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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Car Speakers for Bass

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quadcopter reviewsBest Car Speakers for Bass

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How to Choose the Best Car Speaker for Bass

Complete your car with a killer sound system. There’s nothing more freeing than an open road and your favorite music blasting through the speakers. You’re ready to take your audio experience to the next level, but you might be wondering where to begin. We researched the best car speakers for bass on the market to bring you a top ten list. Our experts combed through car speaker reviews, so you don’t have to. Every product on our list is a top performer, but keep the following specifications in mind, so you end up with the perfect pick.

Best Car Speakers for Bass

Watts: You’re in the market for the best bass car speakers, so you’re probably wondering about the wattage of each option. Check this spec for the details on the power behind the speakers on our list, so you can bump the music to your discretion.

Best Car Speakers for Bass

Frequency: Different amps produce different sounds. Check this spec to determine the frequency for the speakers on our list, so you have an idea of what type of sound you’ll be enjoying, so you are sure to end up with the audio experience you want.

How to Choose the Best Car Speaker for Bass

Design: Check this spec to determine the design of each speaker. If the speaker is two-way, it comes with a woofer and a tweeter. A three-way system is accompanied by a woofer, mid-range, and tweeter. Either way, we will tell you about each set here.

Best Car Speakers for Bass

Mounting Depth: Ensure you end up with the right fit for your vehicle by checking the mounting depth, which tells you how much each speaker protrudes and will give you an idea of which models will fit in your vehicle. Don’t end up with something that doesn’t match!

Best Car Speakers for Bass

Type: Coaxial speakers reproduce a large range of audio frequencies. A component speaker is a car audio speaker that is matched with tweeters and mid-bass drivers to limit the frequency the speaker must produce. Check this spec to determine the type for each speaker on the list.

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Weight: Be sure the speakers you choose are a good size and weight for your car. Check this spec to see how much the speakers weigh.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for while shopping, you’re ready to jump right in to our car speaker buying guide and navigate your way to a decision. Each of the top ten options been expertly reviewed to give you an idea of their unique and exciting features. Shop with confidence, knowing you will end up with a quality product, regardless of your choice. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first. Let’s get shopping!


Top Pick
Topping the list as our favorite pick for the best bass speakers for car DIYers are the BOSS Audio car speakers. These component speakers come as a pair, so you enjoy double the amount of efficient sound. Install the matching set in your doors to replace or upgrade the factory models and start enjoying sharper sound at a superior frequency. When you choose the BOSS speakers, you receive two 6.5-inch speakers, two tweeters, and two crossovers and grills. Each set is equipped with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 20 kHz and a 92dB sensitivity. Blast your all your favorite songs and experience the benefits of premium audio listening. You’ll be riding in style and in a great mood when you arrive at your destination, thanks to the uplifting jam out sessions you’re sure to have. And get this: Each set comes with a three-year warranty to keep you covered with product support and replacement in case of an issue.
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Pyle Mid Bass Speaker

Budget Pick
Spruce up your sound system with our budget pick, an affordable speaker sold as a single unit that, even if you purchase two pieces separately, is as easy on the wallet as they come! Designed to provide the best quality sound available on a budget, this speaker packs a powerful 300 watts and features 60 Hz-20 kHz frequency. A one-inch high temperature voice coil boosts the sound and a thirty ounce magnet structure produces audible rumbling lows. Equipped with a non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround and yellow-color poly-injected cone, this speaker sits on a stable foundation that helps deliver crystal clear sound. Whether you’re riding alone or on a road trip with friends, you’ll appreciate the good vibes this model has to offer. If you’re on the hunt for cheap car speakers with good bass, then look no further. You found them!
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Pioneer TS-A1676R Speakers

Enjoy improved bass and dynamic range with our third pick, the Pioneer car speakers. When it comes to car door speakers with good bass, this set cannot be overlooked. A fan favorite, it comes backed by a myriad of excellent reviews and testimonials, so you know it delivers on its superb sound promise. Packing 320 watts of power and a multilayer mica matrix cone design for optimum sound reproduction and responsiveness, this three-way coaxial set-up reproduces a lightweight, elastic polymer sound. You’ll enjoy superior bass and dynamic range, all from a stylish cosmetic design. Perfect for replacing factory speakers or upgrading your existing set, the Pioneer provides a wider dispersion of sound with deeper bass. The improved tweeter design puts out mid to high frequencies, so you can listen to all your favorites with optimized sound and at a higher volume. Ready for professional-quality sound? You found it!
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JBO GTL939 Speaker

You don’t just want to hear your music-- you want to feel it! And now you can with the JBO Co-Axial speaker, one of our top picks for the best car speakers for sound quality. Equipped with extra large carbon-injected plus one cones, these speakers move more air to make more bass. The soft-dome tweeters have oversized voice coils for smooth, fatigue free highs and a dual-level tweeter volume adjustment helps compensate for less-than-perfect speaker placement, so you don’t need to fret if you don’t nail the job. The convenient tweeter volume function also lets you set the speakers to appropriately suit your listening preference and musical taste as an added bonus! And these three-ohm speakers compensate for undersized wires found in many of today’s cars to make the most of every watt your stereo is capable of generating. Practically foolproof, these luxury speakers have superior sound covered from every angle, making them well worth every penny.
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Kicker 41DSC44 Speakers

