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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Beard Oils

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How to Choose Your Beard Oil

The main difference between beard balm vs beard oil is in the styling power: beard balm shapes your beard, while beard oil conditions it and can also provide benefits to your skin. We’ve researched and reviewed best-selling beard oils to help you turn your beard from a scratchy, itchy nest to the smooth, glorious facial accent it was always meant to be. Before you skip down to our reviews, check out these features to consider when looking for a beard oil!

Best Beard Oils

All Natural - Avoiding buildup and keeping your skin happy is easier with beard oils that use all-natural ingredients.

Best Beard Oils

Fragrance-Free - Unscented beard oils are good for sensitive skin and won’t clash with your cologne or other scents you wear.

How to Choose Your Beard Oil

Scent Strength - Want your beard oil to blend in or make a statement? Consider if the scent is Light, Medium, or Strong.

Best Beard Oils

Sensitive Skin - Look for beard oils with low numbers of ingredients and no fragrances if you have sensitive skin.

Best Beard Oils

Scent - Want your beard to smell like the woods, or perhaps the ocean? Keep track of the available scent options!

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Weight - How much oil are you getting? Even small bottles are long-lasting since you only use a few drops at a time.

Top 10 Products

If you’ve been debating between beard balm vs oil and have decided to try the conditioning properties of a beard oil first, you’re in the right place! Check out our carefully groomed list of top of the line beard oils, or just read the top pick and budget pick if you’re in a hurry. Your beard is about to level up!

The Gentleman’s Beard Oil

Top Pick
The Gentleman’s Beard Oil is available in scented and unscented formulas, but all of them are 100% organic and made with natural ingredients. These ingredients include oils like Evening Primrose, jojoba, argan, sweet almond, and grapeseed. All of them have various benefits--besides softening your beard, they also help with itchy, flaky skin and regulation oil production. If you want a touch of fragrance, The Gentleman also offers beard oils in fragrances like cinnamon and vanilla, whiskey, peppermint, and bay rum. If you have sensitive skin, the unscented oil has relatively “bland” ingredients that are less likely to irritate your skin. However, knowing what you react to and reading ingredient lists to avoid them is still your best bet! The dark amber glass bottle comes with a dropper to dispense the small amount of oil needed without making a mess, and the dark glass helps keep the oils from breaking down over time due to light exposure.
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St. Pierre’s Oil

Budget Pick
The St. Pierre’s Oil has a softening, conditioning formula with some great scent options available. Choose a one-ounce, two-ounce, or four-ounce dark amber glass bottle that will keep your beard oil going strong. The mix of apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil provide a ton of benefits to your beard and skin, including vitamins E and A. Jojoba oil is especially beneficial to the skin and can help prevent “beardruff.” The Oakmoss Sandalwood oil has a main scent of oakmoss and sandalwood with undertones of tonka bean, cedarwood, lemon, and petitgrain. The Original Delight keeps it simple with fresh tea tree, sandalwood, and madarin. Urban Cowboy brings out freshly exotic scents with grapefruit and bergamot followed by amber and patchouli. These beard oil options are ideal if you’re looking for a beard oil that helps to tame your beard, soothe your skin, AND makes you smell great!
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V76 by Vaughn Beard Oil

The Vaughn V76 Beard Oil is an all-natural, cruelty-free beard oil without parabens, mineral oil, or petrolatum. Packaged in a two-ounce pump bottle, you can dispense the perfect amount for short or long beards in one or two pumps. Saw palmetto and safflower oils are the main ingredients, followed by a manly, magnetic scent derived from Blue Cedar. Saw palmetto helps to stimulate hair growth and soothes your skin, while safflower oil conditions the hair and moisturizes the skin underneath. The blue cedar scent contains leathery accents with notes of coconut, nutmeg, and moss. The low number of ingredients makes this oil seem relatively non-threatening to sensitive skin, even though it contains fragrance. A pump bottle can be less messy than a dropper while still dispensing only just the right amount. Vaughn is a top source for men’s styling and grooming needs, so it makes sense that their beard oil is so appealing!
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Pure Body Naturals Oil

The Pure Body Naturals Oil and Balm combo provides an all-in-one beard grooming solution. Beard balm or oil? Why not both! The fragrance in the balm and oil can provide that aftershave feel even with a full beard! Because of the fragrance and potentially comedogenic ingredients like olive oil, we wouldn’t recommend this option for sensitive skin. If you want to kill two birds with one stone and know you have a wild beard, an oil will help to soften it in preparation for applying a balm for shaping and further conditioning benefits. The balm has a mix of coconut oil, shea butter, sesame oil, beeswax, and olive oil to provide moisture, nutrition, and smoothing to your beard. The oil contains sesame, argan, and olive oils with fragrance. You might know sesame oil as a cooking ingredient, but it also has some great benefits for hair like encouraging growth and preventing dandruff.
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Prophet and Tools Leave-in

