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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best AR500 Targets

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quadcopter reviewsBest AR500 Targets

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How to Choose the Best AR500 Targets

When trying to find the best AR500 targets for sale, it can be a bit much. Between pop up steel targets, steel knock down targets, and everything in between, how do you know what’s the best? We’re here to help. We did the research and found some of the best products out there so you can make the right choice. Before we get started, let’s take a look at some of the features you need to know about AR500 targets.

Best AR500 Targets

Type: Our top picks are swing, silhouette, or jumping. Swing targets hang from chains and are also called gong targets because that’s what they look like. Silhouettes are mounted on top of something like a 2x4. And jumping targets are kinda free-roaming.

Best AR500 Targets

Stand: You need a stand for swing or silhouette targets. They either need to be mounted to something or hanging from a frame in order to use them. A few of our picks come with stands included.

How to Choose the Best AR500 Targets

Thickness: Thickness is important because it determines how much force the target can take and what kind of ammo you can shoot at it. Make sure you use the right thickness for the caliber of the gun you’re going to use.

Best AR500 Targets

Pieces: A lot of our picks are single targets, though we did find some sets. One gives you 2 of the same awesome target while the other is a set of 5 sizes so you can get a lot of practice in.

Best AR500 Targets

Warranty: A lot of our picks come with lifetime warranties, but they all have the stipulation that the target has to be used properly. Make sure you read up on exactly how you’re supposed to use the target with your gun.

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Size: Size is pretty easy to understand. The larger the target, the more area you have to aim for. The smaller the area, the more precise your aim has to be. Some of our picks are available in multiple sizes.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know a little more about the key features, let’s get right into our AR500 target reviews. Here’s the deal: if you’re in a hurry, you need to make sure you catch our top and budget picks. These will give you a nice idea or the variety that’s available. If you can, stick around and keep reading to discover the rest of the great products that round out our reviews.

ShootingTargets7 Bullseye Gong

Top Pick
Looking for the best AR500 steel targets for sale? Look no further because we found the ShootingTargets7 Bullseye Gong target. They’re American made in Michigan and come with a lifetime guarantee as long as you use them properly so make sure you know the gun and bullet speed you’re working with when using this target. They’re made of special steel that’s been hardened to be able to take a lot of shots without any damage. When used the right way, any bullet that comes into contact with them will either bounce off or disintegrate on impact. What we love about this target is it’s available in several thicknesses. But, if you’re looking for ar400 steel targets, go with the ½ inch. They’re used in military and police training and won’t pit with speeds below 2900 fps.
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Tactical Scorpion Gear Target Gong

Budget Pick
When looking for steel targets for sale that won’t break the bank, check out this gong target from Tactical Scorpion Gear. It has two large mounting holes that are made with ears that won’t break. This one works best when you use both holes to hang it but you can use a single hole, too. The steel is laser cut so the edges are clean and precise. These cheap AR500 steel targets come with a limited lifetime guarantee from breakage which we were pretty impressed with. Just make sure you look into the specs so you know what’s covered! These good shooting targets that can be used with a variety of calibers. Make sure you don’t use handguns any closer than 10 yards and rifles at 100 yards to avoid causing any damage.
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Ar500 Target Solutions Set

This is a nice set of AR500 steel plate targets that work well with most pistols and rifles. There are 5 different AR550 steel targets in this set. Each is ?” thick and made of high-quality steel. One is a 12 x 20 inch plate while the others are circles that come in 12, 8, 6, and 4 inch diameter. They’re powder coated to protect the surface from damage, either from your ammo or the outdoors. But don’t be surprised when your shots start chipping away at the powder. That’s what is supposed to happen. Each target has 3 holes for you can choose whether you want to mount them or hang them from chains. These targets are meant to be used at 12 yards for pistols and 100 yards for most rifles under 3000 fps.
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RMP Gong Swing Target

