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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

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How to Choose the Best Beard Trimmer

Gentlemen, listen up! If you’re looking for the best beard trimmer for the money, you’re in the right place. Before we jump to the reviews, take a look at what you need to know before buying new gear for that handsome face.

Best Beard Trimmer

Wet Use: It’s not essential to have a trimmer that can be used on wet skin, but it sure is convenient. For those of you not in the know, this means you can use your beard trimmer in the shower, tub, and any other wet and wild situations. In all seriousness, wet use can help reduce skin irritation and makes life simple.

Best Beard Trimmer

Dry Use: If you like to keep things simple and old-school, trimming your beard dry is the way to go. It’s preferred by many since it allows to see the results of what that trim will look like more quickly. The choice is yours, of course, so pick the beard trimmer that gives you the desired use and results.

How to Choose the Best Beard Trimmer

Cordless: You know the trade-off, right? Cordless trimmers are flexible and convenient to use but need to be charged, or you need to pop in a new battery. Corded beard trimmers never run out of battery (because there is none) but that cable can get in the way. Again, this is a matter of personal preference but worth considering.

Best Beard Trimmer

Attachments: Although you can do without any sort of accessories, it’s nice to have the option to trim and style your facial hair. Personally, we like if the beard trimmer has some attachments as it makes it easier to use and offers nice long-term value. We’ll make sure to point out below if trimmer attachments are part of the deal.

Best Beard Trimmer

Waterproof: Just because a trimmer/shaver can be used on wet skin, it doesn’t mean it’s waterproof. If a trimmer is labeled as waterproof by the manufacturer, feel free to take it into the shower. As a rule, corded trimmers will tend NOT to be waterproof, let alone immersible. Always double check when buying to be safe here. Being waterproof is not a must have, btw.

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Size: Ready for a lazy pun? Ok, size does matter in this case. Surprisingly, smaller is better. That’s because it makes your beard trimmer easier to handle and store. If you’re always off to a new adventure, a smaller product will also store easier in your bags. You can see the size of each trimmer right below in the reviews.

Top 10 Products

All right, let’s cut to the chase and start trimming! Here are our top 10 recommendations for the best beard trimmer to buy. If you’re in a hurry, check out the premium top pick and affordable budget pick. Let’s do this!

Philips Norelco 7200

Top Pick
The Philips Norelco 7200 is the overall best trimmer for men. It features an innovative cutting system which actually lifts hairs before cutting them, giving you a much closer shave and smooth contouring. Still, it’s not the same as actual shaving, and you’ll be left with a nice stubble. It works equally well for beard styling. The best part would probably be the built-in vacuum system, which is a godsend for cleaning afterward, as it reduces the mess up to 90%. Speaking of built-in, the trimmer has 20 length settings, giving you the option to choose your preferred length (between 0.5mm and 10mm) by simply turning the zoom wheel. You also get four washable attachments for more flexibility. The blades are stainless steel, which is great news for sensitive skin, and self-sharpening, for easier maintenance. The advanced Li-Ion battery gives you unparalleled performance with up to 80 minutes of runtime after only about an hour of charging. As far as warranty goes, the 7200 comes with a five-year full warranty. Try it! It’s a beast.
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Philips Norelco 3100

Budget Pick
Our recommended budget pick is the excellent Philips Norelco 3100, an all-in-one cordless beard trimmer. The box includes the trimmer itself, as well as five attachments – full trimmer, detail trimmer, nose trimmer, beard and mustache trimmer, and stubble comb. It’s all you need and then some! The blades are chromium-steel, good for delicate skin, and, better yet, self-sharpening, which goes a long way to making maintenance easier. There are 18 built-in length settings, so even without the attachments, you get a decent amount of options. In short, there’s a lot of value here for your money. It operates on a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which should give you about half an hour of runtime on a 10-hour charge. Pro tip – plan ahead a bit, and you never have to think about it. As far as peace of mind goes, you get a 45-day money back guarantee, as well as a full two-year warranty with your purchase. What’s not to like?
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Panasonic ER-GB80-S

The Panasonic ER-GB80-S may not be the gold standard when it comes to good beard trimmers, but it comes damn close to matching our top pick! The blades are stainless steel, which is great for sensitive skin, and they are angled at 45 degrees to give optimal trim both to the beard and similar areas. With Panasonic’s quick-adjust dial and three comb attachments, you get a total of 39 different settings for utmost precision. The trimmer as a whole sits comfortably in your hands, and there’s even a rubberized grip so that you don’t drop it. As far as power goes, you can go either corded or cordless, though it doesn’t charge as efficiently if you use it at the same time. Once fully charged, however, it should give you about 50 minutes of runtime. Plenty even for heavily bearded woodsmen. According to the manufacturer, the hair trimmer can be used on any grid (universal voltage), so it’s ideal for travels abroad.
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Remington PG6025

