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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Bow Stabilizers

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How to Choose the Best Bow Stabilizer

If you love archery, then you know about stabilizers. They reduce bow vibration and noise. Not only that, but they can also help your aim by keeping the bow balanced. So if you own a bow, a good stabilizer is a smart (and cheap) upgrade. But which one is best? Well, we did the research for you to create this top 10 bow stabilizer review. Before you look at the buying guide, let's look at the most important specs to keep in mind when shooting.

Best Bow Stabilizers

Size: This is the measure of the length of the stabilizer. As a rule, the longer it is, the more stable your bow. But that doesn’t mean you should always get the longest one. A short, compact one usually makes the best hunting stabilizer.

Best Bow Stabilizers

Colors: Most bow stabilizers come in different colors and patterns that you can choose from. However, if you are using your bow for hunting, you might want to choose one with a camo design. Maybe one that matches your bow.

How to Choose the Best Bow Stabilizer

Adjustable weights: Some bow stabilizers give you an option to change their weight. Being able to adjust the weight means you can tune your bow without having to switch to a different stabilizer. These usually come with extra removable weights.

Best Bow Stabilizers

Vibration Damper: That shock to your hand that you feel every time you lose an arrow? That’s bow torque. It is the energy that was not used to propel the arrow. It travels to your bow and onto your hands. Installing a stabilizer reduces its effects.

Best Bow Stabilizers

Weight: How much a bow stabilizer weighs is an important factor to consider. Heavier stabilizers mean less vibration. However, if your stabilizer is too heavy, your bow becomes too unwieldy to use. To get the best performance, you must find the perfect balance between them.

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Warranty: Manufacturers would give product warranties against defects arising from workmanship or materials used. They will usually repair or replace said product provided it be within the warranty period. Warranty length vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so double check.

Top 10 Products

After hours of extensive research going through one archery stabilizer after another, we’ve pared it down to top ten. In a hurry and have no time to go through the whole list? Choose between our Top Pick and Budget Pick. Let’s get right to the list of best bow stabilizers for sale. String your bow and collect your arrows, we’re going bow stabilizer hunting! Enjoy.

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter

Top Pick
The Bee Stinger Sport Hunter may very well be the most diverse line of bow stabilizers that can be found on the market. These come in five sizes including two that are front bar/side bar combos. Bee Stinger also gives you 14 colors and designs to choose from, ranging from solid black to colors painted into elaborate patterns, giving these stabilizers a very pleasing appearance. But just because they look pretty doesn’t mean that they are a slouch in the performance department. On the contrary, Bee Stinger Sport Hunter stabilizers are specifically designed to eliminate vibration while shooting, as well as give superior stabilization so you can aim better. All these make the Sports Hunter a candidate for the best bow stabilizer for hunting. And what’s more, each Sport Hunter stabilizer comes with three individual one-ounce end weights that you can attach to adjust it to your specific requirements. Truly a product worthy of the top spot.
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Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Budget Pick
When you first see the Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer, the first question that may enter your mind is: What’s with all the holes? The answer is that the holes are a design feature of the product. The holes are there to let air pass through, so wind can be eliminated as a factor, especially during hunting. This means you shoot steadier even in the windiest of conditions. Your next question might be: Don’t all those holes weaken the overall structure of the stabilizer? And the answer to that is no. The Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer is made from a ballistic copolymer system that ensures that it stays light and allow for the air holes without sacrificing strength and bow torque reduction. The stabilizer comes in two sizes and is available in black, pink, or camo. As a bonus: it comes with two adjustable weights that you can attach so you can tune your stabilizer to your specific release style.
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SAS Archery Aluminum Stabilizer

If you asked someone to describe what a bow stabilizer looks like, it is more than likely that he or she will describe the SAS Archery Aluminum Stabilizer. And it does look the part, doesn’t it? It’s a perforated aluminum tube with a metal rod inside it, and that’s it. No protruding pieces, no fancy parts to attach. It’s simple, so simple in fact that it’s almost elegant. And it does its job well. When attached to a bow, its Precision Aluminum Design and built-in Vibration Dampening Technology will make your bow more stable, and you will feel less bow torque. It will also act as a counterbalance when the bow is fully drawn. It does exactly what a bow stabilizer is supposed to do because that is what it is and there can be no mistaking it. The SAS Archery Aluminum Stabilizer comes in three sizes at five, eight, and eleven inches, and is available in two colors: black and camo.
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New Archery Apache Stabilizer

The New Archery Apache Stabilizer is a solidly made piece of archery equipment that not only eliminates vibrations due to bow torque because of its proprietary dampening material but also has stealth qualities imbued by its design, making it perfect for hunting. When attached, this stabilizer silences your bow every time it is shot. This combination of sturdy design, vibration elimination, and noise suppression makes it the perfect stabilizer to use for hunting. This translates into being able to make a second shot in case you miss since your prey won’t be spooked by the noise your bow makes. Not that it is only useful for hunting. The Apache Stabilizer can also be used in sport and even just casual archery. If your goal is to have the quietest bow around, then this one is for you. This particular New Archery Apache Stabilizer is five inches in length and comes in Realtree APG camo.
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SAS Archery Bow Stabilizer

