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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Bows for Beginners

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How to Pick Your Bow

Want to try out archery? It’s fun! Although it can be a little intimidating, getting started doesn’t have to be stressful. All you need is a good bow designed for beginners. We’ve set out to do the research for you and help you find the perfect product. The result is this top 10 buying guide for the best bow for beginners. Before we shoot for the reviews, here is what to look for when shopping.

Best Bows for Beginners

Age Group: What age group is this appropriate for? Some bows are specifically designed for kids while others can be used by almost anyone. Make sure the bow is right for you or your child.

Best Bows for Beginners

Type: There are 3 types of manual bows: the longbow, the recurve, and the compound. A recurve can give you more power than a longbow. A compound uses a pulley system for an extra advantage.

How to Pick Your Bow

Complete Kit: Does your bow come with everything you need to get started? Complete kits will feature arrows, extra strings, and sometimes even arm guards and other goodies.

Best Bows for Beginners

Dimensions: How big is the bow? This is helpful to make sure the bow is the right size for you or whoever you’re buying it for. Larger bows can sometimes have larger draw weights, which require stronger arms.

Best Bows for Beginners

Weight: The weight, much like the dimensions, is important to finding the right one. A heavier bow might be hard for young arms to draw. The bow’s weight will be measured in ounces.

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Warranty: Warranties usually protect from manufacturing and material defects in your product, usually for a year or so. Knowing your bow has one will give you peace of mind and confidence.

Top 10 Products

Onto our top ten best beginner bows! Whether you’re buying a bow for a kid or an adult, we’ve scoured the internet for the best bows and the best deals. The first will be our recommended Top Pick and the second is an affordable Budget Pick. Both are excellent choices. Now, let’s get to those reviews!

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Bow

Top Pick
Want the best compound bow for the child in your life that wants to get started in archery? We picked the Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Bow, a great starter bow for the newbie in your life. The bow is a compound bow, which means it gains extra power from the pulley system, giving it a bigger draw weight without adding to the physical weight of the draw. It’s designed to look like an adult bow, and it is really durable. The draw weight is about 20 pounds. It was designed with youths that are new to the compound game. It can even grow with them. And another thing, this complete kit includes the bow, two arrows, a quiver, arm guard, finger tab, sights, and an arrow rest. Everything your child needs to get going!
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Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee

Budget Pick
Barnett is the name in archery products, so you knew it would make this list! The Lil’ Banshee is the youth training bow you’ve been looking for. It’s amazingly affordable on almost any budget and comes in a variety of colors for both boys and girls. It is made of plastic but is the perfect, durable training bow for your young children. It can be used right- or left-handed, too. The Lil Banshee has all the quality perks you’d expect from any Barnett. It also includes their usual 5-year warranty. The 18-pound draw weight makes it easy for kids to draw it back without losing too much power. It includes two arrows, finger rollers, sights, and the packaging doubles as a carrying case. This amazing bow is a great starter on a budget!
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SAS Siege Compound Bow

Need a beginner compound bow that’s also the best bow for women and men? The SAS Siege Compound Bow is the perfect starter bow for any adult that wants to learn. The compound mechanisms give you extra power while still giving you an easy 40-55 pound draw weight. The SAS Siege will help new users gain confidence while keeping the price low. But that doesn’t mean the Siege lacks in durability or quality. This fully adjustable bow has compressed ABS limbs for long life, backed up by a 3-year warranty from SAS. And that’s not all! The bow also comes with a sight and a paper target to help you become more accurate. So if you’re looking for the perfect starter kit for the new adult archer in your life, we think the SAS Siege is as good as it gets!
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Barnett Sportflight Recurve Bow

You knew Barnett was going to be on this list again, didn’t you? The 5-year warranty on all their products makes us fall in love with nearly every bow they produce, and the Sportflight Recurve is no exception. This bow is designed for anyone who wants to learn. The 25-pound draw weight makes it a little bit of a challenge for younger archers but is a good draw weight for almost all ages. The kit includes two arrows, a sight, an ambidextrous riser, and a protective finger tab to keep you from injuring your fingers while you hone your new skill. This is the first recurve on the list; it won’t get the power of a compound bow, but the simple setup makes it easy to string. You’ll be ready to try it out in almost no time at all.
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Spirit Jr Beginner Bow