The Prophet and Tools Leave-In Unscented Beard Oil comes in one-ounce or two-ounce bottles. Their fragrance-free option is 100% organic and nut-free, with just a mix of vitamin E oil, aloe vera oil, chamomile oil, and jojoba oil. Aloe vera and chamomile are awesome ingredients for soothing your skin and preventing itches and flakes! However, if you miss the days of aftershave and want a scented beard oil, Prophet and Tools offers those as well! The scents include Black Panther and Cool & Sexy, available in one-ounce bottles. The scented beard oils contain denatured alcohol, perfume, and water as well as the same oils as the unscented product. The unscented beard oil is a great option for sensitive skin thanks to the short handful of ingredients, but more “tolerant” skin types may enjoy the kick of fragrance from the scented options. The oil is also clear in color, so it won’t stain white, gray, or blond beards.
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Honest Amish Oil

If you’re looking for the best combination of all-natural ingredients and the perfect blend of oils to pamper your hair follicles--check out Honest Amish! Honest Amish Classic Blend Beard Oil includes essential oils and eight premium oils to nourish every aspect of your beard. Despite being unscented, we wouldn’t recommend this beard oil for sensitive skin because of the essential oil blend, which could contain irritating ingredients. Other ingredients include avocado, pumpkin seed, moringa, sweet almond, apricot, jojoba, argan, and kukui oils. Wow! The beard oil’s natural scent is mild and pleasant. Make styling easier and get rid of flakes and irritation with this ultra-nourishing beard oil. The dropper included in the bottle means you can dispense the perfect amount every time, plus the dark amber bottle keeps the oils from breaking down due to light exposure. Made in the USA and handcrafted, get some guilt-free Honest Amish in your life!
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Leven Rose Oil

Keep it simple with Leven Rose Beard Oil. Just two organic, all-natural ingredients: jojoba oil and argan oil in a dark amber glass bottle with a dropper. This dark amber glass helps keep the oils from breaking down over time, and the dropper makes dispensing oil mess-free. These oils are recommended for use on the hair and face because they soak in quickly and are quite effective for the moisture needs of beard hair. The one-ounce bottle is a little on the smaller side, but it’s a good choice if you’re not sure beard oil is for you and want to experiment. Jojoba and argan oils have mild scents that fade quickly, so they won’t “clash” with your scented products. This beard oil is an ideal option for sensitive skin, since there aren’t any extra ingredients that may irritate your skin, and the two oils are known for “playing nice” with most skin types.
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Smooth Viking Oil

The Smooth Viking Beard Oil has just a touch of fragrance for a mild sandalwood-like scent that won’t intrude on your other fragranced products like cologne or deodorant. This could work well for some sensitive skin types, but some people have trouble with oils from avocado and castor, which are in this formula. The main oils used are olive oil and safflower seed oil, with hints of pumpkin seed, argan, sweet almond, and jojoba. For sensitive skin, we recommend shorter ingredients lists--keep it bland! This Viking beard oil is a great all-around choice for your beard and skin, smoothing out and strengthening each beard hair while moisturizing and soothing the skin underneath. This two-ounce bottle comes with a dropper to make dispensing the proper amount easy, with no mess involved. Olive oil and castor oil are thicker oils that are a good choice for thicker, unruly beards, providing a boost of moisture and conditioning.
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AsaVea Beard Oil

The AsaVea Beard Oil comes in an easy-to-use glass bottle with a dropper to dispense a small amount of oil into your hands. The all-natural ingredients list is just a handful of items: jojoba oil, argan oil, aloe vera oil, vitamin E oil, and chamomile oil. This lovely mix provides antioxidants and moisture to give your beard new life and strength. They also soothe your skin to prevent irritation and itchiness after shaving or due to beard growth. Chamomile and aloe vera extracts suspended in oil formulas are ingredients known to be anti-inflammatory and healing. This formula has a light, clean scent that fades quickly, with no ingredients specifically added for fragrance. Use it alone or as a pre-conditioner to a beard balm or wax. The fragrance free formula makes it a good option for sensitive skin! Decrease irritation and enjoy an organic, all-natural treat for your beard.
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Mountaineer Brand Oil

The Mountaineer Brand Oil in West Virginia Timber is handmade in West Virginia with a handful of choice ingredients. This oil hydrates your skin and conditions your beard with a combination of grapeseed oil, almond oil, castor oil, cedarwood oil, fir needle oil, and eucalyptus leaf oil. That’s all you need to get a beautiful beard! The last three oils provide the clean cedarwood scent with a hint of fir and eucalyptus. This scent will fade over about an hour as the oil soaks into your thirsty beard, so it’s ideal for men who don’t want a strongly scented beard oil. It’s a very inoffensive scent, for what it’s worth! The oil comes in a two-ounce bottle and is free of dyes, artificial fragrances, and parabens for a soothing and skin-friendly grooming product. Give your beard some of the same great treatment your head of hair gets!
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