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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

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quadcopter reviewsBest Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

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How to Choose the Best Natural Hair Blow Dryer

Keeping your natural hair looking great is an important process and it can be difficult. The best blow dryers are going to help you get ready for the day a whole lot easier. It’s not just about finding any blow dryer, however, because natural hair requires more care and attention. With this blow dryer buying guide, you’ll definitely be able to see all of the benefits and features that go along with a blow dryer for natural black hair. That way, you can make sure your hair stays in great shape, just like you want.

Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

Speeds: Different speeds can make it easier to dry your hair off quickly and they can definitely make your hair safer as well. But not all dryers actually work at different speeds so if this is important to you it’s something to watch for.

Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

Attachments: Some dryers have additional pieces that you can attach to it in order to get a slightly different look or a slightly different experience to the drying process. You’ll be able to get your hair looking great.

How to Choose the Best Natural Hair Blow Dryer

Power: How much power does it take for your blow dryer to actually work? You don’t want it to take too much power because that’s going to cost you more money when it comes to actually powering the unit.

Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

Heat Settings: Having several different heat settings is good for your hair as well. It means you can lower the heat to protect it or increase it if your hair needs to dry a little faster. You can improve the quality of your heat.

Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

Weight: The weight of the hair dryer you use is about convenience. You want something that is comfortable for you to hold and definitely something that you can hold for as long as it takes to dry off your hair.

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Warranty: How long is the warranty on your new dryer? You want something that will last for a long time and the longer the warranty the more durable you can trust it to be. You want a longer warranty you can count on.

Top 10 Products

There are plenty of different hair dryers out there and you definitely want one that’s going to get the job done right, which is why you need one of these blow dryer reviews. Any of these dryers are going to be a great option for natural hair as well, which is the most important feature. With these blow dryer reviews, you’re going to be off to the right start and have the best blow dryer for sale.

BaBylissPRO Titanium Dryer

Top Pick
Our top pick offers 2000 watts of power and still gives you a lightweight unit that fits easily into your hand. With 6 different heat and speed settings you can get it to just the right level to make your hair look its best and you eve have a removable filter and stand that keeps it ready for whenever you are. There are even a cool shot button and a concentrator nozzle that makes sure the heat is being directed exactly where you want it, every time. When the unit needs cleaned, you can remove the filter quickly and you can wipe the whole thing down. This ionic hair dryer is sleek and stylish, giving you something you’re definitely going to enjoy using every day.
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Conair Ceramic Hair Dryer

Budget Pick
Our best cheap blow dryer may have a lower price, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should discount. You’ll want to take a closer look at this one. It’s an ionic, ceramic dryer with tourmaline ceramic technology, which provides a smoother and shiner result without the frizz. You’ll have a high-torque DC motor that gives you even faster results and 3 different heat settings and 2 different speed settings, which means you get just the right combination for your hair. The 5.5 ft. power cord gives you enough space to move around and the cool shot means that your hair gets locked right where you want it. Included is even a diffuser for more textured styles and a concentrator that helps with smooth styles.
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Andis Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer

The unique look of this hair dryer is definitely something you’ll want to consider, and especially the way it actually works for your hair needs. Using ceramic technology it provides you with more even heating and helps keep moisture and natural oils in your hair. Because it’s also ionic you get faster drying times and there’s a cool shot button that locks in the look you want. There are 3 different heat settings as well as the cool shot button and it has a high velocity of airflow to go along with it. This lightweight unit is designed to give you the concentrated heat you’re looking for and can even brush right through your hair to help smooth and dry all at the same time. Just use any of the 3 attachments to get just the right look.
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Xtava Ionic Blow Dryer

This sleek hair dryer offers 1800 watt power with a diffuser to help curly hair and a nozzle to concentrate heat for straight hair. Because it uses an AC motor it’s able to increase drying time and the dual ion setting definitely helps with that as well, and without causing frizz. There are 2 different heat settings and 3 speed settings as well as a cool shot button that helps to set the look you want. There’s a 5 foot, 9 inch cord included so you get plenty of distance and you can even choose a turbo speed for faster drying. Designed for all different types of hair, this dryer is definitely one you’ll want in your home. Great for short or thin hair as well as thick or natural hair, this blow dryer for curly hair has a stylish design and a comfortable handle that makes it easy to use that make it the best hair dryer for natural hair as well.
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Jinri Salon Grade Hair Dryer

