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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Cheap Road Bikes

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quadcopter reviewsBest Cheap Road Bikes

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How To Choose The Best Cheap Road Bike

A road bike is a bicycle that is used on just the road, not on racing tracks, rough terrain, and definitely not for competitive cycling. These are just your standard bikes and there are so many of them on the market today. So many, in fact, that you may not know how to pick a cheap road bike. Before you start hunting for your next bike, take into consideration these features. They will help you pick your road bike.

Best Cheap Road Bikes

Speeds: Yes, these bikes are just for the road, but the speeds play a huge part in what you are using your bike for. If you’re using it just to ride around town, then you won’t need more than a few.

Best Cheap Road Bikes

Wheels: When talking about the wheel size, we are referring to the tube size. The tube size is like a car tire size, the bigger the size, the bigger the wheel. So, depending on how big or small you want your wheel to be, check the tube size.

How To Choose The Best Cheap Road Bike

Frame: What do you want the frame to be made from? This is an important question to ask because it can determine how durable it is and how long it’s going to last. Steel is also heavier than aluminum, so consider that for weight as well.

Best Cheap Road Bikes

Color: Color is more of a preference to the user rather than something you would look for. However, some bikes don’t come with color options. So if you want some options, consider a bike that allows you to choose the color scheme.

Best Cheap Road Bikes

Assembly Required: Let’s face it, not everybody wants to sit down for three, four, or five hours assembling their bike. Some may want it done for them. So consider whether or not it comes assembled if you want to save yourself some hassle.

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Shimano Parts: When you see a bike that says it’s “Shimano Equipped” it usually means that it’s a more affordable bike. This means that the bike will generally have only some Shimano parts and they are usually less expensive.

Top 10 Products

Now we have gotten down to the good stuff, the road bike reviews. As part of our road bike buying guide, we have tracked down and located ten of the best road bikes there are at all different price ranges and from a variety of manufacturers. If you are ready to pick out your next bicycle, whether for sport or for fun, check out the list. In a hurry? Check out our top pick at number one and our budget pick at number two.

Schwinn Phocus Road Bike

Top Pick
Schwinn has always been considered one of the best road bikes for the money. Since 1895, when the Schwinn was first created, it has been a staple in family homes across the globe. They are meant for riders of all ages and they seem to last forever. This road bicycle is the ideal for a leisurely ride around town or going down a bike path. It is constructed of an aluminum frame with a rigid fork for swift and agile riding. There are fourteen speeds that you can switch back and forth from with the A050 shifters for quick gear shifting. The rims have a high profile and are paired with lightweight and durable spokes. Here’s the kicker! If anything were to happen to the front wheel, it has a quick release feature. As does the saddle for easy removal and height adjustment. The brakes are made from alloy, which allows you to have the stopping power that you need at any time.
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Takara Kabuto Road Bike

Budget Pick
If you’re just looking for one of the best budget road bikes you can get, check out the Takara Kabuto. This is a single speed road bike made from steel and tig welded for durability. The steel frame also adds durability to the structural integrity. To make up for the weight of the tubular steel frame and forks, there are many alloy materials throughout the bike. With this particular bike, you have the option to switch hubs. By flipping a handle that is built into the rear hub, you can go from free wheeling to single speed. This may bring back some memories for you BMX riders. However, it will take some time to get used to. This particular bike has a great value for the price and it comes with that strong steel frame. Not to mention, it’s very easy to assemble. There are multiple color options and sizes to choose from.
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Vilano Road Bike

Vilano Road Bikes are the ideal option for riding around leisurely. It features a 6061 double butted aluminum frame, making it ultra lightweight. It is great for multiple pavement uses and the drop handlebars reduce the resistance coming from the air. There are twenty-one speeds that come with this bike, which is a great amount for those who like a variety. There is also the classic water bottle mount, best for those hot days so that you don’t have to carry a backpack around with you. This bike does come with Shimano parts, such as a rear derailleur and the A050 thumb shifters. When you receive the bike, it will be partially assembled and you will have to do the rest. This is a very economical road bike, making it an excellent commuter. The best part is that there are mount points on the back for a rear rack of you would ever want it.
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GMC Denali Road Bike

This might be one of the best road bikes for sale right now for a number of reasons. The main reason is its lightweight aluminum frame and high-performance 700c tires. If you want something that you can ride for fun and sport, this is a good option. The tires on this bike are definitely up to the challenge for some rigorous street racing if you’re into that kind of sport. There are alloy side pull brake calipers and levers along with high-profile Vitesse racing rims. There are Shimano parts on this bike such as the derailleur and the Revo. this makes it easy to change gears quickly and smoothly. While you’re riding, you will be comfortable on the Vitesse saddle for longer and more enjoyable trips. Attached to the frame you will also find a water bottle holder for those hot days when you need to quench your thirst quickly without having to stop. All-in-all, for the price, you are getting a decent quality bike.
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Giordano Libero Acciao Bike

