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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Bench Vises

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How to Choose the Best Bench Vise

No home workshop is complete without a bench vise. If you’ve been looking for light to medium-duty bench vise options to add more precision to your projects, you’re in the right place! We’ve researched and reviewed a variety of best-selling bench vises on the market to help you choose your new workshop companion. But first, take a look at these specs to consider when comparing bench vise reviews.

Best Bench Vises

Swivel Base: If you’re bolting down your bench vise, a swivel base is a must so you can adjust the angle of your project.

Best Bench Vises

Material: Cast iron is the most common material, but steel or combos of iron and steel offer the most strength.

How to Choose the Best Bench Vise

Jaw Width: Generally, larger jaw sizes can hold larger items more steadily, but smaller jaws work fine for small projects.

Best Bench Vises

Opening: How wide do the jaws open? This affects the types of applications and materials you can use the vise with.

Best Bench Vises

Size: The dimensions of a bench vise can determine if it will fit with your available workspace and bench.

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Warranty: Warranty and customer support are an important factor when you’re trying to find a quality bench vise.

Top 10 Products

Time to clamp down and find the best bench vise for your needs! If you’re in a hurry, check out the top pick and budget pick. If you want to compare all of your options, then read all of our reviews! You’ll have an extra pair of hands without the annoyance of a whole extra person attached thanks to your new bench vise.

Yost Vises 445 Bench Vise

Top Pick
Yost is one of the best brands for vises, so it’s no surprise that the Yost 445 ended up at the top of our bench vise reviews! This solidly built cast iron and steel vise weighs 17 pounds and can hold up to higher pressures than vises made from cast iron alone. The vise is 4.5’’ wide and opens up to 4’’ for holding pipes with diameters from 0.125’’ up to 2’’ for a variety of light-duty applications. It provides a clamping force of 3,080 pounds! The throat depth is 2.63’’ and a flat section of the vise can also be used as an anvil or extra work surface as needed. The base swivels 360 degrees and locks into place securely to hold your project at any angle. The handle has rubber washers to help prevent unwanted sliding, and the diamond-serrated machinist jaws are replaceable. If you’re looking for a tough, smooth-turning vise with high durability, the search ends here!
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Irwin Woodworker's Vise

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for the best woodworking vise that won’t break the bank, there’s no need to hold your breath--it’s right here! Amateur woodworkers, hobbyists, and craftsmen on a budget can appreciate the low price of the Irwin 226361 Woodworker’s Vise. It is ideal for light woodworking tasks and is easy to mount under your bench. The toe-in top jaws keep a firm non-slip grip on your project while you work, and you also have space to install wooden cheeks to help protect your workpieces. This vise may require a little fiddling to get just right, such as applying faces to the jaws to protect wood from scratching, but for many people, the price makes it worth their while. It works well for light duty applications and home projects where you need an extra pair of hands to hold things steady. Overall, a great buy with a great value!
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Grizzly G7057 Bench Vise

Looking for a bench vise for firearms assembly and teardown or other home workshopping applications? The Grizzly G7057 bench vise is a solid chunk of cast steel weighing in at 15 pounds. An anvil face lets you shape metal more easily. The base swivels up to 90 degrees with a double lockdown mechanism. Large acme screws provide a smooth gliding motion and a large machined center slides help ensure the jaws stay aligned even under maximum pressure. This vise has a smaller jaw width than some other options so it works best for smaller, lighter jobs and projects. However, it’s still built to last, weighing as much as or more than larger comparable vises and made with high-quality materials. If you want a long-lasting vise that turns smoothly and doesn’t require a lot of fiddling, the G7057 will be your new favorite workshop tool!
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Wilton Bench Vise

The Wilton 11104 4’’ bench vise is a solid little general purpose bench vise for the average or hobbyist workshop. The vise features 4’’ wide jaws that open up to 4’’ with a 2.25’’ throat depth. The double lock-down swivel base turns 120 degrees and locks into place with pins, and the smooth anvil surface measures 2.5’’ square. There are also a variety of compatible jaw caps for handling different materials and types of projects. You can do basic metalworking and woodworking tasks, as well as use the vise for gunsmithing and firearms work. It weighs a hefty 16 pounds, so you may not need to bolt it down depending on the weight of your project! The vise opens and closes smoothly and works well for light to medium-duty work. If you need a bench vise for your home workshop that won’t break the bank, the Wilton 11104 is a great pick!
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Tekton Swivel Bench Vise

