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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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How to Choose the Best Black Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a non-traditional engagement ring, you might want to go with a black diamond instead of a traditional white one. It’s classy and elegant, while also remaining mysterious. And it will match everything she wears! We’ve put together this black diamond ring buying guide to help you choose the perfect ring to pop the big question – or as a special present! Before we get started, let’s take a look at some things you need to know.

Best Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Carats: Carats is a measure of the size, but also the quality, of a particular stone. Bigger stones weigh more, but the carat listing usually takes into account all of the stones present on the ring.

Best Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Shape: This is the cut of the stone. Popular cuts are the normal round or oval, but the emerald cut (a tall rectangle with side-facets) and the princess cut (a square with lots of facets) are also favorites.

How to Choose the Best Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Setting Materials: Setting materials range anywhere from white gold to yellow or rose gold. Sometimes sterling silver is used, because of its durability. In less expensive rings, brass is sometimes plated with sterling silver or rhodium.

Best Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Stone Type: This only refers to whether the stone is genuine or not. Natural, or genuine, stones are mined and cut, whereas simulated or synthetic gems are made in a laboratory to closely mimic real stones. They sparkle well, though!

Best Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Size Range: These are the sizes that the rings come in. Some can be sized up or down by a size or half-size, but any more than that and you risk the durability of the ring. Get the size that fits right!

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Warranty: If the set falls out of your ring during normal wear, most companies will swap or replace the stone in your ring, as long as it’s within the warranty period. That’s a pretty good deal on expensive rings.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, we can show you the rings. Our black diamond ring reviews were researched from a huge selection of rings in order to bring you the very best. If you’re in a hurry, take a look at our top pick and budget pick first. They’ll give you an idea of the scope of rings on offer. Make sure to browse the rest of the list, though – your perfect engagement ring may be waiting!

Dazzling Rock Black Diamond Ring

Top Pick
Our top pick is this amazing piece from Dazzling Rock! The total weight of the gems in this ring is 1.15 carats, and this includes the round center stone, which is a sparkling black diamond, and a halo of smaller white diamonds. The black diamond in this ring is a rose-cut diamond and will contain a unique number of facets, all the way up to 16. To create a black diamond, the stone has to be treated in a specific heat method, which then becomes permanent. So you never have to worry about this stone fading back to white. It’s a gorgeously classy ring that will go with just about any outfit that you choose, especially monochromatic ones. It comes with a free gift box to present your genuine black diamond to your loved one. She won’t be able to resist the gorgeous look to this ring! It’s one of the best black diamond rings for sale!
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D-Gold Black Diamond Ring

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is this D-Gold Black Diamond ring. These discount diamonds are just as gorgeous as something that costs twice as much. Set into sterling silver, these 15 stones glitter beautifully from the band. The total weight of these gems is 0.10 carats, so they are small and will stay out of the way! We love the style of this ring. The sterling silver band culminates in a heart shape at the center, with a round white diamond directly in the middle. There are seven smaller black diamonds embedded along the band on either side of this central focus. It’s just that little bit of shine that will leave her feeling beautiful and in love with this ring! We love that the heart shape is made out of the band material. It’s a classy alternative to having a heart-shaped stone in the middle of the ring! We are sure that your loved one will love this ring!
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Glitz Design Black Diamond Ring

This Glitz Design ring is a beautifully-set black diamond in the cathedral style. This means that the center diamond, in this case, a round black stone, is set above the rest of the stones and surrounded by six setting prongs. Around the band are twelve smaller black diamonds to frame and accentuate the center stone. And all of these dark black stones are set in white gold. The result is a striking, beautiful ring that will go perfectly with that evening dress or any other classy outfit. The full weight of the stones in this ring comes in at about 0.75, with the center diamond coming in at a diameter of about 4.5mm. We were simply blown away by the style of this ring, and we are sure that you and your fiancé-to-be will be too. All of the diamonds are conflict free and the stunning white gold is 14K. Such a high quality, beautiful ring!
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Gem Stone King Black Diamond

This Gem Stone King Black Diamond ring is simply gorgeous! It features a genuine, natural black diamond in a halo of simulated white sapphires that catch the light beautifully. All of these stones (nearly 1-carat worth) are set in gorgeous sterling silver. This means that the ring is extremely solid and very durable – you won’t have to worry about dinging it up, because the sterling silver is strong enough to withstand everyday wear. It’s a beautiful accessory! Due to the simple black-and-white color composition, it will go with just about any outfit. Because it is a Gem Stone King product, it comes with a full lifetime warranty and a total satisfaction guarantee, because they are a great company who wants to make sure you like their products. Every piece has to pass a lot of different inspection checkpoints, so you know this ring is a great quality. Perfect for any occasion and for anyone you love!
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Jascina Black Solitaire Ring

