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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Bow Saws for Sale

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How to Choose the Best Bow Saw

For sawing through wood, plastic, and metal, a high-quality bow saw is your best bet. So, choosing the best bow saw could spell the difference between an easy job and a difficult task. To help you choose, our team has researched different models and selected the 10 best bow saws available. But before we go to the bow saw reviews, let’s look at the specs you need to know when shopping.

Best Bow Saws for Sale

Blade Length: This depends on what kind of work you need to do. Shorter blades are best for smaller and finer cuts, while longer blades work best for thicker materials that you need to saw through.

Best Bow Saws for Sale

Quick Release: One of the main features of a bow saw is its replaceable blade, held by the saw’s frame. Some bow saws feature a quick-release mechanism that allows you to remove the blade quickly, while others require to remove a screw.

How to Choose the Best Bow Saw

Knuckle Guard: Safety while handling tools is important, especially with a sharp cutting tool like the bow saw. With this in mind, some manufacturers built their bow saws to have knuckle guards to help protect the sawing hand from scrapes and cuts.

Best Bow Saws for Sale

Dimensions: The length, width, and thickness of the bow determine what you can do with your saw. For example, the bigger the “throat” — the width between the saw blade and the bow frame — the thicker the material you can saw through.

Best Bow Saws for Sale

Weight: The weight of the bow saw not only determines how easily you can handle the saw but also what materials they are best suited for. Lighter saws are good for high branches and finer curved cuts. Heavier saws are best for thicker materials.

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Warranty: Most manufacturers guarantee the quality of their bow saws. They offer replacement and refund warranties against manufacturing defects and even wear and tear from normal use over periods from one year to a lifetime. So consider what warranties are offered.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what features to look out for to help you with your particular tasks let’s go to the top 10 bow saw reviews. Each of these is a top rated bow saw, so go ahead and check them out. By the way: If you’re in a hurry, go to the Top Pick and our Budget Pick. Both are quality products. Let’s go!

Pathonor Bow Saw Set

Top Pick
The Pathonor Bow Saw Set is our Top Pick because it is more than a bow saw; it is a toolbox of saws for different functions. How? The set includes four “Magic Saw” blades for general use, and two glass saw blades for glass and stone, and these blades can each be installed interchangeably in the included bow saw frame. Also, the bow frame can be detached from the handle to accommodate a large wood saw blade for more serious wood work. In addition, it includes two tile drills for use on tile, soft metals, and other similar materials. All of these can be stowed away neatly in the included case. So, if you’re looking for a versatile bow saw that can do a variety of jobs, the Pathonor Bow Saw Set is your best bet.
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Truper 30255 Bow Saw

Budget Pick
The Truper 30255 Bow Saw is a handy tool for cutting larger branches and other medium-sized saw work. It features a Cam Lever tension system that tightly holds the blade and keeps it taut for use in the field. It is light enough to be easy to handle when sawing through high branches but heavy enough to lend power for sawing through thicker materials. When the blade gets dull, the Truper 30255 has a Cam Lever Quick Change Blade Release that lets you change blades quickly and easily. Though it is on the large side for camping purposes, it has a good size for a general-purpose saw for any workman’s tool shed.
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Bahco Bow Saw #9

If you’re looking for a bow saw that cuts efficiently, the Bahco Bow Saw #9 is what you’re looking for. Made by Bahco, a Swedish company who has been making tools since 1886, you can be assured that this bow saw will work and work well. Its large size and strong steel tubing frame allow it to tackle most sawing jobs. Saw #9 is also equipped with a tension lever that lets you change blades should you need to. Speaking of blades, the saw is equipped with hardened steel blades that you do not need to sharpen again. A word of warning, though: the plastic protective handle tends to come off. But this can be easily remedied by securing the handle with some electrical or duct tape. Apart from this, the Bahco Saw #9 is a good all-around bow saw.
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Gardena Pruning Bow Saw

Light and robust, the Gardena Pruning Bow Saw is primarily designed for garden, yard, and orchard work. Its tapered nose is specifically shaped to allow sawing in narrow spaces, while its light weight allows you to handle the saw more easily when, say, reaching tall branches. This saw is also equipped with a screw knob mechanism that lets you adjust the tension on the blade, as well as lets you change blades without tools. The Gardena Pruning Bow Saw comes equipped with a pulse-hardened, rust-proofed saw blade with fine cut teeth that makes quick work of the wood you plan to cut. For jobs that are more difficult or need more stable strokes, the saw’s tapering nose has a matte finish that could also serve as a second handle. Gardena is so confident of the quality of this saw that they give a 25-year warranty against defects and workmanship.
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Filzer Buckster Bow Saw

