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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Climbing Harnesses

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How to Choose the Best Climbing Harness

Climbing harnesses make it possible to go rock climbing, scale up sheer faces and drop down cliffs from above. If this sounds like something you want to do, you’re going to need the best climbing harness! We’ve done our research to bring you our picks in our climbing harness buying guide. Before we get to the reviews, let’s take a look at some of the things you should be looking for when you’re shopping for climbing gear.

Best Climbing Harnesses

Color Options: This is up to you! You can choose any color that appeals to you for your climbing harness. Some brands offer more colors to make your adventure as customizable as possible. Check out the cool colors on these harnesses!

Best Climbing Harnesses

Size: Climbing harnesses come in multiple sizes to allow people of all sizes to enjoy the outdoors. You’ll want to know what size will best fit you. A harness should tighten down snug to your body to provide the best support.

How to Choose the Best Climbing Harness

Weight Limit: This is the most important factor for harnesses. You need to buy one that will hold your weight in order to ensure your safety and enjoyment when climbing. You must know how much you weigh before looking at gear.

Best Climbing Harnesses

Ages: Some harnesses are marketed just for children, so make sure that you know what age your harness is made for. Children should only use child sizes and adults should use adult sizes most of the time.

Best Climbing Harnesses

Padded Waist: A padded waist can make all the difference in climbing harnesses. This will make climbing a lot more comfortable for you, and allow you to stay hanging for as long as you want. Keep this in mind!

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Gear Loops: The more gear loops you have, the more gear you can carry with you! Most harnesses have either 2 or 4 gear loops, but keep in mind that your gear will count towards your weight limit.

Top 10 Products

That’s what you should be looking for when it comes to climbing harnesses. Now we can show you what we found! We researched and reviewed a selection of gear to bring you the best climbing harness reviews. We really liked the products we’ve included. Look at our top pick and budget pick for a good idea of what’s out there. After, you can look through the rest of the products to find the perfect harness for you!

Black Diamond Harness

Top Pick
Black Diamond has been a trusted name in climbing harnesses for at least twenty years. This Momentum Harness by Black Diamond is no exception to their amazing quality. This is a rig made for rugged, outdoor use, but it would still be pretty awesome for rock climbing in the gym. The Momentum has a unique Speed Adjust system means you’ll spend less time getting your rig to fit right and more time to enjoy your activities! The leg webbing on this harness doesn’t have a buckle, making it easy to slide the adjuster into place for a comfortable fit. But that’s not all! This rig comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra extra-large, so you’re sure to get the perfect fit for you. Padding in all the right places and four total gear loops make this our pick for the best climbing harness! You can be active in peace with the Black Diamond Momentum Harness.
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Oumers Climbing Harness

Budget Pick
Oumer’s affordable climbing harness is perfect for an outing with the family or a day rock-climbing at the gym. The universal sizing takes away the hassle of finding your measurements and ordering the correct harness; this one will always fit, as long as you are within the specifications! The benefit of this system is that anyone can use it as long as they don’t weigh more than the weight limit. This is the perfect rig for someone just beginning to get into climbing. It’s sturdy enough for occasional use, and it’s easy to put on and take off. It’s a basic harness that will fit all of your needs! And that’s why we chose it as our pick for the best cheap climbing harness. It’s comfortable, has sturdy buckles, and distributes your weight well enough that you hardly even feel it. This is definitely the harness worth trying out before you decide to upgrade to something more expensive.
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YXGOOD Climbing Harness

The YXGOOD half-body harness is well-made, affordable, and extremely comfortable! This rig has a lot of padding, and we mean a LOT. The one-size-fits-all design means that you won’t have to mess with size-ordering problems. You can do just about anything with this harness, including outdoor recreation and climbing in the gym. Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to be comfy! The pads are made from a breathable foam mesh that will keep your legs and waist cool while you’re working with this equipment. The webbing is double-stitched in most places on the harness, increasing the sturdiness of this rig. Two gear loops make it easy to carry your gear with you. This sturdy harness will make you comfortable enough to hang for hours if that’s what you want. It would even make an excellent rock climbing harness for hunting! You’ll truly get it all with this comfort-focused, quality rig. And it’s such a good price, too!
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Fusion Half Body Harness

The Fusion Centaur Harness comes in one color – bright orange. This is useful for situations where someone might need to see that you have it on. This rig will fit people that traditionally fall into the medium to extra-large range for harnesses that are sized. There is a fast, three-point adjustment system in place that allows this equipment to be adapted for whatever use you put it to, whether that is indoor climbing at the gym or climbing up rock faces in the great outdoors. While it is lightweight, this harness is still very strong and will hold up to 220 pounds without breaking a sweat. The webbing is double-stitched and reinforced at crucial points all the way around this device. And the price? It’s affordable enough that you’ll want to buy one for a friend! This is a perfectly good rig for an amazing price, more than enough for a beginner or even someone who is used to climbing.
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GHB Climbing Harness