Here’s a top contender for the title of my first bow stabilizer: The SAS Archery Bow Stabilizer. If you’re just starting out in archery, then you can’t go wrong with this one. Measuring a mere three and a half inches, it is compact and lightweight for easy use and storing. And don’t let the size fool you: this little stabilizer does what it’s supposed to do: it reduces bow torque. It does this via its Molded Vibration Reduction Technology. What does that mean? Basically, it is just another way of saying that the materials used to make this bow stabilizer absorb vibrations. But whatever it’s called, it works. This little product can hold its own against other, much larger, stabilizers in its class. And just because we think it is a great starter, doesn’t mean that veteran archers can’t also benefit from using it. As a bonus, it’s also very competitively priced. Alas, this particular model of SAS Archery Bow Stabilizer only comes in black.
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Limbsaver X-Coil Bow Stabilizer

You can say that the Limbsaver X-Coil Bow Stabilizer is quite different from all the other stabilizers in its class. Like all stabilizers, the X-Coil does its job by reducing the vibration felt on the bow by reducing bow torque. As an added bonus, it also helps in balancing the bow. But let’s focus on its primary job: dampening vibrations. Like I said, the X-Coil is different, because it uses its unique design to eliminate bow torque. The stabilizer is made up of different sections that move independently from each other. Now because they move independently, they also absorb vibrations independently thus giving the X-Coil a faster absorption rate. This translates to a smoother, quieter shot and a much better user experience for the archer. You’d think the manufacturer would stop there, but no: they also made the X-Coil Bow Stabilizer weatherproof so you can use it out in the field in any weather condition. The X-Coil comes in camo only.
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GD Compound Bow Stabilizer

The GD Compound Bow Stabilizer may be small, measuring only a mere three and a half inches, but that doesn’t mean its performance is also small. On the contrary, it can keep up with other stabilizers which are way larger in terms of bow torque reduction. It does this through its use of Molded Vibration Reducing Technology. In basic terms, it means that it’s made out of vibration absorbing material. Its compact design really is a benefit since it offers more mobility and maneuverability to the user than a longer stabilizer might give. It’s also waterproof so you can use it for bow fishing. Now: the name might fool you into thinking that this product is only for compound bows. It’s not: it works with recurves too. Speaking of compounds, given what we know about this product, we can argue that this could be the best compound bow stabilizer in its class. The GD Compound Bow Stabilizer only comes in stylish black.
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Truglo Deadenator Xs Stabilizer

When you look at a Truglo Deadenator Xs Stabilizer, you might think that it fits more in a modern art museum than in front of a bow. Trust me, there is a reason for the unusual shape. Those “fins” that protrude out of the stabilizer? They effectively increase the surface area of the Deadenator Xs so that it can more effectively reduce both vibration and noise due to bow torque. Besides, the unusual look adds to its charm. Speaking of looks, the Deadenator Xs comes only in black and a number of licensed camo patterns. Aside from its looks, its Soft-Feel Technical Coating makes it a pleasure to touch. But wait: before you start to think that the Deadenator is just all aesthetics and no matter, be aware that the Deadenator was engineered for performance hunting bows. It can perform as well as it looks. It was also designed to fit all bows be it compounds or recurves.
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LimbSaver WindJammer

Made from aircraft aluminum and filled with a proprietary NAVCOM (short for Noise and Vibration Control Material), the Limbsaver Windjammer bow stabilizer is a product that not only reduces vibration due to bow torque but also gives you a more smooth and quiet shot. The Windjammer measures seven inches and weighs a mere 13 ounces. It comes in a variety of colors and design patterns that include different kinds of camo and of course your basic black. It also comes with an NAVCOM end node for better vibration absorption. While the WindJammer does not come with additional weights, it does have the ability to be installed with them. It is also made to accept other accessories such as the Windjammer Balance System, but the WindJammer can and will function well enough on its own. Installation and take down is both quick and easy. Built primarily for use outdoors, this stabilizer is durable and can handle the harshest of weather conditions.
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G5 Outdoors K3 Stabilizer

The G5 Outdoors K3 Stabilizer is an aluminum stabilizer designed for extreme vibration reduction and as full-draw counter balance. The reduction of vibration means you experience less bow torque and, as a consequence, your aim more accurate and your shooting is smoother. The Outdoors K3 comes in three sizes, the smallest being five inches, the longest is at eleven inches, and between them is an eight-inch medium. Having different size models of the Outdoors K3 means you can choose which length is the right one for you. It also comes in four different colors, although it really is mostly black with some accents. Choosing which color is, of course, a matter of personal taste. The aluminum tube that makes up this stabilizer is precision designed, ensuring that it performs optimally when it is used. The Outdoors K3 is a stabilizer that has no frills, but performs excellently and gets the job done. And get this: all G5 Outdoors K3 Stabilizers are hand-tuned in the USA.
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