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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Caulking Guns

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How to Choose the Best Caulking Gun

Caulk has a ton of versatile applications for professionals, industrial use, homeowners, and hobbyists, and finding the best caulking gun can make projects a lot easier! We’ve researched and reviewed some of the best-selling caulk guns out there to help you choose the right one for your needs. First, check out these features to consider before jumping into our reviews!

Best Caulking Guns

Barrel Type: Many adhesives cartridges are designed to fit easily into half-barrel caulk guns, or you can DIY it with a full-barrel.

Best Caulking Guns

Material: Steel is one of the best options for a heavy-duty caulk gun, but other options can be a lighter weight.

How to Choose the Best Caulking Gun

Dripless: Dripless or no-drip caulk guns have a plunger that pulls back when you release the trigger to reduce drips.

Best Caulking Guns

Thrust Ratio: The higher the thrust ratio, the easier it is to dispense the adhesive, especially if it’s a high-viscosity one.

Best Caulking Guns

Length: The length of a caulk gun can make it harder or easier to use depending on the projects and your preferences.

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Weight: A lightweight gun works well for the occasional project, but may not work well for high-viscosity materials.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know some of the specs to look for, let’s get into the reviews! If you’re in a hurry, check out the top pick and budget pick, or keep reading to find a range of great options! From auto projects to window installation, we’ve got you covered!

Albion Engineering Caulking Gun

Top Pick
At the top of our list in our caulking gun review is this option from Albion Engineering. This half-barrel caulk gun is made from steel with a full-sized handle and built-in cartridge puncture wire. It holds standard 1/10 gallon sealant cartridges and the 12:1 thrust ratio works well for all standard viscosity materials. This caulk gun is the perfect choice for professionals, homeowners, and others who are looking for a durable caulk gun that can hold up to heavy-duty use. The steel material and smooth piston design make it easy to put down a smooth bead with a variety of materials from low-viscosity to standard viscosity. Albion Engineering is an ideal choice for truly high-quality caulking guns--they even made our list a second time below! If you’re looking for a durable tool to add to your arsenal, this caulking gun is our top pick.
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Newborn 930-GTD Caulking Gun

Budget Pick
Our favorite option for the best caulking guns for home projects involving low-viscosity materials like latex and acrylics. This is a high-quality gun for handling these types of cartridges, featuring a steel half-barrel and a comfort padded grip made from thermoplastic. The drip-free design features a smooth pressure rod that pulls back each time you release the trigger to keep clean-up and messes to a minimum. It comes with a ladder hook, too. The welded steel construction provides durability for long-term use. This caulk gun also has a built-in seal puncture tool and spout cutter to quickly and easily open cartridges without breaking up your workflow. The smooth pressure rod design is quieter than ratchet pressure rods and helps you produce a steady, even line. So if you’re looking for a cheap caulk gun for low-viscosity materials and adhesives, the Newborn 930-GTD caulk gun is a great choice that’s easy to work with.
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Dripless Inc. Caulk Gun

Are you looking for a best caulking gun review for applying acrylic, latex, and silicone? The Dripless Inc. Caulk Gun is made from composite plastic and is designed for handling low-viscosity materials in standard 10-ounce cartridges. The 12:1 thrust ratio helps you apply in a smooth, clean line. The rotating barrel helps with caulking around corners. You can use the built-in spout cutter for quickly opening up a cartridge, and a ladder hook makes it easy to set aside during a project as needed. The extra-long clean-out rod snaps into place when it’s not in use to keep all of the parts together. If you need a lightweight caulking gun for projects involving elastomeric, latex, and other low-viscosity materials, this is a good option that won’t weigh you down. For more heavy-duty choices for professional use or use with thicker materials, keep reading to discover more options!
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Tarvol 3 in 1 Caulking Gun

The Tarvol 3-in-1 Caulking Gun is a half-barrel caulk gun with a built-in sharpened blade cutter and seal punch. It works with standard caulk cartridges and has a spin lock design to prevent dripping while you set it all up. This lightweight caulking gun is made from chrome-plated steel. This half-barrel caulk gun is a good choice for home projects. If you’re a homeowner with a few caulking or sealing projects piling up, this basic caulk gun combines a solid build with a great value. Open up dispenser tubes and cut nozzles quickly and easily with the built-in tools. Plus a wrist strap helps keep the tool from accidentally being dropped and makes hanging storage a cinch! Professionals or serious DIYers who want a caulk gun for regular daily use may prefer one with a no drip design or a full barrel style for handling different materials.
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COX 41004-2T Ascot Caulk Gun

