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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

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How to Choose a Boat Cover

Finding the best boat covers can be an overwhelming experience – they come in so many different sizes, fabrics, colors, and styles. You can go with a custom cover, but those can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars! We went in search of the best boat cover for sale that is both budget-friendly and high-quality. Before you start shopping, here are a few things you will need to know to ensure you have the right cover for your boat.

Best Boat Covers

Material: Most boat covers are made of high-quality polyester and graded in “Deniers.” Fabric with a high denier count is good for outdoor storage and long trips. Fabric with a lower denier count is best for indoor storage and short trips.

Best Boat Covers

Waterproof: If you plan to travel in heavy rain or want to store your boat outside in the off-season, look for a cover that’s completely waterproof. It will protect your boat from water damage, mildew, and rot while it sits outside.

How to Choose a Boat Cover

UV Protection: If you are going to store your boat outside, especially in direct sunlight, look for a fabric with UV protection coating. This will prevent any paint, plastic, or leather on your boat from cracking, peeling, or fading over time.

Best Boat Covers

Boat Type: To ensure your cover fits properly, get a cover that fits the shape and style of your boat. There are covers made especially to fit small fishing and ski boats, mid-size sea ray boats and bass boats, and large pontoons.

Best Boat Covers

Size: There are two sizes you need to measure before buying a cover: the length and beam width. Length is measured in feet, and beam width (the width of covering the boat and any extra tall seating) is measured in inches.

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Color Options: Boat covers come in a variety of colors! Light colors keep your boat cool in hot temperatures, while dark colors work better in cold climates. You can also buy one that matches your truck, boat, or get one for fun!

Top 10 Products

By now, you should have your boat’s length and beam width measured. You should also know which style of cover you’ll need. We did a ton of research and found 10 great covers that are affordable, durable, and will fit just about any type of boat. If you’re pressed for time, we totally understand! Check out our Top Pick and Budget Pick, and then come back later to check out the rest. Now let’s get into the boat cover reviews!

MSC Runabout Boat Cover

Top Pick
Our pick from the best rated boat covers comes from MSC, who made a high-quality cover for a variety of small boats. It’s made of marine-grade, 600 denier polyester that’s both waterproof and UV protected, so your boat will stay dry and safe in any weather! One of our favorite features is the sizing. They come in 14 ft. – 24 ft. lengths, and beam widths from 68 in. to 102 in. This means you can use it to cover a variety of small boat styles: hull runabouts, fishing boats, bass boats, ski boats, and more. The adjustable straps and quick-release buckles make covering and uncovering any size boat easy and fast. We also like that the bottom hem comes with an elastic cord, so you can tighten the cover for a perfectly custom fit! It also comes in 5 different colors, so you can pick a cover to match your boat or truck, which we think is a fun bonus!
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Brightent Boat Cover

Budget Pick
The best cheap boat cover we found is similar to our top pick, with the added bonus that it’s super affordable! It’s made with the same marine-grade polyester fabric as our top pick, and it is both waterproof and UV safe. The cover is also a light grey, which will keep it cool during the hot summer months. It comes in 3 different sizes to fit a variety of small to medium sized boats. To create a tight fit, this cover comes with 9 belts you can easily adjust and buckle. There are 4 on each side and one that runs the length of the boat, which is nice to have for extra protection! There is also an elastic hem at the bottom to keep out extra water or wind while storing or driving. We also like that it comes with its own bag, so you can easily store it in your boat or truck without taking up precious space!
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North East Harbor Pontoon Cover

We didn’t just research boat covers – we also looked for the best pontoon boat cover too! We really like this one from North East Harbor because it has everything you need to keep your pontoon safe from the elements while storing or traveling. It uses 600-denier fabric that’s waterproof and UV safe, which will keep your pontoon protected year-round. It fits pontoons from 20 ft. to 24 ft. long and the beam width is a large 102”, which is large enough to cover up your boat entirely. The straps are tough enough to make the cover trailer friendly, and the quick-release straps mean you can uncover it and get in the water with little fuss! This cover also comes with its own storage bag, so you can easily roll it up and store it in your boat without taking up extra room. This is our pick for a strong, affordable, and easy to use cover for just about any pontoon!
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Budge T-Top Boat Cover

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality boat cover for your hard top or T-top boat, we highly recommend this boat cover from Budge. The fabric is waterproof, 600-denier polyester that will keep your boat dry in rainy or snowy conditions. It also offers UV protection, which will prevent sun damage like cracked or faded paint and interior seats! While we reviewed their medium-sized cover, you can also buy these in 5 different sizes, or upgrade to a 1200 denier fabric if you want even more protection. There are plenty of straps and an elastic hem to create a tight fit for storing outside or moving it on a trailer. The 10-year warranty tells us this cover is made to last for years to come, and that Budge stands behind their product. If you like the quality of Budge’s boat cover, here’s a fun fact - they also make covers for your car, truck, patio equipment, and more!
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Yescom Pontoon Boat Cover

