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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Camera Drones for Kids

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quadcopter reviewsBest Camera Drones for Kids

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How to Choose the Best Camera Drone for Kids

As parents, we want to give our kids the world. That’s why you’re here, searching for the best camera drones for kids because you’ve discovered a new way to help them explore and learn! We searched through countless drones for kids reviews to bring you a complete list of the best devices on the market, so you can save time and get flying sooner rather than later. Before you check out the choices, take a look at some specifications to keep in mind.

Best Camera Drones for Kids

Range: We’ll let you know how far each of the best kids’ drones can fly, so you end up with the right model for the little people in your life.

Best Camera Drones for Kids

Size: We’ve recorded the dimensions of each drone on our list. You’ll find pocket drones, mini drones, and large models, so if size matters, check here.

How to Choose the Best Camera Drone for Kids

Wifi: When you’re searching for the best drone with camera for kids, wifi capability is a huge plus, because it allows live streaming during flight time.

Best Camera Drones for Kids

Flying Time: The best drones for kids with camera come with a decent flying time. Some of the options on our list have incredible flight times. Check here for the details.

Best Camera Drones for Kids

Charging Time: Your children will probably want to get flying as soon as possible. We’ll let you know how long each device has to charge before it’s ready to fly.

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Headless Mode: Headless mode is great for young children and beginners, so check this spec to determine if the option you’re eyeing comes with this feature.

Top 10 Products

Whether you’re looking for drones for 5 year olds, drones for 9 year olds, or drones for teenagers, our top ten list has the perfect choice for you. Our experts made sure to include only the most quality products, so you know you’re getting what you pay for when you choose from this list. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first. Let’s get shopping!

Holy Stone F181C Drone

Top Pick
Explore your surroundings through a sky-high view with our top pick, the Holy Stone. This quadcopter drone towers at the top of our list, due to its high definition camera, altitude hold function, and up to 328 feet of flying distance. Equipped with a 4GB Micro SD card that’s included with your purchase, you can see the world in a whole new way when you take picture or record after picture from above! And performing flips and rolls with the altitude hold function has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for the best drone for 9 year olds or drones for 12 year olds, this quadcopter has all the right features to please any age.The kit comes with a handheld remote transmitter, two USB cords, a 4GB card and SD reader, its own screwdriver, and a user manual, so you won’t end up with unanswered questions. Essentially, this drone does it all, making it our top pick as the best quadcopter for kids ...or grownups, because, seriously…
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Cheerwing CW4 Drone

Budget Pick
Fly big and save big with our budget pick, the Cheerwing. This drone features the same capabilities as pricier models, but for a fraction of the cost, making it our choice for the best cheap drone with camera functions. Reach a flight range of up to 164 feet and enjoy a generous flying time of 8 minutes, all while using the high definition camera to take photos and videos. With a movie resolution of 1280 X 720 at thirty frames per second and a micro-SD card with enough storage for several flights, you’ll get a great feel for what things look like from above! And the one key take-off and touchdown function is ideal for beginners, making it a great option for any novice when it comes to kids’ drones. But don’t be fooled by its easy operation. This drone can still perform all the best tricks, thanks to a hover and altitude hold function, Truly, this is the superior choice among cheap drones for kids!
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Force1 Camera Drone

First thing’s first: the Force1 can fly for 18 minutes straight! That’s well beyond the average time that a camera drone can fly, which means you get to enjoy having your drone in the air longer. Not only that, it comes equipped with a 720P high definition camera, so you’ll be snapping pics and filming long enough to be sure you don’t miss a thing! The 6-axis gyro and headless mode enhance and stabilize the flight, so you get better images and the 4GB memory card allows you to store them all with ease. Use the data port and cable to connect to your computer and upload your favorite pictures right to social media. Do 360-degree flips at the press of a button, all while filming! When it comes to good drones for kids, the Force1 makes the perfect gift as the best drone for 10 year olds or the older child in your life.
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DROCON U31W Kids Drone

The DROCON Navigator makes our list as our pick for the best drone for 8 year olds, thanks to its beginner and kid-friendly features. Equipped with all sorts of functions that make learning to fly and then navigating the skies a breeze, this super cool-looking drone is sure to bring a smile to your favorite kid’s face. The altitude hold mode lets you do tricks and flips in the air, while the headless mode, speed switch, and out of range alarm keep your drone flying smoothly. A one-key takeoff and landing function and a low power alarm help you get this model flying and keep it charged for maximum airtime. A wide angle high definition camera and max video bitrate at 30 Mbps make it the perfect pick for videos, snapshots, and selfies! And get this: it can be used with your smartphone! We think the Navigator is the perfect exploration pal when it comes to drones for children.
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Hasakee H1 FPV Drone

