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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Climbing Ropes

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How to Choose a Climbing Rope

Whether you are an amateur rock climber, firefighter, obstacle course master, or child “ninja in training,” you’ll need the best climbing ropes to keep you safe and secure. There are so many out there, and finding the right one for you can be daunting. Thankfully, we’re here to help! There are so many great options out there for whatever you need. Before we get to the reviews, here are some things to think about before buying your next climbing rope.

Best Climbing Ropes

Material: Climbing ropes typically come in nylon, polyester, or sisal. Nylon and polyester ropes are used with climbing gear like pulleys because they’re sturdy and smooth. Sisal ropes are typical in gyms because they provide extra grip, but can be abrasive.

Best Climbing Ropes

Length: The rope length you need depends on how you plan to use it. For climbing up and down in a gym, you can find shorter lengths to hang from the ceiling. For climbing mountains, longer lengths will do the job!

How to Choose a Climbing Rope

Weight Limit: Knowing the weight limit is important to ensure safety! We reviewed climbing ropes that can handle small children and ropes that can tow a truck if you need to. Grab a rope that can handle your needs and then some!

Best Climbing Ropes

Carabiners: Carabiners are large metal clips that attach to each end of the rope for safety and stability. Some ropes come with their own carabiners, while others require you to buy your own. How many you need depends on your plans!

Best Climbing Ropes

Diameter: The diameter of the rope will differ depending on how you plan to use your rope. Thinner diameters are great to use with pulleys and belaying equipment for climbing and rappelling, which thicker ropes are good for rope climbing exercises.

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Color Options: Having a few color options can be convenient. You can purchase different colors for different lengths, making it easier to find the right rope in a hurry. It’s also a good idea to use different colors for each climber, too!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know more about climbing ropes, it should be easier to find the right rope to suit your needs! We reviewed 10 of the best climbing ropes for sale, focusing on a variety of ropes to work for climbing rocks, ropes, trees, and playground equipment. If you don’t have time to read all the reviews, that’s fine! Take a look at our Top Pick and Budget Pick, and then come back later to read more. Let’s get started!

Black Diamond Dynamic Rope

Top Pick
Our top pick comes from Black Diamond, one of the most well known climbing rope brands out there! This rope is 9.9 mm thick, which is perfect for a variety of activities, from outdoor climbing, gym climbing, and rappelling. It also has a decent amount of “bounce” to it, which makes this rope great for beginners. With more give to it, falling is more of a light bounce than a clean jerking feeling! They have a black marking at the halfway point, which is great for beginners who may not be used to managing rope length while climbing. We also like that it comes on 4 different length options. The 35 and 40-meter options are perfect for using in the gym without lugging around extra rope. They also have 60 and 70-meter lengths, which you can take along for your next outdoor climb! Overall, we consider this the best gym climbing rope and a great option for beginner climbers!
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GM Climbing Cord Rope

Budget Pick
When looking for the best cheap climbing ropes, we came across this great rope from GM Climbing! This polyester rope is 8mm in diameter, which is standard for most climbing needs. This is a great rope for taking outside because it’s sturdy, yet flexible enough to make tying knots a breeze. Oh, and it’s moisture-resistant too – so no worries about taking it out in the rain or snow! It’s also super lightweight, so it won’t add too much bulk to your climbing or camping gear. If you’d rather use it in a gym, they have a 20 ft. option for gym climbing and bouldering. They also come in 50 and 100-feet lengths for just about any outdoor climbs you want to tackle! It also comes in either black or fluorescent orange to match your gear or make it easier to spot your rope from a distance! For beginners and professionals, this is a great option for climbers on a budget!
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Squirrel Products Climbing Rope

Are your kids hooked on climbing? Great! Squirrel Products created a 6.5-foot climbing rope that’s perfect for your home or backyard playground setup! This rope comes with 5 small platforms that help your little climber get to the top with ease. We also like that the rope material is super soft. Other playground climbing ropes can be too rough and scrape up little hands, but this rope is super soft and safe for kids and their delicate hands! It’s also an absolute cinch to install – just attach a carabiner to the metal loop at the top and you’re ready to go! This rope is also incredibly versatile. You can attach it to your playground equipment, trees, tree houses, and more! You can even add it to your own workout routine (if you are under the weight limit, of course)! We think this a safe, fun, and inexpensive way to get your kids interested in climbing at just about any age!
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Ingenuity Climbing Rope

Our next pick in our climbing rope reviews is one of our favorite static ropes out there. Static ropes don’t have the flexibility or “bounce” that other ropes do, making them perfect for activities like rappelling, where too much bounce can be dangerous. This 8mm rope comes in 4 different length options, so you can grab one that suits your needs, whether it’s gym climbing, outdoor climbing, or firefighting and rescue training! This rope is a high-quality polyester that will withstand even the most rigorous use! The weight limit on this is a whopping 660 pounds, making this a great rope for climbers that also need to haul equipment in addition to their own body weight! We also like that this rope is climbing-ready, with sewn-in metal loops on both ends, and two carabiners you can use right away. No need to buy extra equipment! The best part? You can get a professional-quality climbing rope at an excellent price!
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Crown Sporting Goods Rope

