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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Ankle Weights

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How to Choose Ankle Weights

Want in on a secret? Ankle weights are a great way to add extra resistance to your workout. The best ankle weights will fit securely and offer several weight options so that you can have more variety in your routine and grow your strength. To help you find the perfect product, we’ve researched a large variety of them. Before we get to the reviews, let’s take a look at what you need to know when shopping.

Best Ankle Weights

Available Weights: Some ankle weights will come with several different weight options while others include just one. Both work well, and it’s a tradeoff between simplicity and versatility. The choice is yours, of course.

Best Ankle Weights

Colors: If color is important to you, you will be happy to know that some products come in several different color options. Once you have considered all of the other important specs, pick a color that matches your style.

How to Choose Ankle Weights

Adjustable: A good ankle weight will be adjustable so that you can get the most comfortable fit. If the weight is too loose or too tight, it will prevent you from working out properly and getting the most out of your exercise.

Best Ankle Weights

Closure: No matter what type of ankle weight exercises you do, you will want to make sure the product has a solid closure so that it doesn't fall off. Some come with Velcro, D-ring, or snaps to keep them in place.

Best Ankle Weights

Dimensions: You will want to consider the dimensions of the ankle weights for two reasons. If they are too large and bulky for you, then they will disrupt your workout. Also look for a size that can be stored easily.

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Warranty: Lastly, consider the warranty that comes with the ankle weights. A longer warranty means that you have peace of mind and save money on replacement cost. It also speaks well of the product’s quality.

Top 10 Products

All right, time to find out which ankle weights came out on top in our reviews. If you’re in a hurry, check out our recommended top pick and budget pick. Let’s go!

Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights

Top Pick
After trying out several different options, the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights were an easy choice as our top pick. We love this product for several reasons, and we are sure you will too. To begin, we like that they are comfortable and durable. While they are not expensive, they are made to last. They feature neoprene padding so that they don’t hurt your ankles, and the reinforced stitching keeps them from falling apart after several uses. The reflective strips make them perfect for outdoor workouts. When you buy this product, you will also get a carrying bag, so you can easily take them with you to the gym. It’s a premium product that offers comfort, durability, and versatility – all in one.
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Valeo Adjustable Weights

Budget Pick
If you are looking to get good results without spending a lot of money on fancy workout equipment, the Valeo Adjustable Weights is a great budget-friendly option. For a very reasonable price, you will be able to add resistance to any stationary workouts, walks, or runs. They are comfortable and adjustable to fit on ankles or wrists, and you can buy the weights in three different sizes: 5, 10, and 20 pounds. Even though these are cheap ankle weights, we love that you can easily add or remove weights to this pack as your strength grows. The metal D-ring closure ensures that the pack won’t fall off while you are working out, and the padding allows you to workout longer without discomfort getting in your way.
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Healthy Model Life Weights

We wanted to make sure to include the Healthy Model Life Weights in this ankle weight review. While they are designed for women, they are suitable for men as well. They are lightweight, but they add a little extra resistance that can help take your workout to the next level. Since they are light, they are great for beginners looking to add a good ankle weights workout whether that is with stationary exercises or cardio. Regardless of why you choose these weights, you will be getting a quality set that is comfortable and strong enough to stand up to daily use. They are also very easy to put on and use. You simply flip them on, and the Velcro holds them in place while you get to work. Overall, this is a great buy!
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Yes4All Comfort Weights

The Yes4All Comfort Weights is another great option for people looking for affordable workout equipment. First and foremost, you have a lot of weight and color options to choose from with this product. In fact, you can choose from 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, and 5 pounds. Each weight comes in a different color, and they are gray, lime green, light blue, dark blue, solid black, and black and gray respectively. With the padding and neoprene exterior, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable workout experience. Unlike most ankle weights, this product is secured by both Velcro and a D-ring, so you will never have to worry about it coming loose while you are working out. You can easily adjust the set so that it can be used on your ankles or wrists to add resistance to a variety of your exercises. It’s a great choice.
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Nayoya Wellness Ankle Weights

