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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Boxing Shoes

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How to Choose the Best Boxing Shoe

Whether you’re a seasoned fighter or you’re just starting out, you need a pair of the best boxing shoes to keep you light on your feet and ready to take on round after round. We believe in you, but we know you need the right attire and equipment to help you achieve success. Our experts researched and reviewed some of the top options on the market to bring you a list of the ten best boxing sneakers. Before you start shopping, check out the specifications below to help guide your purchase.

Best Boxing Shoes

Style: Boxing shoes come in low, mid, and high top styles. Ultimately, you should choose which ankle height keeps you most comfortable. Whether you prefer Jordan boxing boots or Adidas kickboxing shoes, we have something for you. Check this spec for the details.

Best Boxing Shoes

Color Options: These days, you can showcase your personal style through your boxing kicks by choosing from a variety of colors. Whether basic black works for you or you want something flashy, check this spec to find out how many colors are available for each option.

How to Choose the Best Boxing Shoe

Rubber Sole: Rubber soles designed specifically for boxing are your best bet in the ring. They keep you from slipping and sliding, so you can focus on winning the fight. We’ll let you know if each option on the list is equipped with rubber soles. Just check here.

Best Boxing Shoes

Gender: Some of the boots on our list come in sizes for both men and women. Either way, you can order whichever pair you like by simply converting the size to find the right fit for your foot. Check this spec to find out how to size the shoes you choose.

Best Boxing Shoes

Material: Light, breathable, and durable are all great things to look for. All of the picks on our list provide superior comfort but check here to find out what each pair is made from, so you can choose wisely according to your preferences.

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Weight: Check here to find out how much each pair of shoes weighs, so you can make an informed decision according to what makes you most comfortable. Whether you want something with a little weight or you’re searching for the lightest option out there, we have something for you.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to check out our boxing shoes buying guide. Each of the products on our list was subjected to careful research and review, so feel confident that you’ll end up with a quality pair. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget pick first. Let’s get shopping!

Adidas HVC2 Speed Shoe

Top Pick
Topping our list is a style of boxing wrestling shoes from popular, trusted brand Adidas. You don’t have to be in the sports world to know that Adidas makes some of the best shoes and clothing for athlete, and their HVC2 Speed Shoes, designed specifically for boxers and wrestlers who need to be light on their feet, are no exception. Designed from mesh, synthetic suede, and synthetic leather, these shoes feature elasticized straps that keep laces secure and a full-length rubber sole for a superior grip. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is beating your opponent because you won’t slip, slide, or trip on your laces. A single layer of mesh allows your feet to breathe, so you stay comfortable, but don’t be fooled by how light these are on your feet. They’re built to be durable and last match after match. You’ll enjoy excellent support, speed and agility, and the ability to reflect your personal style, by choosing from five different color options. It isn’t difficult to see why we chose these awesome kicks as our favorite.
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ASICS Matflex Boxing Shoe

Budget Pick
Our budget pick hails from a brand renowned for its comfort and quality. The ASICS Matflex Boxing Shoes are an all-around ideal shoe for boxing or wrestling and are easy on the wallet! You don’t have to break the bank to end up with a pair of shoes that look and feel great. Available in two color options, these high tops feature a full-length rubber sole that gives you maximum grip when you’re in the ring. The mesh material allows your feet to breathe, so you stay cool and comfortable. Spend more time focusing on what really matters, like practicing and beating the competition, and less time worrying about what’s on your feet, thanks to the lace garage that helps you achieve the perfect fit and stays snug, even under pressure. If you’re on a budget, but you aren’t willing to compromise on support, style, or comfort, then you’ll want to make these killer kicks your choice.
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Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

Look and feel like a professional boxer when you show up to your next match in a pair of Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes. Some of the freshest and strongest kicks around, Ringside shoes are ideal for any fighter or wrestler, man or woman, thanks to their lightweight and durable design. Available in eight colors, your style and personality will shine through, boosting your confidence and giving you an automatic edge in the ring. Made from breathable nylon mesh with a smart patent-leather finish, you’ll appreciate these boxing shoes low top ankle, which promotes easy and fluid movement. The rubber sole provides superior stability and keeps you comfortable and safe. Designed specifically for use in the ring, these shoes offer the ultimate in support and strength. If you want the world to know you’re serious about boxing, Ringside sneakers will help you showcase your passion.
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Otomix Stingray Boxing Shoe

Our search for the best boxing shoe continues with a sleek, stylish and durable set of kicks. Enjoy superior support and an unlimited range of motion with the Otomix Stingray Boxing Shoes. You’ll truly float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in these lightweight, suede mid tops. Designed with extra ankle support and a rubber-grip sole, Otomix is ideal for boxers, wrestlers, MMA fighters, martial arts enthusiasts, weightlifters, and even bodybuilders. Anyone with a tough-as-nails lifestyle could benefit from owning a pair of these, which were designed with the ring in mind. Available in camo, red, or classic black, you’re sure to find a pair that suits your personal style. And get this: these shoes come in both women’s and men’s sizes, ensuring a perfect, snug fit for any fighter. When you’re looking for comfort, stability, and a lightweight design, Otomix has all the right features to keep you satisfied.
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TITLE Encore Boxing Shoes

