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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Car Wash Soaps

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How to Choose the Best Car Wash Soap

Finding the best rated car wash soap can be daunting, especially if you’re new to washing your car at home! There are soaps, cleansers, wash and wax, powders, liquids – the list goes on! It’s important to find the right product for your vehicle and budget, but what if you also want one that’s environmentally friendly? Before we get into the reviews, here are a few things you should consider before you start shopping around for your next car wash soap.

Best Car Wash Soaps

Wash & Wax: There are two types of car washes: regular wash and “wash & wax.” Wash & wax cleaners leave a thin layer of wax behind after you wash and dry. A regular wash will clean dirt without leaving a waxy finish.

Best Car Wash Soaps

Type: The type of soap depends on your needs and equipment. Liquid soaps are great if you just have a bucket and cloth. Powder and foam soaps work with buckets, but they also work well with foam machines or power washers.

How to Choose the Best Car Wash Soap

Pieces: Some car washes are a one-piece container with just the wash, or a pack of cleaners to help you stock up. There are also cleaners that come with extra fun features, like a cleaning kit, extra cloths, or specialty gear.

Best Car Wash Soaps

Scented: While washes will have some kind of scent to them, many of them are considered unscented. If you’re looking for a clean scent, flowery scent, or none at all, there are tons of options out there to choose from!

Best Car Wash Soaps

Package Size: Pay attention to package size to suit your needs! We found small bottles for people who only occasionally wash their car. We also found bulk packages for people who wash regularly, or have several cars or surfaces to keep clean!

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Concentrate: When looking at the package size and price, keep in mind that many of these washes are concentrated. We noted whenever possible how much concentrate you’ll need per gallon to better help you find a soap that meets your budget.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you need, let’s answer the big question: What is the best car wash soap? We found the top rated car wash soap for a variety of needs, from keeping your black car glossy to a multi-use wash for your windows and RV too! If you’re short on time, check out our Top Pick and Budget Pick first, and then come back when you have more time to look around. Okay, let’s get into the reviews!

Aero Cosmetics Car Wash Kit

Top Pick
Our top pick is also our favorite for the best car wash and wax soap! This waterless wash and wax soap comes with everything you need to give your car a beautiful shine. The kit comes with a gallon of soap, a full 16 oz. spray bottle, 4 cleaning cloths, a bug scrubbing sponge, and a guidebook! We also like that this can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. This means you can save some money on your water bill by giving your car a “dry clean” between washes! It also leaves a static-free, UV protected coating on your car, which will extend the life of your wash even longer! We also like that this wash is free from alcohol and ammonia, two harsh cleaning agents that can leave surfaces like plastic, rubber, or light covers cloudy or dried out. If you want to conserve water (or your water bill), definitely consider giving this waterless soap a try!
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Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Car Soap

Budget Pick
Looking for the best cheap car wash soap? Check out this super sudsy one from Chemical Guys! Don’t let the neon pink color fool you – this is a super gentle, pH balanced wash that’ll leave your car clean and spot free. This liquid concentrate is a great value, too. You only need 1 oz. of the concentrate per 5-gallon bucket! You can wash a few cars with just a couple capfuls, or do a solid two-bucket wash without wasting a lot of excess soap! This stuff packs a serious amount of suds, making it the best soap to wash your car with a pressure washer or foam cannon – or just a bucket and soft cloth! It’s gentle enough to clean all your car surfaces, and won’t disturb any wax or polish that’s already there. We like that this cleaner is great for people who need to wash their car on a weekly basis, but don’t want to break the budget!
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Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash

Another favorite of ours for the best home car wash soap is from Meguiar’s, a trusted brand in car detailing products. This is a detergent-free cleaner, which is perfect for washing all car surfaces, including tires, plastic, glass, and metal grills. Instead of scrubbing dirt and dust into the paint, causing scratches, this soap lifts the dirt into the suds. You can easily rinse off the soap and dirt, or use a gentle microfiber cloth to keep your surface smooth. Unlike detergent soaps, this won’t strip your car’s wax, polish, or the paint’s topcoat. It also has a paint conditioner, which will give your paint and other surfaces a little extra shine when dry! We think this is great bulk car wash soap for using at home for your weekly washes, or in between wash and wax treatments. This wash is also great for cleaning your lawn equipment, boat, RV, or whatever else you want to keep shiny and clean!
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Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine

Next up in our car wash soap buying guide is a powerful yet gentle no-rinse formula from Optimum. We think this is another great option, in addition to our Top Pick, for people who want to waste less water. Just a 2-gallon bucket of water and 1 oz. of the concentrate is all you need to wash your car – no rinsing required! This means you will use much less water than a traditional wash and rinse cleanser, which is better for the environment and your water bill! It’s a gentle cleanser that’s perfect for weekly or regular washing at home, and won’t scratch or scuff your car while wiping it down with a soft cloth. It even works well on road salt, which is notorious for leaving scratches on paint! If you live in a drought-heavy area, or you want to give your car a quick wash in the garage during the cold winter months, this is a great option!
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Mothers California Gold Wash & Wax

