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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Backpack Sprayers

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How to Choose the Best Backpack Sprayer

Whether you’re watering or weeding a large garden or sealing your hardwood deck, you’ll probably benefit from having a backpack sprayer. These devices let you carry water and other liquids right on your back and dispense them with the pressure of a sprayer. They make all sorts of DIY jobs easy! Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with our backpack sprayer buying guide! Let’s start with what you should know before you start shopping.

Best Backpack Sprayers

Power: Backpack sprayers are either manual or battery-operated. Manual sprayers will need to be pumped by hand to create enough pressure to spray. Battery-operated sprayers create that pressure for you. You only have to point and pull the trigger.

Best Backpack Sprayers

Hose length: This measurement, in feet, refers to the length of the hose that runs from the container to the spraying wand. A longer hose gives you more flexibility and can create more sprayer pressure to shoot a greater distance.

How to Choose the Best Backpack Sprayer

Capacity: This refers to how big the tank is. 4-gallon sprayers or smaller will be easy to carry when completely filled. You can spray for longer without refilling with a 4-gallon tank, making it the perfect size for home use.

Best Backpack Sprayers

Nozzle length: The length of the nozzle, or spraying wand, often determines how far the device can spray. There are attachments that spray different patterns or at different power levels. There are also nozzles that are better suited to certain tasks.

Best Backpack Sprayers

Size: Size can make all the difference for a backpack sprayer. Since it’s going to be on your back, you want to choose a device that fits your frame and isn’t too bulky for you. Find your perfect fit!

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Pieces: Most sprayers will come with accessories, including a battery if the sprayer is battery-powered. This can also include different nozzle head; usually, sprayers come with about 3 different attachments. These help you accomplish a variety of tasks.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get to the backpack sprayer reviews! We looked at a variety of different devices to bring you our recommendations for the best. From keeping bugs off your flowers to bleaching the siding on a house, these sprayers can do just about anything. Keep your lawn watered without a costly sprinkler system! The possibilities are endless when you have a backpack sprayer. Let’s start with our top pick and budget pick!

My 4 Sons Backpack Sprayer

Top Pick
The My 4 Sons Backpack Sprayer is easily the best backpack sprayer for sale! It’s a battery-powered sprayer, so you won’t ever have to pump it. The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, and you can get up to eight hours out of a single, full battery charge. We think that’s pretty amazing! The steel wand is almost unbreakable, with a brass nozzle that delivers 60 psi of spraying power to get your toughest jobs that are farthest away done. There’s a wide mouth on the tank so you don’t have to be too careful when you’re pouring in whatever substance you need to spray. The 5-foot hose is flexible and gives you the reach you want without sacrificing power. Want to know the best part about this sprayer? It’s the only battery-operated sprayer on our list that you can use to spray bleach. Now you can clean the siding on your house or large areas without breaking your back!
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Rainmaker Backpack Sprayer

Budget Pick
Our pick for the best cheap backpack sprayer is the Rainmaker. You are sure to get your money’s worth with this device because no job is too big for it to handle. It’s a manual sprayer, which means that it will need to be pumped regularly to keep the pressure going and allow the liquid to be sucked up into the wand. But it’s got an integrated filter to keep debris and larger chunks of any solution from getting sucked up into the wand and ruining it. The hose is an incredibly 4 feet long, giving you plenty of maneuverability with the wand. The nozzle at the tip of the wand can be changed to one of the four options that come with this sprayer. Different nozzles are better for different jobs, so you’ll always have the tools you need! You can lock the trigger ‘on’ so you don’t have to continually hold it down.
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D.B. Smith Field King Sprayer

The Field King sprayer is pretty unique on our list. Instead of just building pressure, manually pumping the handle works internal paddles, to help the contents stay agitated. This is perfect for powder-based mixtures because they won’t have the opportunity to settle during your work. But what’s even better is the internal tank pressure. This sprayer generates an incredibly 150 psi inside the tank so that by the time the liquid gets to the wand, it is ready to spray for a long time! The pressure in this tank makes it a candidate for the best backpack weed sprayer! It’s easier than ever to get the mixture down onto those pesky, unwanted growths. It’s easy to replace or repair parts on this sprayer as well. Like any machine, it needs to be maintained. The gaskets and seals on this device are easy to take off and replace, so maintaining the sprayer is no hassle at all!
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Chapin 61900 Commercial Sprayer

Chapin is one of the most popular brands of backpack sprayers. This particular model is a manual sprayer that you have to pump to maintain the pressure. Unlike a Chapin battery-powered backpack sprayer, you won’t have to rely on a battery to give you the power you need. This thing can go for hours and hours if you need it to! The wand is made of stainless steel, perfect for resisting all of those chemicals you’re going to need to spray. The large opening allows you to put more fluid in at once, so pouring in your mixtures won’t take forever. The wand gives you greater precision to be able to clean or spray very specific areas. There’s even a pressure gauge on the shut-off valve so you can tell how much power you’re using! We loved that! This sprayer is amazingly easy to assemble, use, and clean when you’re finished. Chapin guarantees it leak free as well!
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Hudson Never Pump Sprayer

