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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Bug Out Bags

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How to Choose the Best Bug Out Bag

What would you do if everything in your world went crazy? If the world turned to turmoil and chaos would you be alright? Well, with the best bug out bag kit you likely would be. These bags contain everything (or hold everything) that you could possibly need in case of a total emergency or worldwide chaos. With this bug out bag buying guide, you’ll be off to the right start in getting ready for whatever may come.

Best Bug Out Bags

Material: What is the bag made out of? This is going to affect how long it lasts, how much it can carry and how durable it is overall. You want something heavy duty that you can load up with no problems in case of emergency.

Best Bug Out Bags

Color Options: The colors that are available are going to be all about personal preference, but it’s definitely possible for you to find something that’s just the right color for you. With different options, you get to be picky.

How to Choose the Best Bug Out Bag

Pieces: How many items are included with the bag you’re getting? You may want something simple or something more elaborate. Whether you want something already made or something you can customize is your choice.

Best Bug Out Bags

Water Resistant: What happens if you get caught in a rainstorm or if you end up in a lake or stream? You want to make sure your bag is still going to be protected and definitely everything in it as well, so watch out.

Best Bug Out Bags

Size: How big is the bag? Will you be able to easily carry it around with you when you’re traveling and trying to get through rough terrain? Is it large enough to carry the things that you’ll need when you’re out in the wilderness?

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Supply Days: Does it come with supplies? If it does just how many days are those supplies going to last you? You definitely want to know what you’re actually prepared for long before you have to trust that bag.

Top 10 Products

A bug out bag could become an extremely important piece of equipment if you ever find yourself in the midst of a dangerous situation. Having the right one could literally mean the difference between life and death. That’s why you want to find the best bug out bag for sale anywhere and with these bug out bag reviews you won’t have any problem doing just that. Each of these bags is going to help you pack and prepare for anything that might come your way. You’ll definitely be able to feel safer when you know that you have everything already packed and waiting.

Emergency Zone Bug Out Bag

Top Pick
This 2 person car bug out bag is going to keep you ready for anything when disaster strikes. It features USA made food and water that’s Coast Guard approved for up to 5 years. Everything you could possibly need is packed up neatly and discretely in a simple black bug out bag backpack that may not look like much, but it’s definitely going to be a great investment. You’ll find plenty in here for safety and a little bit of fun including zip lock bags, waterproof document containers, hand warmers, water purification powder, universal charger, razor, shampoo, soap, sewing kit, first aid kit, playing cards and even work gloves and rope. With everything in here you won’t have a problem heading out at the first sign of trouble and keeping you and your partner protected for a single day and all you’ll need to do is add additional food in order to keep yourself going longer.
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Budget Pick
Our budget pick is a military, tactical bug out bag that you have to pack yourself. The high density fabric is water resistant and it features a molle tactical webbing in the front that provides you with plenty of space for your gear. This 3 day assault pack has double stitching for added durability and even a ventilated mesh pad for the back and shoulder straps. Completely breathable and designed to work with your hydration system, it can work as a bug out bag essentials, a standard backpack or anything else you might need. This bag has plenty of space for anything and it’s got several different pockets that allow you to keep things organized and ready. The strap style, including the hip strap, means that you can easily balance out the amount of weight in the bag for comfort.
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Wise Food Survival Backpack

This 5 day ultimate bug out bag kit comes in 1 of 2 different colors and includes a range of different supplies that will help you survive. In fact, it comes with 32 servings of cereal and a portable stove with fuel tablets. Everything is packed up for you so all you need to do is buy 1 of these bags and store it away until you’re ready to head out the door with it in an emergency. Complete with a stainless steel cup, survival whistle, flashlight, blanket, emergency poncho, first aid kit and more, this is the type of bag you’re going to be glad that you have when it comes down to it. The bag itself is made with nylon so it’s water resistant and it has several pockets so you can even add some of your own personal gear to the bag so it’s ready when you are. So add things like food, water filters and a whole lot more to prepare for longer experiences.
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Orca Tactical Bug Out Bag