Fly like a bumblebee with the Hasakee, one of the best toy drones on the market! This quadcopter is cleverly designed to look like like a bee, with its yellow body, black stripes, and black propellers. You kids will love the unique look, as it adds a whole new fun element to flying a drone! Equipped with 2.4GHz technology, a high definition camera, and WiFi compatibility, you can take pictures and video and even enjoy a live stream straight to your smartphone! The 6-axis stabilization system makes for a smooth flight experience, so your media won’t end up choppy and unrecognizable. Get a good look at the world below, all from the perspective of your friendly “bee.” The fun design and awesome capabilities make this our pick for the best drone for 7 year olds or even younger, with appropriate supervision. Share the experience with your kids and then upload it to social media directly from your phone!
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Tekstra Hubsan Drone

We combed through a ton of drones for kids and found a model so stylish, we couldn’t resist including it on our list! The Tekstra Hubsan is the perfect starter drone for your little adventurer. White flame decals against shiny blue make this little quadcopter for kids fly like a dream and look awesome doing it! A 2.0 megapixel high definition camera equipped with sensors and processors, to ensure everything is captured with perfect detail, lets you and your little one experience the world from above--and share it to social media after! The live recording mode features wide angle capability in high definition. When it comes to mini drones for kids, the Tekstra has everything you could ask for and provides entertainment for the whole family. Use the simple flight controls to do 360-degree flips and rolls, and film the entire time! The small design makes it easy to store, too, for added convenience when it’s not in use.
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SGILE Mini UFO Drone

The SGILE Mini might be super small and discreet, but it takes a powerful picture and delivers it straight to your smartphone, thanks to wifi capability and a high definition camera. When it comes to small drones for kids, this model has all the right features to help your child explore and learn, making it an easy pick for the best drone for kids. The built-in camera allows you to take pictures and videos during flight and a choreography function even allows you to pre-set commands through the corresponding app on your phone and watch the drone carry them out! In fact, you can control this model in two different ways. Set your smartphone up to take charge or use the remote controller that comes with your purchase. Even better, don’t worry about batteries. Simply recharge this drone with a USB cord and port for approximately 45 minutes between flights. If you’re in the market for cool drones for boys and girls, look no further!
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Holy Stone Shadow Drone

If you’re looking for the top rated drones for kids and you need something professional-looking and durable for your favorite preteen or teen, you’re in the right place! The Holy Stone Shadow is our pick for the best drone for 12 year olds and older kids, thanks to its sleek, foldable structure that makes it portable and its wifi ability to connect directly to a smartphone. If you have an adventurous kid who loves to record his or her escapades and wants a drone that will impress all their friends, this is the perfect pick. Equipped with a 720P high definition camera, your pictures and videos will be stored directly to the corresponding app and the mobile album system. The one-key start and landing feature makes this model perfect for beginners or seasoned fliers alike. And here’s the kicker: it’s even compatible with 3D VR headsets! Enjoy four speeds and an LED light that brightens the way at night, for all types of flying escapades!
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UDI Voyager U845 Drone

Feel like you’re in command of your own miniature spaceship! The UDI Voyager’s disc design and six propellers are sure to appeal to even the toughest of critics! It looks cool and different. Even better, it’s loaded with all sorts of convenient features, so you and your favorite kids can enjoy awesome flights! An extra battery lets you enjoy up to a whopping 14 minutes of flight time, making this one of our favorite choices for the best drones for children. The headless mode is perfect for beginners or little ones, so if you’re looking for drones for little kids, the Voyager is a stellar pick. Older children will be able to easily maneuver this model and younger kids will need a bit of supervision but should be flying high after a quick learning curve. Able to be controlled by both the remote controller it comes with and your smartphone, you can watch a live feed as your device soars!
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Syma X21W Mini Drone

The Syma is a nano pocket drone that comes in three fun colors! Its tiny design makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Small, but durable, it won’t damage the furniture if you lose control, making it a great choice if you’re on the hunt for the best drones for kids. Equipped with wifi capability and a 0.3MP camera, you can stream the feed to your smartphone or take pics and video for viewing later. One key take-off and landing control and headless capability make this model easy to figure out for younger kids, who will get a kick out of the miniature design. You can even coordinate your own flight path with the SYMA GO app and play with various flight movements via the 6-axis gyro design. If you’ve been searching for toy drones with camera and you appreciate a small design and upgraded features, then look no further!
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