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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Blenders for Ice

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How to Choose the Best Blender for Ice

If you’re looking for the best blenders for ice, you probably love the nutritious and delicious benefits of smoothies and shakes. Our experts researched and reviewed more than twenty models to bring you a comprehensive top ten list of great blenders, so you can start whipping up frozen drinks as soon as possible. Before you start shopping, check out the specifications below to help guide your decision.

Best Blenders for Ice

Power: The best blender for chopping ice is going to have a lot of power behind it, so it can get the job done efficiently and quickly. Check here for the wattage of every blender on our list.

Best Blenders for Ice

Capacity: Some of the blenders on our list are larger than others. Depending on your needs, you’ll want to know how many ounces each model can make at a time. Check this spec for the details.

How to Choose the Best Blender for Ice

Dishwasher Safe: There is nothing more convenient than being able to load cookware into the dishwasher. If the blender pitcher or cup is dishwasher safe, you’ll find out here.

Best Blenders for Ice

Pieces: Each blender comes with its own accessories, including lids, cups, blades, and base. Check this spec for information on how many components make up each set.

Best Blenders for Ice

Speed Settings: Whether you want to keep it simple with one setting, or you appreciate being able to customize the consistency of your recipes, you’ll find all the info here.

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Warranty: Electronic appliances aren’t always foolproof. Check here to be sure your purchase is covered by a warranty and to find out how long you’re protected.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for while shopping, you’re ready to check out our blenders for ice buying guide. We’ve taken care to include something for everyone. If you’re looking to just make quick shakes on the go or you need versatility and the ability to whip up dinner, too, you’re bound to find what you need here. Each blender is a top-quality, durable product with its own convenient features, but if you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first. Let’s get started!

Shark Ninja Professional Blender

Top Pick
Our top pick is the premier choice when you’re looking for the best blender for ice and frozen fruit. The Shark Ninja blender features 1,100 watts of power and sharp blades that combine to pulverize even the toughest of ingredients into delicious shakes and smoothies. With three speeds, a pulse function, and single-serve option, this blender is perfect for creating all of your favorite drinks. Make frozen margaritas for the party or whip up nutrient-rich green smoothies! Whatever your blending needs are, this model can handle them. The Ninja is even capable of cutting through tough seeds, stems, and whole grains! Complete with a 72-ounce blender and two 16-ounce to-go cups with lids, you can make enough for everyone or just enough to bring with you wherever you’re headed for the day! Even better, the blender and cups are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, so you won’t be exposed to harmful plastic and clean-up is always a breeze! If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate blender, you found it.
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Magic Bullet Blender

Budget Pick
Chop, mix, and blend with our choice for the best cheap blender for ice! The Magic Bullet is an easy-to-use, super strong blender capable of whipping up all of your favorite smoothie recipes. This powerful machine cuts through ice like butter, can chop nuts, and is perfect for making salsa and dips. The best part? It takes up so little space on your countertop, you’ll hardly notice it’s there, unlike larger models. The Magic Bullet comes with a tall cup, short cup, party mug, five different lids, and a cross blade. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a recipe book filled with delicious options that take ten seconds or less to blend! Simple and effective, you won’t waste any time trying to figure out how to use this versatile blender. It’s as easy as attaching the cross blade to your cup of choice, affixing them to the base, and pushing down to blend. Easy to use and easy on the wallet, we think you’ll love this blender if you want to cut costs.
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Oster Reverse Crush Blender

Our next pick lets you have it all: performance, versatility, and durability. Enjoy all of your favorite smoothie recipes with this easy-to-use, classic blender. The Oster Reverse Crush features a special ice crushing blade, designed specifically for cutting through ice to deliver perfect frozen drinks. The reverse motor alternates the blades back and forward, effectively pulling food and ice down and then rotating it out for smooth blending. Considering this blender specializes in crushing ice, it’s the ideal pick when you’re searching for the best blender for smoothies with ice. Featuring seven speeds and high and low pulse options, you can customize recipes to fit your favorite consistency. Two preset functions, including frozen drinks and food chop, make for simple, one-button operation when you’re in a hurry or unsure of which setting to use. You’ll love the classy brushed stainless steel with red finish base and we know you’ll appreciate the dishwasher-safe glass jar. Simple and efficient, you can’t go wrong with Oster.
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Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Whether your smoothies contain green veggies or oreo crumbles, you want the best blender for shakes with ice. There’s nothing better than a frozen drink on a hot day to cool you down or a thick, creamy shake to satisfy your hunger. That’s why we included the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender on our list. Not only does this premium machine chop ice with ease, thanks to two stainless steel blades, it allows you to make just the right amount for yourself and then take your drink on the go! When you purchase Hamilton, you receive two 14-ounce cups with travel lids that let you drink right from the jar. And get this: the cups fit in most car drink holders! Talk about convenient. Simple one touch blending keeps the entire process easy and uncomplicated, so you won’t be standing around fiddling with buttons for a simple shake. And this personal, portable unit is easy to clean. The cups and lids can go right in the dishwasher!
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BLACK + DECKER Countertop Blender

