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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Car Floor Mats

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How to Choose the Best Car Floor Mat

The best car floor mats aren’t just about making your car look nice – they do a lot of work to keep your car in great shape! A high quality car floor mat will keep the interior of your car dry and clean by any dirt and grime that you bring in. Keeping your car dry helps to prevent fading, mold, mildew, and more! Before choosing new car floor mats, let’s look at a few features you should consider before buying!

Best Car Floor Mats

Pieces: Car floor mats come in 2, 3, or 4 piece sets, depending on your car’s size, seating options, and overall needs. 2 piece sets typically come with 2 front covers, but 3-4 piece sets include extra covers for the back seats.

Best Car Floor Mats

Material: Mats come in either rubber or carpeted material options. Rubber mats are best if your car gets dirty a lot, especially during bad weather. Carpeted mats are best if you want comfortable covers that blend in with your fabric interior.

How to Choose the Best Car Floor Mat

Color Options: Floor mats come in a variety of colors to best match your car’s interior. You can also grab mats in a contrasting color for a different look or overall refresh. Some even come in fun patterns to spice things up!

Best Car Floor Mats

All Weather: All weather car floor mats are typically made of solid rubber, and they’re meant to protect your car in any weather. They are designed like trays to block snow, mud, dirt, water, and debris from getting into your car’s interior.

Best Car Floor Mats

Size: Don’t get rid of your old car mats just yet! Measure them to make sure you get the best size! Some mats are easy to cut to fit your car, so size up if you can’t find your exact size.

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Anti-Slip Backing: Some car mats include extra nubs or texture on the underside to prevent slipping around the floor. This is especially important to stay safe while driving – no one wants their car mat bunching up under the gas or brake pedals!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’ll need, let’s get into our floor mat buying guide! We found 10 sets that include rubber and carpeted options with different styles and price points. You should have no problem finding car mats that will work for your car or truck! If you don’t have time to read about all 10, that’s fine! Start by checking out the Top Pick and Budget Pick, then come back when you have more time to read more!

Motor Trend Floor Mats

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best floor mats for car or truck interiors comes from Motor Trend, a well-trusted brand in car accessories. This 3-piece set comes with 2 large front mats that fit most vehicles, but they are also easy to cut down for a custom fit. The back mat is also customizable – you can leave it one long, flat cover for vans or trucks, or cut them into two smaller mats for back seats with a partition! They also come in 3 colors, so you can find ones that match your interior. They are made of thick rubber, and each mat has a deep-set tray with channels to catch any water or dirt you bring in. This is great because you just lift them out to clean – no worries about dirt or water spilling all over the place! If you want an all-weather car mat without paying extra for a custom mat, these are the best of both worlds!
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OxGord Heavy Duty Mats

Budget Pick
Next up is our pick for the best cheap car floor mats from OxGord. These mats are made of heavy-duty rubber, with deep channels that catch water, dirt, or your spilled coffee while keeping your interior dry and clean. We like that they have anti-slip texture on the bottom, which keeps them in place while you move around or drive! They are also incredibly easy to clean – just rinse off, dry, and put back into the car! We like that this 4-piece set comes in a universally-friendly size, so they will fit most popular brands or models of car or truck. They also come with guides you can cut along to get the right fit without ruining their effectiveness, which is nice! These rubber car floor mats also come in 3 colors – beige, grey, and black – to blend in with your car’s interior. If you need cheap all-weather rubber mats, these are our favorite to keep your car clean year-round!
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Armor All Floor Mat

Next up is another great set of all weather car floor mats from Armor All – a company dedicated to protecting your car from the elements! This 4-piece set of heavy-duty rubber mats comes with 2 front mats and 2 back mats that are easy to customize. The deep channels and pockets on the mats easily trap water and dirt, keeping your car clean and dry. The underside of each mat also has “carpet claw” technology in each corner, which provides extra grip to prevent slipping. This is great for not only the driver but also passengers who move around a lot, such as children and pets! They are also easy to clean! Just remove, spray down with a hose, and wipe down to dry before putting back in the car. If you need mats that can handle all kinds of dirt and damage, including messy kids and pets, consider picking up a set of Armor All rubber car mats today!
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Rubber Queen Floor Mats

Our best car floor mats review wouldn’t be complete without our favorite carpeted floor mats from Rubber Queen! These floor mats are made of premium, soft carpeting that adds a plush look to your interior without spending a fortune on factory mat replacements. They come in 3 colors (beige, grey, and black) to match your current interior and make a great replacement set for just about any car model or size. To prevent sliding, each car mat has sturdy rubber backing that keeps it in place while driving or shifting around. We also like that, on the driver’s side mat, there is a vinyl heel pad for added protection. This is great because it gives you extra foot grip, and it prevents you from rubbing down the mat where your foot sits! They are a universally friendly size, so you can feel good knowing they’ll fit just about any car, truck, or van without the need to trim them first!
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BDK Universal Fit Floor Mat