Jascina makes it easy to buy diamond jewelry online. This solitaire-style ring is as simple as it is gorgeous. Because it is a solitaire ring, there is only one stone – and it’s the center of attention. In this case, it’s a 2-carat princess cut black diamond. It’s framed perfectly by corner prongs and set in 14 karats white gold that makes the deep black of the stone stand out that much more. The diamond is conflict-free, so you can wear it with a clear conscious! The clarity of this stone is amazing, and it’s definitely a deep black, enough to make the contrast with the white gold setting simply stunning. We love the princess cut as well; it’s a beautiful choice for this ring. The diamond is genuine, mined from the earth and then treated with irradiation to give it the beautiful, clear black color that you’ll love so much! Find your perfect fit today!
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VIR Jewels Men’s Ring

We love the fact that this ring by VIR Jewels is so simple. It’s got three understated round-cut black diamonds embedded in the band at the center. This embedding is done into a deep indent in the band, so the result is stones that do not stick out but very much make a statement! They’ve been heat treated, of course, to improve the black appearance and to make them extra durable for everyday wear. This ring is extremely masculine in its design, made of sterling silver. It’s understated and we love that. While the stones sparkle, it won’t detract from the overall look and feel of this ring. The total carat weight of the three stones at the center is about 1.25 carats. It’s a great engagement ring for the man in your life. It even comes with a presentation box that will make him love it even more. We love the texture on the silver’s surface!
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Glitz Design Engagement Ring

This ring from Glitz Design is simply gorgeous. The cathedral-style setting places the main stone above the rest of the ring, which in this case, happens to be a beautifully-cut princess-style black diamond that weighs about 0.65 carats on its own. Instead of the setting being pronged, it is held in at the corners of the stone. Since the setting and the rest of the band is in rose gold, the contrast with the large, dark-black diamond is striking. Around the band are twelve small round black diamonds that really bring another level of sophistication to this ring. It’s entirely genuine and conflict-free. This is the pinnacle of gold and diamond jewelry, executed in such an irresistible way. Your loved one can’t help but adore this gorgeous piece of jewelry. The entire ring weighs about one carat altogether, which is just amazing. The diamond is clear and beautiful, and each stone catches the light beautifully.
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Diamond Mine Black Diamond Ring

This beautiful ring by Diamond Mine is unique on our list for both the style and the size. The center stone is a large-faced, gorgeous round black diamond. The setting is made of smaller diamond loops with teardrop-shaped diamonds set into the insides of the loops. It’s a perfectly elegant and stylish setting that will make everyone do a double-take. The quality of craftsmanship on this ring is unparalleled. There are smaller white diamonds halfway down the band on either side, set into beautiful 14 karats white gold. This entire ring is genuine and full of sparkle and shine. Not to mention that the simple color pallet will easily match just about any outfit that you can put together. The gold has been recycled and is eco-friendly, while the diamonds are conflict-free. We love that! Make an impression with this incredibly gorgeous ring. It’s totally worth it to see these diamonds catch the light!
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Houston Diamond District Ring

This piece of real diamond jewelry from Houston Diamond District is as beautiful as it is complex. A combined 2.35 carats of weight encompasses a large round center black diamond that is a brilliant cut. The halo of white diamonds are all genuine as well, as well as the diamonds set into the bad down the sides. This particular version of this ring is set in beautiful rose gold, and it adds a whole other dimension to the look and feel of this ring – we love that! The diamonds are conflict free and entirely genuine. This heirloom-quality piece is sure to be in your family for generations to come – and you can start the story here. The rose gold that the band and the settings are made of is stunning 14 karat gold, so it will shine just as much as the diamonds will! These clear, beautiful stones will definitely set your loved one apart from the rest!
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Diamond2Deal Black Diamond Ring

Last on our list is one of the most beautiful black diamond engagement rings for men on our list. It’s an extremely masculine ring that’s crafted with only the finest materials, and it’s made to be absolutely stunning. The setting and band material is sterling silver, so shiny and pure that it won’t turn your finger. There are ten small black diamonds in a rectangular setting in the center of this ring, and two sets of white diamonds on either side that really work to offset it. The inside of the band is etched with a lattice design, and the edges are meticulously crafted links that really pull the ring together. While the stones are only 0.25 carats, is the effect that really matters here! The band slims near the back, to give you that perfect heavy masculine look and feel without compromising your ability to work with your hands. It even comes with a gift box!
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