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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Camcorders for Sports

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quadcopter reviewsBest Camcorders for Sports

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How to Choose the Best Camcorder for Sport

Whether you’re planning to film yourself in action, or you want proof of all of your kid’s best goals to look back on in the future, you’re on the hunt for the best camcorders for sports. Our experts took a look at some of the most durable, high-tech options on the market today to bring you a complete top ten list. We did the research, so you don’t have to. Before you start shopping, check out the specifications below to help guide your purchase.

Best Camcorders for Sports

Zoom: What’s the use of a good video camera for sports if you can’t zoom in for dramatic effect? We’ll let you know how many times each camera on our list can zoom in, so you don’t miss out if this spec is important to you.

Best Camcorders for Sports

Display: Check this spec to determine the resolution of the screen display for each camera on our list. The higher the resolution, the more detail you’ll be able to see and the better you’ll be able to gauge how great of a picture you’re taking.

How to Choose the Best Camcorder for Sport

Lens Angle: You’ll find the lens angles available for each camera on our list here. If you’re looking for the best camera for recording sports, and you want to capture the whole field, you’ll need a wide-angle lens. Check this spec for the details.

Best Camcorders for Sports

Waterproof: Rain or shine, catch all the action with a waterproof camera. And if you’re a swimmer or surfer, you’ll definitely need a camera that holds up in wet conditions. We’ll let you know if each camera is waterproof with this spec.

Best Camcorders for Sports

Resolution: Resolution refers to the quality of the shots and footage you’re taking. Typically, the higher the resolution, the more detail you’ll capture. Check this spec for the details on each of the cameras on our list.

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WiFi: We live in the age of instant gratification, so of course you’ll want to share your pictures and videos with social media and friends. Look here to find out if the camera you like is equipped with WiFi.

Top 10 Products

Now that you have an idea of what to look for when you’re hunting for the best video recorder for sports, you’re ready to check out our camcorders for sports buying guide. Every option on our list is a quality, durable product, capable of capturing the footage you want to keep. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first. Let’s get started!

AKASO Brave4 Camera

Top Pick
Upgrade your experience and your digital library with our top pick for the best video camera for sports. The AKASO features 1080P/60FPS video resolution and 20MP pictures, so you know you’ll get premium footage of the action every time. Whether you’re in the stands cheering or part of the team, you’ll take high definition photos and videos with ease, thanks to the built-in gyroscope for anti-shaking and image stabilization. And get the perfect shot when you adjust the angle to 170 degrees, 140 degrees, 110 degrees, or 70 degrees. Luckily, sharing and editing have never been easier. AKASO comes with a free app that you can download on your phone or tablet. This sports camcorder also connects directly to your television for the ultimate streaming experience, thanks to an HDMI port. Even better, it comes with a waterproof case, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain. You can even take it swimming with you! Complete with rechargeable batteries, a remote control wristband, and an accessory kit, the AKASO has everything you need to start making exciting movies.
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Campark ACT76 Cam

Budget Pick
Our budget pick for the best video camera for recording sports is Campark, an affordable high definition camera with all the right features at the right price. Campark is equipped with a wide angle 170-degree lens, a 4K resolution display, and image resolution at 16 megapixels. If that doesn’t speak to your soul, we don’t know what will. Enjoy the action and film at the same time, no matter where you are or what the weather is like. Waterproof at up to 100 feet, you can swim with Campark or take pictures and record videos in the rain. A wrist remote control lets you use the camera, even when you’re not directly holding it, so if you love to surf, skate, or do virtually any sport that requires use of your hands, you can still get the best shots, thanks to this feature. And get this: you can easily use the WiFi to connect to your tablet or phone to share pictures and videos with friends. A USB port lets you hook this camera up to your computer to store files and an HDMI cord enables direct connection to the television, so you can watch your movies on the big screen. Sold with two rechargeable batteries and a gaggle of accessories, this cheap camera is worth every penny.
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MGCool Pro2 Action Camera

You’re on a mission to find a video camera for sports recording that will get all the best footage but won’t break the bank. Well, take a seat, because the MGCool has all the right moves and it’s available to you at a crazy affordable price. Equipped with a super wide-angle 170-degree lens, a 4K screen resolution, and 16 megapixel image resolution, you’ll love what this camera can do. Record all of your adventures from a variety of angles and take advantage of the included mini tripod. The touch-screen and WiFi remote, which connects to a downloaded app, give you easy control over the camera. And get this: this camera is equipped with two rechargeable batteries, each of which can record up to 90 to 120 minutes, so you’ll be able to catch all the best moments during your next adventure. If your adventure involves water, that’s okay, too, because MGCool is waterproof up to 100 feet--which is great news for extreme sports enthusiasts! Complete with a thirty-day money back guarantee, we know you’ll love this camera if you choose to give it a home.
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DBPOWER N5 Action Camera

We combed through countless camcorder reviews to help you find the best video camera for outdoor sports. DBPOWER is at the top of its game and super popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. Equipped with a 4K resolution screen, this ultra high definition camera captures images in 20-megapixels, providing you with detailed images that will knock the socks off of everyone who sees them. Capture every flip, turn, and tackle in true life detail, when you bring DBPOWER home and make it your camera of choice. You can zoom up to five times to make sure you get even the tiniest details in every shot, by simply pressing the up and down buttons. Electronic image stabilization keeps the video smooth and protects against shakiness. And not to be outdone by competitors, DBPOWER has made sure to enable built-in WiFi, so you can quickly and easily share every move through your smartphone or tablet. Upload to social media or e-mail a video to someone specific. Do your sports involve water? No biggie. DBPOWER comes with a waterproof case and is ready to hit the open ocean-- or pool-- with you!
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Acko Sports Camcorder