If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective pontoon cover, we suggest checking out this one from Yescom. It’s made of the same 600-denier fabric as all the others we’ve reviewed so far, and it will protect your pontoon from light rain and sunshine. It fits pontoons from 21 ft. to 24 ft., and has a 96” beam width, which should fit most pontoons. When in doubt, they do suggest sizing up a foot or two, especially if you have any large chairs or equipment that come up over the top beams. It comes with a large roll of strapping to adjust to your boat’s size, and an elastic hem will keep water from spilling into your boat during a hard rain. It also comes with a bag to keep it tidy and safe on your boat or truck while you’re out enjoying the water. For the price, this cover will keep your pontoon protected from the elements year round!
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iCOVER Trailerable Boat Cover

When looking for boat covers that will easily protect a small fishing boat, we came across this great one from iCOVER. We like that it comes in a variety of sizes that fit a variety of fishing boat styles: v-hull fishing boats, v-hull runabouts, bass boats, ski boats, and more! The fabric is top of the line, 600-denier polyester that will keep your boat protected from the sun, wind, rain, and mildew. The cover has a tight elastic hem, easy-open buckles, and extra strapping on the bow to keep the cover in place securely. Since this is meant for trailering, we like that it also comes with air vents on both sides. This will prevent condensation or mildew from building up under the cover, and it will also keep the cover from tearing during a heavy windstorm! It comes in 3 different colors with a matching storage bag to match your boat or keep it cool in warmer weather.
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Seamander Trailerable Boat Cover

Looking for the best boat covers for winter? Definitely, check out these heavy-duty covers from Seamander. They’re made with incredibly sturdy polycanvas fabric that’s waterproof, and they use UV protection to keep out the elements year-round. We really like that these come in 6 different sizes! You can easily find covers for small fishing boats, or get large boat covers for flat-bottomed bass boats. To further customize the fit, it comes with an elastic hem to close out water, snow, and debris. The 12-strap system also ensures the cover will fit your boat well, even if you have extra high seats or other equipment! If you do have higher seats or frames, we suggest sizing up a foot or two to ensure everything fits under the cover, especially if you’re planning to store it over the winter! Oh, and they come in 7 different colors to match your boat, truck, or just to add a little fun to your boat!
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Brightent Pontoon Cover

This pontoon cover comes to us from the same brand that made our Budget Pick, and it’s another great cover just for pontoons! It’s made of the same 600 denier fabric as our Budget Pick, making it both waterproof and UV protected. This cover will keep out rain, sun, and snow while you travel or store your pontoon for the winter. It comes in 3 sizes, so you can find one that fits your boat and any extra tall seats, equipment, or large framing you need covered. The cover’s elastic bottom hem fits snugly, keeping it safe and secure while you drive, or while it sits in storage. The 6 straps are also very easy to install or remove. We also love that this comes with a bag, so you can roll up your cover and store it easily in your boat, truck, or garage! It’s another great, affordable cover that will keep your boat in good shape for years!
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Leader Accessories Jon Boat Cover

To make sure our boat cover buying guide covered (pun intended) several types of boats, we found a great one for your flat-bottomed jon boat! This cover comes in 3 sizes and will fit easily over your boat, even if you have a few seats or a support pole to keep water from pooling up. The fabric is 201-denier urethane coated polyester, which is lightweight yet strong enough to keep out rain and UV damage while traveling. This cover also comes with air vents on both sides to prevent the cover from tearing or blowing off during transport or a heavy windstorm! The cover has an elastic hem and several sturdy straps for a snug fit, and the buckles make it easy to attach or remove the cover so you can get to your boating quicker. We think these could also be easily adjusted to be drift boat covers or small pontoon covers if you need a small, inexpensive option!
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PrimeShield Boat Cover

We’re going to end our boat cover reviews with this inexpensive and durable cover from PrimeShield. Finding sea ray boat covers and large fishing boat covers that don’t cost a small fortune can be tricky! They need to be large enough to not only fit the boat, but also fit any seating, framing, and other fun accessories that add major height! We like that these covers come with extremely wide beam widths for their length, which means they’ll cover everything securely. In addition to the elastic hem around the bottom for a snug fit, they also have the straps sewn into the cover, which means the straps won’t slip or slide, even while zipping down the highway. The fabric is also meant to withstand rain, UV rays, and cold temperatures, so it’s perfect for storing your boat outside in the winter! We think that for the price, this is a great cover to handle your small boats with tall accessories!
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