What we really liked about these AR500 targets for sale is that it’s unfinished. It looks tough strong, which is just what it is. Made in the USA from ?” thick steel, this gong target can handle even the most high-powered rifle or pistol. These moving steel targets instantly react so you know when you’ve made a good shot. They deliver a satisfying ping sound as well. They’re made with 2 mounting holes so you can set it up in whatever way works best for you. Another thing we really liked about these reactive steel targets is that they’re laser cut. That means that the integrity of the steel is still intact. IN order to keep this one around for a long time, make sure you stay back at least 100 yards when using it with high powered rifles.
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Target Solutions Silhouette

These steel silhouette targets for sale are made by Target Solutions and composed of high-quality ? inch thick steel right here in the USA. We really liked that these AR500 silhouette targets come with a mount, too. All you have to do is attach the mount to the end of a wooden 2x4. It’s pre-sized and even comes with washers and a nut. When you mount the target, it sits at a nice angle to help get the shrapnel to the ground instead of being propelled through the air. These AR steel targets are ideal for most pistols and rifles. The target itself is 11 ¾ x 20 inches and is even one of the approved IPSC steel targets. There are 2 mounting holes if you want to use it as a gong target, too.
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AR500 Gong Shooting Target

Here’s a set of some of the best steel targets around. You get 2 12 x 20 inch targets that can be mounted 2 ways. There are 2 holes for gong mounting. There’s also a square center hole that turns them into a perfect AR500 steel silhouette target. These are a great choice for most pistols and rifles. They’re rated up to 3200 fps at 100 yards. Both of the targets in this set are painted white and are ready to go right out of the box. Repaint them as needed to you continue to have a stark contrast between your target and the crosshairs of your weapon. These targets are cut using a precision plasma cutter and cooled in water during the process. This maintains the integrity of the steel so they’ll last as long as possible.
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Jumping Targets Reactive

For reactive targets that offer a challenge to new and veteran shooters alike, you have to see these jumping targets. They’re also a really great choice if you’re looking for portable steel targets, too, because they aren’t mounted to anything which makes them easy to pick up and go. These moving shooting targets react to your shots by basically jumping around. What’s really cool about them is that there’s always a target facing you, regardless of how it jumps after you hit it. You never have to walk downfield to reposition them, either! If you’re looking for a fun way to practice shooting, you should definitely give these a try. They’re made of steel right here in the US, too. To use these as long range steel targets, choose the largest 4.75” version and it will last a long time.
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Birchwood Casey Centerfire Target

For a good choice among long range shooting targets, there’s the BIrchwood Casey Centerfire Gong Target. It’s made of ½” thick steel and comes with a really sturdy base to hand it. With each hit, this one shows why it’s a great choice among AR500 reactive targets. It gives a nice, noticeable movement with each hit. That’s not all, you can clearly hear each shot as well. One of the things that we loved about this one is that it’s pretty portable. It’s so easy to set up that it’s really no problem to transport. The kind of gun you’re using determines how far away you need to be. Rounds with a velocity of 3000 fps should only be used at distances of 200 yards or more. For handguns, you’ll need at least 25 yards and 100 with a rifle.
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Champion Gong Target

When it comes to tactical targets, hearing that satisfying “ping!” and seeing the target move is so satisfying. This Champion Gong Target delivers by being able to give you this instant feedback. The AR500 steel is hard enough that it can take a range of calibers as long as you’re standing at the appropriate distance when you’re shooting. The steel for these targets is cut using laser precision, helping to maintain the integrity of the metal so it will last a really long time. Use the square holes to attach the carriage bolts you need to mount this one so it hangs just so. This is a great choice to warm up for competition shooting targets so you can maintain your edge without paying a lot of money to stay sharp. That’s right. This one is affordable, too.
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Xsteel AR500 Static Target

If you’re looking for a static target instead of moving shooting targets for sale, this Xsteel one might be just right for you. It’s made of ?” high-quality steel and ready for heavy use with a range of pistol calibers and even rifles up to .308. For competitions with steel challenge targets, this one would work very well. The steel is cut into shape using laser cutters, which keeps the area of the steel affected by heat much smaller. Why does this matter? The less material that’s been exposed to heat, the strong the material is. These AR500 targets for sale will last a long time and give you much better sound than some of its competitions. It even includes a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your target. One more thing, they arrive unpainted and the ½ inch mounting holes are ready to go.
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