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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Class 3 Safety Vests

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How to Choose the Best Class 3 Safety Vests

The most obvious thing about choosing one of the best class 3 safety vests is that it has to be visible. If you’re not sure what else you need beyond bright colors and reflective materials, you’re in luck. We researched various designs to figure out which ones gave you the most visible, comfortable, and practical safety vests available. Before we get to our class 3 Safety vests reviews, let’s take a look at some of the features you need to know about.

Best Class 3 Safety Vests

Color: When it comes to color, think neon. Fluorescent. Bright colors with even brighter accents. Colors that will be noticed. There isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to color. Most of these vests are orange, lime green, or yellow.

Best Class 3 Safety Vests

Sleeves: We did find a great sleeveless option but most of these have some kind of sleeve. They’re all short sleeved, too, but the lengths vary a bit if you prefer something that gives you a little more coverage.

How to Choose the Best Class 3 Safety Vests

Pockets: Don’t worry, we know how important pockets are, especially if you’re going to be using this vest on the job. You’ll find big pockets, little pockets, exterior and interior pockets, open pockets and pockets with flaps.

Best Class 3 Safety Vests

ANSI Compliant: ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. They’re a private, non-profit group that oversees voluntary standards for things like safety for industries and businesses in the US. All of the vests we found are compliant with their standards.

Best Class 3 Safety Vests

Available Sizes: People of all shapes and sizes need safety vests. Most of them are available in a wide range of sizes so you can dress your whole crew in matching ones, regardless of whether you’re petite or big and tall.

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Washable: Since these vests are going to be used outdoors on projects that have the potential to get very messy, it’s important that they’re machine washable. We made sure that all of our top picks have this convenience.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know a little more about the different features of a good class 3 safety vest, let’s get to our reviews. If you don’t have a lot of time, check out our top pick and budget pick first. We made them easy to find - they’re the first 2 items on our list! Keep reading to learn more about the great products that round out the rest of our list. Got it? All right, let’s get right to it!

KwikSafety Class 3 Vest

Top Pick
This ANSI class 3 safety vest from KwikSafety is our top pick. It’s made of lightweight polyester mesh that’s soft and breathable. There are 2 things you’ll come to love on a hot day working outside. There are also 2 inch wide silver reflector tape strips to keep you safe and visible at all times. Of course, it also helps that it only comes in 2 fluorescent colors: orange and yellow. And pockets? We’ve got pockets. 6 in all. Get this: 2 of them are even on the inside, the perfect place to keep anything valuable. Plus, the front left chest pocket is expandable and can even hold larger items like radios. These vests are ANSI compliant and approved for use in a lot of government facilities.
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Radians SV63 Safety Vest

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is this high visibility safety vest from Radians. This vest comes in 2 different color combinations: fluorescent orange with fluorescent yellow accents or fluorescent yellow with fluorescent orange accents. Either way, you’re going to be really noticeable. But just to make sure, there’s also 2 inch wide silver reflective material on this vest, too. If you wear these vests for work, you already know how important the pockets are. This vest has # in all. There are 2 top pockets, one to hold a pad and pencil and one for a cell phone or radio. The 2 bottom pockets are large and flap covered for more security. Inside, there are 2 large deep pockets where you can keep small valuables close and a small pocket for a flashlight. It meets ANSI standards, too.
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Safety Depot ANSI Vest

Safety Depot has an ANSI approved safety reflective vest that we just had to include in our top ten list. We really liked the size of the arms on this one, they gave us a lot of space and didn’t hinder movement at all. There are lots of pockets, too, so you have plenty of room for your phone, pens, pencils, and a radio. Plus, you get 2 large lower pockets with Velcro closures to keep your items secure. The fabric is high visibility with contrasting accent stripes and even reflective silver tape to make sure you’re always seen. The vest zips closed and can be thrown in the washing machine up to 25 times. It’s available in either solid polyester or breathable mesh and comes in a few different color combinations, all highly visible.
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Neiko 53941A Safety Vest

