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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Brushes for Husky Hair

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quadcopter reviewsBest Brushes for Husky Hair

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How to Choose the Best Husky Brush

Huskies are a very special dog breed – and maintaining their thick coat demands the use of very special brushes. We’ve put together this buying guide to help you choose the best dog brush for Siberian huskies – you’ll feel great when your dog does! We’ve included coats that de-shed your pup, brush down their coat, and leave them looking shiny and neat. But first, let’s look at some of the things you should shop for.

Best Brushes for Husky Hair

Pet Size: While most of these brushes are meant for huskies, some can be used for other pet sizes. This tells you what size the brush is best for because some smaller or larger pets won’t benefit.

Best Brushes for Husky Hair

Hair Length: This is the length of your pet’s coat. Some brushes are better for short hair, some are best for long hair. There are even some brushes that are best for both these hair lengths.

How to Choose the Best Husky Brush

Brush Width: How wide is the brush? This can help you determine if you need to find a smaller brush or a larger one. Wider brushes will brush more coat, but they might not work for smaller pets.

Best Brushes for Husky Hair

Type: What type of brush is it? Slicker brushes are great for getting dirt and debris out of your pet’s coat, while deshedding or undercoat rake brushes get loose and free hair from your pet’s coat.

Best Brushes for Husky Hair

Color: What color is the brush? This often comes down to personal preference more than anything, but you might want to get a brush that matches the color of the rest of your pet’s accessories for multiple dogs.

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Warranty: If your pet brush stops working or fails to do what it says it does within this warranty period, you can get a refund or replacement with no additional hassle. This is protection for you and your purchase!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’re looking at, we can show you the brushes! Our dog brush reviews have been researched and reviewed to bring you the best selection of brushes available on the market right now! Take a look at our top pick and budget picks first to get a good idea, before looking through the rest of our list for a bunch of great products! We know you’ll find the perfect pet brush for your furry friend!

Pet Portal Self Cleaning Brush

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best brush for Husky hair is this self-cleaning brush by Pet Portal. This brush comes in either green or blue and works well with long or short hair. Plus, it’s even great for use on cats! Make sure that all of your pets look great with this slicker brush. It helps to remove matted hair and tangles from your pets’ coat, as well as dirt and loose fur. The unique part about this brush is the self-cleaning system. You only have to push the button on the side of the brush and wipe it off. All the trapped hair and debris will automatically come off of the bristles. We think that’s a pretty awesome feature! It’s gentle on your pets’ coat, featuring soft bristles that won’t hurt their skin. Never have any sort of hassle on grooming day again with this effective, wonderful grooming brush for a wide variety of pets.
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Pet Republique Dematting Tool

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is this de-matting tool from Pet Republique. It’s a yellow brush that is made of a single row of stainless steel pins. They aren’t sharpened, so they will be able to get through the thick undercoat without scraping or scratching your pet’s skin. The handle is ergonomic to make it easy to hold and comfortable to use. This brush is great for medium-to-large size dogs with thick coats and medium-to-long hair. It even works for cats with dense coats and will even work with rabbits! It’s the best cheap dog brush on our list, and it’s still full of features! Our favorite thing about this brush is the fact that 15% of the profits from the sale of this brush goes to the American Animal Rescue Society. It’s a brush that animal lovers will love – and you can feel good about purchasing. This versatile brush will quickly clean and detangle even tough coats!
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HappyDogz Grooming Brush

Next up on our list is the best deshedding brush for huskies. It’s a 4-inch brush from HappyDogz that can, in minutes, remove all of your pet’s excess fur and loose hair as well. This tool is a great asset for homes that are overwhelmed with pet hair. Just a few minutes every couple of days can help reduce the amount of loose hair that ends up on your floors and furniture. That means less work for you when you take the time to prevent mess! It’s a green brush that works on all hair lengths and medium/large pets. It’s created to be comfortable and fun to use for both you and your furry friend. The best brush for husky shedding is recommended by a panel of groomers and pet owners. They love it, and we are sure that you and your furry friend will as well! We love the quality and the warranty on this amazing tool!
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Evolution Undercoat Rake

This Evolution Undercoat Rake is an amazingly fancy brush that will help to get your husky’s coat looking great and feeling good as well! It’s the best brush for husky undercoat that we found, and for good reason! The foremost feature of this black-and-white brush is the rotating pins that help to pull loose hair away from the skin comfortably. You can get it in a double-row or single-row version, depending on how thick your pet’s coat is. It’s gentle and effective, and you’ll definitely notice a difference both on your dog and in your home. The comfort grip is also a really nice feature that will help you groom your pet comfortably! Applying just a little bit of pressure on this brush will also help to prevent matting in the long term. The pins are rounded on the tips to prevent uncomfortable scraping on your husky’s delicate skin. We just love how helpful this brush is!
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barkOutfitters Slicker Brush