If you want to find the best climbing rope for your gym workouts, we highly recommend this one from Crown Sporting Goods! This polyester rope is perfect for climbing workouts in the gym. It comes in 10 different lengths, from 3 to 30 feet, so you can pick the right length for your workout needs. They come without knots, so if you want to add your own, grab a longer length and add knots wherever you need them! We really like that this rope is polyester, which is less abrasive on your hands while doing your climbing workout – no need for taping your hands or wearing gloves. This rope is also made to last! The heavy-duty metal hook on one end makes this a breeze to set up, and the cap on the other end prevents the rope from splitting or tearing. We think this is a great climbing rope for Crossfit, boot camps, gymnastics, obstacle courses, and much more!
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Slackers Ninjaline Climbing Rope

One of the best climbing rope brands for kids is Slackers, which makes a whole line of climbing ropes and attachments for your little ninjas-in-training! This 8-foot long climbing rope is a great way to start your collection. The 1.5” thick climbing rope is made of polyethylene, which will stay clean if you leave it outdoors. The rope also helps prevent rope burn and scrapes better than many other climbing ropes. It has 4 plastic discs to help your child get to the top quickly, yet they are spread apart enough to be challenging, even for older kids. The top is outfitted with a sturdy safety carabiner, ensuring it will stay put when clipped to a tree, playground equipment, or a slack rope. If you like this climbing rope, you’re in luck! Slackers also makes other climbing attachments like rings, triangle handles, knobs, and swings you can attach to a slack line for hours of great ninja training (and fun)!
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Fding Rock Climbing Rope

Our next climbing rope is a heavy-duty rope you can take on any climbing adventure! This 12mm rope is thick enough to handle tough jobs like firefighting, emergency rescues, and even towing up to 7,400 pounds! We also like that it comes in 3 different lengths, so you can grab a short one for rock climbing, or a longer one for towing or tree climbing. We also think that, because of its sturdiness and lack of bounce, this makes a great rope for rappelling and short zip lines. Both ends have reinforced loops, and this set also comes with 2 carabiners to get you out climbing faster. We also really like that this comes with a small bag to store everything, so you can easily clip it to your backpack, firefighting kit, or wherever else you may need it. You can also get these in 7 colors, which is convenient for telling your ropes apart from others in your kit!
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Valor Fitness Climbing Rope

Our next favorite for gym climbing ropes looks and feels like the traditional climbing rope from your old high school gym class! This sisal rope is strong, sturdy, and has plenty of gripping power to help you climb faster. We like that this comes in a 25’ length, which is perfect for creating knots to make easier or more challenging climbs. You can also certainly leave out the knots, making this one long, challenging climb if you want it to be! The ends are also capped, making the rope less likely to fray or split over time. It can handle up to 350 pounds, making this great for adding to your home gym, or sharing with even the bulkiest athlete at your gym! The 13mm diameter is large enough to support you, but not so large that you can’t grip the rope easily. We think this is a great option for obstacle courses, gym training, and your family’s playground set!
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Kissloves Rock Climbing Rope

Our next climbing rope comes to us from Kissloves, and it’s a great all-around rope. This isn’t just great for rock climbing – you can use it other activities like parachuting, hiking, camping, fire rescue, caving, and more. It even makes a great lanyard, or you can use it to hang a swing in your backyard! It comes in 4 different lengths, so you can buy as much as you need. It also comes with loops on both ends and 2 carabiners to get you started. We like the almost 2,000lb. weight limit and lack of stretch, making it incredibly sturdy and safe for climbing, towing, and hanging heavy objects. Another bonus? It’s incredibly lightweight, so much so that it will even float in water! With 3 colors to choose from, you can buy one to match your kit, or contrast well with other ropes you already own! This is another great, affordable rope that can handle just about any task!
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Tresbro Rock Climbing Rope

The final product in our climbing rope buying guide comes to us from Tresbro, a trusted brand in climbing gear. This is another great all-around rope that is made for a variety of activities: fire rescue, rock climbing, hanging equipment, hiking, camping, and much, much more! We like that it comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from 33 feet to 164 feet. You can buy a smaller size for a tree swing or camping gear, or grab a longer length for climbing! It can hold 880 pounds, making this a great rope for lifting heavy camping or rescue gear. Both loops have metal thimbles to keep your carabiners hooked in securely – with 2 solid iron carabiners to get you started! The ends are also sewn into the rope and covered with a shrink-wrap to keep from fraying or coming undone. It also comes with a bag to carry everything, making it perfect for stowing away in your backpack or gear!
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