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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Broadheads for Crossbows

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quadcopter reviewsBest Broadheads for Crossbows

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How to Choose the Best Crossbow Broadhead

If you’re going out hunting you always want the best possible tools to take with you, which means your bow and your arrows need to be top notch. Broadheads make sure you’re ready for that next great trip and make sure you’re going to get the next deer you aim at. The best broadheads for crossbows are not always easy to find, which is why we have this crossbow broadhead buying guide for you to take a closer look at before you choose something.

Best Broadheads for Crossbows

Grain: What’s the overall grain of the broadheads you’re looking at? This is actually another name for the weight of the head itself and it should be based on the type of arrow you’re going to be shooting it with.

Best Broadheads for Crossbows

Cut Diameter: The diameter of the broadhead is going to give you different levels of penetration, but if you get something too large it can actually cut down on the actual accuracy that you have available. You want a balance between the two.

How to Choose the Best Crossbow Broadhead

Blades: How many blades are on the head itself? More blades are generally better, with 2 being the least amount needed and 3 or more being a better option for most archers, giving a better blood trail if you have to chase down your target.

Best Broadheads for Crossbows

Pieces: How many do you get in one set? Are you getting broadheads by the piece or do you actually get a few included for the price? This is going to be an important consideration and it’s going to help you prepare.

Best Broadheads for Crossbows

Blade Type: Leading edge and hybrid are the most common types of broadhead edges, with a leading edge using a chisel at the tip and a hybrid that has the ability to neatly slice through instead. These are going to be personal preference.

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Blade Thickness: Thicker blades are going to withstand more stress than a thinner one and they tend to flex a little bit less. In general, however, this is going to be up to your personal choice in most cases. Thinner blades will be lighter and more flexible.

Top 10 Products

With so many different broadheads out there you definitely don’t want to be making sacrifices on anything and even for crossbow broadheads vs. regular broadheads. The great news is that you don’t have to. You can easily find just what you want (or need) and get back out there to enjoy your hunting trip again. Just make sure you take a look at each of the features we’ve mentioned and the options below with the best broadheads for sale.

Rage CrossbowX Broadhead

Top Pick
Available in 100 or 125 grain broadheads for crossbows, these broadheads have 2 blades and also have a 2” cutting diameter, with 3 to a pack. With ferrule alignment technology that helps to improve aerodynamic flight. Not only that but the leading edge blade is large and razor sharp, with stainless steel blades. This set comes with an improved shock collar design that helps to keep the blade strong and sharp. You’ll even get a free practice head that will help you make sure you’re right on target every time. The mechanical broadhead design means that it goes in on its own as soon as it hits. All you need to do is screw these broadheads in your arrows and you’ll be ready to go on your next hunting trip. Bright orange in color, these broadheads aren’t going to get lost anywhere when you’re done with them for the season and you’re ready to switch back to your normal tips. They’re the top rated crossbow broadheads we’ve found.
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Huntingdoor Fixed Blade Broadheads

Budget Pick
These best cheap crossbow broadheads offer 125 grain and 3 blades per head. These are our budget pick for a reason, but they are still great in quality, with 2.8” of length and 1.035” of width. This helps create a solid connection every time that you shoot. Designed to pierce easily and to provide plenty of precision and accuracy at the same time, these blades can be easily screwed into your current arrows to make sure you’re ready the next time you head out hunting or head off for a great experience. The fixed blade means that, unlike 125 grain mechanical broadheads, they don’t shrink or move when they hit an object. These can actually be used on your crossbow bolts as well as traditional arrows for a compound bow as well. These lightweight broadheads are great for even stronger bows and higher draw weight bows as well.
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Swhacker Cut Broadheads

These 100 grain Swhacker crossbow broadheads feature a 2” cut design and come in a set of 3. The deep green color helps them blend in better, with 2 blades that expand during the shot. They are each 0.32” thick and made with stainless steel. Not only that but they are completely razor sharp and compliment the anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule and the hardened high carbon steel of the tip. You just screw it right into your regular crossbow bolts and you’ll be ready to go whenever you want. These are definitely strong and durable arrows for any hunting needs. You’ll have an arrow that flies just like your regular field points but still opens up for just the right amount of power. You’ll have 2 different cutting edges because of the blade design, which gets through the hide and first ribs and then into the internal cavity and organs from our Swhacker crossbow broadheads reviews.
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Grim Reaper X-Bow Broadhead