If you prefer a hi vis safety vest with no sleeves, Neiko has a great ANSI compliant one that you need to check out. It looks a little simpler than some of the other items we chose because it doesn’t have any contrasting color accents. But don’t worry - it’s fluorescent yellow and just as bright and visible as it can be. For those times when you need to work into dusk or start before the sun comes up, the 4 silver reflective strips are 2 inches wide. They go across the front and back of the vest so you’ll be seen, no matter what. This vest has a zipper closure and is made of 100% polyester. It’s really easy to get on and off, even if you’re wearing it over a tee-shirt or jacket.
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Brite Safety Style ANSI Vest

Another safety vest class 3 option is this one from Brite Safety. This is a fuller cover vest than the ones that we reviewed so far. In fact, it covers almost as much as a tee shirt does. You can get it in hi vis orange with yellow accents or hi vis yellow with orange accents. Both colors have silver reflective tape along both the front and back. Basically, no one is going to miss seeing you when you’re wearing this vest. Just because it gives a bit more coverage doesn’t mean it’s not cool and comfortable to wear. The mesh sleeves and body let plenty of air move through so you’re properly ventilated. There are a lot of pockets on this one, too, so there’s plenty of room to stash your stuff.
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XSHIELD Safety Vest

If you’re looking for the best safety vest that provides a little more coverage than you’ve seen so far, the XSHIELD Safety Vest is a little longer in the body and sleeves. It’s available in 2 color combinations: bright orange with yellow accents and bright yellow with orange accents. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll get high visibility. Each style also has silver reflective accents on the front, back, and sleeves. You might be wondering, what about comfort? Because this vest is made of mesh, it’s lightweight and has great ventilation. So, no need to worry. This one might cover you up a bit more, but you won’t be uncomfortable. This ANSI compliant vest also comes with 4 convenient pockets: 2 upper ones are for a cell phone and pens and 2 larger lower ones.
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CJ Safety Class 3 Vest

For a great choice for an ANSI safety vest, the CJ Safety Class 3 Vest delivers. It’s made of 100% polyester and is machine washable, a nice option to have for something that you’ll be wearing a lot while you’re working outdoors. What we liked best about this one is how that it has both a solid and mesh portion so you get the best of both worlds. The front part is solid and gives the vest a little more stability while the mesh back and arms let air flow through. Reflective silver stripes are accented by a bright contrasting yellow so they really stand out against the orange. Plus, here’s a clear chest pouch and a pocket with pen holders on the top and two large pockets with velcro flap closures on the bottom.
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Viking Class 3 Vest

One of the things we liked about this Viking Class 3 mesh safety vest is how many sizes it comes in. The range is so wide that you can outfit your whole crew. It’s ANSI compliant and has the U striping configuration. What does that mean? The reflective silver tape is placed in such a way that it forms the shape of a U on the front and back of the vest. For extra visibility, the silver is framed with a bright, contrasting color. This vest is available in fluorescent lime green with bright orange accents or vice versa. No matter what color you choose, you get the same machine washable design. It has a front zipper closure. That’s not all - we can’t forget the pockets! There are 4 total, each with a simple Velcro closure.
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Pioneer Sleeved Vest

We thought this safety vest jacket from Pioneer was a great choice for our best of list. Plus, it’s the best mesh safety vest with pockets. First of all, it’s made of polyester in bright fluorescent yellow with bright orange accents. That’s not all. The Star Tech reflective tape is made from cotton with a special aramid backing. They make sure it holds up to a variety of conditions and maintains its reflective properties: cold, wet, heat, abrasion, and flexing, this material will continue to reflect light. That’s not all. It has a durable nylon zipper closure and is machine washable. And don’t worry, we know how important pockets are. This vest has 2 radiophone clips, 2 open chest pockets, and 2 open waist pockets. Plenty of room for whatever you need.
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Jackson Safety Class 3 Vest

The Jackson Safety ANSI class 3 vest is the simplest design we found. It’s bright and bold so there’s no need to worry about visibility. Where it differs from the other vests we found is that there aren’t as many contrasting color accents. Rather than have silver reflective stripes set off with a bright color, this vest is fluorescent orange with yellow reflective tape in the U configuration. Like we said, this doesn’t affect visibility at all but it is the thing that sets this one apart from rest of our top picks! The material is durable polyester and it’s machine washable, which is always a plus. Of course, it has pockets, too. There are 2 small exterior pockets on the top and 2 interior pockets where you can keep things that are a little more valuable.
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