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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Cheap Diamond Wedding Rings

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quadcopter reviewsBest Cheap Diamond Wedding Rings

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How to Choose the Best Diamond Wedding Ring

Ready to tie the knot? You’ll need an amazing wedding ring to make things official. If you’re on a budget, consider looking into some of the beautiful cheap diamond wedding rings we’ve listed here. We’ve looked through tons of amazing wedding bands and put together a list of our top ten. If you’re new to the ring market, we’ve included some info that might be helpful on your hunt.

Best Cheap Diamond Wedding Rings

Metal: Depending on your preference, you may like sterling silver or gold. Gold is always a great choice for a long-lasting and beautiful band, but sterling silver can provide relief for sensitive skin and a budget price. Consider this when choosing a metal for your band.

Best Cheap Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond: Many of the rings included in our list are made with natural diamonds, but we’ve included some simulated ones to offer some budget options.

How to Choose the Best Diamond Wedding Ring

Carats: The carats are good indicators of the size and quality of the diamonds. Choosing a diamond with a higher carat value may result in a higher price tag, so be careful when choosing your carat value.

Best Cheap Diamond Wedding Rings

Gender: We’ve included an info box on whether these bands are for men or women, so you can quickly scan through our list if you’re searching for something specific. We’ve included rings for both genders.

Best Cheap Diamond Wedding Rings

Stone Colors: Many of the rings on our list include beautiful and classic white diamonds but some come with accents of color or different kinds of stones. If you’re looking for something a little different in color, check out this box.

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Setting: The setting can be different on all rings. The most common setting on our list is prong, which involves setting the diamond in the band with little prongs that hold the stone in place from the back.

Top 10 Products

Beautiful diamond bands are hard to come by and lucky for you we’ve made it incredibly easy with this list. Our top and budget picks are great places to start, they’re our favorite by far out of the ones we’ve chosen. We’ve also included eight other picks if those aren’t quite your style. We know there are some gems on this list, so have fun browsing through.

Diamond Delight Band

Top Pick
Our top pick is a very affordable diamond wedding ring for anyone looking for the real deal. It comes set in beautiful 14K gold, which highlights the diamonds wonderfully. You can get it in none of three colors to match your existing ring or band- rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. It has beautiful ¼ carat diamonds set halfway around the band, truly standing out from the crowd. It's simple and refined beauty matches every outfit and style. This ring comes packaged and ready to give as a gift, which makes it a one-step process. It is thin enough to wear with existing wedding bands and can be given either as a band on your wedding day or as an anniversary present. This is the perfect addition to your existing wedding band, a never-ending symbol of your continued love. This is the perfect gift for any occasion and with multiple styles is sure to match anything you already have.
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DazzlingRock Stackable Band

Budget Pick
This is perfect for anyone searching for a great budget wedding ring. It is beautiful, dainty, and perfect for that special someone. It comes in three colors- rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. This makes it perfect for matching with any existing rings or bands. This is a perfect band for anyone who is looking for something simple and dainty. The round stones make for the perfect subtle accessory to a great ring. It's perfect for giving your engagement ring just a touch more sparkle without overtaking your whole finger. This is a perfect choice for people who already have a very intricate or large engagement ring. It comes in many different ring sizes so it should be easy to find something that fits your finger well. These rings are also resizable, so if you order one that doesn’t quite fit you can always resize it. These diamonds have I-J clarity and are 0.08 carats, so it is very dainty.
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Szul Diamond Wedding Band

This is a great option if you’re looking for cheap real diamond wedding rings. This ring comes with stunning ½ carat diamonds and is sure to be a showstopper. It even comes with a 60-day complimentary repair service if anything is a little off about your ring when you get it. The diamonds go halfway around the band so it is comfortable to wear and stunning on your finger. This simple but show stopping bad is made with 10k white gold. It will look stunning worn alone or as a wedding band. This makes it a perfect anniversary gift. This ring is made with natural diamonds, so you can be sure it will keep looking amazing for years to come. This ring is great for anyone looking for something that will stand out against your engagement ring but will not overtake the look. This is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a fantastic rig for weddings or anniversaries.
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Katarina Princess Wedding Band

If you’re struggling to find affordable diamond wedding rings, this is the answer to your prayers. This ring is classically designed with princess shaped diamonds. The band is made of sterling silver so it will not irritate your skin after long wear. It is set with prongs and is made with natural diamonds. These diamonds are 0.09 carats and each ring comes with 19 stones. The stones go halfway around the band. This classic design is perfect not only for weddings, but for anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasion. The seller even guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, meaning you won’t feel any guilt when purchasing this stunning band. This band can even be used as matching wedding bands. This ring comes with a beautiful pouch or velvet box that really makes it a wonderful gift. The seller includes a 30-day return policy and a free shipping label, so this ring is risk-free to buy.
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Sonia Diamond Wedding Band

