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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Baits for Mouse Traps

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quadcopter reviewsBest Baits for Mouse Traps

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How to Choose the Best Bait for Mouse Traps

Whether you have a mouse problem or you’re trying to prevent one, you want the perfect bait for your mousetraps. It’s important to choose the right luring method for your mice. We’ve put together a handy mouse bait buying guide for you! Below is a list of a few things you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping. After that, check out the products we recommend. We’ve researched and reviewed each one to make sure that you’re getting the best bait!

Best Baits for Mouse Traps

Size: Choose a product that comes in a useful amount. You’ll want more than you think you need in case the mice are being choosy. If the bait is multiple-feed, you’re going to need a lot more to do the job.

Best Baits for Mouse Traps

Kill Time: This refers to how long it takes the bait to kill rodents. This will vary based on what type of poison and chemicals are present in the product. Some may take up to a full seven days to take effect.

How to Choose the Best Bait for Mouse Traps

Ingredients: Most rodent baits are made with a warfarin-based chemical (diphacinone). Some rodents can be resistant to the chemical warfarin, so you will need to try something with bromadiolone in it. The most intense poisons are made with brodifacoum.

Best Baits for Mouse Traps

Rodents: You want the bait that’s going to kill the rodents you have. Most of these products are formulated specifically for rats and mice and will say so on the label. Some of them are effective against voles, moles, and squirrels.

Best Baits for Mouse Traps

Product weight: Some of the products we looked at came in buckets up to 10 pounds. You’re getting more poison, which means you can effectively kill more rats. You’ll want bigger batches of multiple-feed bait because it takes more doses to work.

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Delivery System: Most baits will come in pellet, chunk, or tray form. Pellets are small granules that the rodent will eat. Chunks are poison mixed with food that the rat will be attracted to. Trays are single servings of either method.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, take a look at our recommended baits! We have researched a selection of poisons for our mouse bait reviews in order to bring you the ones that work. You don’t have to live with pests. Don’t waste time on products that don’t fix your problem! Check out our top pick and budget pick. They’ll give you a good idea of what to look for. It’s time to get to the reviews!

D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets

Top Pick
These D-Con bait pellets start the process to kill your rodents in 4 to 5 days. There are certain rats and mice that have become resistant to the main chemical of other poisons, warfarin. This bait is specifically formulated to kill rats and mice that are resistant to this chemical. Even small doses of this product will work wonders for your rodent problem! It only takes one feeding to be effective due to the main ingredient. Just set out the tray and let them feed on the pellets, and you should start seeing results before too long. It is easily the best mouse bait poison and works quicker than a lot of other mousetrap baits. D-Con is a top name in rodent control, and they have many products geared towards this purpose. You know that you’re getting a product that works with this company. Save time and money trying to find an effective bait, and go with D-con.
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Old Cobblers Farm Bait Bar

Budget Pick
These Old Cobbler’s Bars are a unique twist on the chunk and pellet baits on this list. There are four bars in this pack, and you are meant to break these up into pieces of about 2 ounces each for mounting or use in a bait station. Honestly, the way these are made would make them the best bait for a mouse glue trap. Set the sticky pad up with a piece of this bait on the pad. Set up multiple stations and be sure to catch all of your rodents! Rats and mice love this stuff. If they happen to get the bait off the sticky pad, they will still die in 4-5 days, because they can consume enough in a single feeding to be effectively poisoned. Your pests will love the ridges on these bars, perfect for nibbling. This bait is good for inside and outside use, and for use at some distance from agricultural buildings and fields.
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Motomco Tomcat Bait

Motomo Tomcat bait comes in many sizes, but if you have a problem, why not get more than you need just in case? There are 10 pounds of pellets in this bucket, so you will be prepared for any problems you may face in the future. This bait is made with warfarin, though it has a second active ingredient, bromadiolone, to help with warfarin-resistant Norway rats and roof rats. A little of this stuff goes a long way! This is an easy-to-find, inexpensive alternative to some of the more expensive bait pellets. And you get a whole 10 pounds! Easily one of the best cheap mouse bait companies. This is a multiple feed bait, which means that the rodents have to feed a couple times for the poison to take effect. Fortunately, rats and mice love this stuff! Make sure that you keep your leftover pellet bucket away from the rodents or you might not have any left!
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JT Eaton 709-PN

This is a different kind of bait. JT Eaton’s bait blocks are chunk-based, meaning that the poison is mixed with food that the rodents can’t resist. This particular variety is peanut butter flavored. Peanut butter is widely considered the best bait for mice traps since rodents are so attracted to it. They won’t be able to resist this poison! The food in these chunks is human-grade, which will attract even mice that are bait-shy. This multiple-feed lure will keep the mice coming back for more! The blocks are 1 ounce each, and there are 144 of them in this bucket for a really affordable price. What’s even better is that the chunks have a hole through each one to make it easier to hang the bait away from pets and children. This bait is effective for rats, mice, voles, and even moles. There is no secondary poison present in this product, so your curious pets won’t get sick.
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Motomco All Weather Chunx

