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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Beginner Longboard Brands

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quadcopter reviewsBest Beginner Longboard Brands

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How to Choose a Beginner Longboard

Are you looking for the best beginner longboard brands to gift to your favorite amateur skater, or inspire you to try a new hobby? You’re in luck! We found 10 of the best longboards for beginners, or adults who want to revisit their old skater days. Before we get into the longboard reviews, there are a few features you should know about first, so you can buy the best board for your style, budget, and ability level. Let’s get started!

Best Beginner Longboard Brands

Length: For young beginners, it’s a good idea to grab a shorter board that will be easier for them to maneuver and carry around. For adult beginners, a longer board can provide more stability when learning to balance on your board.

Best Beginner Longboard Brands

Material: While bamboo is the classic look for a longboard deck, there are also great boards made of other materials like maple, carbon fiber, fiberglass and more! The materials typically affect the overall visual look, strength, and flexibility of the deck.

How to Choose a Beginner Longboard

Bearings: The Annular Bearing Engineers’ Committee (ABEC) rating is how we determine the accuracy and tolerance of wheel bearings for skateboard wheels. Higher ABEC ratings mean the wheels are more accurate and less likely to shake or vibrate in high speeds.

Best Beginner Longboard Brands

Thickness: When we talk about the “ply” of a longboard, we’re talking about the number of layers of wood that are bonded together. Thicker boards provide extra stability and handle extra weight, and thinner boards are lightweight and great for kids.

Best Beginner Longboard Brands

Wheel Size: The wheel size for each longboard is important because it lets you know how comfortable your ride is going to be! For beginners, it’s a good idea to go with thicker wheels because they help you balance through turns better.

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Warranty: Longboards are like any other skateboard, and will take a beating with regular use. A solid warranty is a great backup protection in case something goes wrong with your board right after you buy it, and it’ll be fixed quickly.

Top 10 Products

Okay, now that you have a better idea of what type of longboard you need to buy, let’s get into the product reviews! We found 10 boards that are great for beginners that fit any budget. You can grab a board that’s great for casual cruising, racing down hills, or maneuvering gracefully around corners! If you’re short on time, no problem! Check out our Top Pick and Budget Pick now, and come back later to read up about the rest!

Atom Drop Through Longboard

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best longboard brands for beginners is Atom because they make high-quality boards that everyone can enjoy! Their 40-inch longboard is perfect for coasting around town or to your next class on campus. The board is made of 7 layers of bamboo and maple, so it’s both super strong and looks beautiful. We also like the photo heat transfer graphic design on the bottom because it won’t peel or chip as a decal or painted bottom would over time. Some other great features are that it’s 10 inches wide, and has coarse grip tape on the top, which is great if you have larger feet or aren’t a total pro yet. You get plenty of stability and grip to keep you safely on your board. The wheels are equipped with ABEC 9 bearings and high-speed lubricant, so you can use this to casually coast along, or pick up speed on hills without worrying about wobbling or shaking!
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Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for a cheap beginner longboard for yourself or a youngster who’s new to skateboarding, this board from Quest is a great inexpensive option! The 44-inch deck is made of sturdy, 7-ply maple and bamboo. This is a sturdy board that is perfect for younger skaters or adults looking to get back into it! The 7-inch trucks keep the board stable and smooth, even in bumpy terrain. We like the look of the board, with a simple, graphic design on the bottom that comes in a few fun and bright colors. You can buy a couple boards to switch things up if you want! We also really like that Quest makes almost all of the components of the board themselves. Their focus is on using high-quality materials and methods while trying to keep the cost down, making their boards accessible for everyone! This is a cheap longboard that doesn’t look or ride like a cheap board at all!
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Ten Toes Board Emporium

When looking for the best longboard for cruising, a comfortable and smooth ride is key – and this board from Ten Toes is perfect for a day on the town, or a fun ride down the boardwalk! This 44-inch board is made of an 8-ply blend of maple and bamboo, with plenty of bend to give the board the right amount of bounce. This is great for cruising on uneven terrain or for long rides because it’s a lot easier on the knees and ankles! The 70mm wheels are soft and shock-absorbent, and the trucks are lightweight, giving you a smooth ride in an urban environment. If you want to go fast, you totally can! The ABEC 7 wheels can easily handle slow rides without wobbling, and you can go fast without excess vibration. We also really like the retro-inspired designs on the board, with bright, punchy colors and simple graphics that look like they’re right out of an old diner!
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Volador Freeride Longboard