Crank your favorite tunes and keep them going with the Kicker speakers, some of the best car speakers for bass and sound quality according to countless reviews that sing this pair’s praises! Sold as a set for a considerably affordable price, especially considering everything you get with your purchase, these speakers feature a polypropylene woofer with a ribbed polyester foam surround that works to keep them safe in fluctuating temperatures and from standard wear and tear. A domed tweeter pumps out 120 watts of sound at 60-20,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 88dB. And the grilles come with these speakers, so no need to purchase them separately! Complete with a one-year warranty to protect you from issues and defects, you’ll love everything about this dynamic duo. From your first ride to your last with these speakers, we know you’ll be riding in style to all your playlists at any volume you choose!
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CERWIN VEGA V468 Speakers

Want the best car door speakers for bass? Want them to look awesome, while pumping out powerful, booming crystal clear music? The VEGA speakers generate 400 watts worth of sheer sound with a frequency of 55 Hz to 20 kHz. The black and red design is attractive to look out, too, so you’ll be bumping your favorite playlists in style. Add a little pizzazz to your car and simultaneously impress all of your friends with your new sound system! Enjoy a curvilinear cone design on each speaker that generates superior mid-bass and off-axis performance. A one-inch aluminum dome tweeter and woofer back up the speakers, providing the ultimate performance for an enjoyable listening experience. You’ll love the durability and quality of this set of speakers, which deliver professional-quality sound for a fraction of the price! If you love a pop of red and you’re ready to upgrade your sound system, the search is over!
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Bass Rockers Car Speakers

If you’re looking for high performance car speakers with good bass, you’re in the right place. The Bass Rockers car speakers come equipped with all the right features to keep you rocking on all your rides. Long or short distances don’t matter, because these powerhouse speakers perform loud and clear for as long as you need them. Featuring a 13mm tweeter, woofer, electroplate injection cone, stamped basket, and rubber surround for protection, each speaker is the perfect piece for maximum listening potential. With 225 watts behind the audio and a frequency range of 130-20 kHz, you won’t just hear your music, you’ll feel it. You and your passengers will enjoy every second of the ride when you’re cranking out your favorite tunes and playlists with the Bass Rockers as your speakers. If it’s time to upgrade your sound system or you’re ready to replace the factory-grade speakers, give this premium set a chance.
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Crunch CS65C Car Speaker

Landing our list as one of the best door speakers for car aficionados looking to upgrade their listening experience, the Crunch is a set of 6.5-inch component speakers that works to bring optimal listening quality to your driving experience. This set of superior speakers is equipped with impact-resistant Neo-Mylar soft dome tweeters and silver alpha-cellulose cones for ultimate protection against the elements. The cones will keep your speakers safe in varying temperatures and conditions, ensuring your purchase lasts for the long haul. Moisture-resistant rubber surrounds provide high mid-bass impact and added protection against wear and tear. An anti-resonant stamped steel basket keeps the sound moving smoothly, so you hear the music and not the speaker. The external 12dB premium capacitors create a smooth component system featuring exacting crossover points. When it comes to good car speakers for bass, the Crunch has all the right features.
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Pyramid W64 Poly Woofers

We searched high and low for the best brand for car speakers and came across a set of four speakers with stellar features sure to please those looking to upgrade the sound systems in their cars. The Pyramid speakers deliver a combined powerful 800 watts of audio from 6.5-inch mid-bass poly woofers. Equipped with a bumped back design and a thirty-ounce magnet structure weight, these speakers have everything it takes to keep you riding in style. Enjoy the power of 800 watts of sound and impress your passengers when you pick them up. It’s like a party in the car! The Pyramid speakers come in classic, sleek black, so they blend in easily with the rest of the car, making them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy bumping sound without all the flash. If factory-grade speakers just aren’t cutting it for you anymore, or you want more oomph behind your favorite playlist, this set is a great way to bring the music.
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Jensen High Performance Speakers

Equip your vehicle with a premium set of speakers for quality performance and smooth sound! Jensen High Performance Speakers live up to their name, delivering 400 watts of audio power from the latest technology and durable equipment. With a frequency range of 32Hz- 35kHz, this set generates sound to get the party started, whether it’s a party of one or you have a full car. Imagine playing all of your favorites from professional-grade speakers on your drives, turning even the most mundane of trips into an enjoyable ride.The once-inch voice coils make for crystal clear sounds and silk dome tweeters offer smooth, high-frequency response. Mica-filled injection-molded polypropylene cones and nitrile rubber surrounds withstand heat and moisture, prolonging the life of the speakers. Backed by a one-year warranty and excellent customer service, you couldn’t ask for more when it’s time to upgrade the sound system in your car. We think Jensen is an ideal option for anyone looking to jam out and enjoy the ride, which is why it finishes out top ten list strong!
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