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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Band Saw Blades

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How to Choose the Best Band Saw Blade

The band saw is a must-have for many DIYers, craftsmen, and professionals, but finding replacement blades can be a bear. In our band saw blade reviews, we show the results of our research of best-selling band saw blades for making awe-inspiring cuts every time! But before you jump into the reviews, take a look at these specs to consider when looking for a new band saw blade.

Best Band Saw Blades

Pieces: A multipack can give you the best value, but it may not be worth it if you only use your band saw occasionally.

Best Band Saw Blades

Size: Different band saws have different length requirements, while different widths let you make more or less detailed cuts.

How to Choose the Best Band Saw Blade

Shatter Resistant: Especially when you’re working with tough materials, a shatter-resistant blade can save you some trouble!

Best Band Saw Blades

Main Application: Blades can be general-purpose or optimized for woods and metals depending on their overall design.

Best Band Saw Blades

Material: What’s it made out of? The material affects the blade’s heat and fatigue tolerance while it’s in use.

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Tooth Style: The main tooth styles in our reviews are variable (best for cutting metal) and regular (best for wood and general-purpose).

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get into the reviews. In a hurry? Check out our top pick and budget pick! Got time? Read them all to explore all of your options! We’ve covered a variety of types and sizes of band saw blades for your workshop. Let’s go!

SKIL 80151 Band Saw Blade

Top Pick
If you’re a carpenter or woodworker, this three-pack from SKIL offers a combination of some of the best band saw blades for wood. There are two 6 TPI blades, one ¼’’ wide and the other ?’’ wide, that are ideal for handling thick cuts--up to 3.5’’! The widely spaced teeth work well for wood but aren’t the best option for metals. The third blade is ?’’ wide with 15 TPI, so it works well for fine cuts and scroll cuts, as well as working for some more machinable metals like mild steel. These blades should fit most popular brands of band saws in 9’’ and 10’’ sizes. The blades provide smooth cuts in hard and soft woods, so they’re a great choice for carpentry work and more. If you want a variety of blade sizes on hand, it’s easy to get what you want with the SKIL 80151 variety three-pack!
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DEWALT Band Saw Blade

Budget Pick
DeWalt is a familiar name in the world of tools and home improvement, and they offer a great value with a three-pack of 32.8’’ by ½’’ band saw blades with 24 TPI. The Matrix II high-speed steel edge and tooth hardness of RC 65-67 ensures a sharp blade with long-lasting cutting power. The steel features an alloy of 8% cobalt for extra heat-resistance and wear-resistance, plus the alloy steel backer is designed to prevent blade fatigue. It works well for a range of metal cutting applications, although it can also be used with wood, although the teeth per inch density may require a slower speed to get the results you want when dealing with thicker materials. They’re a good choice for workshops and dedicated DIYers. If you’re looking for the best bandsaw blades available that combine value with build quality, this three-pack from DeWalt is hard to beat!
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Olson Band Saw Blade

This band saw blade from Olson fits most 14’’ band saws, including Delta/Rockwell, Jet, and Grizzly, and the 10 TPI regular tooth style can handle materials as thick as 1’’! This hard edge flex back 93.5’’ by .2’’ blade works for wood (hard or soft), plastic, mild steel, and even non-ferrous metal if your machine has speed reduction options. From DIY and woodworking uses to professional applications, this blade can handle anything! The narrow width lets you use it for scroll cuts with ease. For occasional use, it’s hard to beat the price. And if you use your band saw often, you’ll find that Olson blades are durable and long-lasting! This blade combines high-quality manufacturing with a great low price that works well for casual use, regular craftsman work, and professional work. If you need a narrow general-purpose band saw blade, this Olson option is a great choice!
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Bosch Band Saw Blade

Are you looking for the best band saw blades for cutting very thin materials? This 64.5’’ by 0.5’’ blade from Bosch features 24 TPI to help you handle hard steels, non-ferrous metals, and thin metals without premature blade dulling. The slightly wavy tooth design helps cut rather than “grab” metal materials. This blade should fit most popular brands of band saws, including 9’’ and 10’’ sizes. The steel material resists heat buildup. For materials like ?’’ mild steel, threaded rod, and more, it provides buttery smooth cuts when run through at a lower speed. You’ll have to balance speed with cut quality--going slow means less edge cleanup afterward! This blade is a good option for workshops and light professional use where a consistent, smooth cut is important. For homeowners, contractors, and basic applications, the 24 TPI may be overkill! This blade can also be used with wood but works best with metal applications.
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MK Morse ZCFD14 Blades