The GHB Climbing Harness has a large size range that makes it one of the best women’s climbing harnesses. It comes in attractive and professional-looking black and red! This rig cinches down tight to give you the best possible fit for your climbing adventures. The range of sizes for the waist and legs make it super comfortable for a person of any size. The weight limit makes it perfect for anyone learning how to climb, and it’s good for a variety of uses, including caving! The traditional buckle system helps distribute weight so you get the most comfortable experience. The design gives you plenty of motion range and leaves your hands free. The harness is quickly adjustable so you can move from one activity to the next without changing equipment. GHB’s rig is designed for the adult climbing enthusiast and can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. It’s the perfect climbing harness to start the sport out with.
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EDELRID Fraggle Harness

This full body climbing harness is made specifically for children. With two colorful designs, your kid will be sure to love this harness! There are so many uses for this rig, it’s pretty crazy. It’s available in child sizes and has a weight limit of 88 pounds, so even the smallest tyke can enjoy rock climbing with you! It’s extremely padded to keep your child feeling secure and comfortable. There are two buckles equipped with slide-block technology to keep the harness from loosening. The design is rigid to help your kid get in and out of the equipment with ease. The best news? This harness has a back attachment point so that you can guide your child on steep trails, while skiing, or while doing other outdoor sports. It comes in extra-small and extra-extra-small sizes, so it’s even perfect for older toddlers. With this rig, you can get the whole family out and about, enjoying the outdoors!
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Ingenuity Climbing Harness

Ingenuity’s Climbing Harness is a great low-cost option if you want to start going rock climbing! It would be perfect as a tower climbing harness due to its comfortable design and sturdy build. The webbing is double-stitched all the way around, the pressure points are reinforced, and there’s padding in all the right places! This rig even has two metal gear loops so you can take all of the equipment you need to get the job done. We liked how unbelievably comfortable the harness felt, as though you could wear it for hours and it wouldn’t dig in or make things uncomfortable. This truly is one of the best rock climbing harnesses we reviewed during our research. The metal suspension loop in the front of the rig won’t break under pressure – up to an amazing 660 pounds of pressure! All of this at a price that won’t break your bank. The Ingenuity Climbing Harness is a no-brainer!
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Weanas Climbing Harness

The Weanas Climbing Harness is a heavy-duty work rig that’s perfect for roof work, tree clipping, and rock climbing in the gym or the park. This harness is a heavier version of Weanas’ beginner’s gear and features thick padding around the waist and legs. The two straps that make up the ‘seat’ while you hang are reinforced and double-stitched right into the padding. This harness is a little heavier than most of the others on our list, but the buckles are durable steel and the padding is heavy-duty, breathable mesh to promote airflow on long climbs. We really liked the style and construction of this rig! The added weight is all the added features! Both the waist and legs adjust to fit you in just the right way, and the buckles make sure the adjustment doesn’t slide. Stay comfortable while you’re having fun with the Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness. It’s a great companion for all your adventures!
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Kissloves Full Body Harness

Kissloves’ Full Body Harness is a universal fit rig, that can handle both larger people and smaller adults with ease! The harness is padded all the way around with exceptional double-stitching to reinforce the pressure points. Due to the full-body design, this equipment can handle up to an astounding 1763 pounds. The buckles are heavy-duty metal, meant to maintain the position you put them in to adjust to your perfect size. The mesh padding is breathable and will keep you cool on hot days or after all day rock climbing. This harness is sturdy enough that we would trust it to go mountain climbing, even! But that’s not the best part! For the affordable price you pay for this gear, you get two separate pieces. The upper body part of the rig detaches from the lower body, so you can even use this in situations where you wouldn’t use a full-body harness! We loved this feature!
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Camp Energy Harness

The CAMP Energy Harness comes in two color unique color varieties, blue with black and grey with yellow. CAMP has been making gear like this for years; it’s a good brand name to trust. This rig has the perfect blend of comfort and utility. There’s padding right where your legs will rest and right on your waist to give you as much comfort as possible. The webbing is reinforced, and the gear loops are built right into the webbing to give your gear as much protection as this harness will give you. This rig is light and out of the way. You won’t even know you’re wearing it while you’re climbing or doing your other activities. The trusted name and intuitive design make this one of the best climbing harnesses for sale. CAMP has excellent customer service that will answer any questions you may have. Their range of sizes also makes this a harness that’s worth checking out!
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