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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Baby Night Lights

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How to Choose the Best Baby Night Light

Do you have a little one on the way? You’re probably spending a lot of time looking for different types of gear you’re going to need to make your nursery just right. One area you might not expect to be looking in is night lights. But we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a baby night light buying guide to help you choose the right light for you. Let’s look at some things you should know before you start shopping.

Best Baby Night Lights

Dimmable: Can you change the brightness setting on the light? Some lights will come with a dimming function so the light doesn’t keep baby awake at night. This is really useful for newborns that aren’t used to the light.

Best Baby Night Lights

Type: This refers to how the light functions. Is it a projector that beams lights and patterns onto the ceiling, or a flashlight-style that can be carried around with you? They might even be a lamp style light.

How to Choose the Best Baby Night Light

Power: This determines how portable the light is. If it’s powered by batteries, you can take it anywhere. Some of these are even rechargeable so you don’t have to purchase batteries. Others plug directly into the wall for power.

Best Baby Night Lights

Multi-Function: Is it just a light, or does it also play music? Some baby night lights also double as noise machines or lullaby machines and will play music for a set time at the same time the light is going.

Best Baby Night Lights

Size: This is the dimensions of the light. It’s important to know how big it is so you know if it will fit on your bed stand or not. If it’s a flashlight, this might also determine what size child can carry it around.

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Warranty: A warranty protects your purchase. If there’s a problem with it, you are going to get it refunded or replaced. Within a certain time frame, a warranty allows you to do this.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get into our baby night light reviews! We researched and reviewed a selection of products to bring you our recommendations for the best of the best. If you’re in a hurry to get back to the nursery, check out our top pick and budget pick first. They’ll give you a pretty good idea of what’s out there. But the rest of our list is full of awesome nightlights as well!

Tiny Love Night Light Mobile

Top Pick
The Tiny Love Night Light is our top pick, and it’s a baby night light mobile instead of a lamp. It projects images and stars onto a canopy for younger babies, to keep them entertained. It also plays music, up to 30 minutes of continuous music at a time so you won’t have to keep running back to reset it. It’s the perfect device to soothe your fussy baby to sleep! When your baby is older, it changes into a toddler lamp that projects stars onto the ceiling. It requires 4 C batteries to run and provides 3 musical categories with 9 different tunes in all to soothe babies to sleep. It’s a cute animal theme with three colors and three hanging animals, which we thought was extremely adorable. It’s definitely the best baby night light for sale – and it will keep your kids occupied for years to come! It’s a cute, versatile light that you’ll love!
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Safety 1st LED Nightlight

Budget Pick
The simple, Safety 1st LED Nightlight is the best cheap baby night light on our list. The light output is variable, so it will adjust based on the level of light in the room. If the room has natural sunlight, the night light is hardly on at all. However, if it’s dark in the room, the light will be one hundred percent lit. The light is warm white light that isn’t at all overwhelming for babies – they can sleep right through it, and you can make sure not to trip over any toys in the dark room. It’s a baby night light plug in, so it plugs into a socket and lights the room up from there. It’s a simple clear design that the light fills and shines out of. We love how simple the design is, as well as how the light level adjusts based on the light in the room. It takes the guesswork out!
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Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

First off, this light is super adorable! It’s made for toddlers in mind, though, of course, you could introduce it as a nursery light while they are still an infant. It’s a cute little owl with a handle for small hands, so they can carry it around to light their way. It stays cool to the touch so your child can even take it to sleep with them. And it won’t stay on all night – it turns off after about 20 minutes if the button is not pressed to turn it back on. It’s perfect for late night trips to the bathroom during potty training, and it makes the dark much less scary! And if they have a nightmare, it will help to sooth them back to sleep. This baby night light soother is exceptionally designed so that your child will be as comfortable as possible if they happen to wake up in the middle of the night.
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VAVA Baby Night Light

The VAVA Baby Night light is a flashlight-lamp hybrid that your kid will love. It has an egg-shaped design that looks good on the bedside table as well as being the perfect size for small hands to pick it up. The LED light does not flicker, and you can switch between cool light and warm light depending on the occasion. Toddlers can take it with them anywhere. The light lasts for up to 80 hours total. It’s waterproof as well as being portable. One of the cutest features of this lamp is the facial expression stickers that it comes with. Your child can give their lamp a cool face, so they have a new companion. It’s a touch on-and-off system, so there are no buttons to push even to adjust it. It is the perfect night light for camping in the backyard! This little buddy is sure to be your baby or toddler’s new best friend!
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Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

