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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Bug Out Bags for Sale

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How to Choose a Bug Out Bag

If you’re looking for the best bug out bags for sale, you’ve come to the right place! We reviewed a variety of premade bug out bags to find 10 of the best that will help you survive major emergencies like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters in your area. Before you invest in a pre-packed bug out bag, here are some important features to consider first, so you can choose the right bag to meet your particular needs.

Best Bug Out Bags for Sale

People: Each bag is rated for a specific number of people, so we let you know how many each bag is made for. Also, we tell you if the bags come in other options to find the right one for you.

Best Bug Out Bags for Sale

Hours: In addition to the number of people a bag is rated for, each bag is built to last a certain amount of time. This has to do with the rations each bag has available for food, water, and energy usage.

How to Choose a Bug Out Bag

Bag Type: The type of bag you choose will have to do with how you want to carry it. Many of the bags we reviewed were backpacks, which are a great hands-free option, but we also found some great sling bags, too!

Best Bug Out Bags for Sale

Weight: Weight is incredibly important to consider, especially if you think you’ll need to hike or climb to safety in an emergency. A heavier bag may have more convenient equipment, but a lighter bag is easier to throw on and go.

Best Bug Out Bags for Sale

Size: When thinking about size, consider what you’ll feel most comfortable wearing on your back all day long. Also, if you plan to store your bag in a small space like your car trunk, make sure to measure before you buy!

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Includes Water: We also let you know if each bug out survival kit comes with pre-packaged water to keep you and your family hydrated during an emergency. If it doesn’t, we’ll let you know what alternatives they provide to access safe water.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know more about what complete bug out bag kits have to offer, let’s get into the reviews! We found great options for a family bug out bag, vehicle bug out bag, or a good bug out bag to keep at home during power outages. If you don’t have time to read about all 10 bags we found, that’s okay! Begin with our Top Pick and Budget Pick, and you can come back to read about the rest!

Emergency Zone Bug Out Bag

Top Pick
Our Top Pick for the best premade bug out bag goes to this 2-person kit from Emergency Zone. Their Urban Survival Disaster Kit has everything you need for 72 hours of emergency equipment for 2 people. The complete kit includes enough purified water packets and SOS bug out food packets for 3 days, and it also has a water purification kit if you need more clean water as you go. It also comes with all of the basic hygiene and first aid equipment you need to stay clean and healthy for a few days. There is also a hand-cranked flashlight, tube tent, sleeping bags, and more useful tools to keep you comfortable overnight. We also like that it comes with a deck of cards, which is a nice addition to stave off boredom while you wait! If you need a larger kit, you can also get this in a 4-person version to keep the whole family safe during an emergency!
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Wise Food Survival Backpack

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for an inexpensive bug out bag survival kit, consider picking up one of these backpacks from the Wise Company. This kit comes with enough food, water, and supplies for 1 person to last them up to 5 days! You get 32 servings of meals that include apple cinnamon cereal with milk, bean nachos, creamy pasta, and beans with rice! It also comes with a small metal cooking container and fuel packets to heat up your food each day. You can alert rescuers with a small flashlight and whistle that are included. If you need to camp out for the night, no problem! This kit comes with an emergency blanket, poncho, matches, and a deck of cards to keep you busy. The heavy-duty backpack has plenty of room left over for you to add extra equipment like an emergency tent, warm clothes, extra food, and personal documents so your bag is ready to grab at a moment’s notice!
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Sustain Supply Co. Survival Bag

When looking for the ultimate bug out bag that will keep your family of 4 safe in a disaster, this bag from Sustain Supply Co. is a great place to start! It has plenty of water and food for your whole family to stay hydrated and nourished, and the meals are easy to make. The kit comes with both a camping stove and plenty of bowls and utensils for a quick meal. In addition to water packets, this kit also has a water filtration system if you need more water on the go. We also like that this kit comes with plenty of light sticks, 2 lanterns, and flashlights so everyone can feel safe in the dark – a must if you have kids! The bag is sturdy and has extra room for a tent, warm clothes, or extra food. You can also get a smaller kit that is perfect for 2 people if you don’t need one for a family!
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Complete Earthquake Bag

In the event of an earthquake, it’s a good idea to have an emergency bug out bag packed and ready to go. We think this is the best bug out bag backpack for 2 people who need to survive up to 3 days after an earthquake, tornado, or other natural disasters. It has everything you need to stay safe for a few days, whether you’re stuck out in the wilderness or just waiting for your power to come back on during a long outage. The kit has a complete First Aid kit, water and food bars, a water filtration kit, and hygiene kit to keep you clean and safe. It also comes with all the survival tools and equipment you need to set up a small camp each night, including 2 tube tents, blankets, and hand warmers for chilly nights. We also like that it comes with a hand-cranked flashlight that also acts as a radio, alarm, and phone charger!
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First My Family Survival Kit

