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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Cloth Diapers

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How to Pick the Best Cloth Diapers

Hate the idea of throwing out hundreds and hundreds of disposable diapers as your kid goes from tiny to walking around on their own? You’re not alone! We did the research to find the best cloth diapers around. The result is the cloth diaper reviews below. Before we get to the top 10 buying guide, here’s what to look for when shopping for your baby.

Best Cloth Diaper Reviews

Type: The main types of cloth diapers you’ll see are Pocket, Pre-fold, Fitted, All-in-One, and All-in-Two cloth diapers. Simply pick the style you prefer.

Best Cloth Diapers

Pieces: How many diapers are you getting with each set? The number of pieces can help you see how much bang you’re getting for your buck.

How to Pick the Best Cloth Diapers

Waterproof: Diapers with waterproof covers (usually made from PUL or TPU) are recommended for daycare, days out, and peace of mind.

Best Cloth Diapers

Baby Weight: One-size cloth diapers can fit from 0-24 months, but newborns may need a smaller diaper to use at first. Just match it to your baby’s weight.

Best Cloth Diaper Reviews

Material: From all-natural fibers to mixes of waterproof materials and microfiber, it’s good to know what materials are being used in cloth diapers.

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Includes Inserts: Inserts are usually used with pocket diapers and as extra layers in All-in-Ones. Get everything you need in one go with included inserts!

Top 10 Products

All right, time to find out what the best cloth diapers are. If you’re in a hurry, check out the top pick and budget pick – both are smart options that offer lots of value and convenience. Let’s get started with the top 10 cloth diaper reviews!

LBB Baby Cloth Diapers

Top Pick
Our favorite choice for the best reusable diapers are these new pocket diapers from LBB. You get six diapers and six inserts, and there are several different pattern collections to choose from, too! The outer fabric of each diaper is made from waterproof TPU, while the inside has a soft suede fabric that won’t irritate baby’s skin. Each insert is made from microfiber, a super-absorbent material. The diapers have snaps on the hips and waist that allow you to adjust the fit of the diaper as baby grows. Leg gussets on each diaper help to prevent leaks, too! You also get a free set of ten nappy liners if you need a little extra help! These diapers are designed to be cool and breathable while keeping baby clean! Pocket diapers can be easy to change when you’re out at the park or the mall, especially if you invest in a wet bag to hold soiled inserts.
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Gerber Birdseye Diapers

Budget Pick
One way to save money on diapers is to go the pre-fold route. Prefolds are some of the most affordable cloth diapers you can find, but here’s the catch: for a water resistant diaper, you’ll need to get separate covers. And you may need to add more absorbent layers for a long-lasting diaper that can handle bigger messes. However, their smaller size makes them some of the best cloth diapers for newborns, since they’re easy to fit even if you add padding or an outer layer. As baby and baby’s diaper needs grow, you may need to switch to a different diaper option! These soft 100% cotton diapers also make good burping cloths if you have some left over after baby grows out of them. You may find them useful in conjunction with AI2 cloth diapers, too, as additional padding. Either way, the Gerber Birdseye offers a lot of value for the money.
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Alva Baby All-in-One Diapers

The Alva pocket diaper set comes with six diapers and twelve inserts. Each diaper features a set of snaps so you can adjust the diaper’s fit as your baby grows, and leg gussets to contain leaks. If you’re expecting multiple changes per day, having these twelve extra inserts can be a great helping hand. The diapers have an outer fabric of waterproof PUL and a soft suede inner fabric. The inserts are made of super-absorbent microfiber. The diapers are available in a few different pattern sets, too! Pocket diapers are a great way to deal with days spent out and about because the microfiber inserts can be switched out. Since the diapers can be washed separately from the inserts, you can have dry, fresh diapers ready quickly! The suede inner lining keeps baby dry without drying out their skin. These diapers work well for quick changes of minor messes when you’re out and about.
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MoomooBaby All-in-One Diapers

Looking for something close to the ease of use of disposable diapers? One of our favorite all-in-one diaper options is from MoomooBaby. This set includes six diapers with built-in inserts and a wet bag. These all-in-one diapers have a waterproof TPU outer fabric and soft microfiber inner fabric with microfiber inserts. MoomooBaby also offers packs of bamboo inserts that can be attached with snaps if you need an extra layer of absorbency. The wet bag is a great accessory for handling cloth diaper changes on the go. Rows of snaps make these diapers very size-adjustable as baby grows, while leg gussets help to protect against leaks. All-in-one diapers can take a while to dry since you can’t separate the lining and insert, but they can also be convenient! If you want your daycare to change baby with cloth diapers, all-in-one diapers can be an easier adjustment than other cloth diaper types.
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Mama Koala Pocket Diapers