This broadhead definitely looks like something and you’ll want to try it out for yourself as soon as you see the unique design. It has a razortip broadhead and 3 blades to really get in there. The 100 grain and 1 ½” cut mean that you get just what you’re looking for when you fire off that shot. These broadheads are lightweight and have no problem getting sighted in quickly. That’s even more possible because of the practice head that’s included in the pack so you can get ready and not have to worry about accuracy when it really matters. You’ll get 3 broadheads in the pack and the chisel design of the tip means that it does even more of the work for you. The blades slice out when they strike your target and that means they get just the right cut size to take it down without a problem. This set has some of the best crossbow broadheads for deer.
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Carbon Express Torrid Broadhead

Made by a company well known in the archery realm, these Carbon Express expandable broadheads for crossbows are adjustable to 85 or 100 grain depending on the weight adjustment collar and are available as some of the best broadheads for compound bow too. They have hollow ground chisel points that help them get even better into your target and feature 3 expandable blades on each piece. You’ll get 3 in a set and you’ll definitely be able to trust the quality of the blades, made with stainless steel and a ferrule made with aircraft grade aluminum. This helps to increase the overall strength and the penetration power of the tips. The cutting diameter is 1 ½” and the thickness is 0.031”, which is enough to get right where you need it to in order to connect with internal organs. If you’re going hunting this is a good size to get what you need and they’re lightweight at the same time. Not only that but you’re not going to spend a lot in order to get them.
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Muzzy Trocar HB Broadhead

These Muzzy crossbow broadheads are a very intense type of blade that you definitely know is going to get what you’re after. It has 4 blades and instead of the long neck that other broadheads have, this one has a very short hybrid point. It flies smooth and hits hard with its 1” blade design and 1 5/8” center pivot blades. These blades deploy immediately on contact, which makes them even more effective with your target. Not only that but they have a strong chisel tip that can break right through bone, offering a total cutting surface of 2 5/8”. Made in the United States, these broadheads can get into anything and the screw attachment makes them easy to get on your crossbow bolts in no time at all and easy to store when you’re done for the season.
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Allen Spider Broadhead

These top crossbow broadheads come in a pack of 3 and have 3 blades on each. The 1 ½” cutting diameter makes them great for just about anything you want to hunt and the stainless steel blades are easy to clean and strong for continued use. Not only that but there’s a sabertooth hardened steel tip and a rubber blade retainer. The 100 grain of the piece itself means that it’s durable enough for just about any bolts you might be using. Inexpensive, these expandable blades are lightweight and thin enough to get right where you need them every time. All you need to do is shoot and you’ll have great accuracy and precision to the power behind the shot. You’ll also have a blade that you can trust to pierce through the skin of any animal that you are hunting without too heavy of a draw weight needed.
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Wac’Em Archery Broadheads

These large fixed broadheads for crossbows are considered some of the strongest and sharpest and most accurate you’ll find, plus they’re available in 2 different strengths. You can get a 100 grain or an 85 grain that will help you with your particular bow. These fixed blade broadheads have a 1.063” cut diameter and have 0.27” blades which are replaceable as needed. That means you won’t need to replace the entire broadhead if something happens to them. Not only that but you get 4 blades for each one, which are patented to cut immediately on impact.The unmatched level of penetration and the high quality field tip for accuracy means that these are a great choice for anyone looking to head out hunting. They’re also made with 100% hardened stainless steel. When you screw them in they’ll be ready just like that.
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NAP Expandable Broadhead

These broadheads just might be one of the best broadheads for tenpoint crossbows and are designed to look great and accomplish a great deal at the same time. The deep red color will look sleek on your crossbow bolts, while the expandable blades make it a lethal weapon for hunting. The 100 grain broadheads come in a pack of 4 with 3 blades on each one. Made with high quality aluminum and stainless steel, they are definitely prepared to break through just about anything and make sure that you have a great shot at any animal that comes along your way. These lightweight broadheads can be easily attached to your crossbow bolts and provide a 2” cutting diameter when they strike their target.
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Spitfire Magnum Broadhead

The final broadheads in our list are also the highest grain level, at 170 grain. These Spitfire crossbow broadheads are inexpensive and are made entirely of steel to work better with high energy bows. They have a diamize sharpening process which makes them extremely sharp and increases hemorrhaging. Not only that but they have field points included so you can practice and get a good idea of the accuracy and shooting power. They have a micro grooved ferrule that increases their accuracy and penetration and they have just the right amount of weight distribution to keep them flying. These broadheads provide a 1 ¼” cutting diameter and have a snap-locking system that holds the blades firmly onto the ferrule and creates one of our best Spitfire crossbow broadheads review options.
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