MK Morse band saw blades are a great option for people looking for blades made in the USA. This 64.5’’ by 0.5’’ band saw blade features 14 TPI for making buttery smooth, slow cuts. It works well for general-purpose applications with wood and easy-to-machine metals like aluminum and various types of mild and low-carbon steel. It fits standard stationary machines and has a carbon hard edge with flexible back material and teeth hardened to RC 64-66. Combined with guaranteed welds, this band saw blade has all of the ingredients for a reliable, smooth, and long-lasting blade. If you mostly deal with highly machinable metals and occasionally with wood, this band saw blade is a great piece to add to your arsenal. Although it can handle wood, it’s more of a general-purpose blade than one made for woodworking and carpentry. Want more bang for your buck? MK Morse also sells multi-packs of saw blades, one of which we reviewed below!
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Powertec Band Saw Blade

Nervous about straying from OEM band saw blades? Maybe Powertec can change your mind! This 14 TPI blade is one of their bandsaw mill blades and is designed to fit the 10’’ Craftsman 921400 Band Saw. It’s easy to install and great for making tight cuts and holds up for a long time thanks to the guaranteed welds. Each blade is constructed from a single piece of high carbon steel with a tooth hardness of RC 64-66. Powertec products aim to meet or exceed the performance of OEM options, and this high-quality band saw blade is a fine example of this. It’s designed to be used with hard and soft woods, plastic, and non-ferrous metal. You can make scrolling cuts smoothly and easily with this blade. Whether you’re a general hobbyist with a workshop band saw or if you focus your efforts on woodworking, you’ll get a lot of use out of this Powertec blade!
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Vermont American Band Saw Blade

Many projects in home workshops can require fine scroll cutting, and this narrow carbon steel band saw blade from Vermont American excels at this. The general-purpose design allows you to use it for a variety of projects and with many different materials like plywood, wood, plastics, composites, and thin veneer. The 15 TPI spec ensures you get the smooth results you want when cutting curves. Vermont American blades are cut with an advanced laser machine and undergo a microview inspection system to ensure that each blade meets exacting high standards. If you’re looking for 82 band saw blades to add to your collection, this Vermont American blade is worth a closer look! Although it’s designed for soft woods and thin materials, it should be able to handle occasional use with hardwoods as well, so it’s a great blade for general purpose projects as well as woodworking!
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Imachinist Band Saw Blade

This Imachinist Band Saw Blade features bi-metal construction and 14 TPI that is ideal for making slow, smooth cuts. This 65.5’’ by ½’’ band saw blade is a good choice for soft metals like mild steel and aluminum. It is .025’’ thick, so it works best with thin pipe tube profiles and similar applications. It’s a good choice for light contractor work and other professional applications thanks to its durable design and solid construction. Although many craftsmen prefer to stick with USA-made blades, many people have found these blades to be worth it! The price makes them hard to resist, whether you’re a homeowner who doesn’t want to splurge on expensive materials or a professional who wants the most bang for your buck. Although it can be scary to stray from familiar brands, this kind of diamond in the rough can make the adventure worth your while!
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Lenox Tools band Saw Blade

Get five band saw blades for a great price from Lenox Tools! These shatter resistant bi-metal blades are made with high-speed steel that allows them to flex and cut without breaking or shattering. The variable steel teeth use a Tuff Tooth design to help the blade last longer. High-speed steel teeth provide a strong, long lasting cutting edge. This five-pack can cut most metals with diameters from 3/32’’ up to ¼’’. For homeowners, hobbyists, and professionals, these band saw blades are a great choice for cutting metal sheets and pipes. If you’re a contractor looking for reliable blades or a homeowner or craftsman looking for the best blades for your craft, Lenox Tools has some great options for a value price! These long-lasting blades cut smoothly and are shatter-resistant to make your job easier. It’s hard to beat the price for the number and quality of blades you get!
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MK Morse Band Saw Blades

This three-pack of 14/18 TPI band saw blades from MK Morse are made to fit all standard portable band saw machines, perfect for taking with you on the job or doing hobby work and repair work around the house. Each blade features variable pitch teeth and Matrix II cutting edges to help reduce vibration and last a long time. Made in the USA, the materials are a combination of high-speed steel with 8% cobalt to handle high sawing speeds. The Matrix II edge provides some of the longest blade lifespans on the market. These blades are ideal for cutting pipe tubing and machinable metal solids. If you use a band saw to cut metal regularly, good blades are a must to get consistent results. These 14/18 TPI MK Morse saw blades provide a good value and good build quality at a great price. For homeowner and hobbyist applications, they’re hard to beat!
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