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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Beginner Surfboards

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How to Choose the Best Beginner Surfboard

Surf’s up! You’re going to need the perfect board to hop into the water and ride that righteous swell. We’ve put together this surfboard buying guide to help you choose the board that’s right for your skill level and weight, as well as other factors. So let’s get started looking at some of the things you should know before you start shopping. Right on!

Best Beginner Surfboards

Size: The size of the board is important for your height. A larger board will be harder to control for a shorter person, so you should use this as a guideline for maneuverability at your particular height.

Best Beginner Surfboards

Material: What the board is made of often determines factors like quality and buoyancy. You need to know your relative weight and center of gravity to determine which type of board is safest and best for you.

How to Choose the Best Beginner Surfboard

Capacity: This is the weight that the board can safely float, so you’ll need to stay within the parameters in order to use the board effectively. This is a hard guideline, so pay extra attention to it before purchasing.

Best Beginner Surfboards

Weight: This is the weight of the board. You’ll have to carry it to and from the water, and if you’re leashed, it can drag you. Choose a weight you know you can handle if it comes down to it.

Best Beginner Surfboards

Leash Included: Does the board come with a leash or do you need to buy one separately? It’s handy to get a board with the leash included, that way it’s already got a perfect anchor and size for the board.

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Warranty: If something is wrong with your board, this is the length of time you can either return it or submit a complaint to get a refund or replacement board – super important when your safety is key!

Top 10 Products

You’ve gained some bodacious information, so now we can show you our beginner surfboard reviews. You are going to love catching waves on any one of these hand-picked, high-quality surfboards. If you’re in a hurry to get out on the beach, check out our top pick and budget pick first. The rest of our surfboards are just as amazing and might be just what you need to catch some excellent waves. Let’s get started, dude!

SBBC Soft Top Surfboard

Top Pick
One of the best beginner surfboards for sale is this 7-foot board by SBBC. It’s a soft top board so it’s made mostly of foam, which is buoyant and floats wonderfully. It’s lightweight and custom molded. You won’t have to wax it, and the texture on the outside is perfect for learning how to grip the board with your feet. The nose is rounded and the tail is pulled in, so you’ll get stability and performance with all of your beginning waves. We know you’re going to want to document your journey to surfing excellence, so this board comes with plugs on the front so you can mount your action camera and catch some great shots while you catch those great waves! It comes with surfboard paint pens to decorate and customize the look of your board, as well as a leash and traction pad, as well as a bag to keep it from getting damaged when not in use.
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Giantex Foamie Surfboard

Budget Pick
As far as cheap surfboards for sale go, this Giantex rules the roost. It’s made of foam with an EPS core and a hard bottom to help it cut through those waves that much easier. It comes with a leash and traction pad, so you can keep your grip and won’t lose your board when you wipe out. It’s easy to assemble and can hold up to 200 pounds. It’s a six-foot board, great for tighter corners and more maneuverability. It comes in either red and blue and yellow and blue depending on personal preference, and only weighs ten pounds – simple enough to carry with you between waves. It’s great for beginners of all ages. It’s the best of the cheap surfboards we looked at, so you can get it if you’re wanting to try the sport out! We love how simple it is to use and comfortable the accessories are – the leash won’t cut off your circulation. Bonus!
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Keeper Sports California Board

This board by the California Board Company is actually an extremely high-quality EPS board instead of foam like the others on our list. It relies on the tri-fin system in order to bring you the best aerodynamic design, and a hard slick bottom for cutting through the waves much easier. It has a three-layer laminated wood design, coated with a waterproof resin with an EPS core. The design on the board is made to look like real wood, which creates a beautiful effect within the parameters of the board. You won’t need to take care of it with wax because it’s still one of the beginner surfboards. But the design allows it to be more lightweight and better equipped to handle those big waves. At 7 feet, it’s great for gliding through the water for taller people. The structure and design both are unmatched – and it even comes with the leash so you can get started right away!
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Liquid Shredder Surfboard

Liquid Shredder makes one of the best beginner surfboards on our list, and it comes in three amazing colors – red, blue, and yellow, so you can get your surf on in style. The deck is made of soft foam, with a slick bottom for speed and power through the water. The stringers through the core of the board add the stiffness that you need to shred those powerful waves. It’s friendly on your wallet and it’ll be great in the waves. The deck even has an anti-slip texture when it gets wet, which is a great feature that every surfboard should have. It works great as a surfboard or paddleboard for kids, though it can hold adults up to 200 pounds. While it doesn’t come with the leash, it does come with the fins and it’s extremely easy to put together right out of the box. We know you or your surf-inclined child is going to love this board!
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THURSO SURF Lancer Surfboard