Glide around the ring with fluidity and agility in TITLE Encore Boxing Shoes. These lightweight kicks are among the best shoes for boxing training and fast-paced matches. If you’re a fighter who likes to move, pull tricks, and out-maneuver your opponent, then you need a pair of these to keep you going. Made with a full synthetic leather upper and a tight nylon weave, you’ll enjoy a snug fit, as the shoe molds to your foot. Special polyurethane soles designed exclusively for boxing provide stability and safety in the ring while allowing you to be light on your feet. The embroidery on the side and back adds a professional, unique look to these sneakers and compliments any style. Speaking of style, choose your favorite color from eight different combinations. You’ll impress yourself, coaches, fans, and most importantly, your opponent when you show up wearing a pair of TITLE boxing shoes. Show them who’s boss, before you even step up to fight.
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RIVAL Boxing Boots

Simple and understated, RIVAL Boxing Boots bring a lot of power to the ring, without unnecessary flash. Any great fighter knows the key to success is staying focused on your goals, and these shoes help you do that by reminding you what’s really important. Available in classic black, RIVAL shoes are thin, flexible, and lightweight. An ergonomic insole provides superior cushion and arch support, while the ventilated microfiber mesh and suede hug your feet to keep you moving with ease. You’ll love how effortless it is to practice all of your moves and knock out the competition in these kicks. A breathable sock liner ensures airflow inside the sneakers and cools your feet from every side for added comfort. Any fighter looking for the best shoes for boxing would be wise to check out these serious sneakers. Enter the ring with full confidence and knock your opponent out in style
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Reebok Boxing Shoe

If you like to buy from names you know and trust, then our next pick is right up your alley. The Reebok Boxing Shoe is a high top, synthetic leather sneaker built specifically for fighters who like to wow and win in the ring. Sold in three different color combinations, from matte black to flashy silver, these are perfect for anyone looking for leather boxing shoes. Whether you’re practicing for your next fight or you’re going round for round in a professional match, these kicks have everything you need to succeed. Enjoy superior ankle support, thanks to an ankle strap and the high cut design that keeps your legs sturdy and firm, while simultaneously allowing you to move smoothly and freely around the ring. A foam midsole keeps your arches and soles comfortable and strong, giving you a strong platform to work from. The rubber outsole prevents slipping and sliding. When you’re rocking Reebok, the competition will have to work to bring you down.
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Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

You’ll be running circles around your opponent when you wear Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes to your next match. These ultra-lightweight shoes make round after round a breeze, keeping your performance at its peak and helping you work your way to victory. Sporty and attractive, you can choose between classic black and white to reflect your personal style, and Undefeated is made from breathable nylon mesh with a patent leather finish, so it looks great and keeps your feet cool and comfortable. Enjoy superior leg and ankle support, thanks to the high top design that keeps your ankles sturdy and protects your shins from impact. You’ll look and feel great, allowing you to focus on your mental and physical performance. Great for MMA, wrestling, and boxing, if you’re a fighter, you’ll love what Undefeated can do for your stats.
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PUMA Women’s Eskiva Sneakers

Channel your inner feline with PUMA Women’s Eskiva Sneakers. You’ll love the comfort and strength these sneakers offer in the ring and when you feel good, you perform well. In these premium high tops, you’ll be able to prowl and pounce for the kill, just like a puma, at your next match. Designed with a retro look, these classic boxing shoes offer durability, support, and comfort for any chick who spends a lot of time in the ring. Whether you’re practicing or getting ready to knock the competition out, you can trust these sneakers to take you where you need to go. Made from lightweight suede and mesh, you’ll be quick on your feet and protected with support and coverage at the same time. Stay comfortable and reflect your personal style when you choose between black with the white signature Puma stripe and white on white. Either way, you’re sure to intimidate the competition and look great doing it.
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Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes

Rounding out the list on a high note are the Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes. These lightweight, leather high tops are designed specifically for boxing, so you can focus on winning your next round, instead of worrying about what’s on your feet. Equipped with a polyurethane insole and a non-skid rubber outsole to reduce impact, keep you grounded, and provide superior support to your ankles, these sneakers are the perfect pick for serious fighters ready to invest in the best footwear. You’ll feel like you’re on top, giving you the edge you need to bring home a win. A rounded tip, lace-up front, and side zipper keep your feet snug and create a personalized fit, so you feel like you’re walking on air. You’ll look and feel professional and fight in style when you make a pair of Cleto Reyes your new fighting companion.
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