Landing our list as a top contender for the best camcorder for filming sports is Acko Sports Camcorder. Enjoy a 4K resolution screen, WiFi connectivity, and 12-megapixel images when you choose this durable camera. The high-resolution sensor is capable of taking still images at up to thirty frames per second, resulting in superior quality pictures and ensuring that you get the perfect shot. Even better, a remote control gives you full range of the camera, allowing you to film awesome movies, without having to manually control it. If you’re looking to film yourself, then you’ll love the convenience and reliability that Acko provides via its smart control and WiFi app. Anyone looking for a video camera for sports events can benefit from the strong WiFi signal that is good up to 33 feet! And get this: this camera comes with two batteries, each of which can record for up to 90 minutes, so you won’t miss a single thing during the game or your next adventure! Complete with a waterproof case and carrying bag, you’ll have everything you need to start making quality movies now.
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Yuntab Action Camera

The Yuntab camcorder for sports recording is a nifty, easy-to-use wide-angle camera with traditional buttons and 5-megapixel images. If you want a simple, but effective, camera to capture great footage of games and events, then look no further. No need to figure out a touchscreen display or connect to your phone, simply power this camera on and easily record of snap high-resolution shots. The rechargeable batteries provide plenty of time to catch everything you need and waterproof casing keeps you filming, even if the weather takes a turn! The best part? The 120-degree wide angle lens ensures you get the whole picture, instead of just a piece of it, for impressive footage later. You can also adjust the brightness to your preference, making photos darker or brighter. Available at a wallet-friendly price, you’ll be glad you’ll get all the right images for a fraction of the price of a more expensive model.
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Difini Action Camcorder

Capture the best pictures and videos and then share them with the world with Difini Action Camcorder. If you’re still hunting for the best camera for filming sports, let us introduce you to this professional camera, which features 4K screen resolution, 12-megapixel photos, 1080p videos, and a super long battery life. Enjoy 170-degree wide angle view of the action right from your tablet or smartphone, thanks to the built-in WiFi connectivity on this camera. Speaking of WiFi, you can instantly upload photos and videos to social media, text them to friends, or email them, making sharing your adventures easier than ever. And this camera comes with a waterproof camera, so you’ll never get rained out and you can bring it with you on your watery adventures. If you’re a surfer, drifter, or extreme sportsman, you’ll love having a water-resistant, durable way to record all of your moves. Complete with an HDMI output, time lapse, burst photo, and support for a 32GB micro card, there’s not much more you could ask for when it comes to an affordable camera.
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eTTgear Underwater Camera

Give yourself the gift of easy recording in high definition from your favorite device with the eTTgear. Equipped with a 170-degree wide-angle lens made with high definition, tempered glass, this recorder is an easy pick if you’re searching for the best video camera for action sports. Shaped like a professional lens, you won’t have to worry about fiddling around with a remote or screen because you can control it entirely from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the WiFi control function. And it’s rated for underwater use, so you feel free to bring it surfing and swimming, without worrying about water damage. Best of all, it puts out high definition, high-quality images, so it’s not just a good camcorder for sports, it’s a great one! Snap shots with 12-megapixel resolution and take videos in 1080p, then easily share them to social media or through text via the WiFi, or connect to your television or computer to watch later with the HDMI and USB ports. And a super cool feature? You can charge and record at the same time!
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VMTOP Action Camera

Are you a daredevil or do you love one? Because the VMTOP Action Camera is an ideal choice if you need the best camcorder for recording sports and you want it to come with accessories that allow even the most extreme sportsman or woman to take full control and capture every shot. Record and snap pictures in high definition with a wide-angle lens that gives you the full scope of the environment. The details will be so vivid, you’ll feel like you’re reliving the action when you watch later. And don’t let a little rain get you down. VMTOP is waterproof, so you never need to worry about ruining it outside, rain or shine. This is particularly good news for anyone who wants to record surfing, skiing, fishing, boarding, or swimming. Shoot up to 90 minutes of action at a time on land or in the water and get the same great results every time. Complete with tons of accessories to help you attach this camera to helmets, bicycles, cars, and other objects, it’s easily mountable, so you can experience the thrill of your favorite activities and catch them in real time.
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GJT GP1R Sports Camcorder

Rounding out our top ten list in search of the best professional video camera for sports is the GJP sports camcorder. Equipped with a 4K resolution screen, 170-degree wide-angle lens, and 12-megapixel photo resolution, you can’t ask for much more in a camera. You’re sure to get all the great shots, capture all the best saves, and get a ton of likes when you make GJT your choice. A wireless write remote allows you to control the camera, frame shots, and record video in convenience, so you can focus on making the magic for the camera. Do you love to dive, swim, or surf? That’s great because this camera is also waterproof. Between the write remote and waterproof cover, you’ll be shooting real time footage that will blow you away when you watch later and make you feel like you’re back in the action. And this camera comes with its own app, so you can use your smartphone and tablet to view and edit pictures and video, then immediately share them to social media. Don’t waste another minute, when you could be out filming your next big adventure.
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