Enjoy soups, smoothies, dips, and frozen drinks with the Black + Decker. This versatile model is a great option when you’re hunting for the best blender for ice drinks. The four-tip stainless steel blade delivers optimal blending power on ten different speed settings, including pulse. You’ll be able to easily tailor the consistency of your recipes, by utilizing the different settings. Whether you’re chopping peppers for salsa or blending up a daiquiri, the Black + Decker delivers. The six-cup glass jar is equipped with a PerfectPour spout, allowing you to transfer your creations to cups or bowls without spills and drips. Even better, the cup is dishwasher-safe and the base is easy to wipe down, so cleanup is always a breeze! With 550 watts of blending power, you’ll cut through ice quickly and efficiently for the perfect smoothie or shake. And this blender won’t break the bank, making it a favorite in our book.
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Vremi Professional Kitchen Blender

We looked for the best blender for crushing ice cubes and found the Vremi kitchen blender. Powerful, professional, and heavy-duty, Vremi comes with a super smoothie mode, making it a leader at slicing through tough chunks of ice. Five stainless steel blades work to pulverize, puree, blend, and chop, to bring perfection to all of your favorite recipes. Equipped with a 1400-watt motor, this powerful machine is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a top-quality blender that can handle a multitude of jobs. The 2-liter pitcher provides enough volume to blend for the whole group or gives you the option to use fewer ingredients for personal use. The BPA-free pitcher has liquid measurements to guide you and is equipped with a rubber lid. With three speed settings and an adjustable dial for full control, it’s easy to achieve the right consistency for all of your creations. The non-slip feet on the base of the blender and dishwasher-safe pitcher make Vremi convenient and practical for any kitchen.
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PopBabies Portable Blender

We combed through all the best ice crusher blender reviews and found a unique, portable blender that charges via a USB cord and comes with its own special ice tray! PopBabies provides a perfect way to make smoothies and shakes. Small, but powerful, it’s perfect for making frozen drinks, juices, and even baby food. Easily cut through seeds, stems, and frozen fruits and veggies. Just pour in the desired amount of liquid and food, use the small cubes from the included ice tray, and press the button! You can even shake it, to ensure even blending. The best part? You can recharge PopBabies anywhere, thanks to its USB function. Plug it right into the car! Speaking of the car, the included blender cup fits into most car cup holders, making it great for on-the-go meals. With quiet operation, dishwasher safe features, and all the power of a larger model, PopBabies is the perfect pick for anyone looking for a personal blender to make delicious recipes in small batches!
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AIMORES Commercial Blender

Your search for the best blender for crushing ice and frozen fruit doesn’t have to go any further if you need a large pitcher backed by optimal power. Blend smoothies and juices, grind coffee beans and spices, process meats and veggies, and make perfect dips, all with the same AIMORES Commercial Blender. With total crushing power, this blender breaks down food to release nutritious ingredients within seconds. Enjoy healthy, delicious, and icy smoothies pureed to perfection. The pitcher is large enough to make some for later or a batch to share with friends! A 1,100-watt motor and six blades work to cut through even the toughest of ingredients. Ice doesn’t stand a chance! You can even make your own homemade nut flour. The BPA-free design means you won’t be exposing yourself to harsh chemicals when you make all of your favorite recipes in this blender. When you’re done using AIMORES, simply pop the pitcher off the base and load it in the dishwasher, for easy cleaning! Backed by a one-year warranty, you’ll love everything about this machine and if you don’t, you’re covered by the manufacturer!
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Elepawl Professional Power Blender

Featuring preset processing modes for all of your favorite recipes and ten different settings, Elepawl Professional Power Blender makes our list as a premium choice for the best blender for smoothies and ice-- and anything else you’d care to throw in! Backed by 1,400 watts of power and equipped with six stainless, thicked oblique blades, this blender can slice through nearly anything and do it with ease. And it looks great on your countertop! The 2-liter pitcher comes with a plunger to push ingredients down toward the blade and ensures even smooth blending. A safety-lock top keeps ingredients inside and a rubber handle makes lifting the lightweight pitcher comfortable. Rubber feet keep the machine in place, so you don’t have to worry about spills or sliding, while in use. The cooling design of the motor keeps this model from overheating, too, as an added safety feature. If you’re in the market for the best, and you aren’t willing to compromise, then you’ll want to look into the Elepawl, so you can start whipping up delicious meals in style as soon as possible.
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JUSCHEF Professional Blender

Fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, and ice: none of them stand a chance against our final pick, JUSCHEF Professional Blender. Rounding out our top ten list strong, this blender has what it takes to make anything your heart and palate desire-- from milkshakes to baby food, to soups and dips. If you came here looking for the best blender to crush ice for smoothies, you’ve undoubtedly found it, and more. The JUSCHEF lets you easily blend up delicious meals for the entire family. Featuring eight settings, including juice, porridge, soup, soy milk, smoothie, congee, simmer, and heating, you’ll enjoy the perfect consistency and temperature with every recipe. You can also use the adjustable settings to generate your own speed and timing for precise do-it-yourself meals. Made from BPA-material, this blender is great for ingredient-conscious shoppers who like to avoid potentially harmful chemicals. When you choose JUSCHEF, you’ll also receive a brush and stirring rod for easy cleaning and removing of your concoctions from the pitcher. And it looks fabulous on your counter, with its gray and black, sleek design.
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