Giordano bikes come with the latest advancements in bicycle design and accessories. The Giordano Libero Acciao bike is Italian inspired and features a durable and steel frame & fork. Even though this isn’t the cheapest bike out there, it’s definitely one of the best road bikes for beginners looking to who are looking into the sport of cycling. The wheels are 700c and there are fourteen speeds that you can choose from with a Shimano Tourney STI drivetrain. The bike also features a 1 ⅛ allow threadless stem and an alloy handlebar. For those days when you are hot and need a drink on the go, there is a water bottle mount on the frame. You can quickly grab your bottle, take a drink, and put it back with ease. You can find this bike in a red and white pattern with professional assembly suggested.
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Merax Finiss Road Bike

Among the best cheap road bikes is the Merax Finiss. This road bike features a lightweight and durable 6061 aluminum frame for easy transportation and a smooth riding experience. It is equipped with Shimano parts such as the shifter and derailleur for reliable shifting. There is also a quick-release front wheel that is quick to install and there are no tools necessary. The wheels on this bad boy are 700c and can give you the riding experience that you have always wanted. Whether you’re out for a leisurely ride or you’re in a cycling group, this is a great option. Before you choose this bike, however, it is important to know that assembly is required as is tuning. The standard weight limit for this design is 330 lbs, but to guarantee long-term use, the max of 220 lbs should be followed. There are also three different color schemes you can choose from including yellow/gray, green/black, and red/white.
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Diamondback Road Bicycle

The Diamondback Road Bicycle is the ideal bike for riding long stretches throughout the day. One of the main ones is that it features the 7005 aluminum alloy frame with formed tubes. Not only does it look sleek, but it also saves weight. It also comes equipped with enhanced performance geometry that helps fight fatigue. There are Shimano parts within the bike including the claris dual control integrated shifter and brakes. You can expect smooth shifting and extended gear range. You will also find a tektro dual pivot caliper braking system for braking power and control that you can depend on. To finish it up, the Diamondback bike has an equation SE wheel set with the 700c wheels for optimal performance in a variety of conditions. This is one of the best women’s road bikes for beginners, as well as for men.
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Tommaso Monza Endurance Bike

If you’re looking for one of the best high end road bikes, the Tommaso Monza road bike is it. This is a top-of-the-line bike with an aluminum frame and HCT carbon form added for the dampening of vibrations. It features powerful performance and a 2x10 Shimano Tiagra Groupset with a 50/34T compact crankset. There is a large range of speeds, allowing you to conquer any road condition that is thrown at you. The bike also comes with precision shifting with the Shimano Tiagra STI shifters. You can shift with speed and at an unmatched level of responsiveness. The Tommaso Monza has been optimized for added comfort. It has premium compact handlebars for increased power and comfort. With this bike, professional assembly is required to ensure optimal performance and warranty validity.
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Pure Cycles Road Bike

The Pure Cycles Road Bike is lightweight with an ultra strong 4130 chromoly steel frameset. This is great for beginners all the way up to experienced riders for racing, touring, commutes, and so much more. This is a 16-speed Shimano Claris STI shifter bike with Shimano cassette and derailleur to give you competition-ready speeds and a smooth ride. The front and rear brakes are made with alloy and with a 3-piece crankset. The bike also has an adjustable drop bar with many different hand positions and gel-padded tape. You also won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable either! The Pure Cycles bike has a performance-designed road saddle that allows you to remain comfortable on longer rides. The best part about this bike is that it comes 90% assembled and there are six different sizes you can choose from. Here’s the kicker-there’s a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the product as well leaving you confident that you have a long-lasting bike.
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North Gear Road Bike

Last up on our list is the North Gear Road Bike. This bike is a great entry-mid-level product for those who love to get out on the open road and enjoy the wind on their face. The frame is made with a 700c alloy 20” frame with a 700c steel fork. The shifter is a Shimano A050 21 speed that allows you to go up, down, fast, and slow with ease. The North Gear Road Bike also has a Shimano TY21 rear derailleur and the front has FD-30 power. The brake system is made from alloy and the brake levers are BL-750 alloy. There is race wrapping tape around the grips and the saddle is comfortable enough for you to ride for extended periods of time. This is definitely a cheap womens road bike, but men can use it as well. Both men and women alike will get enjoyment out of this affordable bike.
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