One of the best surfboards for sale hands down comes in the form of this 5’10” THURSO board. It’s tough, buoyant, and can hold up to 200 pounds of eager beginning surfer. It’s stable and will glide easily through the water due to the hard bottom. The core is made of high-density EPS foam that makes it stiff and durable, molded around stringers that keep it from bending under pressure. You control how much this board flexes back and forth. The fins add another level of stability that will help you get the hang of balancing perfectly atop this board. You can take them off if you want to change how it performs, and the versatility in this board is probably one of our favorite features. It’s responsive and will get you up and shred those waves in no time at all! It comes with the leash, made with recycled plastic, and there are stainless steel swivels for the fins.
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BIC Sports DURA-TEC Surfboard

This DURA-TEC board by BIC is one of the greatest beginner surfboards on our list. It’s shorter than some of the other boards that we’ve looked at, meaning you can make tighter turns and get greater shreds no matter how big the waves are. It combines the stability of a traditional longboard with the maneuverability of a shorter one, which will help you learn to surf in a nice, relaxing way that shows you the best of both worlds. It’ll start you off in a great direction. It’s durable and strong, and you can use it all day over and over again without it taking any damage. It comes with the fins that you can easily attach for the best results. The value on this board is amazing, and we love that it balances out your beginner experience to make it easier to transition into a more intermediate style of surfing. Take your waves to the next level!
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California Board Company Surfboard

The California Board Company is back on our list with this massive 8-foot board. It’s got a 100% waterproof core so you can shred the day away without worrying about ruining the board when you wipe out. Being completely submerged will not ruin the high-density EPS foam that makes this board so great. There are molded-in stringers to help it keep its shape and rigidity, which also helps get you the best waves possible. The tri-fin system helps you glide through the water in the same way that a fish’s might and the slick bottom helps you to gain the speed you need to get through the next wave. The design may vary, but this one is patterned like faux wood and a gorgeous sight to behold. If you’re just getting started, this is the board for you! We love the design and the attention to detail in the features, and we know you will too.
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Next SST Surfboard

The colorful design of this huge 9-foot board by Next is going to bring your surfing game to a new level. These are some of the best beginner surfboards we found in our research because they allow you the strength and durability to learn and maneuver as best you can, without hurrying you. Even kids and adults who have never been on a board can enjoy their experience with this super long board. It includes the fins and leash so you can assemble it and make sure that it won’t float away from you as you’re learning. The wood stringers in the middle make it hard and cut down the flexibility, so it’s lightweight without being flimsy. Did we mention how much we love the exterior design? Because we do! The soft surf technology is more user-friendly than just about any other board on our list, so we know you’re going to love it if you’re just getting started!
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BIC Sports Surfboard

This durable board form BIC Sport is one of the best surfboards for sale, combining value and stability to make it a great surfboard for small waves and beginners. There are six different sizes to choose from, from 4’11” boards up to an 8-foot board that is great for catching those waves due to the increased surface area. It’s shaped perfectly to bring you the most fun and safety, and allow you to shred those waves like their nothing. It’s great for people at all levels of experience, really, and with all of the sizes and models available you’re sure to find the board that you want, and the one that works best for you. It’s got sturdy stringers to promote stability, as well as a soft fiberglass outside layer with an EPS foam center. You should be able to enjoy this board up to 180 pounds, so keep that in mind when ordering. But it’s durable and fun nevertheless!
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North Gear Surfboard

This beautiful beginner surfboard for adults is adorned with a white and blue design, full of Hawaiian flowers that will make you the talk of the beach! It comes with a leash and traction pad to help you get the hang of the sport, and the fins are removable in case that’s your style. The bottom is hard and slick, perfect for cutting through those waves with precision and balance. The top of the board is made of durable foam that will support your weight and continue to look great! It’s a high-performance board that comes with everything you need to start enjoying the waves affordably. This is one of your best options for surfboards for sale online because it’s made of high-quality materials and backed by a 30-day warranty. Plus, we love that you can assemble it in minutes and get right out on the water. It’s a great beginner surfboard for all its features!
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