The Spirit Jr Beginner Bow is a beginner’s bow for anyone over five foot four inches. It’s designed with younger bowmen in mind, but teens and adults can both use this bow with ease. This recurve bow is for right-handed users only. The Spirit is made of maple laminations and fiberglass for durability. The bow doesn’t come with any of the other things you need to get started, like arrows, but it is still one of our Top Ten bows for newbies. The absolute best part of this bow is how it can grow with you; since it’s a great bow for youths, teens, and adults, the Spirit Jr Beginner Bow will be with your child for years to come.
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Bear Archery Titan Bow

No matter what level of beginner you are or your age, the Bear Archery Titan Bow is the simple, easy draw bow you’re looking for. This longbow is fun to use no matter which hand you draw with. It has an easy draw weight of 20 to 29 pounds. The limbs are durable composite to allow full bend without breaks. This 60-inch bow is perfect for anyone who is new to the sport and is looking for something lightweight, strong, and inexpensive. We recommend getting some quality, feathered arrows and a higher-quality string to go along with your Bear Archery Titan Bow; with those additions, this bow is absolutely perfect! So if simple, smart, durable, and fun is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it in the Bear Archery Titan.
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Genesis Bows Original Kit

Want the official bow of the NASP? This is it! This is the perfect bow for learning. It’s a compound bow with an adjustable draw weight to ensure you have the perfect weight for your body. It’s technically an adult bow, but any child over the age of 12 should have no problem using it. It’s another wonderful bow that can grow with you as you learn and improve. This USA-made bow is mostly aluminum, making it lightweight. The kit includes a quiver, arm guard, five aluminum arrows perfect for your new bow, and a 3/16” hex wrench for easy adjustments. It’s one of the best bows for women and men and kids we’ve seen around, and we’ve seen loads of bows! But our favorite part of all is that the bow comes in twelve designer colors, each available in both left- and right-handed. And who doesn’t want a bow in their favorite color?
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Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Want a full-capture rest that is safer than the others? The Bear Archery Brave Bow has it! This bow is durable, long-lasting and comes with everything you need to get started. The kit comes with two safety glass arrows, an adjustable arm guard, a quiver, finger tab, super safe Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, 1-pin sight, and a sweet temporary tattoo. This set is ready for anyone who wants to learn and is 8 years or older. The bow adjusts from 15 to 25 pounds of draw weight with a 65 percent let-off, making it accessible to almost anyone. We love this bow for many reasons, but our favorite is that Bear really seems to design equipment for people who want to learn and gain skill in mind. And that is what earns the Bear Archery Brave a place on this list.
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Samick Sage Recurve Bow

If the Samick Sage Recurve Bow had come as a complete kit, it might have been our Top Pick! This simple recurve bow has everything you’ll want. This simple bow has the ability to grow and change with your skill and strength. It has pre-installed fittings for upgrades to fit the Sage Hunting kit. New limbs can be purchased separately to increase or decrease draw weight as you learn. It comes in a variety of draw weights ranging from 25 to 60 pounds so you can start where you think you’ll be most comfortable and adjust from there. The limbs are made of tough and flexible hard maple with fiberglass. It’s tough and beautiful, two of our favorite things. We find the Sage to be one of the most versatile and adjustable beginner bows on the market, and it’s a great buy anyone looking to get started.
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SAS Rage Compound Bow

At 55 to 70 pounds of draw weight, the SAS Rage is a very heavy beginner’s bow. You’ll need to be an adult for this baby, but it offers a splendid speed of 270 feet per second. It’s a high-powered bow, and it looks like a tactical bow should. We love it for the sleek look and its amazing power. This bow is best for full-grown adults that have already had a little practice but are looking to hone their growing skills. It’s durable, adjustable, and Rage also comes in a variety of packages and colors. Some of the more expensive packages include either the “pro package” or the “full list of accessories.” But even without those things, this bow is a beast. If you’re looking for a sweet bow with plenty of power, the Rage is our favorite. We weren’t disappointed, and we’re confident that you won’t be either!
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