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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Bows for the Money

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How to Pick Your New Bow

Archery is pretty much an art form, and it looks darn cool (ignoring how useful it is for hunting)! We researched the best-selling archery bows to craft the finest archery bow reviews just for you. Awesome, right? If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, check out our list of important specs to pay attention to below that we list with each product review.

Best Bows for the Money

Type: We focused on recurve, compound, and longbows. Beginners may prefer recurves or compound bows.

Best Bows for the Money

Draw Weight: The draw weight is how much weight you have to pull to reach the full draw length--higher is more difficult!

How to Pick Your New Bow

Draw Length: Draw lengths usually stick around 26-28’’, but kids or petite adults may need a shorter draw length option.

Best Bows for the Money

Overall Length: The length of the bow can affect how easy it is to hold with good form and draw properly for different people.

Best Bows for the Money

Weight: A lightweight bow is a good option for beginners and young archers, but can be worth it for their durability.

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Warranty: A warranty can give you an idea of how well-made the product is, usually ranging from one to three years.

Top 10 Products

Now that you’re done learning about the specs, it’s time to aim your sights at our bow reviews. Our top pick and budget pick summarize our favorites from our bow research. Our other picks are worth looking at, too, if you’re looking for an adult-size bow! Let’s get going!

Genesis Original Kit

Top Pick
The Genesis Original Kit comes in left or right-handed options with twelve different color possibilities! Choose from black, blue, camo, carbon gray, green, orange, pink, pink camo, purple, red, white camo, or yellow--whew! It’s the official bow of NASP with a wide draw length range for kids of all ages and sizes. The riser is machined 6061-T6 aluminum with an aluminum cam and idler wheel, plus composite limbs. The single-cam design makes the bow produce less noise and less recoil so new archers can shoot more accurately. Along with the bow and bowstring, you get a belt tube quiver, adjustable arm guard, five aluminum arrows, and a 3/16’’ hex wrench to adjust the draw weight. This compound bow is our pick for the overall best bow for the money for any beginner archer. The light draw weight is ideal for focusing on the form and building the muscles needed for growing accuracy.
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Bear Archery Bow Set

Budget Pick
The Bear Archery Brave Bow is designed for children eight and up and available in green, black, camo, orange, and pink. This easy-to-use starter bow set comes with two 24’’ safety-glass arrows, an armguard, a two-piece quiver, finger tab, whisker biscuit arrow rest, one-pin sight, and… a temporary tattoo! The draw weight ranges from 15-25 pounds with a draw length of 13.5-19’’. Looking for a bow for a youngster in your life? See if you can get their draw length measured professionally to make sure you get the bow that fits them. For young beginner archers, it’s hard to beat the price of this Bear Archery bow package! It’s easy to use and is a good building block towards using a full bow, with more to offer than a toy bow at the same time. You’ll be target shooting together in no time!
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Longbowmaker Handmade Recurve Bow

Want one of the best bow brands offering handmade bows? This Hungarian recurve bow from Longbowmaker is made from a wood riser with fiberglass limbs, wood sayahs, and decorative leather and twine wrappings. The bow also comes with a bowstring and bowsock, too! Choose from 20-110 pound draw weights depending on your strength, experience, and your intended uses. Its total body length is just over 57’’ long and gives you a draw length from 28’’ up to 33’’. This authentic Mongolian-style bow has a gorgeous finish and may make you feel like an ancient warrior or hero of old if you’re not careful! It’s made to be used on horseback and can work well for competitions and target practice. If you’re just starting out with mounted archery, this handmade horsebow is a great option! A modern recurve may be easier to use for some, but we couldn’t resist the style and substance of this one!
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SAS Rage Compound Bow

The SAS Rage Compound Bow comes in a few configurations: black, carbon gray, and camo with or without included accessories. This right-handed bow weighs 4.4 pounds and has a max speed of up to 270 FPS. The basic accessories package has a five-pin bow sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, braided bow sling, and peep sight. Looking for a compound bow that a hunter just starting out will enjoy? The SAS Rage Compound Bow provides a great hunting bow with all of the accessories you need to get started. You can adjust the draw weight from 55-70 pounds to shoot comfortably without sacrificing power. The manufacturer recommends using 30’’ carbon or aluminum arrows for powerful and accurate shots. A compound bow is made to be easier to draw than traditional bows, providing the same amount of power with a more compact body and lighter draw.
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Leader Accessories Compound Bow