There are 64 chunks in this Motomco All Weather bait pail. These pieces are made with multiple-feed poison and human food-grade ingredients. It tastes as good to rats as the food from our pantries would. This is the 4-pound size, but they also sell a 9-pound for tougher cases, larger houses, or farms. Please use caution and place away from agricultural buildings. These chunks can also be hung so the rodents are the only thing that gets to them. They would work really well with bait traps for mice. This is another reason for the hole in the center – for rat stations with rods to load the poison onto. It only takes 2-3 doses per rodent to kill, so it works quickly. What’s even better? This poison is mold and moisture resistant, so even if wet environments or after any amount of time, it will still work to keep your home, farm, or property free of rodents.
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Farnam Just One Bite

Farnam Just One Bite might just be the best bait for mice for sale. This product works wonders for rat problems, even as large-scale as total infestations. It begins working in as little as 4 to 5 days so the rodents don’t catch on and continue to feed. It’s also good for pests that are resistant to warfarin, such as Norway rats and some house mice. Though this is a multiple-feed bait, some rodents can eat enough at a time to kill them. There are 86 packs of pellets in this bucket. To use them, you have to put out the packs without opening them. Rodents will be attracted to them and eat right through the plastic to the poison inside. These pellets work very well even with desert rats and field mice that might make their way onto your property. So many people have verified that this stuff works – so get some and take care of your problem today!
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Neogen Rodenticide

This is another product that comes in packs. To use Neogen Rodenticide, just toss the packs in places you know the rats and mice will frequent. There is no need to open the packets. As soon as they are opened, more mice are attracted to the smell. These Neogen pellets are fish flavored and full of protein, so the rodents are even more attracted to them. And they’re green, which they prefer to eat. Even bait-shy rats will have a problem staying away from these appetizing pellets. You get 45 packs in this tub, and you can use it even in wet weather. It doesn’t change the potency at all. You should also keep this product away from children and pets. In just 2-3 days after there are signs that the poison has been eaten, you will begin to find expired rodents. It’s that quick! It’s probably the best bait to catch mice off-guard and keep your peace of mind!
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Havok Mouse and Rat Killer

Havok Mouse and Rat Killer is simply the best food to bait mice! It’s a strong anticoagulant poison, so the rodents won’t know to stay away from the bait until it’s already working in their systems. This pack-based poison doesn’t even have to be opened to work – you can keep your hands free of the harsh chemicals even during distribution. Simply toss a few packets in the area where you have the highest rodent activity. The package will keep the bait from losing potency in the rain or any other harsh weather. The rats and mice will be enticed by the challenge of getting it open and chew through the plastic. Two of these pre-measured amounts are enough to kill one rodent. And with so many rave reviews, you can trust this bait to stop even the toughest rodent problem. As always, just keep away from pets and kids – and save your peace of mind by getting your property back.
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Neogen Ramik Nuggets

This Ramik Nugget bait isn’t quite a pellet. It’s a much more sizeable piece of rodent poison. These are moisture and mold resistant, so you can use them anywhere it’s wet without compromising how well they work. As a matter of fact, it’s specifically formulated for wet and rainy conditions! This 4-pound bag will be more than enough for any regularly-sized mouse problem! There is something about the green pellets that the rodents seem more drawn to. Maybe it’s something in their biology, but they really seem attracted to these pellets. The formula used in this poison is wax-free. These nuggets are best used in bait traps. With so many testimonies that this product works, we can confidently say this is the best bait to catch mice! As always, keep these nuggets away from kids and pets. It is sure to take care of your rat problem with no fuss. Keep bait boxes full and that’s it!
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Ratx Mouse Bait

What is the best mouse bait? RatX! This recipe is unique and all-natural. Unlike most other poisons, this formula is made with corn gluten. It works with the rodents’ digestive systems to coat their stomachs and stop important neurological messages from reaching their brains. There are no terrible, violent deaths – instead, the rats just go to sleep in the burrows. RatX boasts that this poison actually mummifies the rats, reducing the smell by up to 90% after death. It only takes 2-4 days after feeding for the poison to take effect. This product works by requiring the rat or mouse to eat only about 40-60% of what they would normally eat in a feeding, so if they feed on RatX just once it has the capability to work. Here’s the kicker: it’s eco-friendly and only works on mice and rats. So your pets, kids, or even other animals won’t be affected by RatX if they get their hands on it.
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