This military bag is one of the best cheap bug out bag options and designed for 3 days and lets you pack everything up for yourself. You can choose between 2 different colors and then the molle style of the bag will allow you to store anything and everything you might need. It has a 40 liter capacity and even offers 2 large, padded compartments and 2 smaller compartments. Within the bag are even more zippered sections that let you keep things organized and safe. On top of that, the bag is coated to be water resistant and scratch proof and even has double stitching and zippers that resist rust and stress. The compression straps help you bind the bag and keep it more comfortable for you to carry over an extended period and the waist straps make that even easier. Mesh backing and padded shoulder straps mean that you’ll be able to stay cool and comfortable while you carry it.
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MonkeyPaks Bug Out Bag

This 45 liter urban bug out bag comes with a 2.5 liter hydration bladder that can help you stay prepared for anything. It’s a large pack that lets you bring anything you think you might need when things really start to go downhill. The molle compatible bag is easy to attach all of your gear to and features a range of different pockets and zippered compartments that let you keep things stored neatly. It’s made with waterproof polyester and has paracord zipper pulls that are made to be completely quiet, even when you’re using them. There’s a 1 year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee included with this bag so if you decide that you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for your needs you’ll be able to turn it in with no problem. If you’re ready to use it just store all your gear away and get ready for anything.
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Trekking King Bug Out Bag

This 3 day pack is 60 liters in total size and actually has 4 separate packs that combine into 1 system for easy transport and even easier organization. It’s made with a 1000 denier polyester to create a solid and durable army molle bag that you can take hiking or into the wilderness whenever you need it. There are plenty of pockets, zippers and clips that help to keep everything organized and the double stitching means that the bag itself is even more durable and prepared for just about anything. The diverting flaps from the zippers are meant to keep everything inside dry and there’s a complete money back guarantee and a warranty of 1 year that lets you know you’re getting something high quality that you’re going to love.
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WolfWarriorX Bug Out Bag

This large bag is definitely something you’ll want in case of an emergency because it has several places to store a little bit of everything with plenty of zippers and compression straps that pull everything in together. Even better, it has plenty of molle straps that will help you attach any of your additional gear and the water resistant aspect of the bag makes it great for any time you might be stuck outdoors in the rain. It comes in several different colors and is just the right size for a few days’ worth of gear and food. Not only that but it’s made with polyester and features just the right amount of padding throughout. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you’re not happy with the bag you can return it for a full refund and the whole thing is lightweight, meaning you only need to worry about the weight of the gear you’re carrying along.
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Prepper’s Favorite Bug Out Bag

Here you’re getting everything you’ll need to stay safe and secure for 3 days, out in the wilderness. You’ll have several bug out bag items, like a first aid kit, emergency sleeping bag, poncho, fire making supplies, tools and even shelter. Not only that but you’ll have a water filtration straw and even a flashlight. All you need to do is pick up this polyester bag when that emergency comes and you’ll be ready to head out the door. The gear includes food and the pack itself has a unique style and even a drawstring top that makes it easy to get into everything. The storage is simple and the single strap means you can throw the bag itself over your shoulder and you’ll be able to head out. There’s a reason this is one of the bestselling options when it comes to preparing for an emergency.
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Sustain Supply Co. Survival Bag

Your entire family can be prepared for the next big emergency with this 3 day survival bug out bag with supplies for up to 4 people. It has a water filtration system, several packets of water and food and even a portable stove. Not only that but you’ll have LED lanterns, a first aid kit, utensils and dishes, emergency blankets, tinder, whistles and a whole lot more. If something happens to you and your family or even something happens out in the world you’re going to be more than ready to take care of yourselves. The bag itself is even designed to be easy to organize and even easier to carry. With a little bit of everything, you won’t need to worry about how you’re going to keep yourselves safe and you won’t need to worry about carrying things you don’t need because everything in here is going to be vital to your survival and comfort.
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Emergency Zone Bug-Out Bag

Our final option is a premade bug out bag, 3 day kit for 2 people. This bag doesn’t look like much, but it definitely has a whole lot available. The bag itself has a nylon tent, sleeping bags, water, hygiene supplies and even emergency tools. You’ll have space for your hydration bladder and even additional gear like a waterproof cover or even strikers. This bag has a guarantee that you’ll be happy with it and the contents or you can contact the company to take care of the problem. This simple system is definitely better than you might even realize. You get plenty of pockets and support all the way around and the bag itself expands much larger than you might think, plus it keeps you prepared for anything that might happen out there.
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