This awesome band is a great choice for anyone looking for a great men’s band. This band is made of pure 10k white gold and is sure to look great on any finger. The diamonds set in the channel setting are 100% real and natural, which makes them a great choice for a long lasting band. Each of these rings contains a stunning ¼ carat of diamonds. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a little bit of sparkle while still remaining masculine. The diamonds go all the way around the band, so its stunning from all angles. This is the perfect ring for anyone who wants a good quality eternity wedding band. This ring is 7 mm wide, so it is not too large on your finger but still stands out. This diamond band has a beautiful chanel setting that keeps the diamonds safe and secure inside the band without losing style points.
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DazzlingRock Black Diamond Band

For anyone looking for something a little edgier on their wedding day, black diamond wedding rings can be a great option. This awesome black diamond ring is perfect for both men and women. It is small enough to fit comfortably on your finger without overtaking your engagement ring. This ring is perfect for people looking for something that stands out. It is a perfect size, at around 2 mm, to wear alongside your engagement ring. It still provides a unique look for your whole wedding set. If you already have a black diamond engagement ring, this can be the perfect compliment to that look. These bands can make your ring look like a part of a full set of gorgeous black rings. The sterling silver band is sure to provide a great alternative for people who have sensitive skin or sensitivity to certain metals. This beautiful and unique band is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a great band.
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H&H Engagement Ring Set

If you’re looking for cheap diamond rings that come with the entire package, this H&H Engagement Ring Set is perfect for you. It comes with the engagement ring and the wedding bands that perfectly match it. This beautiful princess cut diamond ring is beautifully surrounded by simulated diamonds. This makes it a great choice for anyone who wants something incredibly shiny that stand out in a crowd. The bands are both completely surrounded by diamonds, making them the perfect blend of luxury and budget. This ring is a great choice for people who want to be sure that their engagement ring matches their wedding bands. This is not only a great engagement ring but can make a perfect gift for any occasion. This ring can be perfect for anniversaries, holidays, or birthdays as well. This ring is incredibly versatile and, more importantly, beautiful. This is a perfect choice for any occasion.
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Vir Jewels Wedding Band

This incredible wedding band is sure to wow your friends and family. It has a simple design that will match even the most intricate engagement rings. It comes in two colors- white gold and yellow gold. This ensures your engagement ring and this band will look like a complete set, not two separately chosen pieces. The band is simple and elegant, with a few diamonds on top for sparkle. The design is not overwhelming or overly complicated, making it a great pick for anyone looking to go a little more minimalist. The diamonds are 0.08 carats. They are beautiful and add a great amount of sparkle to your existing ring or bands. This is incredibly dainty and makes a great gift on its own as well. It could be perfect as a gift to that special someone for a birthday or anniversary. This ring is a great pick for anyone who wants a simple ring.
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Diamond Men's Wedding Band

It can be hard to find cheap real diamond rings for men, but this is a great pick. The gold outer band pairs well with the sterling silver inner band to create a unique and beautiful look. The diamonds are set securely at the top of the band, adding just a little sparkle. The way the diamonds are set secures them from being caught on clothing or getting knocked around with heavy wear. This possibly gives your ring more longevity. The diamonds are a stunning 0.12 carats, making them an incredibly beautiful accent for any wedding. The white diamonds are set in a prong setting. The diamonds are all sparkling and 100% natural, making this a great choice for anyone who wants the real deal. This ring even comes in a beautiful gift box, which makes it easy to give or even store when you are not wearing it. This is a great choice for a men’s band.
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Buy Jewels Wedding Band

This slim beauty is the perfect wallet-friendly ring. It is incredibly dainty and a beautiful accent for those looking for their “something blue”. It comes with alternating natural white diamonds and natural blue sapphire. The ring itself is made of 14k white gold, which provides a wonderful accent to the beautiful stones that go around the band. This ring is dainty and stackable, making it a great wedding band or even as a gift for a birthday or anniversary. This ring can also make a perfect promise ring. This band is perfect on its own or paired with another, larger ring. You can even grab a few of these rings and stack them next to each other. This band is beautiful and a great colorful complement to any engagement ring. A little color can be a great accent to a very dainty engagement ring or for anyone who just wants to wear their something blue every day.
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