paasche Airbrush Set includes the gun, six-foot braided hose, multiple heads and cups, and the carrying case you’ll need. Once you buy some paints and the compressor, this kit will be ready to go! The high-quality gun is chrome-plated, making it more durable and longer-lasting. The five different spray heads give you a variety of nozzle sizes to work with, giving you a big range without needing a bunch of separate guns. The Paasche Airbrush Set is ready for nearly anything you need it for too; it’s great for tattoos, hobbying, models, taxidermy, and more. Nearly any hobby or job that calls for an airbrush would benefit from the sweet features of the Paasche Airbrush Set. All that, and it’s also very lightweight and easy to store!
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CNUALV Airbrush Kit

The CNUALV Airbrush Kit is synonymous with control. It features a dual-action trigger than helps control the air and the material at the same time. That makes precision work easier than ever, and it creates a fine mist that keeps the color even and beautiful. This kit comes with one gun but several head sizes. There is a precision 0.2mm head, a mid range 0.3mm head, and a 0.5mm head for broad strokes. This kit has the hoses for your compressor but doesn’t come with the compressor itself. With this kit, you’ll be ready for decorating everything from cakes to models to skin. Not to mention the big, easy to clean, 9cc cups for the gun. So if you want a versatile kit that great for beginners all the way up to experts, check out the CNUALV Airbrush Kit!
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Master Airbrush Dual-Action Kit

Another Master Airbrush! We loved a Master enough to make one our Top Pick, so we were pretty sure they would end up on this list again! This one is a full kit, including two guns, one siphon-filled and one gravity fed, a TC-20 air compressor with an air filter, a how-to guide to get started, and a great carrying case to keep everything together. The air compressor holds up to two air brushes. Both guns are 0.35 mm nozzles. This is our favorite kit for newbies that really want to learn on quality product without spending a massive amount of money. The air compressor has an auto-shutoff feature that stops the air when it is no longer in use. That means less wear on the motor and will expand the life of your compressor!
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Badger Air-brush

The Badger Air-brush is a dual-action airbrush kit that comes with a gun. If you’re looking to step up your game, getting a great gun to go with your current kit is a great way to start. This gravity-fed, internally-mixed gun features a big, 9cc cup that’s easy to clean. It is a single, large format, 0.5mm nozzle for spraying large areas. And it also comes with a backup tip in case something should happen to the one already on the gun. This airbrushing gun can be used for just about anything you can think of, from cakes to tattoos, models to glazing. This gun is also easy to keep clean and ready for a new application. But the coolest part has to be how the nozzle has a sweet self-centering tech that always keeps you on point!
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AW Dual Action Airbrush

A quality gun can be an expensive thing unless you’re looking at buying the AW Dual Action Airbrush! This inexpensive gun is made from quality materials. It’s fitted with an o-ring to help cut corrosion down in its tracks. It has a dual-action trigger, making all of your airbrushing controlled and precise. This gun is ready for just about anything, no matter what you are spraying. The nozzle is an average 0.3mm, making it useful for nearly anything you’re doing. It comes with a portable storage case that keeps it safe and all in one place. And the removable nozzle helps to give you an array of possible effects. The AW Dual Action Airbrush is a great gun for getting your collection started; it’s a quality product that we’re pretty sure won’t let you down!
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Iwata Airbrush Gun

Want an airbrush that easy to clean? The Iwata Airbrush Gun’s cups are designed like a funnel to make them easier to keep spotless. It’s super important to keep in clean, especially if you are using this for tattoos or food decoration. The 7cc cups are also large enough to prevent frequent pauses to refill. The spray pattern is about 2 inches around, making it great for single-color applications. This gun can be used for anything from edible colors, tattoo inks, and even the heavier paints like acrylics and textile colors. The gun is designed not to clog even if the paint is a little thicker. The gun is an internal mix that sprays evenly, time after time. We love it for its efficient spray, easy cleanup, and ease of use. We’re pretty sure you’ll like it too!
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StarTech Airbrush Kit

Want more? The StarTech Airbrush Kit includes six airbrush guns, four bottle, two metal cups, six nozzle spanners, and a portable box. Some of the guns are gravity fed while some are siphon fed; you can pick how you want your gun to work based on what you’re doing and what products you are using to do it. There is a cup-and-nozzle combination for nearly any job. These are great for anyone from beginners to experts. While it doesn’t come with paints, a compressor, or the hoses for the compressor, the kit is very inexpensive for all of the quality products you are receiving. So you won’t feel bad about spending a little more on the rest of the stuff you need! This kit is portable, versatile, and unique. And we love it!
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