The Leader Accessories Compound Bow is available in autumn camo, green camo, or black. This compound bow is ideal for hunters thanks to its low vibration and ability to shoot up to 310 FPS. It has an aluminum riser and 75-80% let off. The manufacturer recommends using 30’’ carbon or aluminum arrows for best results. It comes with a basic sight and arrow rest that can help beginner hunters get started but may not be enough for more experienced ones! It shoots smoothly, but isn’t the lightest bow with accessories installed, so an arrow rest may be a good idea to help take some of the strain off. If you’re looking for a bow for hunting and target practice with a low price, the Leader Accessories Compound Bow is a tough and well-built choice. Choose one of the camo body options for hunting turkey, or use it for larger game like deer.
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SAS Courage Recurve Bow

The SAS Courage Recurve Bow is 60’’ long overall and available in draw weights from 35 to 60 pounds and in right or left-handed configurations. The draw length is pretty typical for recurves at 22-28’’. A wooden limb and riser with a fiberglass face and brass bushings provides a mix of classic and modern materials with superb durability. This package includes the bow and string, so you can choose your own custom accessories. The pre-installed brash bushings give you installation points for a stabilizer, sight, or quiver. The three-year warranty is another nice feature for beginner to intermediate archers. If you want a great starter or intermediate-level recurve bow with good build quality, the SAS Courage Recurve fits the bill! It can be used for hunting as well as target shooting and competitions. SAS offers some of the best bows for the money with low prices and a solid build!
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Bear Archery Titan Bow

The Bear Archery Titan Bow is a sweet and simple recurve bow with durable composite limbs. Use it in your right or left hand--easy, right? The draw length ranges from 22-28’’ and the draw weight from 20-29 pounds. Since it has an overall length of 60’’, or 5’, it’s best used by archers 12 years old and up. It’s one of the best bows for beginners since it’s relatively easy to draw and is lightweight as well at just 1.6 pounds. Intermediate or advanced archers may find that this bow isn’t quite enough for them, but the recurve is a good bow type to learn good form on. This one is a perfect beginner bow for kids and young adults thanks to the light weight and easy draw. Just getting started, or have a youngster who wants to learn archery? The Titan bow is a great option.
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SAS Pioneer Wood Long Bow

Made from wood and fiberglass, the SAS Pioneer Wood Long Bow will help you bring your dreams of being Robin Hood to life with a touch of modern durability. The bow is available in draw weights from 35 to 50 pounds and has a max draw length of about 30’’. The limbs are made from fiberglass with maple laminations, and the riser is made from Makore wood and Cassia Siamea. Choose your accessories to match, of course. This bow is designed for right-handed use and is 68’’ long (that’s over 5’6’’). A longbow brings back images of classical history, but is more difficult to master than the recurve or compound. It requires a steady hand and a strong arm to draw it to its full potential. It’s best for an advanced beginner or intermediate archer who is comfortable with a recurve--it’s hard to start out with a longbow!
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Raptor Compound Bow Kit

Designed for right-handed use, the Raptor Compound Bow Kit comes with a variety of accessories to improve your archery game. You can adjust the draw length from 24.5-31’’ and the draw weight from 30-70 pounds. The fully machined aluminum cams are tough and well-made. Try out the included five-pin lighted sight with a level, a Whisker biscuit-style rest, stabilizer, and pre-installed peep sight and loop. Use the split yoke tuning system to make adjustments and shoot straight! A compound bow is a great choice for intermediate to advanced archers and can be used for hunting and other sports. Compound bows make drawing high weights easier, so you can shoot arrows at a higher velocity. You can make shots as high as 315 FPS with a 350 grain arrow with the Raptor! If you’re looking for a cheap compound bow for hunting or competition, the all-aluminum Raptor is a great option.
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SAS Spirit Take Down Bow

The SAS Spirit Take Down Bow is a recurve bow available for right- or left-handed archers and 22-34 pound draw weights. The draw length is about 28’’ and works well for shooters as tall as 5’7’’. Women and men with average or below-average heights as well as children can use this bow comfortably. It has a strong fiberglass limb and maple-laminate wooden riser, creating an attractive traditional shape. When learning how to shoot a bow, it’s important to keep the bow setup basic to help foster good form and a steady hand. A recurve is arguably the best bow for beginners, and this one works well for kids and shorter adults. This simple bow comes with the string, riser, and limbs, so you can choose your accessories to your tastes. It works well for target shooting and learning the form of shooting a bow.
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