Thanks to its seven washable attachments, the all-in-one Remington PG6025 pretty much covers any of your shaving and trimming needs. The attachments include a full-size trimmer, foil shaver, nose/ear/detail trimmer, hair clipper comb with 8 length settings, and three different beard and stubble combs. That’s plenty... and then some. You even get a travel pouch to store it all. The trimmer features self-sharpening stainless steel blades, which significantly prolongs its lifetime. It’s powered by a good Li-Ion battery for typically more than an hour of runtime on a single charge. If you think that’s impressive, wait until you get a load of its 60-day money back guarantee and two-year limited warranty (at the time of writing). These make it a no-brainer to try the Remington.
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Conair Corded Beard Trimmer

If you’re on the hunt for an inexpensive corded beard trimmer, you might want to check out the very aptly named Conair Corded Beard Trimmer. Not only do you get a full-size trimmer with removable stainless steel blades, but you also get two jawline combs (for more precise trimming) and an adjustable comb (with five settings). It’s one of the closest shaves on our list, so watch out when manscaping. It operates on any standard 120V power outlet, but with an adapter (doesn’t come with), you can take it abroad. A word of warning – don’t go overboard with long trimming, since the motor can overheat after prolonged use. That’s a downside, but if you’re looking for quick trims a non-issue.
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Panasonic ER-GB40-S

The Panasonic ER-GB40-S Precision offers a close trim with a decent number of precision settings. The trimmer features stainless steel blades angled at 45 degrees for a proper trim, cutting, sculpting, or detailing of your beard, hair, mustache, etc. The quick-adjust dial lets you choose between 19 built-in lengths, while the rubberized grip provides nice control. The trimmer is powered by Ni-Mh rechargeable battery, which has one of the best charge-to-runtime ratios on the market – in about an hour the battery takes enough charge for up to 50 minutes of use. We like it! It also does come with a nice stand to rest it upon when charging. A word of warning – the red light you see when it’s charging is supposed to stay red the whole time the trimmer is plugged in, it’s not a malfunction.
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Philips Norelco 5100

The Norelco Multigroom 5100 is yet another in a series of great men’s hygiene appliances from Philips. This all-in-one trimmer/shaver comes with chromium-steel self-sharpening blades. The blades and comb are rounded, which, coupled with the material they’re made of, goes a long way to preventing, or at the very least lessening skin irritation. The box also includes seven attachments (full trimmer, hair clipping comb, beard comb, stubble comb, mini-foil shaver, detail trimmer, and nose trimmer), plus you have the 18 built-in length settings, so there’s quite a lot of options for grooming. As far as power goes, the Multigroom 5100 draws its juice from a Li-Ion battery, which gives you about an hour of runtime once fully charged. According to Philips, the voltage is universal so you can take this bad boy abroad. And just so you can enjoy peace of mind, the manufacturer threw in a two-year full warranty. Boom!
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Philips Norelco GoStyler

The Philips Norelco is a nice, inexpensive, versatile trimmer/shaver for your facial, head or body hair. It comes with a detail foil shaver attachment for perfect contours, though you might develop irritation from frequent passes if you go for that close shave. It also comes with three precision combs for your beard and stubble, as well as a cleaning brush. The trimmer operates on a single AA battery, and you do get a complimentary one with your purchase. With regards to warranty, you get a two-year period with full coverage. It’s a pretty standard deal, but given how affordable the trimmer is, it’s beyond reasonable.
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Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer

The Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer puts a lot of weight on its runtime, hence probably the name. And, boy, oh, boy - does it deliver! The battery in this little fella can give you about 240 minutes (yep, four hours) of usage for about a single hour of charge time. A minute of plug-time should give you enough time for a quick, single use in a pinch. These specs pretty much gives you at least eight trims on a full charge so you can feel secure bringing this product on a camping or other trip. The trimmer packs a decent punch, thanks to its stainless steel blades and four detachable heads. It’s important to note that the battery should charge only from 110V–220V outlets. It’s made for the US, so keep that in mind (or get a converter for travel). Last but not least, it offers a five-year warranty.
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Wahl Power Pro Corded

Much like the rest of the Wahl product range, the Wahl Power Pro Corded trimmer is made in the USA. We love that! It’s a sturdy, heavy-duty, and dependable American product, designed with utility in mind. As you may have guessed from the name, it’s a corded model, so you don’t have to worry about charging it. Still, with a proper adapter (doesn’t come with the purchase) you can take it abroad to show off your good looks worldwide. The trimmer features heavy-duty stainless steel blades, with 17 built-in trimming lengths. It also comes with full trimmer, detail trimmer, three beard guide combs (stubble, medium, and full), 8 clipper guide combs, as well as some other perks (cleaning brush, blade oil, storage case and a bilingual instruction manual). That’s plenty. It’s a great deal for the money.
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