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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Bedding for Rabbits

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How to Choose the Best Rabbit Bedding

So you’re looking to switch rabbit bedding, or else you have just gotten a new rabbit and don’t know what type of bedding it needs. Never fear, we have you covered! Our rabbit bedding buying guide is compiled from research and review of some of the best products out there right now. We bring you only the best in order to help you choose the perfect bedding. First, let’s look at some things you should know before you start.

Best Bedding for Rabbits

Material: This refers to what the bedding is made out of. Most of the time this is either paper or hardwood shavings or cuttings. Paper is softer, but hardwood is sometimes more odor resistant. Choose what’s best for your small animals.

Best Bedding for Rabbits

Food Grade: If the material is food grade, you know that is high enough quality that it probably won’t bother your animal if it gets eaten or has to lay around in it all day. Mostly, this is rated by the FDA.

How to Choose the Best Rabbit Bedding

Absorbent: Most all rabbit beddings absorb waste and water bottle leaks up to several times their size. This allows the cage or enclosure to be cleaned out more easily and oftentimes decreases the smell around the tank.

Best Bedding for Rabbits

Dust-Free: Some small animals have respiratory problems that can’t be helped, and getting them bedding that is made to help their allergies or problems help them so much! When the bedding is dust-free, you won’t have to worry about it!

Best Bedding for Rabbits

Package Size: How much product are you getting? These rabbit beddings usually expand quite a bit after they’ve gotten wet, so take that into consideration when figuring out which is the best product for you. It comes down to your cage.

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Odor Control: Some bedding options have odor-control technology, which helps it to smell better for a longer period of time, and sometimes leads to less changing of the bedding. Get the stuff that smells good or not at all!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, we can show you the products. We’ve taken a look at a lot of different rabbit bedding reviews to bring these to you. We’re recommending only the best for you! Check out our top pick and budget pick first, as that’s the full spectrum of available rabbit bedding options. The rest of our list is pretty awesome too. Let’s get started with some rabbit bedding. They deserve the best!

Kaytee Aspen Bedding

Top Pick
What is the best bedding for rabbits? This Kaytee Aspen Bedding! It’s made of hardwood chips and curls that have no additional aromatic oils or inks added. It’s completely natural aspen wood right to your small pet! You can use it all sorts of different cages and critter homes, including aquariums if that’s what you’d like! The bedding is completely disposable, and because it is completely natural that is no harm that will come to the environment by disposing of it! The only processing that this bedding undertakes is the process to remove dust and debris, so your pets are safe and happy in their homes! As a bonus, it’s super absorbent. When it is clean, it smells pretty amazing, which is definitely a bonus! The aspen wood smells great and will make your small critters, especially your rabbits, feel completely comfortable in their enclosures. It’s even food-grade, so you know that it’s a great product to use!
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Living World Aspen Shavings

Budget Pick
Our choice for cheap bedding for rabbits is also made of aspen. These shavings can absorb up to an amazing four times their weight in moisture, so you’ll never have to worry about cleaning up puddles. And while it does so, it resists the growth of any sort of moisture-based fungus! It’s completely made from natural aspen wood shavings that have been kiln-dried to keep away the dust and smell that usually comes from aspen bedding for rabbits. These shavings also work for burrowing or nesting animals, which will help to make them feel comfortable and safe in their environments. They contain no aromatic oils that might harm your small pets. In addition to rabbits, these shavings make the perfect bedding for ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Aspen is also a great material to use for the bedding of animals that have skin issues, or can’t handle the dust from other bedding types. It’s great!
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Small Pet Select Bedding

What kind of bedding for rabbits works the best? You’ll have to determine that for yourself, but we can tell you that paper is a great choice! It’s one of the most common bedding types for rabbits and other small pets. This particular paper from Small Pet Select is unbleached and hasn’t ever been printed on. It’s made in the USA and contains no chemical additives – just paper. This bedding will expand up to three times in volume from the package size, so cleaning cages and enclosures are extremely easy and take no additional effort or tools. It’s also really soft and comfortable for your pet, so they feel comfortable in their homes. Another great thing about paper bedding – and this paper bedding in particular – is that it’s dust-free, so your pets can steer clear of respiratory problems. Small Pet Select is a great company that is just as passionate about your animals as you are!
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Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Another great selection of paper shavings is Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding. It comes in a smaller package, but it will go a long way! The company boasts that this paper bedding for rabbits is 99 percent dust free, so your respiratory-restricted pets won’t have a problem using it. It’s made from pulp that is free of any ink, dye, or chemicals in general, many of which are naturally included in the papermaking process. There are no aromatic oils like there are in some wood shavings. We love that it’s been sanitized in high heat in order to reduce the growth of fungus and mold. Even the amount in this small package bulks up to 3-times its size when introduced to moisture. It also provides ten-day odor control, so you won’t have to smell the pets you love! This means that it lasts twice as long, so you can save some money while your pet is happy!
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Fibercore Natural Eco-bedding