The Hatch Baby Rest works triple duty to keep your child happy and feeling secure through all stages of life! It’s an alarm as well as night light for when your child gets older, and a sound machine with white noise function for newborns. It’s invaluable to have a noise machine like this one! You can adjust all of the options – the brightness, mode, sound, color, and volume of the noise right from the convenient app that you can link to it. That’s pretty amazing tech! It encourages better sleep patterns and has a toddler lock feature so your toddler can’t randomly change the settings. The app even has preset sound and color combinations, selected by pediatricians to make sure that your child – and you – get the best sleep possible. We love that it can change from a noise machine for newborns, to a night light for toddlers, and then an alarm for school-aged kids.
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Lizber Starry Night Light

The Lizber Starry Night Light is one of the coolest baby night light ceiling projectors we came across! It projects a starry sky with moon up to 3 meters onto any surface, but it works best on the ceiling. It can be powered via USB as well as by 4 AAA batteries. It rotates, but it does so silently so it won’t disturb your little one. It can project a warm white light, a blue light, or a red or green light. There are 9 different color options total! You can even change the settings so it projects multiple lights or a single light, which provides a dimming feature. The high-powered bulb in this lamp lasts a long time and projects really clearly. You can even use the light cover that it comes with to turn this bedside projector into a lamp for your child. It’s a great baby night light and projector at the same time!
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Hallomall Ocean Wave Projector

This Hallomall Wave Projector is amazing for the number of features it has! It’s a full LED light that has 12 lights on the panel. This gives it the amazing ability to have 7 different lighting modes. These modes include the northern lights, purple themes, romantic mood lighting, and even disco lighting for fun! It can be tilted to a 45 degree angle to allow you to point the projector just about anywhere you’d like. It changes the entire atmosphere of the room when you use this light. We have confidence calling it the best baby night light projector on our list. It comes with three different timer options that it will shut off after a set amount of time. There are 4 different lullaby sounds it can play as well, which is pretty awesome! The keys are touch sensors, and it even comes with a remote control to adjust the settings and the volume!
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Bubzi Co Night Light

The Bubzi Co Night light is one of the top baby night lights on our list. It’s a cute little owl with a light build into it. Your child can hug and squeeze this furry friend all that they want! It’s a great LED baby night light that projects stars onto the wall or ceiling when the light is pressed. This helps combat the fear of the dark and soothe your child at night. It plays 10 different lullabies and will shut off after 30 minutes of continuous play. It even slowly fades through different colors to help grab your baby’s attention and sooth them to sleep. We love that it’s designed like a stuffed animal to help them feel secure. It’s soft and huggable, and it will not get hot at all so no worries there. The light can be removed in order to run the stuffed animal through the washing machine as well!
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RTSU Bedside Lamp

The RTSU bedside lamp is a baby night light with a dimmer. It’s small enough that it won’t be in your way no matter how small of a space you’re working with while still giving off more than enough light to see by. It is wireless and can be recharged with a USB port, so you can charge it anywhere! It also has a touch sensor right on top so you can change the settings; if you hold your hand over the sensor, you’ll be allowed to set the brightness. The brightness doesn’t step like some other lights; instead, it seamlessly turns up or down like a true dimmer. It even saves this brightness memory, so when you turn it back on it’s at the same brightness you left it at when it turned off. It is good atmosphere lighting as well as being a night lamp for your nursery. We love how simple and easy it is!
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ANGTUO Mushroom Night Lamp

This is another lamp that’s super cute! It’s a baby night light shaped like a mushroom. It’s made of natural rubber wood for the stalk and soft silicone for the mushroom hood. The cover is soft and flexible, so your child can pull at it and squish it all they want. There are 16 different color combinations and 4 lighting modes that this light can switch between, and all of these options can be set via remote control. There’s even an option that allows the colors to gradually shift from one to another, creating a peaceful environment. The light from this lamp is enough to do diaper changes in the dark! It’s warm light that creates a peaceful atmosphere for your baby to sleep in. And it’s really unique on top of that! We love the design and we’re sure that you and your baby will too. It’s the perfect accessory for a woodland nursery or a modern one!
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