When we tried out the Nayoya Wellness Ankle Weights, we were excited to include them in our reviews. When you purchase this set, you will get two cuffs weighing 1.5 pounds each for a total of 3 pounds added to your workout. You can easily adjust the fit of the strap so that you can comfortably do your exercises. The ankle weights are securely attached to your ankles by a combination of a D-ring and Velcro. The product is designed to be comfortable against your skin, so it features a both high-quality neoprene and soft material for absorbing moisture. Lastly, if you want to use these for your wrists, they come with three inches of wrist support so you can work out confidently.
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All Pro Ankle Weights

The All Pro Ankle Weights is a great choice for someone looking to add a quality set of ankle weights to their workout. When you buy these weights, you will get a pair of 2.5-pound weights for a total of 5 pounds added to your routine. Not only can you adjust the fit, but you can also change the amount of weight for each ankle. You can easily add or remove the solid iron weights, which come in 0.25-pound increments. Unlike most of the other options we reviewed, this set is better suited for ankles rather than wrists. If you aren’t concerned with using them on your wrists, then we think these weights would be perfect for you.
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Zensufu Ankle Weights

Though we researched many ankle weight brands, we knew we wanted to include the Zensufu Ankle Weights because they are affordable, offer several options, and fit comfortably. You can choose between 1, 2, 3, and 5-pound weights, which come in purple, green, blue, and black. The weight is measured by the individual ankle weight rather than the combined total, so if you buy the 1 pound set, you will be adding 2 pounds overall to your routine. Since they are affordable, you can buy multiple sets to add even more variety to your exercises. When you do purchase this product, you will be buying a quality set of ankle or wrist weights that perfectly combines durability with comfort. They are quick and easy to put on thanks to the Velcro straps that can be adjusted to give you the best fit. The best part of this set is that you will get a black travel pouch as a bonus.
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GoFit Adjustable Ankle Weights

If you are looking for some heavy ankle weights to step up your game, consider purchasing the GoFit Adjustable Ankle Weights. You can choose between either a 5-pound set or a 10-pound set. Either option is designed to be durable enough to withstand its weight while still offering you the comfort you need to power through your tough workouts. The sets are made from a nylon canvas that holds the steel shot packets. Our favorite part about this product is that you can easily add or remove the packets by unzipping the canvas pouch. This feature will give you more variety in your workout. Since the product can be heavier than most other options, you will be glad to know that they are secured by a combination of Velcro and a D-ring. With this feature, you will be able to adjust the fit to be most comfortable for you. To wrap things up, you’ll love this set of heavy-duty ankle weights.
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Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle Weights

If you are looking for a wide range of color and weight options, then the Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle Weights are another great choice for you. You can choose a weight that is suitable for your skill level, or you could buy each weight and use them as your strength increases. Each size comes in a different color, but there are six colors to choose from: orange, dark blue, light green, yellow, red, or green. When you purchase them, each set comes with a Velcro strap that is secured with a D-ring. You will always get a snug fit on either your wrists or ankles while you wear these weights. Not only do they have a soft cushion, but the material is a soft cloth that absorbs moisture. The material is also stretchy so that it can conform to the shape of your body. All in all, this is a great buy for someone looking for variety in their workout routine.
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Shoung Ankle Weights

The Shoung Ankle Weights give you plenty of choices in terms of color and weight. While you can’t adjust the weight for each set, you can add to your collection by purchasing the different sizes. They come in weights ranging from 1 to 8 pounds, so you can choose the size that is best for you. They come in light blue, pink, red, fuchsia, green, purple, and dark blue. Regardless of which set you buy, the reflective line in the design can help vehicles spot you if you are walking or running on the road in the dark. You can adjust the fit of the strap so that it can be used on ankles or wrists. No matter how you use them, the soft interior will provide you with the perfect level of comfort. For additional comfort, the weights are made from iron sand, which can move to fit the shape of your ankles and wrists. You won’t be disappointed.
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