Fibercore Natural Eco-bedding is some of the best rabbit bedding for sale. It’s made of paper, but it’s extremely absorbent. This 36-liter bag will expand to over 125 liters when it absorbs moisture, which is four times its original size. The paper it is made from is recycled, so it’s good for the environment, and it’s completely biodegradable. It’s completely hypoallergenic and free of any sort of dust, so even small pets with allergy problems will be comfortable with this bedding. It’s great for rabbits as well as rats and even birds! And instead of changing the bedding every two or three days, you can change it once a week and it will be perfectly sanitary and odor-free. It stays fluffy for the duration, so it’s great for nesting pets. We love how completely natural this bedding is, and how much it appeals to some animals’ need to nest. It’s super high-quality paper bedding for all of your small animals!
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Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding

Kaytee is back on our list again, this time with paper bedding. They guarantee that this bedding will control your pet’s odors well, without anything additional to be done on your part. The paper expands to an amazing six times its weight when absorbing liquid, making it some of the most absorbent bedding on our list. The fact that its paper makes it almost entirely dust-free, helping you keep your animals from their respiratory problems or skin problems. Their cages will be cleaner and more comfortable, and the amount of fluff that this bedding has is unreal. Burrowing and nesting animals will really appreciate how fluffy and cozy this bedding is. Our favorite part is the variety of colors and scents that it comes in, really making it easy to customize your furry friend’s home. Pick whatever color compliments their decorations and create a great habitat for them to enjoy. We know you’ll enjoy it too!
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Rabbit Hole Hay Bedding

Rabbit Hole’s Hay Bedding is also made of super-absorbent paper, but it is a food-grade paper that is FDA approved to never have been used in any other endeavor. This bedding is soft enough that all of your small pets will want to burrow into it and be comfortable doing so! It’s completely dioxin-free, and environmentally friendly as well, not to mention being extremely absorbent. Why change the bedding every couple of days when you could wait longer without any harm to your pets or super smelly conditions? It’s got odor protection built-in, so you won’t have to smell all the nasty smells. It absorbs up to six times its own weight, so it’s really helpful that it be smell-free. This bedding doesn’t contain any dust or other debris and is virtually free of the dust that can harm your small animals. And we love how fluffy it stays. Your pet will also enjoy nesting and snuggling with it.
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Healthy Pet Summer Sky Bedding

Healthy Pet Summer Sky is unique on our list because instead of being made of hardwood or paper, it’s made of wood pulp. This allows it to store 3-times its weight and expands to 2-times its volume. That’s pretty amazing! It works to suppress any odor that might arise from the bedding, which means that you can wait a little longer to change the bedding if that’s what it comes down to. It’s almost completely dust-free, and what dust there is doesn’t really affect your pets. We love that it’s made from reclaimed pulp and is biodegradable, as well as beating out cedar bedding for rabbits as the best value for your money. Pets will love to burrow and nest in this bedding. Why would you get anything else when this is available? This super-absorbent bedding will keep your pet dry for longer, and help to satiate any burrowing or nesting needs that your small animal might have.
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Premier UBER Paper Bedding

Premier UBER bedding is again made of paper, but it doesn’t contain any sort of chemical or by-product that will make your life more difficult. The bedding is made from food-grade fibers that haven’t been dyed or changed in any way for even the printing process. It’s one hundred percent organic as well, so it’s safe bedding for rabbits. What really struck us about this bedding is how extremely soft it is! It also has odor control features on board. This allows it to smell better for longer but does not entirely replace the need to clean out the habitat, tank, or cage once every week in order to maintain the good smell. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can style your rabbit or guinea pigs’ home like you want it! Have it match your decorations at home for the most stunning display. But this isn’t restricted to small pets – use it for your dogs!
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Hartz Small Animal Bedding

Hartz is one of the most well-known names in affordable pet products, no matter what type of animal you have. For people with smaller animals, we have this pine bedding for rabbits available. It completely takes away any odor and any odor that might decide to linger around with regular bedding. The pine smells wonderful and makes your pets home an entire experience that they won’t soon forget. We love the large size of the package, and that it’s 100 percent naturally absorbent. Cleaning your animal’s enclosure is going to be a breeze with this bedding. There are no chemical additives – what you see is what you get! And what you see is pure pine shavings that will help your animals feel calm, secure, and right at home! In our opinion, the best part about this bedding besides how soft it is is the way that it smells. This product is all natural with no additives or alterations!
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