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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Camping Showers

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How to Choose the Best Camping Shower

If you love to go out camping then you want to have all of the best features to make the trip even more fun and even more relaxing. That doesn’t mean that you want to forego the modern comforts. In fact, you may want to take as many of those comforts with you as possible, and that’s where camping showers come in. The best portable shower for camping is going to be something that’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, but they’re not always as simple to find as you might think. That’s why we’ve created this camping shower buying guide.

Best Camping Showers

Power: How does the system itself get power? Does it use the sun to operate? Is it powered by batteries? You’re going to need to know so that you can set it up properly and make sure it’s ready when you need it.

Best Camping Showers

Type: Does it use a bag or some type of pump to store and then release the water? You’ll need to know how many different pieces you’re going to be carrying around with you and how it’s going to be filled up when you use it.

How to Choose the Best Camping Shower

Hot Water: Can you actually get hot water or is it only going to give you cold water? Is there a way to get hot water through the system or do you need to pour hot water in for you to get any type of hot water back out again?

Best Camping Showers

Showerhead: Is there a showerhead that’s attached or a nozzle that will give you water without just dumping it back down over you? You may not need one but this may be something that you’re interested in. It’s something to at least consider either way.

Best Camping Showers

Size: How large is the system itself? Is it going to be easy for you to take with you or transport wherever you need it to go? Is it going to be heavy and unwieldy while you’re trying to get it up to your campsite or set it up?

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Storage Capacity: How much water is it able to hold? This is going to let you know whether the shower will work for several people one after the other or if you’ll need to refill it several times during the course of your morning showers.

Top 10 Products

Different showers are going to work out for different people. You may want something that’s very basic and takes up the least amount of space and effort. You may want something that’s as elaborate and extravagant as possible. It’s going to be entirely up to you, but there are so many out there it can be complicated to look. We’ve created these camping shower reviews to help you with the process of getting the right shower for your next trip, even if you’re looking for an electric camping shower.

NEMO Helio Portable Shower

Top Pick
This portable shower is definitely going to help you enjoy your trip outdoors a little more, which is why it’s our best portable shower for camping. It’s available in three different colors so you can choose your preference and is completely insulated so when the sun warms up the water it’s going to stay that way. In fact, it can keep water extremely hot for several hours. Plus, it holds up to 11 liters of water, which is definitely going to be enough for a great shower for you. This is a multi-use cleaning tool and not just a shower for your own washing needs while you’re in the wilderness. Designed to give you plenty of control over the pressure, it actually gives you steady flow for up to 7 minutes, just like you get with your shower at home. It also has a foot pump that makes it easy to get the water going and keep it just the way you like.
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Ivation Portable Shower

Budget Pick
Our best cheap camping showers are definitely an interesting option because they’re going to give you some really unique features. Instead of using a bag to hold the water for you, this system uses a sink or bucket of water that you already have. Then you turn it on and off and the showerhead pulls water through to give you a nice shower. There’s a suction cup included to make sure the shower head sticks right where you want or an S hook that will let you hang it if you prefer. This battery powered unit gives you up to an hour of use on a full charge as well. Because it’s small you won’t have any problem getting it in your bag or vehicle to take with you camping. While you won’t get control over different flow rates, you will get something gentle enough for older individuals or even small children and infants.
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Coleman Solar Shower

Made by a company that’s pretty well known in the camping sphere, this solar camping shower can hold up to 5 gallons of water at a time. Not only that but it uses solar energy to get the water nice and hot for each of you. All you need to do is fill it up and then hang it or lay it out somewhere that the sun can soak in. When you hang it up by the heavy duty handle you’ll be ready to take a shower and your water will be hot and ready to go with you. There’s even an on/off valve connected so you can stop it between your shower and the next. This system folds up small so you don’t need to worry about how to carry it and because it can heat the water itself you won’t need to worry about that either. Just fill it with whatever you may have available and you’ll get hot water from the sun in no time.
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RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag

This is definitely a heavy duty camp shower and it’s an inexpensive portable hot water shower for camping too. It’s made with environmentally friendly materials and it’s leak proof so you don’t’ need to worry about your water leaking back out after you’ve filled it. Instead, all the water is going to come through the showerhead, just the way you want it to. Capable of holding up to 5 gallons of water, this system has smart PVC for the bag, which helps to absorb heat and get up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit in just 3 hours or less. You’ll know how hot it really is too because there’s a temperature gauge on the outside. You can actually change the water pressure with this bag as well, getting high or low water flow, which gives you the showering experience that you want and also makes sure you don’t waste too much water. With the flexible hose included you’ll have plenty of space to move around and get a great shower as well.
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ZODI Outback Gear Shower

This shower system may look a little strange, but it’s definitely something you’ll want to check out for yourself because it really does work. You can set it up with a propane cylinder or tank so that it ignites under the water container. This makes sure that the water you’re getting is just as hot as you want it to be. That’s because there’s a 6 volt water pump attached to the igniter as well. An 8 foot hose helps you comfortably take your shower with that water and the 4 gallon storage case for everything is actually the bucket for the water as well. You can adjust the temperature to get just what you want, up to 100 degrees, and you can get enough water out of it for about a 10 minute shower. This system gives you more freedom to heat your water and a whole lot of pieces as well.
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Camplux Portable Water Heater

With this water heater you’re going to get hot water whenever and wherever you need it. You’ll only need 2.5 PSI of pressure and then you can set it up and get as hot as 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The perfect size for setting up outdoors, you’ll get a 20 minute automatic safety shut off as well as flame failure device and anti-freezing protection. There’s even a shutoff feature if it runs out of oxygen so you’ll have no problem with the safety of your family while you’re camping. There are approximately 1.32 gallons of water put out per minute and endless hot water. With this system you save energy but you get even better capabilities than you’ll find with most other options. All you need to do is set it up and hook up the water, batteries and propane tank that you need to get everything going fast.
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Mr. Heater Shower System

You get to choose between 2 different sizes when it comes to this portable shower because there’s a 12,000 BTU and 18,000 BTU version. It gives you up to 0.6 gallons per minute and has scald protection, a tip switch and flow driven ignition. With this canister, you just connect propane gas and you can increase the temperature by up to 35 degrees over the water source temperature. To get 40 minutes of run time you install 4 D cell batteries for the pump and you’ll be ready to go. The 1 pound cylinder is light enough that you can take it wherever you want to go and the regulator is already pre-calibrated when it arrives. You’ll even have other safety features like a temp cut off and flow detector, all of which make sure you’re not going to overheat or be injured in one of the best camping shower for sale.
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ProduTrend Portable Outdoor Shower

With this shower, you’re going to need a bucket or something else to hold the water but then you’ll be able to set up your shower anywhere you want. The system gives you a good amount of pressure through the pump and works with a lithium rechargeable battery. That means you’ll get what you’d expect even from a home shower. With a fully charged battery you can get up to 1 hour of showering and then you just charge it in your car adaptor or a computer through a USB port. For anyone who wants to go camping the showerhead for this makes it simple and comfortable to take your shower and you can hook it or hang it wherever you want. There’s a suction cup and S hook included to make it convenient for you. Plus there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.
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OOKLEE Portable Camping Shower

Small and lightweight this inexpensive option is easy to carry around with you when you’re heading up camping or anywhere outdoors. All you need to do is have a bucket that you can put the adaptor into and it will help the water flow right to you. There’s a rechargeable battery and an on/off switch on the external portion of the system so you don’t have to reach into the water for control. You also get a 2200mAh battery built in, which gives you up to 1 hour of working time before it needs to be charged. Use a USB port or car adaptor to get it ready to go again. With this shower, you can have a comfortable shower and then you can plug in the unit and get it ready to go again in just a couple hours. Capable of using hot or cool water, it gets you the shower that you’re looking for.
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Advanced Elements Solar Shower

This 5 gallon shower bag is going to give you a nice hot shower even while you’re out camping. As the best camping shower setup, it has 4 ply construction for the bag which includes a reflector panel and an insulator panel. That means you’re going to have plenty of heat while you shower and you’ll have a side pocket for soap and shampoo plus a water temperature gauge. That means everything you need is right there. When it comes to filling the bag you have an extra-large filling valve and the showerhead is easy to turn on and off. If you need to attach a washcloth you can do it easily with the Velcro straps and you’ll be able to hang or carry this bag by the handle with no problem. Just fill it up and set it out in the sun. In no time the water will be hot enough for you to enjoy your shower.
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