Our next option is another fully customizable set of 4 rubber mats from BDK. These mats come in 4 color options for a perfect match: black, grey, beige, and clear! We think the clear mats are the best floor mats for cars with unconventional interior colors, such as blue, cream, brown, and patterned interiors! The 4 mats are made of heavy-duty rubber and include deep channels that collect anything you throw on them. Their anti-slip backing also prevents the mats (and all the gunk on them) from sliding around and creating more of a mess. We also like that these are easy to cut down to size, so you can ensure your car mats will stay put and keep your interior clean. As with most rubber mats, these are also easy to remove and clean when needed. For a solid, inexpensive set of car mats that matches any interior, these are a great set to pick up for your car!
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Plasticolor Star Wars Floor Mats

Are you looking to add a little fun to your car? Maybe show off your love of the dark side? Consider picking up these cool car floor mats from Plasticolor! Each front floor mat has a fun Darth Vader design on them in black and grey, giving them a fun twist. The textured background is a fun nod to the Galactic Federation’s symbol, which is a great feature for die-hard fans of the movies! They come in a pretty universal size, so they should fit most cars or trucks without needing to trim or modify them. They also have plenty of gripping nubs underneath each mat to prevent slipping or sliding around – a major safety plus! If they get dirty, you just have to give them a quick wash with soap and water, dry, then put back in the car – no extra fuss required! If you really like these, Plasticolor also makes matching steering wheel covers, seat covers, and more!
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FH Group Carpet Floor Mat

Want to add some racecar flash to your car? These black carpeted covers from FH Group come with 12 different bright accent colors to give your car’s interior a sporty zip of color! You can grab more subtle grey or beige accents to blend into your existing interior, or really brighten things up with a bright orange, neon green, or loud yellow! You can even grab a set to match the vibrant color of your sports car! This pack of 4 car mats comes with 2 front mats and 2 backseat mats that fit just about any car out there. We appreciate that the driver’s side mat comes with a rubber heel pad to prevent wear and tear while you drive! They also have anti-slip backing to keep them securely in place while you’re driving. We think these would make a great addition to your sports car or family car that could use a little extra zip to your interior!
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Zone Tech Floor Mats

Next up is an all-weather carpeted floor mat from Zone Tech. This set of 4 mats is made of soft, plush carpeting that will look and feel great in your vehicle. They can handle any kind of wetness or dirt, thanks to the rubber lining on the bottom. Instead of soaking through to the interior fabric, moisture sits in the mat until you’re ready to remove and clean it. Keeping your car dry and clean is important to prevent mold or mildew from growing in your upholstery. The anti-slip backing helps keep the mat in place while driving. We also like that the driver’s side mat comes with a vinyl heel pad so you won’t dirty or wear out your mat over time. These come in a fairly universal size, so they should fit most cars and SUVs with no problem. If you want a set of affordable car mats to replace your original, worn out mats, pick these up!
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Maggift Rubber Floor Mats

In our hunt for the best floor mats for sale, we ran across these beautiful rubber car mats from Maggift. The heavy-duty rubber mats are built like a shallow tray with thick grooves to catch any dirt or water you bring into the car. The front covers also have grooves around the edges to easily trim them to size without compromising the ability to contain water, mud, or dirt. One feature we really like is the faux wood grain pattern on the front heel rests. They are a nice touch that adds a bit of luxury to your car’s interior. You can also get them with a silver heel pad to match the chrome detailing in your car! Another great thing is they’re odorless, which is good for both the environment and your nose! These strong, flexible mats have anti-slip backing to form to stay put. Pick a set up for you, or grab a set as a gift!
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Copap Rubber Floor Mats

Our final review is for a 3-piece set of car mats from Copap. This set is made of 100% heavy-duty rubber that can stand up to dirt, snow, mud, and extreme temperatures with ease. All of the mats have deep channels that send dirt and water away from your car’s upholstery. To clean, just remove and brush off or wipe down with a damp cloth. No worries about hanging carpeted mats to dry – just towel them off and put them back! The anti-slip backing is tough enough to keep your mats in place, even with matted down or old carpeting. We also like that these come with grooves you can cut around to customize the fit of all 4 mats. Oh, and they come in 3 colors to match up with your interior – or contrast it for some extra visual interest! We think these will easily get you through the winter, hiking season, or messy years with kids and pets!
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