What do you get when a company that makes bikes and bike-related camping gear makes a bow saw? You get the Filzer Buckster Bow Saw. What’s so special about this particular bow saw? Well, the frame is made of tough, lightweight aluminum with a stainless steel tensioning system that holds the blade in place. This makes the bow saw handy to use for building shelter and processing firewood during camping trips. But here’s the scoop: the whole saw can be collapsed into one of the frame’s tubes, measuring 19 inches long and 1.4 inches in diameter. When not in use, the whole saw can be stowed in a backpack or on a bike just as easily as you would a bicycle tire pump. Though not equipped with a knuckle guard, it does come with an insulating rubber handle that prevents slipping. This is a handy tool for the great outdoors.
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Bahco 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw

The Bahco 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw is a heavy-duty bow saw designed for use on dry wood and lumber. With a frame made of high-quality, lightweight steel tubing, it is highly durable and handles well in the most rugged and demanding of environments, be it in heavy forests or at construction sites. What’s more, the Bahco 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw features a new blade tensioning system that secures the blade, enables you to make straight cuts, and swap blades easily. Built for rugged use, this bow saw is coated with a high-impact orange enamel paint that protects from rust and corrosion, making it an all-weather, high-performance tool. If you’re planning to do some rough wood work, the Bahco 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw is your best bet.
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Irwin 218HP300 Combi-Saw

The Irwin 218HP300 Combi-Saw, as the name shows, features a blade for wood and a hacksaw blade for metals. It is supposed to be designed for gardening, pruning, and metal cutting, but its deep throat enables it to saw through larger diameters of wood branches, as well as plastic and metal pipes. The combi-saw’s welded frame made of premium tubular steel provides durability and stability during use, making for faster cuts. What’s more, it also features a Pro-Touch, no-slip grip and knuckle guard to ensure your safety while using it. Its compact size makes it handy to use and easy to store, making it a great saw for home use. This little bow saw is able to do far more than what it was designed for. What’s amazing is Irwin gives a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and normal wear and tear. So, if you’re looking for a good bow saw for home use that can cut through wood, plastic, and metal, the Irwin 218HP300 Combi-Saw is a wise choice.
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Bahco Pointed Nose Bow Saw

What is the first thing you notice when you see the Bahco Pointed Nose Bow Saw? It is the pointed nose. More than a design gimmick, the pointed nose lets the Bahco Pointed Nose Bow Saw do its work in small or narrow spaces. But this bow saw is more than just maneuverable; this bow saw can cut through dry wood and lumber and is easy to handle, weighing only 1.3 pounds. These make the Bahco Pointed Nose Bow Saw a great all-around bow saw that you would want to have with the rest of your toolkit. So, if you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable, and easy to handle bow saw for pruning, landscaping, and roofing. The Bahco Pointed Nose Bow Saw will not let you down.
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Gilmour 21-Inch Bow Saw

At first glance, the Gilmour 21-Inch Bow Saw doesn’t look like much. But one quality does stand out: it has a self- is adjusting blade tension system. This means that the blade would not be too tight and risk it snapping while at work, or too loose that it would flex, warp, and come off. Another standout feature is that the blades can rotate at 45 degrees and 90 degrees, which lends extra flexibility when you do saw work around a branch or bush. On the cutting side, the Gilmour 21-Inch Bow Saw features edge hardened and nonstick coated blades. This will enable you to make clean cuts without having to worry about your blade dragging because it has sap and other residue sticking to it. Because of these, the Gilmour 21-Inch Bow Saw is perfect for pruning and camping. On top of that, Gilmour provides a limited warranty that is good for a lifetime.
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Uolor Magic Handsaw Set

If you’re looking for a bow saw for DIY, hobby, or crafts projects, the Uolor Magic Handsaw Set is for you. This 12-in-1 bow saw set includes five Magic Saw blades for general use like on wood, plastic, rubber, bamboo, rope, soft metal, and stainless steel; two glass saw blades; and one large flat wood saw blade for wood and PVC. On top of that, there are other non-saw tools included, like a tile drill for drilling holes in materials like glass, tiles, and soft metals; a large flat saw blade screw; and a glass cutter head. All of this, with the saw frame, are packed in a specially designed carry case, so all your blades and tools are in in one container. The Uolor Magic Handsaw Set may not be able to handle bigger sawing jobs because of its size; it does well in smaller tasks that require more precision than power.
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