Next up is this absolutely gorgeous longboard from Volador that is perfect for beginner skaters who want to make a statement! The boards come in several different designs, with beautiful graphics, bright colors, and a fun design on the board’s top grip to add even more individuality. In addition to looking great, this board really performs well for beginners, too! The 42-inch deck is made of hardrock maple that’s sturdy and adds extra stability for new skaters. We also like that the wheel trucks are adjustable, so you can give yourself a comfortable ride without swapping out new trucks. The ABEC 9 wheels are soft and smooth, and they work well for slow, casual rides and fast stretches downhill without excess wobbling or vibration. Volador is also dedicated to using ethically-sourced wood, environmentally-friendly epoxy, and recycles trimmings to keep their carbon footprint down. This board will look just as beautiful on the street as it does hanging on your wall!
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Playshion Freestyle Longboard

If you’re looking for the best beginner longboard for your child or teen, this shorter board from Playshion is great for kids who aren’t ready for a super long board yet! The 39-inch maple deck is easy for smaller kids and teens to handle and carry around, but adults can also enjoy the more compact option too! The 8-ply deck is made of sturdy maple but has plenty of give to absorb shock and give you a smoother ride while you develop your skills. The ground clearance on this board is only 4 inches, which makes it a lot easier to brake by just slightly tipping the board back. You can also tighten or loosen the trucks to suit your riding needs, whether you need your board to handle turns or ride smoothly down fast hills. The designs are also simple and fun, with a vintage vibe, so you can find a board that fits your or your child’s style!
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Minority Downhill Longboard

Another great option for the best longboard for beginners is this stylish and smooth board from the brand Minority. The downhill longboard’s design is perfect for taking on downhill cruises, but it’s also great for flat trips through your college campus or your daily work commute downtown. The 40-inch board is made of 8 layers of durable maple that was ethically sourced. Each layer is glued together using methanol-free epoxy, and the wood trimmings are collected to be recycled. This is a great longboard for beginners because it’s sturdy and the 10-inch wide deck gives you plenty of room to move around. We also like that it uses ABEC 9 bearings with adjustable trucks, so you can feel confident going slow or fast with ease. The ride on this board is smooth, which helps you build confidence as you learn to ride. We also like the designs, which all have a nature-inspired theme, from whales to fish and gorgeous landscapes!
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Magneto Freestyle Longboards

Next up in our longboard brand reviews is this minimalistic board from Magneto. This board is 46 inches long, which might be too big for smaller children, but it’s great for adult beginners who want more room to move around their board. The bamboo and fiberglass layers make this board incredibly sturdy, even for larger adults who want to pick up a new skill! We also like that the trucks are a little higher off the ground, and are adjustable to suit your comfort level. You can tighten up the wheels for extra stability during fast, downhill rides, or loosen them up to help you navigate corners more sharply. If you’re into a minimalist look, you’ll love the design of this board! The bamboo is beautiful, and instead of that black grip tape on the top, this deck is given a clear, sanded treatment so you get a lot of grip while still being able to see the wood underneath!
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Magic Union Drop Down Longboard

Whether you’re a heavier adult, or you plan to carry a hefty backpack around while you’re riding, this board is a great option for riders who need the extra support! This board from Magic Union is made of 9-ply maple that’s flexible enough to ride comfortably, but can also support up to 330 pounds. You could easily take this board with you on your next camping trip, and cruise along with your backpack full of gear! We also like that this 41-inch board is situated low to the ground for extra control and easy braking, which is great if you’re going to be carrying extra weight. The wheel bearings are ABEC 11, giving you a super quiet and smooth ride no matter how fast you go. We also like that the grip tape runs the length of the board, and the underside is a heat-transfer design, which won’t chip or peel like a decal or paint might after heavy use!
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Sanview Drop Through Longboard

If you want the best longboard for beginners and pros alike that won’t cost a fortune, this inexpensive board from Sanview is a great place to start! This is a high-quality longboard for a great price, and it’s built to last. The 8-ply deck is made of 7 layers of maple, and 1 layer of bamboo on the bottom. This gives you the extra sturdiness from the maple, with the classic look of bamboo – all in one board! The 70mm wheels with ABEC 9 bearings make for a smooth ride on either fast, downhill stretches, or weaving your way through a crowd. The trucks and wheels are both easy to adjust to get the feel you want and to adjust for the terrain to keep you safe. We also like the wide variety of design options, including classic graphics to punchy nature imagery! You can easily find a board style that’s perfect for you, your child, or a lucky friend!
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Rimable Topmount Longboard

Last up is another inexpensive, yet durable longboard from Rimable! We think this is a great board to buy for a beginner for a few reasons. First of all, it’s inexpensive, so you won’t feel bad if you don’t use it a lot at first, or if you break it on your journey to learn how to ride. Second, the 42-inch deck is made of 9 layers of durable maple, which adds extra support for new riders. Next, we like that this board is 9.5 inches wide, so you can feel stable and comfortable, even if you have large feet! The wheels are large and give you a smooth, comfortable ride on both long, fast stretches and curvy terrain. The top of the deck also has OS 780 grip tape, which adds even more control and stability, no matter what shoes you’re wearing. Lastly, we really like the brightly dyed wood underneath each board, which makes your board stand out!
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