The Hudson Never Pump is the best battery operated backpack sprayer on our list! The battery is made of lead acid, so you get stronger, longer power than a lithium-ion battery. Hudson boasts that this sprayer will last you 600 minutes at 60psi on one charge. And the best part about this battery is that the power source doesn’t degrade over time! You’ll get the same 600 minutes no matter how long you’ve owned it. The tank is translucent so you can easily see where the liquid is on the inside – no more guesswork needs to go into filling the tank! You can use so many different chemicals with this sprayer – from pesticides to keep your garden growing, sealers to protect your wooden furnishings, and cleaners to keep everything looking amazing, this sprayer can do it all! The wand is an amazing 20 inches long for an unparalleled reach that gets stuff where you need it!
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Solo 425 Backpack Sprayer

Solo has provided an amazing device with the 425 model. We just had to include it in our best backpack sprayer reviews! This sprayer comes with padded straps, so you’ll never even feel the weight of the 4-gallon tank as it rests comfortably on your back. The plastic that the tank is made of is coated with a corrosion-resistant material so there’s no chance that it will degrade over time no matter what type of liquid you’re using in it. What’s better, none of the metal or rubber parts is exposed, so they won’t go bad! This sprayer generates a pressure range of up to 90 psi. The tank is UV resistant, which prevents evaporation and degradation of the materials you’re spraying. This thing has an amazing 28-inch long wand to give you the reach you need, and a 4-foot pressure hose to help you get it where it needs to go! We love the versatility of this sprayer!
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Seaflo Backpack Sprayer

The Seaflo Backpack Sprayer is inexpensive in the realm of battery-powered backpack sprayers! It gives you all the power that you want with no hand pumping, at a price that you can afford! It’s the perfect blend of price and function! It’s fully automatic with a rechargeable battery – and one charge of battery life will get you six hours of runtime without stopping to charge! The battery compartment easily snaps in so that you won’t have to struggle with it when you need to charge the battery. On top of this, all of the seals and gaskets are airtight – you won’t have to worry about chemicals leaking down your back in the middle of spraying like some other models! Overall, we think this is the best backpack sprayer for the money – with all the features you get and without the need to pump it to generate pressure, you can’t get much better than this sprayer!
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Roundup 190314 Backpack Sprayer

Roundup makes their own backpack sprayer specifically for their insecticides! It’s inexpensive as far as these sprayers go, and it's refillable so you only have to buy the product to keep the sprayer going. The 21-inch wand is made of polycarbonate, so it is tough and won’t break or wear down with the use of chemicals. It has a lock-on feature so you won’t have to hold the trigger down for extended spraying periods. The 5-foot hose has an in-line filter to keep gunk and impurities from being sprayed all over your garden. And on top of that, it comes with three interchangeable nozzles so you have the right tools for the job every time. If you need a different nozzle, this sprayer accepts TeeJet brand accessories! We thought that was pretty awesome! The seals are heavy-duty Viton seals – the most indestructible kind, to give your sprayer longevity! It is obviously the best backpack sprayer for Roundup!
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Meditool Sprayer Knapsack

The Meditool Knapsack sprayer is a neat little tool for keeping your gardening and other outside activities quick and easy! It’s a manual sprayer so it will need to be pumped, but the pumping device is internal so there’s no chance that it will leak all over the place. No one wants chemicals leaking down their back while they’re working! It features Viton seals and gaskets, the very highest quality that won’t break down or become flimsy with use. There is a nifty filtration basket in the opening of the tank to keep your mixture to only liquid and avoid time-consuming cleaning. Meditool recommends that you wash this sprayer after every use of a corrosive spray. Do you want to hear the best part? This sprayer comes with three different nozzles, including the conical double nozzle, conical single, and porous nozzle for all the different jobs you want to use it for! We love the variety of the accessories!
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Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer

The Oregon Backpack sprayer is relatively inexpensive when you consider the other amazing quality sprayers on our list. It includes a six-foot, flexible hose – it’s incredibly long and works well to get your sprays where they need to go. It’s a manual pump, but the tank isn’t pressurized, which means that you can get exactly the amount you want without wasting any! There are two nozzles included in your purchase – a flat fan nozzle and an adjusted cone, as well as the user manual. There’s even a holder for the wand on the side of the tank so you can keep everything neat and tidy! When you order, this sprayer includes a shoulder strap and a seal kit that includes all the spare seals you’ll need to maintain your sprayer. The wand is 25 inches long and gives you all the extra reach you could want! We loved this sprayer and all of the extras that it comes with!
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