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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Camping Knives

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How to Choose the Best Camping Knife

Are you a budding outdoors aficionado? Chances are you’re going to need a knife at some point. Whether you’re preparing meat or cutting wood for a camp fire, we’ve got you covered! We’ve done all the research to bring you this camping knife buying guide and list of top products. Before we show off these amazing blades, let’s look at some of the key features you’re going to want to look for when shopping for your knife.

Best Camping Knives

Blade: Different types of blades have different uses. A straight edge is used for clean cuts or cuts where you can apply pressure. Serrated edges slice and saw through tough surfaces. A half-serrated blade gives you the ability to do both.

Best Camping Knives

Blade Length: Blade length is important for utility. Longer knives give you more leverage but are often thinner and easier to break. A length of about three to five inches is a good size for a camping knife. This size is efficient and compact.

How to Choose the Best Camping Knife

Type: An assisted-opening blade uses a spring and very little effort to open. A folding knife is compact, meant for daily use, but harder to get open. A fixed-blade knife is always in the open position and made for outdoor scenarios.

Best Camping Knives

Handle Material: Handle material can make all the difference for comfort and utility. Stainless steel is heavy but strong, aluminum is durable and light. Wood is comfortable but not very stable. Rubber gives you a nice grip while plastic is inexpensive.

Best Camping Knives

Weight: A knife that is too heavy will be a pain to carry and harder to use. Too light and you run the risk of the knife not being useful at all. You want to find a well-balanced blade that is comfortable for you.

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Sheath: A sheath is a requirement for storing your knife, especially for fixed-blade knives. If the knife comes with a sheath, you won’t have to spend more money and time to find one that fits your blade.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, you should have an idea of what you want. Let’s get right into our camping knife reviews! If you’re short on time, check out our top pick and our budget pick first. They’re excellent examples of what makes a good camping knife. All of the blades in our list are worth looking at, though, so stick around to the end! Check out these amazing knives we’ve researched!

Gerber Bear Grylls Knife

Top Pick
Our best all-around camping knife is from Gerber. This Bear Grylls-backed knife folds down to a compact 4.9” when closed. It’s a drop-point, serrated blade, with a sharp tip for precise cuts and serration for cutting rope and sawing through wood. This knife is versatile and comfortable. The textured rubber grip makes it feel nice, easy to keep your grip, and good for use in whatever adventures you want to take it on! Here’s the kicker: this knife has a lock back –meaning that when the knife is unfolded, the blade is locked securely into place. You will have to squeeze the notch on the handle of the blade to get it to close again. This feature makes the knife much less likely to close unexpectedly. It also makes it extremely tough! This knife has it all: style, utility, and an affordable price. And that’s we chose it as our pick for the best camping knife for sale.
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Morakniv Outdoor Knife

Budget Pick
Our pick for the best cheap camping knife goes to Morakniv’s Companion outdoor knife. The blade of this knife is made of stainless steel, making it a good choice for any situation where it will get wet. The tang runs half the length of the handle, which means that the knife will be sturdier and less likely to break. This is the perfect knife for any outdoor application! It’s the lightest of the knives on our list, which makes it optimal for backpacking or backcountry hiking trips. Because it’s a straight blade, the Morakniv Companion will be able to process fish and other hunted animals with ease, not to mention stripping wood for a campfire or slicing through smaller kindling sticks. The sheath is molded plastic and fits the blade very securely, so you won’t worry about losing your knife. At an affordable price and in many different colors, this Morakniv is sure to serve you well!
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TAC Force Tactical Knife

The TAC Force is a great tactical outdoor knife, complete with several features that make this an amazing buy. First off, the handle just looks really cool. It’s made of aluminum, with a bottle opener and glass breaker built-in for help in all types of survival situations. The knife is extremely easy to open with a spring-assisted design. The liner lock system lets you close the knife with one hand, no fuss required! But wait, it gets better. This cool-looking knife comes in a variety of colors and in double packs as well. Instead of a sheath, the handle has a handy clip on the back so the knife can be stored on your belt when it’s closed. The half-serrated edge makes it perfect for tougher jobs and clean, precise work. This knife truly does it all! These features combined make this one of the best camp folding knives we had the pleasure of reviewing.
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SE KHK6320 Tanto Knife

The SE KHK6320 Tanto Knife is pretty unique among the blades we researched. Different uses and a very unique look make this knife interesting, to say the least. The blade is only 3 inches long which makes the knife extremely sturdy and able to hold up to a lot of use without breaking. It’s a fixed blade, but the handle is only wrapped nylon cord. Technically, this knife is one continuous piece of stainless steel. It’s perfect for wet conditions and continuous, rugged use. It’s easy to keep your grip on the wrapped handle! You haven’t heard the best part yet. This knife comes with a 1.5-inch fire-starting rod. Not only is it a unique bundle, it’s a great value – similarly-sized strikers are much more expensive on their own. Now you get two wonderful survival tools in one! The Tanto blade design not only gives the knife some power, it’s created to last. You can’t go wrong with this knife!
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Smith & Wesson Outdoor Knife