The Mama Koala pocket diaper set comes with six diapers and six inserts. Each diaper features a waterproof TPU outer layer and soft suede inner fabric. The inserts use three layers of thick, ultra-absorbent microfiber. Leg gussets contain leaks, while snaps around the hips and waist let you adjust the fit as baby grows. These diaper sets are available in three different pattern collections, and you can also purchase bamboo fabric doublers and additional inserts. Doublers are used in combination with inserts for an extra layer of security. Bamboo fabric is both absorbent and breathable, so it can sit against baby’s skin without rubbing or drying them out! The patterns won us over: they’re bold, cheerful, and unique too. The cute, brightly colored patterns make diapers almost… stylish!
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Anmababy Cloth Diapers

The Anmababy cloth diaper set includes four diapers, four microfiber inserts, and a wet/dry tote bag to help you handle it all! There are plenty of snaps to provide a custom fit around the hips and waist as baby grows, and the microfiber inserts are super absorbent. Leg gussets help to prevent leaks while baby explores the world. The wet bag is a great extra with a waterproof inner lining for holding soiled inserts when you’re out on the go and can’t wash them right away. These diapers should be air-dried since they tend to shrink when dried at high temperatures, so keep that in mind if you expect to go through a lot of them each day! Although available at a low price, you may want to stock up on a few sets of diapers and inserts if this is your first time buying them.
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Alva Baby All-in-One Diapers Multi

Fitting babies 6 to 33 pounds, the Alva pocket diaper set comes with six diapers and 12 inserts. Plenty of snaps around the hips allow you to adjust the diaper perfectly for a custom fit as baby grows. Leg gussets protect against leaks. The diapers are made with a waterproof PUL outer and soft suede inner with microfiber terry cloth inserts. The suede inner helps wick away moisture, so baby stays comfortable, while microfiber is a super absorbent material for handling messes. Pocket diapers are perfect for families on the go, since the separate diaper and insert pieces dry more quickly than one-piece diaper designs! The number of included inserts makes this a great all-in-one package to get you started with cloth diapers, and one of the best overnight diaper options!
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Nora's Nursery Baby Diapers

These multi-piece baby diapers are available in five different chic pattern collections, from gender-neutral to adorably boyish or girlish. You get seven diapers and seven inserts, plus a wet/dry tote bag. You can keep fresh dry diapers in the outer pocket of the tote and put soiled diapers into the zippered waterproof main compartment! The diaper inserts feature two layers of bamboo viscose on top for comfort and absorbency and two layers of microfiber below that. Bamboo is a great fabric for its breathability, thermal regulation, and absorbency! A waterproof cover with soft suede cloth on the inside feels comfortable but fights dampness! Leg gussets help prevent leaks, too, and snaps let you adjust the fit of the diaper as baby grows. You can also buy an extra set of ten soft bamboo liners as a back-up if needed. The pocket design lets you wash the inserts and main diaper separately for faster drying time. It’s easy to change out minor messes on the go with pocket diapers.
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ArtOfLife Baby Cloth Diapers

This set of six cloth diapers with six inserts uses the pocket cloth diaper design. Hip and waist tabs provide a good fit while leg gussets help prevent leaks. The PUL covers are waterproof, while the inner fabric has a soft suede feel. The inserts are 100% organic cotton, which is soft and absorbent. You can adjust the sizing with snaps to keep baby covered from birth to potty training! Pocket diapers are a great choice for combining a waterproof cover design with the convenience of inserts. Since you can wash and dry the inserts separately from the diaper itself, you can have dry, clean padding ready to go in less time! The cute, unisex animal prints are great patterns, too! Some consider them a dupe for Alva cloth diapers available at a lower price.
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Heavy Wetter Fitted Diaper

These fitted cloth diapers are made to suit babies 7-25 pounds and include a short and a long insert. We think they’re one of the best overnight cloth diaper options around! The one-size design features snaps to adjust the fit. Made from 70% bamboo fiber and 30% organic cotton, the diaper fabric is breathable, absorbent, and soft! The snap-in inserts measure 19x3 inches and 10x3 inches and are an excellent way to handle daytime and nighttime changes. Bamboo fabric is a great choice for avoiding diaper rash since it’s ideal for thermal regulation! These machine-washable diapers need a diaper cover for waterproofing. The adjustable fit is great for keeping baby clean and covered as they grow! The diaper features three thick layers while each insert also has three thick layers to help handle heavy wetters. If you want to use cloth diapers with all natural fibers, these are a great option.
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