If you’ve been looking for the best manual caulking gun with a high thrust ratio, the COX 41004-2T caulk gun might be for you! It has a high 26:1 mechanical advantage that makes it ideal for handling thick, viscous materials. It’s made in the UK and has a built-in ladder hook and rotating barrel to help you apply materials evenly. It’s designed to take standard 10-ounce cartridges. The support straps help to keep the cartridge secure during use. The handle features a thumb-activated instant pressure release. It can be used in professional or industrial applications as well as around the house or for auto projects. This durable caulk gun should be able to handle adhesives, acrylic, and more as well as typical caulk materials. If you want a high-quality, multi-purpose caulking gun, the COX 41004-2T is a great choice for professional use as well as for hobbyists and homeowners!
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AMSTON Professional Caulking Gun

Amston Tools offers a professional caulk gun that can stand up to long-term use thanks to the steel and aluminum frame designed to take standard 10-oz caulk tubes. The rotating barrel makes it easy to caulk long, clean lines at the right angle. The handle is shaped for ergonomic support with a large pressure-release latch that you press in with your thumb. This thumb-operated latch helps reduce dripping and cleanup. The caulk gun has a ladder hook that makes it convenient to stash temporarily during a project. A built-in pin lets you easily puncture foil-sealed tubes and clean out clogged spouts without making a bigger hole than you need. For indoor and outdoor use, this caulking gun is a great choice for home projects, handymen, and more. The low price makes it a good choice for homeowners who need a caulk gun for occasional use in and around the house.
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OX Tools Heavy-Duty Caulk Gun

This heavy-duty caulk gun from OX Tools is available in 10-ounce and 29-ounce sizes for a range of applications. It features an adjustable no-drip mechanism that professionals and homeowners will appreciate, preventing mess and wasted caulk. Dial in the amount of pull back you want depending on the task at hand. The built-in poker makes starting the caulking process easy, and the 12:1 thrust ratio provided by the 5/16’’ steel push rod works well for many thick adhesives. The handle is coated with ergonomically shaped rubber to help keep your wrist and fingers comfortable while you work, whether you’re caulking all day or for just a few minutes! Another great feature is the silent squeeze mechanism: no squeaking when you squeeze the trigger. That should come in handy, especially for longer projects! This caulk gun also has a rotating barrel to help keep the gun at the ideal angle.
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Tajima Rotary Caulk Gun

Tajima offers a variety of good caulking gun options for different applications. The CNV-100SP Convoy Super Rotary Caulk Gun is made from a welded steel frame and cast aluminum for a heavy-duty, durable, and dependable tool. The rotating barrel keeps you at the perfect contact angle as you caulk, and loading tubes is a snap. The extra-long steel barrel measures 10.5’’, and automatic flow control helps to prevent drips. This caulk gun is designed for 1/10 gallon tubes of caulks and adhesives. If you work with bigger items, check out the Tajima options with one-quart capacities! The rugged and smart design helps this tool last for the long run while being easy to use. It’s a great choice for home projects and dedicated DIY-ers that want a dependable caulk gun that won’t break the bank. You can also find other Tajima caulk gun options in a variety of frame materials like ABS and fiberglass.
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Red Devil Revolving Caulk Gun

The Red Devil Revolving Caulk Gun 3988 features a 1/10 gallon barrel that can take standard caulk tubes. It’s made from alloy metals but is lightweight for ease of use. It includes a “no-drip” feature that has made Red Devil a popular choice for caulk guns. It’s easy to load and easy to dispense with the smooth piston rod, included, seal puncture tool, and built-in spout cutter. Hobbyists, homeowners, and professionals can all get a lot of use out of this caulk gun. It’s designed for medium to heavy applications, and the revolving barrel keeps the handle pointed towards you as you work. The no-drip design helps prevent fatigue. Whether you’re a homeowner with some DIY projects in mind or a pro in need of a basic caulking gun that takes standard caulk cartridges, the Red Devil 3988 is a great caulk gun for the job!
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Albion Sausage Caulk Gun

The Albion Sausage Caulk Gun is a 20-ounce manual drive caulking gun with a strong but smooth thrust. This high-quality caulk gun comes with three translucent narrow plastic nozzles, three black wide plastic cone nozzles, two spare black polyplastic sausage pistons, a yellow Hytrel bulk piston, and a steel ladder hook pull. The sausage pistons help to prevent bag-wrap for fast and easy dispensing. The full-size handle helps maintain your comfort even when you’ve got a lot of caulking to do. The barrel swivels to keep the handle pointed at you throughout the process. If you’re looking for a caulk gun for standard caulk cartridges, Albion Engineering’s B12 model is a compatible option. This 20-ounce sausage caulk gun works well for bulk material using the yellow Hytrel bulk piston. If you use a caulk gun often in your line of work or are a heavy DIY craftsman, this sausage caulk gun is a great tool!
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