Smith & Wesson has been the top of the line for a while, and this knife is no different! This knife is made of high-quality stainless steel and rubber to protect your grip. The handle features a hand guard to keep your hand from slipping down onto the blade. This is important because the blade is double-edged. The quality of this knife makes it perfect for use in wet conditions without rusting or staining. This piece is 9 inches long with both blade and handle, so it includes blood groove to make it lighter without giving it any weakness. This blade is very sturdy, and the materials make it slightly heavier. It comes with a leather sheath that can clip to your belt or is small enough to fit into your boot. It arrives on your doorstep razor sharp so you won’t need to sharpen it right away. For outdoor tactical use, this knife has plenty of utility.
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MTech USA Hunting Knife

The MTech Hunting Knife is a big knife compared to the others on our list. It’s heavy but it feels like it could take on the outdoors without breaking a sweat. It’s solid and packs a punch! This blade is straight-edged, good for larger work when you need a clean cut. The handle is plastic, but it’s made with finger grips molded into it for an easy, no-slip hold! It comes equipped with a glass breaker on the end of the handle so you are prepared for any situation. The larger blade of this knife is made for chopping wood and it definitely fulfills its purpose. This blade will chop through logs up to three inches with ease. The small hand guard will keep your hands on the right side of the blade and comfortably seated no matter how big your hands are. This really is one of the best camping knives for a lot of rugged, outdoor use.
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Grand Way Camping Knife

No best camping knife review would be complete without including this knife. The Grand Way Camping knife is a sleek, military-grade tool with a variety of purposes. This piece is well-balanced and still light enough to carry with you. The handle is aluminum and ergonomic, so it fits in your hand extremely well! The spring-assisted opening and liner lock makes using this knife smooth and effortless. The Grand Way knife has a blade of black oxide, making it more resistant to corrosion and ensuring it will last a long time! The handle has a pocket clip attached to keep your knife on you at all times. This knife works well as both a pocket knife and a camping knife. It comes in sleek black or camouflage. On top of all of the excellent features, this knife looks really nice. Grand Way took the time to make a blade that is functional, durable, and stylish all at the same time!
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Pro Iron Camping Knife

We really liked the Pro Iron Camping knife for its versatility. The knife comes in multiple colors, but where it really shines is the number of features. The blade has a lock back, so it will stay open as long as you need it to without threatening to close. It’s as heavy-duty as they come. Easy to open, grip, and use, this knife really is an excellent tool. But that’s not all! This piece also comes equipped with a rope cutter, a glass breaker, a belt clip, and a can opener so you can excel at any adventure you undertake. There’s even a seat belt cutter on the back of the handle for misadventures! One more thing we really enjoyed about this knife is the handle. The finger grips are as universal as they come, so even people with smaller hands can get a good, sturdy grip on this knife. Any situation will be a breeze with the Pro Iron Camping knife.
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OutNow Tech Vantage Knife

The OutNow Tech Vantage Knife made our list for the number of features it has. This multi-tool has an extremely affordable price for all the unique features it offers. First off is a built-in Firestarter! The included striker rod is stored in the handle, so you can start a fire wherever you need to. The knife itself locks into place, and the half-serrated edge makes the blade ready for whatever you throw at it. There is a bottle opener on the handle and a belt cutter and glass-breaker included. But that isn’t the best part. There is a detachable LED flashlight right on the front! This is the coolest of gadgets and such a useful tool for any sort of outdoor trip. It comes with a simple nylon sheath to keep it safe. This powerful little knife will do all you need and more! For this price, you can’t afford not to have it in your arsenal!
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KnifeStyle Camping Knife

This is another one of those unique, multipurpose knives that we found absolutely amazing. The Knifestyle Japanese Kitchen Chef Knife is the perfect folding blade for preparing camp food. Why sacrifice the utility of your favorite cooking knives just because you’re outdoors? This piece gives you the versatility to prepare amazing food anywhere. The liner lock makes it strong and sturdy during use. The wooden handle is stylish, well-attached and comfortable to hold and maneuver. This knife is, above all, huge! When it’s open, it’s 10.5 inches long in total and comes out of the box very, very sharp. It’s well-made with good, sturdy construction. The stainless steel blade has multiple uses. You can even use it in your kitchen when you aren’t enjoying the outdoors! That’s why we put it on our list of the best camping knives for sale right now. A fancy Japanese-style folding knife just for cooking outdoors? Count us in!
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