Tekton offers a few sizes of bench vise, starting with this 4’’ swivel base vise made from cast iron with 30,000 PSI tensile strength. This bench vise has high-quality construction and comes from a brand with great customer support, so it’s an ideal choice for people who want to use a vise regularly. The serrated steel jaws are replaceable and hold your project with a non-slip grip. They open up to 3’’ wide and have a 2.1’’ throat. The whole shebang weighs in at 15 pounds and can be secured to your work surface with ?’’ bolts. The base swivels 120 degrees and features dual lock-down nuts to securely position your project at the right angle. If you need to shape metal as well, you’ll like the steel anvil measuring 2.6’’ square. The Acme-threaded screw provides a smooth glide when you turn the sliding T-bar handle for total precision.
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Olympia Tool Bench Vise

The Olympia Tool Bench Vise comes with an anvil complete with forming horn for shaping to act as a great little multi-tasker in your workshop. The vise jaws open up to 4’’ and are 4’’ wide with a 2.25’’ throat depth. The pipe jaws themselves are permanent, but the hardened steel jaw faces are replaceable, so this bench vise can keep up with you for the long term! The base swivels 270 degrees, and you can secure the vise to your bench or work area with 7/16’’ or ?’’ bolts. It weighs in at 11 pounds, and an extra-long spindle handle comes with a guard to help prevent chipping. This 4’’ bench vise is one of the best vise options for light metalworking thanks to the built-in anvil, and it should also be a great tool for small woodworking projects as well. If you need something basic but well-made to hold an item steady for glue to set or other tasks, this vise from Olympia Tool should do the trick.
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Goplus Mechanic Bench Vise

If you’re looking for the best bench vise for the money, you should consider the Goplus 6’’ Bench Vise. It features a 360-degree swiveling locking base so you can turn your project to any angle. The cast steel construction and serrated steel jaws provide amazing grip and durability. It weighs in at 18.7 pounds and can be mounted to a workbench or other workshop area. If you’re looking for a cheap but effective vise for basic applications and light use, this bench vise offers a lot of value for the money. The large size clamp provides a stable place for you to brace your item while you work on it. From simple milling projects and gunsmithing to woodworking and more, this vise is a good choice for your home workshop if you need it for the occasional project. The tough cast steel construction helps it hold your projects securely!
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HFS Heavy Duty Bench Vise

The HFS Heavy Duty 5’’ Bench Vise features a full 360-degree swivel plus durable cast steel construction that pushes its weight to 15 pounds. The steel jaws are serrated for improved grip, and they can be replaced if needed. The double-locking swivel base and high clamping power provide you with a stable tool for home workshops and small projects. The 5’’ jaws open up to 5’’ wide to handle a wide variety of items. This is a relatively lightweight vise despite its 5’’ jaw width, so it may not be the best option for heavy projects. It’s large enough for gunsmithing work as well as small to medium projects and general light-duty applications. If you’re looking for a basic vise for home projects that will hold your work in place while you do things to it, this simple option should work well for your needs!
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Topeakmart Mechanic Vise

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but solidly built bench vise, the Topeakmart 5’’ cross slide bench vise is made from durable painted cast iron. It mounts quickly and is totally stable with a swivel locking base. It opens wide and has a strong, thick main vice handle. The swivel design allows it to rotate up to 90 degrees with a touch of lubrication for smooth movement. If you’re looking for the best workbench vise with a low price, this option requires a little fiddling at first but is a great option for light to medium-duty work. It is a great workshop tool to have around for light milling and other activities. If you’re looking for high tolerances and need a symmetrical, perfectly straight result, this cross slide vise may not be your best option since it has a relatively average tolerance and some play at any position.
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Yost LV-4 Home Vise

The Yost LV-4 Home Vise is--you guessed it--designed for home use. It has a swivel base with a 240-degree range of motion designed to reduce side to side movement. The tool is made from blue powder-coated cast iron with steel vise jaws, plus a zinc-plated threaded spindle assembly and a lockdown. The jaws are cast in place for a secure hold. It can be mounted to a workbench or table using ?’’ bolts, which would give you a totally stable base to work with. You also get a one-year warranty, just in case! This simple vise is solidly built, easy to install, and high-quality. The pipe size capacity makes it a good choice for gunsmithing as well as light home improvement work. You can even use it for holding blades for sharpening if you pad the jaws in some way. Overall, the Yost LV-4 is a great choice for a variety of hobbies and home improvement projects.
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