Next up is another great option for a complete bug out bag for sale that the whole family can use in an emergency. This 4-person survival kit from First My Family is unique because it comes with not one, but two backpacks! We think this is a great idea, especially for families, because it means one person isn’t burdened with carrying the entire 18-pound pack of supplies on their own. You could also leave one kit in your home, and leave the other in your car in case your family is split up in an emergency! The kit comes with a hefty First Aid kit, water packets, emergency rations, and everything you need to set up a makeshift camp each night. Since this can be split between two bags, there is plenty of leftover room for extra supplies like food, warm clothes, important documents, and more bug out gear to keep you and your family safe in a natural disaster.
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Prepper’s Favorite Bug Out Bag

If you’re looking for a small, lightweight car bug out bag that you can keep in your trunk in the event of a disaster or accident, this shoulder bag from Prepper’s Favorite is a great option! The entire kit only weighs 5 pounds, and it’s perfect for one person to stay safe for up to 3 days in the wilderness or during a disaster. Instead of lugging around heavy water packets, this kit comes with a complete water filtration kit, so you can have clean drinking water when and where you need it most. You also get emergency rations, a First Aid kit, and plenty of supplies to keep you dry and warm overnight, including a fire starter kit, sleeping bag, and emergency blanket. We think this is a great bag to keep in your home, car, dorm room, or anywhere else you might need an emergency bag that’s lightweight and easy to grab quickly in an emergency or disaster!
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EQB Bug Out Bag

When looking for the best bug out bag kit that you can easily customize for you and a partner, we came across this versatile and durable kit from EQB. We were immediately drawn to the backpack itself, which has tons of molle webbing and attachment clips for you to add extra storage or equipment onto your bag. It also has two large water bottle holders for extra hydration, or you can add a travel tent or other extras there as well. The kit inside also has everything you need to keep 2 people safe and healthy for a few days, including a tent and camping kit, food rations, water packets, First Aid kit, and other important equipment. We like that this bag also has plenty of leftover room for you to easily add documents, extra food, water bottles, and warm clothing. For a customizable bug out bag, grab one of these kits to start with and add your own supplies!
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Ultimate Arms Gear Backpack

If you like long hikes in the wilderness, or you don’t live near other people, a camping-style bug out bag is a great option. We think that this is the best bug out bag for sale if you need a kit to last one person for up to 5 days in harsh conditions. The kit comes with plenty of food and water packets, and a water filtration kit with LifeStraw in case you need extra water for cooking, cleaning, or drinking. In addition to the first aid kit, cooking gear, and flashlight, this kit has everything you need to set up a decent campsite in a hurry. You get a tube tent, blanket, and a variety of knives, saws, and other tools to break down wood for a fire, set up your tent, and even a small fishing kit for some extra sustenance! This kit will keep you safe and protected in an emergency, even if you’re far from home!
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Zippmo Survival Gear

When creating a complete bug out bag for your entire family, it’s nice to have a bag that comes with what you need and room to grow! This bag from Zippmo comes with enough food, water, and equipment for 4 people to last up to 3 days in an emergency. There are water packets, a water filtration system, food rations, First Aid kit, camping gear, hand-crank flashlight/radio/phone charger, and more to keep you safe and healthy. We also like that this sturdy backpack has plenty of extra room for more food and supplies if you need it, like extra food, water, clothing, documents, and whatever else your family may need. The outside of the bag also has lots of molle webbing all around it, so you can attach extra equipment with carabiners, or attach extra storage cubes for even more space! This kit is a great starting point to create a customized emergency bug out bag for your entire family!
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Last up in our bug out bag reviews is this 2-person kit from EVERLIT that has all you need to stay safe for a few days. The kit comes with plenty of water and food rations to keep you hydrated and fed for up to 3 days. It also has all the equipment you need to set up camp, including tents, blankets, snap lights, a fire starter kit, and a hand-crank light/radio/phone charger. In the event of a disaster, this kit also comes with safety goggles, work gloves, a First Aid kit, and dust masks to keep you safe around dangerous fumes or dust. The backpack is also a high-quality piece of equipment, made of durable and water-resistant material to keep your supplies safe. The padded back and straps make carrying this kit comfortable, even over long distances. It’s also covered in plenty of molle webbing, so you can attach extra carabiners and storage cubes to create a custom kit!
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