BarkOutfitters is a great name in dog care, and this is one of the best brushes for Siberian Huskies on our list. They are certainly living up to their name. The soft bristles on this slicker brush help to reduce shedding while at the same time stimulating the skin to promote circulation. It will help you maintain the topcoat by leaving it shiny and soft to the touch. It’s gentle and comfortable for your dogs, and it’s got a comfortable grip for you! It’s a great brush for a groomer or someone with more than one dog to brush at the time. You won’t feel strained using this design! We love the program that they have going – for each brush sold, they donate money to no-kill shelters. Keep your dogs healthy while helping other dogs! The self-cleaning fur ejector is another amazing feature! Click the button and remove the fur stuck in the brush. We love it!
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Glendan Slicker Dog Brush

This slicker brush from Glendan is sure to make your grooming routine that much easier! It’s easy to clean the brush while also cleaning your pet! It removes dander, dirt that’s trapped in your pet’s coat, as well as mats and loose hair. It’s great for both long and short fur types, and the soft bristles will help to increase circulation and prevent skin disease by stimulating the often-overlooked surface of your pet’s skin. Is your dog feeling itchy? This brush will help him be a little more comfortable, and it won’t scratch him in the process. The comfort grip and anti-slip handle help you even in situations when your dog is super excited to be brushed. Your pet gets a shiny, touchable coat and you get the comfort of knowing they love it! It’s the best dog brush for huskies with soft bristles and a money-back guarantee. You can’t beat that! Try it and see how you like it!
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Safari Pet Pin Brush

This Safari Pet Pin Brush is a great dog brush for huskies and other types of dogs as well. It works well on medium-to-large pets with coats that are medium length or longer. The comfortable, easy-grip plastic handle is great for long grooming sessions or sessions with multiple dogs. We love the way it feels! Use long strokes in the direction that the hair is growing for the best results! It helps to remove hair and debris that gets caught in their coat, and well as working to break up mats in your dog’s top coat. This brush will also help to fluff the coat up and make both you and your pet feel great again. This and all dog brushes help to redistribute natural oils in your dog’s hair, leaving it shining and soft. You can’t go wrong with this effective and useful dog brush! Your pup deserves nothing less than the best, so check out this pin brush!
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Cary Bear Grooming Brush

The Cary Bear Grooming brush is great at removing up to 95% of the dead hair from your pet’s coat, as well as getting rid of the tangles and preventing matting and other knots. It will help reduce the amount of loose hair that’s piling up in your house and on your furniture. Combing through your dog’s undercoat with a rake like this one is great for stimulating blood circulation and bringing natural oils up the top coat, which will help your dog look and feel great! Loose hair and dander come right off with this grooming brush, and it’s easy to use! The ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to use it even when your dog is enthusiastic and wiggling around. The teeth are strong stainless steel and won’t break off even in the densest undercoats. It’s a contender for the best dog brush for sale! We love how versatile this brush is. Use it on your cats!
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Friends Forever Dual Side Brush

This brush is unique on our list because it is a double-sided grooming brush! There is a comb on one side and a rake on the other. Use the comb first, on the side with 9 teeth to remove tangles, excess dirt, and mats in your pets’ coat. Afterward, switch to the side with more teeth to thin the coat out and pull any loose or dead hair out of the coat. This two-step process works quickly and effectively to make your dog’s coat look and feels great. The teeth on both sides of this brush are durable and won’t easily break off, so you can use it on your densest dogs with no worries! The bristles on either side are rounded so they won’t scratch or irritate your pet’s skin. We love the double-sided design of this dog hair brush! It’s comfortable for both you and your pets, and that is an invaluable feature!
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OCTCHOCO Rake Grooming Brush

This pet hair brush from Octchoco is a great tool for making sure that your dog looks and feels as great as you want them to! The rounded pins on this rake make it effective without scratching or harming your pet’s sensitive skin. Instead, the teeth work to gently massage them while you’re brushing the dead hair and dirt out of their coat. It clears up any matting and tangles, as well as gently relieving knots in a way that won’t pull your pet’s hair. The handle is comfortable for you both and won’t slip out of your hand no matter how much your pet wiggles when you’re grooming them. The teeth are made of stainless steel so they’re extremely durable and won’t get any sharper than they are at purchase. It’s great for Huskies as well as German Shepherds and Retrievers! Don’t be daunted by your pet’s thick coat, this brush will work regardless of coat length!
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