Our search for the best car wash soap with wax led us to a few great products, including this wash and wax concentrate from Mothers California! This 64 oz. tub of soap is not only inexpensive - it’s super effective! This wash and wax combo uses carnauba wax, which is derived from palm trees, to give your car a nice shine between waxing treatments. Carnauba wax is vegan-friendly and biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about washing this down the drain! We like that the sudsy soap gently lifts away dirt and dust without harsh scrubbing or scratching. The wax that’s left behind after drying easily fills in small scratches without leaving excess residue. We also like that it’s pH balanced, so it won’t break down your clear coat finish over time. If you already have everything you need to clean your car and want a great wash and wax for a good price, definitely check this one out!
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Griot’s Garage Car Wash

Our next pick for the best car wash soap comes from Griot’s, a company that has made high quality car washes and equipment since 1990. This concentrate gently cleans dirt and grime off your vehicle, leaving behind a glossy shine! We like that this wash doesn’t disturb your wax or clear coat, allowing you to go much longer between waxes! The sudsy soap works well with bucket cleaning, or add it to your power washer for a super foamy wash. The pH-balanced suds lift away dirt and grease without stripping the wax or clear coat, and it has special brightening ingredients to enhance your car’s color beautifully. The hot pink car wash is a great value, too! Only 1 oz. of concentrate is enough for a full gallon of water, which is plenty to clean a car or two. If you want a soap that extends the life of your wax, this is a great option for your weekly cleanings!
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TriNova Car Wash

Next up is a bulk-sized car wash that can handle cleaning your whole fleet of vehicles! TriNova’s gallon-sized jug of car wash concentrate is the top car wash soap for the money. Only 1 oz. of concentrate is enough 3 gallons of water. That is plenty to handle cleaning a couple cars at least, or enough to last for years if you only have one car! You could also easily spread this out to clean your car, boat, RV, lawnmower – whatever needs it! The shampoo itself is gentle on your paint yet tough on grime, and the conditioners give your car a shine after drying. With so much soap, you won’t feel guilty for cleaning your car weekly (or more often if it needs it). We like that this soap is easy to use – just dilute in water, gently wipe on with a microfiber mitt or cloth, rinse, and dry off. No extra buffing or two-bucket cleaning methods are necessary!
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Rain-X Wash and Wax

When hunting for the best car wash soap for black cars, we found this wash and wax from Rain-X. The brand has been trusted for over 40 years to handle all of your car cleaning needs, from washes and waxes to interior cleaning solutions. We liked this car cleaner because it works well on all surfaces and finishes on your car. This is great for black cars because it means you don’t have to worry about cloudy or faded wax! In addition to being highly effective, this is also an incredibly safe car wash to use. It uses carnauba wax, which is a safe wax to use on your car, lawn equipment, and even your child’s outdoor toys! The wash is pH balanced and biodegradable, meaning it won’t harm your lawn or wildlife in your neighborhood. If you like this wash and wax, Rain-X also has a bunch of other great cleaning products to keep your car in great shape!
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Cyclo No7 Car Wash

Our car wash soap reviews wouldn’t be complete without No7’s powder car wash, a favorite of car detailers and gear-heads for decades! This powder comes in a 4 lb. bucket that will last for years because it’s a shelf-stable powder that won’t dry out like liquid soaps will over time. You can stock up without worry! We like this wash because it’s super effective at removing dirt from just about any surface, including wood, vinyl, windows, and more. This is great because you can use this cleaner for way more than just cars. It also does well cleaning trucks, boats, RVs, and even your home exterior or wood deck! The powder mixes into water, and you can use it with a bucket and rag, or add it to your foam machine and let it do the work. We also like that this cleaner will get things super clean, but won’t remove the wax finish you’ve worked so hard to keep!
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Turtle Wax Liquid Car Wash

The final product in our hunt for the best car wash soap for sale comes from another highly trusted brand, Turtle Wax. This liquid wash and wax concentrate is great because it’s a one-step process that both cleans and adds shine. It uses gentle, pH-balanced soaps to get rid of dirt without scratching the surface of your wax or clear coat finish. The carnauba wax leaves the car super shiny at the end – just rinse and wipe dry with a soft cloth! We like that this will save you a ton of time because you don’t have to worry about doing a two-bucket method or waxing your car each time! This wash and wax is also environmentally friendly, making it perfect for using all around the house without the possibility of ruining your lawn or plants! Finally, it’s a great wax to use on a lot of outdoor surfaces – furniture, grills, windows, playground equipment, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and much more!
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