This hair dryer operates at 1875 watts and uses an AC motor with negative ionic heat. Not only that but it has a ceramic style, which helps to keep moisture and oils in your hair for better health and smoothness while eliminating frizz. You’ll even get a long-life motor and the ability to fully distribute heat throughout your hair. There are even 3 different temperature settings and 2 different speeds, plus a cool shot that gives you just the right amount of versatility. You’ll get a 1 year replacement and 2 year warranty included as well as 3 attachments. That way you can direct the heat right where you want it and not have to worry about your hair getting too much or too little heat at a time in this best blow dryer for fine hair.
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Ouiast Professional Hair Dryer

This best blow dryer for black hair provides you with 90% more ions to help reduce frizz and provide healthier and smoother hair without causing frizz. It comes with 2 different attachments to help direct the heat to just the right area of the hair and it comes with 3 different heat settings and 2 different speed settings. At 1875 watts, it’s definitely a way to dry even the curliest hair. In fact, it can dry hair up to 50% faster than other hair dryers and the 3 layers of ceramic coating help to reduce hair damage. When you’re ready to clean it you can even remove the filter quickly and easily to make the job much faster. Not only that but it all comes with a bag to make carrying and storing it a whole lot easier, no matter how much you travel.
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Bed Head Curls Hair Dryer

This hair dryer definitely looks unique but it will get the job done in no time. It’s designed as the best blow dryer for curly hair and offers 1875 watts. Not only that but it uses tourmaline ceramic technology to help cut down on the amount of frizz and to make sure that your hair dries just right. It offers 3 different heat settings and 2 different speed settings, plus a cool shot button that helps lock it all in. There’s a diffuser attachment that helps to balance out the heat over just the right amount of area and there’s a 6 foot swivel cord that makes it easier to use. You’ll get a lightweight system that is easy to hold and simple to use. All you have to do is do a quick dry and then start working through the rest of the hair to get a full dry in no time at all to get the best blow dryer for curly hair with diffuser.
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Lee Stafford Hair Dryer

This easy to use hair dryer is up to 2x faster than other dryers and provides 1875 watts of power. Even better, it has a grille that’s actually infused with coconut oil to help provide even more nutrients for your hair even while you dry it. With 3 different heat settings and 2 different speed settings you can even customize it to just what you need to get started for the day. Plus it has a nozzle attachment to help increase the precision to your latest style. Lightweight and complete with a 60 day money back guarantee, this is definitely the best blow dryer for natural black hair and one that you’re going to love for yourself. It even has a removable rear grille to make sure you can clean it up quickly and easily as needed.
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WATTS Tourmaline Hair Dryer

This hair dryer might look simple but it definitely has the skills that you’re looking for as the best blow dryer with diffuser for curly hair. It’s an 1875 watt system with ion technology that helps to improve the quality and the texture of your hair. It has 2 different speeds and 3 different heat settings as well as a cool shot option that lets you get 7 different varieties overall. The user-friendly design includes the lightweight, the Velcro cord tie and the 9 foot long cord that lets you move around with ease. The rear filter cap even flips up easily to make sure that you always have access to clean out lint and other debris that might easily get sucked into the unit. Complete with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, this system is made to give you just the right amount of style.
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YaFex Blow Dryer Brush

Our final option is a very simple to use system because it’s just like brushing out your hair. You start up the heat and this hot air paddle simply brushes right through your hair, straightening and styling along the way. It’s able to detangle and dry your hair and it uses ionic technology, which helps your hair to be less frizzy and even softer at the same time. Larger than most hair dryers, this brush system is still ultra-lightweight and makes sure you’re comfortable holding it even for a more extended period of time. The flexible bristles and the 1100 watt power of the system mean that you won’t have to worry about hurting yourself while you use it (no one likes their hair pulled by a brush, after all) but you will be able to get some great results. The 2 heat and cool settings and single speed setting make it work great for anything you need.
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